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I am a designer and art director with a broad set of design and presentation skills that can be used to solve creative briefs and problems across branding and advertising. I live and work in London and have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Industrial Design from Loughborough University. WHAT I HAVE DONE I have worked across brand identity, digital, advertising, packaging, product and point of sale briefs for brands which include Disney, Pantone, Eames, Volvo, Garnier, Walmart, Deliciously Ella and The National Gallery. As well as working with brands like Emirates and Raymond Blanc on a number of bespoke design projects, I have also built a portfolio of brand identities and design strategies for a range of start-ups and private clients. WHAT I HAVE ACHIEVED I have won two internationally recognised awards for a product I designed. I have negotiated with a recognised bike accessories company to arrange a licencing deal for one of my own product designs. I have successfully built relationships with clients in Australia, Japan and the UK. WHAT INSPIRES ME Japanese Design, Languages, The English Countryside, Yvon Chouinard, Hans Wegner, Hand Made Bicycles & Soul Music.

DISCIPLINES Brand Development Graphic Design & Identity Product Innovation Brand Innovation


BRAND DEVELOPMENT Since 2012 I have helped various companies develop their own consistent brand identity and design strategies. These span across print, digital, naming, logo, tone of voice, advertising, and social presence. My approach to branding starts with front end research, critique and prototyping. A 3D background has proven invaluable when communicating ideas visually (and in context) to clients and directors alike. The following pages highlight my ability to realise relevant, yet lasting design identities.

KEY SKILLS Brand Strategy Concept Generation Brand Positioning Packaging Style Guides


STRATEGY BRAND IDENTITY, PACKAGING AND STRATEGY Punch Foods - Superseeds 2012 BRIEF: To differentiate ‘Punch Foods’ from the ubiquitous ‘farm-yard’ brand language often associated with health food products, yet maintain a stylish and healthy feel. SOLUTION: Superseeds was positioned as a fashionable product for the health, style and fitness conscious

consumer. The challenge was to create something premium with style, whilst still emphasising the health benefits of the seeds. Logo Design, Art Direction, Concept Communication, Packaging Design, Digital & Print Campaigns

COLOUR CONSIDERATION: A saturated colour palette was deliberately chosen. Magenta for the most spicy, purple for the decedent chocolate, bright green for a revitalising flavour and a cool blue for the calm/mellow addition..


A predominantly type based design direction with a playful marque (the peace symbol), that summarises Punch Foods’ ethos of wellbeing and harmony.


A lino press of an oak tree emphasises the natural intention of the product. Using a muted palette on a metallic tube was a striking and sophisticated treatment.

INSTORE: Lab Organic, Covent Garden (Inset)

PROMOTIONAL COLLATERAL: Direct Marketing Give Away’s (Below)

SOCIAL MEDIA: To reach a broader audience, I worked with Punch Foods to document recipes with the different flavoured seeds, through several social media campaigns. It is styled with a young and upwardly mobile consumer in mind.

BRAND IDENTITY AND PACKAGING Kale&Co Deli - by Deliciously Ella 2015 178,000 followers on Facebook and two best selling books on Amazon. BRIEF: Design a new identity for in store, packaging and signage for her new venture, a healthy eating restaurant chain. The brand was to be true to her personality whilst honouring her existing brand/ blog aesthetic.

SOLUTION: A hand made feeling with a signature “smiling tagline�, accompanied by pastel hues and a striped treatment that is reminiscent of a by-goneera of food retail. Logo, Stationery, Signage, Web Style Guide, Juice Packaging, Menu, Collaborative Assets

A range of logo variations for different applications.

Examples of the brands application on printed materials.

STYLE GUIDE I supplied a fully designed set of web assets and a style guide for web developers to adhere to. Designed by: VERB Creative

STORE FRONT, HANGING SIGNAGE & PACKAGING ABOVE: I worked to guidelines from contractors, planning authorities and interior designers to see through my design proposal for the front of the deli. BELOW: A range of cold pressed juice labels were developed using the striped treatment in a

range of colours, borrowed from their ingredients natural pigment.




