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7KHZRUOGRIVRFFHUKDVEHHQZLWQHVVRIDQRWKHULQWHUHVWLQJPDWFKRI³(O&ODVLFR´WKH last Sunday 23rd of March at the Santiago Bernabeu, home of Real Madrid. Between all the matches of this weekend the one that highlighted was this match, it was really entertaining and clean till the 2nd half because outside errors from the referees made the differences in this match. The first one was the penalty kick to Real Madrid that wasQœWDSHQDOW\LWZDVDIDXOWRXWVLGHWKHEDVHDQG&ULVWLDQR5RQDOGRVFRUHG Then the things were from terrible to horrible because the referee got wrong again giving a penalty kick to Barcelona and a red card to Sergio Ramos for a nonexistent fault and Lionel Messi scored, since this incident no more errors from the referees and Barcelona won to Real Madrid 4-3. A good thing from this match was that allowed more competition in the Liga BBVA, the spain league, because Atletico de Madrid is with 70 points, Real Madrid with 70 points and Barcelona with 69 points. This competition is a surprise because this league usually LVIRU5HDO0DGULGDQG%DUFHORQDEXW$WOHWLFRGH0DGULGZRQœWOHWWKHPZLQHDVLO\WKLV time. There are eight games left, 24 points to fight, the three teams are willing to get the cup LQWKHLUKDQGV:LOOEHDQRWKHUVXUSULVH"'RQœWORVHDQ\RIWKHPDWFKHVOHIW

Manuel Zarate News

$PHULFDYV&KLYDV³7KH 0H[LFDQ0DWFK´ This Sunday 30th of March at Guadalajara, Mexico we live another of our favorite match of our favorite league, League Mx. The important thing at this match was that the team of Chivas was punished and penalty with some matches without fans for the events occurred the last match Atlas vs Chivas because there were some fights between fans, some innocent people were injured and some of them ended at the hospital, but leaving the problems away we can return to narrate the highlights of this match, that is the match with more history of the league of Mexico. &KLYDVZDVWKH³VWURQJHU´WHDPWRZLQWKLVPDWFKEHFDXVH$PHULca was in a bad moment plus it was at the Omnilife, the house of Chivas. The good thing in soccer is that nothing is written so America gave the surprise winning this match with an important scoreboard in favor 0-4. Luis Gabriel Rey scored two of the four goals being one of the forwards at the Mexican Football that score to Chivas in four different teams, this man wrote his name in the books of history. Chivas has to be prepare for the next Mexican Classic or it will another catastrophic VFRUHDJDLQ« We hope you enjoy the match as this review!

Manuel Zarate News

Strong Confessions Joseph Blatter


During the final of the Champions League we had the opportunity to interview the president of FIFA, Joseph Blatter, and we would like to share it with you. Here we go! Q: How are you? A: ,ÂśPILQe thanks, in what can I help you young man? Q: What do you do in your free times? A: :HOO,GRQÂśWKDYHIUHHWLPHV,ÂśPDOZD\VEXV\FKHFNLQJWKHHUURUVLQMXVWLFHDQGHYHU\ problem relationated with my favorite sport, football soccer, trying to solve them to give a fair sport. Q: Is it a calm life? A: 1R,FDQÂśWJHWDVKRZHULQP\RZQKRXVHEHFDXVHWKHUHDUHSHRSOHWU\LQJWRSLFWXUH me. Q: :K\GLG0HVVLZLQIRXU%DOORQ'Âś2ULQDURZ" A: Everyone ask me that and every time I hear that I answer the following, he is the EHVWKLVVNLOOVZLWKWKHEDOODUHLQFUHGLEOHDPD]LQJ,FDQÂśWGHVFULEHKLP,FDQÂśWEHOLHYH God sent us his kid to play with us and the only reason that Cristiano Ronaldo won the ODVWRQHLWÂśVEHFDXVHWKLVFRPSDQ\LVFRUUXSWHG This were the words of Joseph Blatter we hope you enjoyed this interview. Thanks for your time. Have a good day!

