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Back To Square One // by Oliver Pscherer, 2009 What a feeling! Just like ... like the feeling on your birthday when you were a little child! The electrifying flames on that monstrous cake, reflecting flickering echoes in your eyes. You have sufficient power in your lungs to knock down an army by exhaling and with a stormy blow, like the one of Baron von Munchhausen’s companion Gustavus, you turn light into darkness. Ok, it’s a little less than that, you guess, but it’s still a great feeling! Just like ... like the night before your long awaited holiday trip. You close that suitcase of yours and you know in the bizarre creepy way of a fortune teller, that the next time you open it, it will be in a first class hotel next to that spectacularly sunny beach that you’ve found on the internet. Energized, ecstatic, optimistic and expectant! You’re feeling just like this. Yes, just like this! It’s like the ‘butterfly effect’ flooding through your body and mentally, and on your face is this ludicrous grin, as if you’re a little bit of a maniac. After weeks of no responses there it was: this call out of nowhere, telling you about an opportunity. An opportunity to show your talents and prove that you are exactly the one for the job. Nothing easier than that! You know your weaknesses and you know your strengths - how many times did you go through these pppi’s - personal psycho pieces of information!? Finally it’s real and you know that this is your job. You own it, you deserve it. It’s yours! The Job Shadowing Day is your moment of success and ‘nessun problema’. Strange, you have a melody of Luciano Pavarotti in your head, distracting you, but you’re instantly back on track. Every little strand of hard earned experience and skills, crafted into a few hours. You feel like an artist creating the perfect member of staff. Everyone gives you that encouraging and supportive smile and you can feel it again: this butterfly effect and ludicrous grin in your face, as if you’re a little bit of a maniac. “You did a great job! I’ll call you in a few days.”, you were told at the end of your JSD trip, but... No call, no job! Back to square one. What a feeling! Just like... (385 words)

Back To Square One  

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