21 Seymour Place, London #kaleandco

100% Organic Cold Pressed Juice

100% Organic Cold Pressed

Pineapple, Celery, Ginger, Cayenne Pepper Organic Ingredients Pineaple 74% (200g/185ml), Celery 22% (60g/55ml), Ginger 4% (10g/9ml), Cayenne Pepper 0% (0.5g/0.5ml)




Pineapple, Celery, Ginger, Cayenne Pepper

Pineapple, Celery, Ginger, Cayenne Pepper

100% Cold Pressed 250ml

Deep Greens


Pineapple, Celery, Ginger, Cayenne Pepper

Pineapple, Celery, Ginger, Cayenne Pepper

100% Cold Pressed

100% Cold Pressed

100% Cold Pressed




BRAND IDENTITY & ART DIRECTION Volvo Kaffe Brand (GREY London) 2016 BRIEF: I was contracted by GREY London to design a coffee brand for Volvo. Based around the Swedish concept of Fika (Coffee Moment), the idea was to create a memorable experience and a take-home piece of the Volvo brand from all UK showrooms.

SOLUTION: A series of packaging designs that collaborate with Swedish illustrators, with subtle nods to the Swedish flag, like blue and yellow stitching. The designs were meant to be desirable enough to display both in the showroom and at home or car. Packaging, Logo Lock Ups, Visualisation

CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT Various names and ideas were proposed, including ‘tear-off’ tasting note cards and tubes of Nescafe pods that could be customised and stacked to create bold and interesting patterns.



ROST is more than coffee, it’s a stimulant for talking. Have a cup with someone, let it create dialogue, spark new ideas and turn awkward silence into laughter. Or if nothing else, make you more alert at the wheel.

VOLVO KAFFE Concept 2: Bags

ROST is more than coffee, it’s a stimulant for talking. Have a cup with someone, let it create dialogue, spark new ideas and turn awkward silence into laughter. Or if nothing else, make you more alert at the wheel.

RE-BRAND AND BRAND ARCHITECTURE Black+Blum 2015 BRIEF: To redesign black+blum as the design house behind three independent product ranges, without losing the recognition of a loyal customer base. SOLUTION: Retaining the italic helvetica logo meant the company would still be recognised throughout existing packaging, but emphasising the updated

blue meant the company could take full ownership of the colour within their market. Redesign, Digital Design, Catalogue (Print/Web), Bags and POS

RESPONSIVE SHOPIFY WEBSITE Using the tools available with Shopify I oversaw the entire build and design of the black+blum website. User experience was considered using a mixture of wire framing and user insight.

FULLY RECONSIDERED BRAND ASSETS Newly designed brand assets meant separating the brands and positioning black+blum as a design house behind its multiple product ranges. A ‘designed by’ signature acts as a mark of quality and can be lost once the sub-brands gain wider independent recognition.

FULLY CONSIDERED BRAND This translated onto all in store POS, bags and brand giveaways, including a series of fold out brand catalogues that slip into a blue “black+blum” sleeve, helping trade customers understand the new structure of the business.

DIGITAL CATALOGUE: Following the re brand of black+blum, catalogues, online media and point of sale were updated.

PRODUCT STYLING AND ART DIRECTION Forminimal Kitchenware Range (by black+blum) 2015 BRIEF: To direct the styling and identity of a brand new minimal, yet ultra modern kitchenware range inspired by architecture and designed by black+blum. SOLUTION: Working with the product designers, I directed a photographer and assistant to achieve a high end

aesthetic that complimented the design language of the products. The shots would be used across my designs for Forminimal’s digital and print media. Design Direction, Styling, Re-Touching, Advertising and Art Working

ONLINE PRESENCE The aesthetic extended to social media with a curated set of images that helped promote the inspiration and values of the brand.

DIGITAL CATALOGUE: Design of online brochure, distributed globally to homeware and trade customers, including John Lewis, Liberty and MoMa.

catalogue 15

BRAND MANAGEMENT AND ART DIRECTION Box Appetit Lunch Boxes (by black+blum) 2015 BRIEF: To develop a brand presence and tone of voice for a range of lunch boxes once sold under the name of black+blum. The ambition was to have a contemporary stand alone brand that is the lunch box of choice for a design conscious customer. Using the products retro-modern design language, the brand had to feel relevant in today’s market.

SOLUTION: A compelling and engaging set of brand visuals, encouraging the consumer to share images of their lunch online, and thus promote the product further. Packaging Re-Design, Website, Style Guide and Digital Communications.

DIGITAL CATALOGUE: The aesthetic extended to online and print brochures portraying a clean and contemporary feel.

RESPONSIVE SHOPIFY WEBSITE Using the tools available with Shopify I oversaw the entire build and design of the Box Appetit website. User experience was considered using a mixture of wire framing and user insight.