Manuel Zarate Interview

In this issue we have an important character with us of the NFL, Russell Wilson, the quarterback of the Seahawks of Seattle. He won the super bowl XLVIII at his 2nd year in the NFL. So OHWÂśVVWDUWWKLVLQWHUYLHZ Q: What does it feel to win the super bowl at your second year? A: It is so exiting to be a new player between profesionals like Marshall Lynch and Vicente Cobieya, this partners changed my mind and my play style, they are simple awesome they make me stronger to face up this super bowl and win it. Q: How does it feel to play at the NFL before playing Championships at the University? A: It is a big change, it is an experience that I will never forget, every time I enter to the ILHOGP\KHDUWEHDWVKDUGHUIRUWKHHPRWLRQWRNQRZWKDW,ÂśPDSOD\HURIWKH1)/LWÂśVD dream come true. Q: How do you feel winning to Peyton Manning? A: ,WÂśVRQHRIWKHIHHOLQJVWKDWZRQÂśWKDSSHQWZLFHin my life because Peyton Manning is DQDZHVRPHSOD\HUEXWLQWKLVFDVHKHFRXOGQÂśWEHDWP\WHDPP\SHRSOHDQGWKHPRVW LPSRUWDQWKHFRXOGQÂśWEHDWPH Q: Our final question. How does it feel giving to Seahawks their first super bowl? A: It is something special, the history of the NFL will remember this forever.

Manuel Zarate Interview

The world of sports is so diverse. There are plenty sports to practice and in this issue we will show you which one to choose so you could practice your favorite one. We have interviews with so many professionals in their area, we are going to review products from different sports, and we have the most recent news from the past month so you will be updated. When you practice soccer, one of the most popular sports of the world, it is probable that one of your idols would be Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, and we explain in this issue their abilities so you could be as good as your idols. We talk about good items that you could use on the gym to training more hours, maybe one or two hours more you are used to. We have exclusive interviews with Real Sociedad´s player Carlos Vela, and Real Madrid´s superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, and they talk about the experiences that they have with their respective tam, and some rumors will be explained. Doing or practice sports is one of the best activities you can do because your body needs it, and is one of the best ways to spend time with your friends and family.

Gabino Diaz Editorial

Do you ever wanted to have a better condition when you are training and last one more hour than usual? Training mask offers this in a great way and is very useful. It consists in a mask that covers the mouth and nose, it filtrates the air that you are breathing and it makes your breath slower. That makes your organism work and produces more red cells so the oxygen would be transported and the condition that you have would be bigger than before. It works when you are at the gym and you have so much time training and you want to extend your routine at east more one hour. It may causes complications if you don´t use it carefully, so you have to read the instructions before anything and prevent a disaster, just like throwing up. In conclusion, it is a very useful tool if you want to spend more time in the gym and if your condition is low, to rise it in a new level. We recommend it, but we warn when you are about to use it. It has 4.5 about 5 stars.

Gabino Diaz Product Review

When we talk about sports, we know that some athletes do their most to win a competition because this is their porpoise. But some of them use illegal ways to get the victory and the most common are drugs.

Drugs on sports

Some drugs help you to develop muscles and get a great stamina; other ones are used to increase you ability in what you are doing, but all is cheating. In our times, some athletes use drugs to have achievements on what they do. For example, Lance Amstrong won the tour of France seven times. And no one had ever done that, but on a recent interview, he confessed to use illegal drugs to increase stamina and all their titles were retired from him. On the other hand, so much of the use this drugs so they could have a great time at the gym but with the condition that they can´t do sports on official competitions. They use testosterone to develop their muscles and have the ability to practice more. When you practice sports and want to participate on official competitions, remember that drugs are cheats and never use them, because they always have side effects.

Gabino Diaz Essay

How to be a good goalkeeper x

For preference, you have to be tall so your arms and legs would be long enough to protect your team from goals.


You have to practice your reflect and be faster.


Never stop looking the ball, sight is very important when you are keeping and protecting.


Don´t be afraid of the ball. The players always are going to shoot strong and fast, and being scared is one of the worst things you can do.


You need to see your position on the field, watching from post to post.


You have to dice so your experience will increase on the field and you will protect in a better way.


Concentrate in what you are doing and what you want, that´s important because is one of the most important positions on your team.


See your team as your family. Is very important to protecWWKHPDQG\RXGRQ¶W want to watch them loose in a match.


You have to be very careful when you are passing the ball because a bad decision could be a risk.


Practice your jump very well so it would be easier to catch the ball and avoid a goal against your team.

