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refuge sensorial design

interior design 4 hannah bauer oliver kennedy zane bravo


“The house is a bird’s very person; it is its form and its most immediate effort, I shall even say, its suffering. The result is only obtained by constantly repeated pressure of the breast. There is not one of these blades of grass that, in order to make it curve and hold the curve, has not been pressed on countless times by the birds breast, its heart, surely with difficulty in breathing, perhaps even, with palpitations.�

refugee sudanese woman


basement plan



sound collects in corners (sound of steam/footsteps) user can focus on reactionary sounds


sensory analysis

vestibular balance on approach creates a conciousness of your body in relation to space smell/taste of damp moss


creates a space of prospect refuge through the senses (REACH)


sound of steam being formed over hot stone helps to reiterate prospect refuge, counterbalancing the smell of wood


customization of nestindirect intimaciesplace, constructing sensorial identity

finding overlooked intimate moments with others, indirectly

nest plan


steam is used as a key device to establish sensorial identity the density of the steam and ultimately the temperature has a direct correlation with the movements of the users, the steam will then intensify the smells present within the space.


as the user walks through the space they are nearly required to at some point step on herbs that will release a smell when stood on.

sensory analysis


wooden slats surround a pool of water, the footsteps are intesified by the pool of water


the sound and visual stimulation from others disturbing water creates an indirect intimacy


the smell of others is caught in the steam and transferred throughout the room, creating another indirect intimacy


the steam works with the presence of others, as the absence of steam would indicate somebody is blocking the way.

sensory analysis

salt in the skin -

reflective touch......



thankyou. interior design 4 hannah bauer oliver kennedy zane bravo

Refuge - Sensorial Design  

Concept Model Project based on the Senses

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