GRAPHIC DESIGN AND IDENTITY I am building a portfolio of logo and graphic design work for a range of business. This has allowed me to develop my skills and understanding of graphic design as well as commercial practice and client relations. The following pages show how I have worked on cohesive and internally consistent brand identities in order to reflect company values and target consumers. I also present a selection of poster design work and pattern treatments for both self initiated work and recognised brands.

KEY SKILLS Logo Design Stationery Shop Signage Wayfinding Instore POS Typography Illustration & Print


BRAND IDENTITY AND STATIONERY Straw Place 2010 BRIEF: Straw Place is one of the few companies specialising in creating outhouses made entirely from straw bails and locally sourced materials. I was tasked to create a simple and clever logo that sums up the company instantly.

SOLUTION: “Naturally Built� - The logo marque depicts both the stem of a strand of straw and a small cottage made from bails of hay. Logo Design and Stationery

BRAND IDENTITY AND PERSONALITY Harvey Water Softeners Ltd 2016 BRIEF: To update Harvey’s public image after 70 years of business, without losing their beloved characters, which had become recognised by customers throughout their printed collateral over the years.

SOLUTION: An updated set of brand characters that position the water softener as the ‘hero that saves the world from limescale’. A newly designed logo that emphasises a sense of play and sets the theme for tilted messaging across all touch points. Style Guide, Brand Characters, Tone of Voice

TOUCH POINT VISUALISATION As a business Harvey had a large amount of touch points, from indoor office wayfinding to outdoor van livery. I spent my time developing how my brand vision and designs could translate across them all, always hinting at the brands playful personality.

BRAND IDENTITY AND SIGNAGE Prime Lets 2011 BRIEF: With London’s constantly expanding property market, Prime Lets was conscious of not appearing too generic or corporate. They also prided themselves on understanding local areas and hidden gems.

SOLUTION: The result emphasised their quality customer service and friendly approach to sourcing prime property to let within up-and-coming areas. Logo Design, Signage

BRAND IDENTITY AND RETAIL POS Jago Home and Lifestyle Store, Bristol 2013 BRIEF: Home and lifestyle store, Jago stock everything from jewellery to kitchenware for the design savvy customer. The team behind Jago wanted to present a strong contemporary image that represented their unique sourcing ability and love of both new and established designs.

SOLUTION: Jago the bird was chosen as a logo marque to resemble the love that the team and birds share with building a ‘nest’. Logo Design, Signage, Point of Sale, Marketing Material

Concept 1

BRAND IDENTITY AND PACKAGING Raymond Blanc - Glassware Range 2013 BRIEF: Raymond Blanc approached my past employer to brand and package a range of dining glasses. The brand was to be sophisticated yet revolve around comfortable dining and entertaining.

SOLUTION: The first concept dissected elements of the typeface to recreate a French hen, whilst all concepts borrowed cues from French bistro typography and signage. The project was merely scope work.

Concept 2

Concept 3

BRAND IDENTITY & LOGO Silvertree Acupuncture 2014 BRIEF: Silvertree was eager to avoid the Chinese association often found with acupuncture and bring a modern appearance to the traditional practice.

SOLUTION: The duo marque depicts a tree within a target. Earlier concepts played on the notion of a natural practice that aids mobility. Logo Design

ABOVE: Various early stage conceptual work presented to the client.

GRAPHIC DESIGNS FOR GIFTWARE RANGE Emirates Airline 2014 BRIEF: To create a series of pattern treatments to feature on a range of Emirates complimentary giftware products for passengers.

SOLUTION: A range of whimsical and playful designs that evoke the sense of air travel and passing time. Unfortunately the range did not reach production.

SELF INITIATED POSTER DESIGN The Splash Festival - London Pouring 2010 A festival poster that pays homage to iconic album artwork of ‘London Calling’ by The Clash, with a playful twist on its meaning.

KRINK COMPETITION Graffiti x Train Mop Pens 2012 This piece was my entry for an international competition hosted by graffiti marker pen company, KRINK. My design finished in the top 5 of thousands of entries globally.

ONLINE COMMUNICATION black+blum 2015 I oversaw creative content and communication through a vibrant set of playful posts for a range of different marketing opportunities. ABOVE: Back To the Future day 2015

PRODUCT INNOVATION This section demonstrates my ability to conceptualise new ideas through a range of product design briefs. I am highly proficient in a range of CAD software and rendering packages which allows an efficient and compelling way of presenting ideas to clients. My thorough front end research and ability to communicate ideas verbally, as well as visually, means I can gain trust with the client from the outset and deliver on time and within budget.