Gabino Diaz How To

On this match, we enjoyed so much the goals that will be on the memory of all the ones who practice soccer. One of them is now registered on the history of the world wire football. On the first half, we saw an England that showed that they can play soccer and would be an easy victory, but in the second half, Zlatan Ibrahimovic demonstrated the quality he has and the great superstar he will be. England scored two goals and Sweden was accepting the loose, except Zlatan, that scored four goals and got the victory. His fourth one is one of ages. England´s goalkeeper went out of his are to get the ball away, but Ibra took the ball on the air ant did an overhead kick almost on the half of the field. Not an usual play. This match will be remembered as one of the greatest matches ever seen, and we are thankfully to Zaltan just for giving us a great amazing goal. We hope this player keep doing that. We review this one with five stars about five.

Gabino Diaz Review

To be a good striker you will need to practice a lot and dedicate some time. 1. First you need to practice your shooting, both from distance and close range. If \RXGRQÂśWVKRRW\RXGRQÂśWVFRUH 2. You will need to run and improve your physical condition. 3. Strikers need to think very fast so you can score or pass the ball. 4. You need to know how to dribble the ball when you are 1 vs 1 in the game, if you don´t know how to dribble you can retain the ball and wait for a partner. 5. Work like a team, you will need your teammates to get the ball. 6. Practice your heading and movements with your teammates. 7. When you are defending a) Track back to split defenders and get behind the ball. b) Press the opposition midfielders. c) Delay the attack to allow the team to recover. 8. When you are attacking a) Take your marker away so you can create space for your team. b) Aim for the far post when shooting. c) Make intelligent runs. If you practice this at least 1 hour per day you will be the best striker. Â

Vicente Cobieya GuillĂŠn

Michael Jordan is an American former professional basketball player, entrepreneur, and current majority owner and chairman of the Charlotte Bobcats. His biography on the National Basketball Association (NBA) website states, by acclamation, Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. Jordan was one of the most effectively marketed athletes of his generation and was considered instrumental in popularizing the NBA around the world in the 1980s and 1990s. -

Hello Mr. Jordan, I would like to ask you some questions. There is no problem Vicente, ask me.

1. :KDWGR\RXWKRXJKWZKHQWKH\WROG\RXWKDW\RXFDQœWSOD\EDVNHWEDOO" That they were wrong, that I can be a professional basketball player with a lot of training 2. Who train you in your first year in the University of North Carolina? Dean Smith 3. How was your first year playing professional basketball in the NBA? I was a noob, but it was very good. The people started to love me and I was very grateful. 4. How was your season in 1987 ¹ 1988? Almost excellent, I won my first MVP and a trophy for being the best defender and I was the one who attacks. But the bad news is that we lost in the playoff. 5. What do you thing about the Olympic Games in 1992? ,WZDVRQHRIWKHEHVWH[SHULHQFHVZHZHUHWKH³'UHDP7HDP´DQGZHZRQWKH gold medal. 6. When you retire, you know that was the correct decision? Yes, I needed to rest because is very tire to play in the NBA for so many years, and I am very happy with my career. Thank you very much Mr. Jordan, it was a great interview. Vicente Cobieya

How much  do  you  know  about  soccer?  Answer  these  questions  and  then  you  will   figure  out  how  much  do  you  know  about  soccer.   1. Where  was  the  first  World  Cup  celebrated  in  1930?  






a) Japan       b)  b)  Uruguay           c) c)  Mexico         d) d)  Italy         e) e)  England   Who  won  the  first  world  cup?     a) Italy   b) Argentina   c) Brazil   d) Uruguay   e) Germany   Which  country  was  more  World  Cup  won?   a) Italy   b) Belgium   c) Brazil   d) Spain   e) France   dŚĞďĂůůŽŶĚDzŽƌŝƐĂƚƌŽƉŚLJĨŽƌďĞŝŶŐ͙   a) the  best  player   b) the  worst  player   c) the  best  goalkeeper   d) the  best  DT   Who  won  the  ballon  d´or  in  2005?   a) Zidane   b) Lampard   c) Ronaldinho   d) Gerrard   e) Messi   Who  has  won  more  ballon  d´or?   a) Cristiano  Ronaldo   b) Zlatan   c) Zidane   d) Messi   e) Kaká  

