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EXT. CHARLES' STREET. DAY Sounds of congested streets and city life commotion feels the air. Crowds of people seen browsing stores and dining at corner street cafe, while the sun shines down onto the rest of the public. A group of men appear from the corner shop of CHARLES' STREET, carrying what can only be seen as cans of soda. Amongst the group is MARCUS STILLER. He wears baggy jeans and a baggy shirt, clean and neat and is matched with the rest of the group. The group walk down the left leg and is evident as normal. They stop as another group of women, group of men. He throws walking

street, with a small limp in their in all of the group as if it is seen they look across the road towards roughly around the same age as the his hands to stop the rest of the men

MARCUS Stop stop! look at that. The group all turn as they match the look of MARCUS, shocked and amazed. MARCUS Bet you I can get that girl's number there. He points over and signals one women out. MIA, she wears blue skinny jeans, a white top that says 'YMCB' across the chest. She has dark brown hair all the way down to her chest and has a smile that any man could fall for. With a smile on his face MARCUS starts to make his way towards the group of women. As MARCUS makes his way over he gets more and more nervous just realizing that he has to impress his friends due to his egotistic bet. He arrives, the girl turns with a smile on her face. MIA Oh... Hello MARCUS (studder in his voice) Erm...Hel...Hello I was just across the street and...erm. At this point MARCUS is lost for words. MIA Yes?... MIA is puzzled at why this man has mysteriously approached her. Before she can speak again, one of MIA mates lightly tries to pull her away. MARCUS stops her with a kind gesture. MARCUS Wait, I'm MARCUS, I was across the


street and thought you looked like a nice girl to talk to. MIA smiles and replies. At this point MARCUS has regained confidence as the girl hasn't ignored him. MIA Well, that's very kind of you, slur your words like that to all the women. MARCUS No, not normally, normally I... He stops and thinks before he says something crude. MIA I'm joking, however I appreciate the effort. Names MIA. MARCUS Pleasure to meet you MIA, would you wanna grab a bite to eat sometime or if your busy, then that's cool. MIA (Smile on her face) I'd like that. MIA looks in her bag as they both exchange smiles, she grabs a pen and pad from her handbag and starts to write her number. She hands it to MARCUS with a light touch. MIA Here, call me, unless you slur words then I might hang up. See you around, stranger. MARCUS smiles at her evident joke and turns and walks back to his mates as MIA returns to hers.

Asking a girl out  
Asking a girl out