KEY SKILLS Product Design Product Development Design for Production Concept Renders



PRODUCT DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT Disney - It’s A Small World 2013 BRIEF: Using original Disney archive artwork, design a product range to breath life back into the “It’s A Small World” franchise. SOLUTION I designed a multi award winning stacking meal set system for children. I revisited and reworked

the artwork onto cups, bowls and plates to create a selection of characters when assembled together. Consumer Research, Design, Prototyping, Development, Production

Fully Assembled

Product in use

EARLY CONCEPT SKETCH WORK The concept of a stacking meal set was taken from an existing product range, that was in development before we were approached by Disney. As a result the idea was reinterpreted using Disney’s artwork as opposed to my own wildlife designs (Below & Overleaf).

ORIGINAL CONCEPT: Stacking Wildlife Meal Set

ARCHIVE DISNEY ARTWORK: Reinterpreted onto an unusual form

PROPOSED CONCEPT: Presented to Disney (Pre Production)

EIGHT NATIONALITIES I designed the mould tools with production costs in mind. The set consists of one cup and bowl (repeated across all styles), and three different hats, that can be reinterpreted to create an infinite number of characters. As a result, retooling costs were minimised.

STRATEGY FOLDING BASKET DESIGN BOOKMAN, Stockholm 2013 BRIEF: Find a solution for the lack of versatile storage on an urban cyclists bike, whilst keeping accessibility, adaptability and style in mind. SOLUTION: A collapsible basket system that allows the user up to 15L of extra storage space

on their bike. When not in use, Velox can easily be kept in a briefcase, backpack, stored on a bookshelf or in a drawer. Market & User Research, Design & Development, Sourcing Manufacturer, Product Photography




ITERATION_01 A four way concertina style mechanism.

Functional Prototype

ITERATION_02 A two way hinge mechanism.

Appearance Prototype

DIAMOND JUBILEE COMMEMORATIVE MUG Designed for Whitbread Wilkinson 2012 BRIEF: Find a way to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee in an entertaining gift. SOLUTION: A bespoke commemorative mug design features a bone china crown for a coaster or as a place to

rest biscuits. The graphic is my original artwork and has since featured in a variety of magazines as well as ITV’s Lorraine show. Design, Prototyping, Development, Production

Desk Calender

NEW PRODUCT PROPOSALS PANTONE Universe 2012 BRIEF: Design a new product that could easily be sold as a medium-to high priced gift for museum shops under the Pantone license. SOLUTION: This clock is designed to show a different colour every time the second hand moves. The design is

simple and contemporary, but also very original. Market & User Research, Design & Development, Sourcing Manufacturer







01 02 03 04 05 06

Glass cover Outer ring/Casing Revolving face 60 disguised colours Rear battery housing Second hand window

40sec 40 SEC

50sec 50 SEC

25sec 25 SEC

BRAND INNOVATION My attention to consumer cultures guides my ability to propose innovative ideas that keep brands relevant. Whether it be merchandising, collaborations or point of sale, extending a brand beyond 2D is a valuable and rewarding trait. The following pages show how I use my industrial design background, art working skills, conceptual ability and development finesse to produce a number of unique branding opportunities and merchandising solutions.

KEY SKILLS Merchandising Collaborations Packaging Brand Story Telling


RETAIL POINT OF SALE DISPLAY PANTONE Universe 2013 I collaborated with another designer to create a colour wheel of Pantone mugs for in-store merchandising. They were designed in different sizes and were accompanied by a user manual so they could be installed by shops.

CO-BRANDING PRODUCT CONCEPT PANTONE Universe x Paul Smith 2014 BRIEF: Find new ways to add value to the iconic Pantone mug, using existing tooling and adding little cost of manufacturing.

SOLUTION: This proposal presented the idea that Pantone could collaborate with key influencers within design and fashion to produce a one off colour way that would become a collectable item. Funds not available to take it to production.

LICENSED HOMEWARE DESIGNS Disney - Archive Artwork by Mary Blair 2014 BRIEF: To find use for another set of archive Disney artwork. Due to the success of the meal sets, Disney returned and asked us to find a use for the unused archive patterns and prints from the 1950’s,

SOLUTION: I proposed a range of homeware items that would be suitable for the contemporary adult consumer. Funds not available to take it to production.

ART DIRECTION BRIEF: Create a contemporary visual language/design style for a photographer and stylist to follow when shooting Pantone Universe’s homeware range. This project was a collaborative effort with another designer.


Oliver Murphy - Portfolio 2017  

Oliver Murphy is a Brand Designer and Art Director who solves commercial problems across creative, branding and advertising briefs.

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