7. Who  is  the  best  Mexican  player  actually?   a) Oribe  

b) Chicharito c) Carlos  Vela   d) Pikolin   8. Who  has  scored  more  goals  with  Chivas?   a) Adolfo  Bautista   b) Salvador  Reyes   c) Ramon  Morales   d) Omar  Bravo   9. Where  is  going  to  be  the  World  cup  in  2014?   a) USA   b) Chile   c) Italy   d) Brazil   e) Australia   10. Who  is  the  actual  champion  of  the  Champions  League?   a) Real  Madrid   b) Bayern  Munich   c) Manchester  United   d) PSG   e) Barcelona           Answers   1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

b d   c   a   c   d   c   b   d   b   Vicente  Cobieya  

When I was in first and second semester I enter to the soccer team. It was my first soccer team in my life; I have never played soccer in a team because I was in the basketball team of my last school. )LUVW,QHHGWRRUJDQL]HP\WLPHEHFDXVH,QHHGWRHDWGRKRPHZRUNœVVWXG\DQGIRU training. My first day was very tires, I need to get physical condition, and the only way to get it was training. After the pass of the days I started getting physical condition. But I need to choose a position in the field so I choose defense. Then I played a game and the couch told me that I need to improve and he told me how to be a better defender. After that I entered to the gym so I can gain muscle because soccer player need strength for covering the ball or you can tackle the opposite and gain the ball. After 1 year in the team I went out because I needed to focus in the school, but in that year I gain a little bit more of physical condition and strength. Now at day I play soccer with my friends, it is very different from playing in a team but you still need physical condition, strength and techniques. Vicente Cobieya               

During the  middle-­‐time  of  Barcelona  vs  Real  Madrid  game  we  had  the  pleasure  to  interview  Cristiano   Ronaldo,  when  the  game  was  2-­‐2   How  are  you  Ronaldo?   Cristiano:  Fine,  but  very  tired  because  at  game       The  score  of  the  game,  what  do  you  think  about  it?   Cristiano͗/ƚŚŝŶŬ͕ĂƌĐĞůŽŶĂŝƚ͛ƐĂǀĞƌLJƐƚƌŽŶŐĂŶĚƚĂůĞŶƚĞĚƚĞĂŵ͕ďƵƚǁĞŚĂǀĞĂůůƚŚĞǁĞĂƉŽŶƐƚŽĚĞĨĞĂƚ so  we  going  to  see  who  its  better  here  in  Santiago  Bernabeu  stadium.     Do  you  think  you  can  win  this  game?   Cristiano:  Of  course,  we  have  all  the  potential  to  make  Barcelona  down  by  our  goals.     dŚĞƉƵďůŝĐĂŶĚƚŚĞĨĂŶƐƐĂŝĚƚŚĂƚLJŽƵŚĂǀĞŶ͛ƚƉůĂLJůŝŬĞŽƵƌƌŝƐƚŝĂŶŽ͍   Cristiano:  I  know,  I  know,  I  think  I  am  not  my  best  to  play  like  I  use  to.     Thanks  you  very  much  for  this  interview,  good  luck.   Cristiano:  Thank  you,  was  a  pleasure  to  answer  your  questions,  and  I  hope  we  win  this  game.          

Leo Messi´s  foundation     The  real  mission  of  this  foundation  has  so  many  objectives  to  complete,  and  the  real  goal  is  for  the  kids   who  suffer  problems  with  violence,  and  teenager  with  risky  situations.   The  Leo  Messi  foundation  was  created  of  Lionel  and  the  full  support  of  his  family,  with  the  idea  that  all   children  must  have  equal  opportunities  to  make  their  dreams  make  true.   These  are  the  fundamentals  that  drive  Leo  Messi,  which,  since  2007,  work  tirelessly  to  carry  out  his   mission.   The  foundation  supported  by  Leo  Messi´s  family  and  other  businessmen  to  make  this  possible.   >Ğƚ͛ƐŵĂŬĞĂŐŽĂůĨŽƌƚŚĞŵ͘   This  foundation  has  change  a  thousand  kid´s  life,  and  transform  something  negative  into  a  good  and   beautiful  moment  with  Lionel  Mess,  winner  of  4  gold  balls  in  FIFA.                          

Physical exercise  is  good  for  mind,  body,  and  spirit.  Furthermore,  team  sports  are  good  for  learning   accountability,  dedication,  and  leadership;  among  many  other  traits.  Putting  it  all  together  by  playing  a   sport  is  a  winning  combination.     Many  athletes  do  better  academically.     Playing  a  sport  requires  a  lot  of  time  and  energy.  Some  may  think  this  would  distract  student-­‐athletes   from  school  work.  However,  the  opposite  is  true.  Sports  require  memorization,  repetition,  and  learning,   skill-­‐sets  that  are  directly  relevant  to  class  work.  Also,  the  determination  and  goal-­‐setting  skills  sports   require  can  be  transferred  to  the  class  -­‐room.     Sports  teach  team-­‐work  and  help  achieve  goals.     Fighting  for  a  common  goal  with  a  host  of  other  players,  coaches,  managers,  and  community  members   teaches  you  how  to  build  a  collective  team  synergy  and  effectively  communicate  the  best  way  to  solve   problems  en  route  to  a  victory.  This  will  be  very  helpful  in  life  when  encountering  problems  in  the  work   force,  at  the  home-­‐front,  or  in  any  arena.     Sports  offer  many  health  benefits,  some  less  obvious.     Clearly,  sports  will  improve  your  fitness  and  weight  goals.  However,  they  also  encourage  healthy   decisions  such  as  not  smoking  or  drinking  and  offer  hidden  health  benefits  such  as  a  lower  chance  of   getting  osteoporosis  or  breast  cancer  later  in  life.  Also,  for  some  the  team  counting  on  you  to  show  up   and  work  hard  is  plenty  of  motivation  for  you  to  get  to  the  gym  day.          

Be a  goaler  it  becomes  in  a  hard  job,  but  always  be  better  than  work.   (Schillacci)     In  1969  I  left  women  and  alcohol.  Was  the  worst  20  minutes  of  my  life.   (George  Best)     We  lŽƐƚďĞĐĂƵƐĞǁĞĚŝĚŶ͛ƚǁŝŶ   (Ronaldo)     tŝŶŶŝŶŐŝƚ͛ƐŶŽƚŝŵƉŽƌƚĂŶƚ͕ĂůǁĂLJƐĂƐůŽŶŐĂƐǁĞǁŝŶ͘   (Vinnie  Jones)     I  am  mix  between  Ronaldo  and  RIvaldo   (Renaldo)     What  is  the  difference  between  Bill  Clinton  and  Man  Utd  striker  Wayne  Rooney?     A:  Clinton  can  score.       What's  the  difference  between  West  Ham  and  an  albatross?    

A: An  albatross  has  got  two  decent  wings.              

Interview  with  Carlos  Vela     Reporter:  Good  afternoon,  we  are  here  with  Mr.  Carlos  Vela;  thank  you  so  much  for  coming   C.  Vela:  The  pleasure  is  mine   Z͗dĞůůƵƐDƌ͘sĞůĂ͕ǁŚLJLJŽƵĂƌĞŶ͛ƚƉůĂLJŝŶŐǁŝƚŚDĞdžŝĐŽ  at  the  world  cup?   ͘sĞůĂ͗Ɛ/ŚĂǀĞƚŽůĚ/ŶĞĂƌůLJŽĐĐĂƐŝŽŶƐ͕/ĚŽŶ͛ƚĨĞĞůĂƚŵLJϭϬϬй/ƌĂƚŚĞƌďĞƉƌĞƉĂƌŝŶŐŵLJƐĞůĨ   for  the  next  world  cup.   R:  How  are  you  feeling  at  the  Real  Sociedad  team?   C  vela:  Actually  I  have  scored  12  goals  in  the  league  so  I  am  feeling  pretty  well.   Z͗tŚĂƚĚŽLJŽƵŚĂǀĞƚŽƐĂLJĂďŽƵƚƚŚĞƌƵŵŽƌƐƚŚĂƚLJŽƵ͛ůůďĞƉůĂLJŝŶŐŝŶZĞĂůDĂĚƌŝĚ͍   C.  Vela:  There  is  nothing  confirmed  but  it  would  a  good  opportunity  for  my  career.   R:  Thank  you  so  much  for  your  time.     Oliver  Nevárez