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Artmani Final  Contrast   Screen  Print  on  Aluminium  Edition  of  Two   80  cm  x  120  cm   £850     Artmani   is   the   resident   protégé   artist   of   Graffik   Gallery’s   ever   expanding   tribe   of   highly   talented   urban   artists.   In   2010   Artmani   first   burst   on   the   art   scene   with   exhibitions   at   The   Courtauld   Gallery   as   part   of   the   London   2012   Cultural   Olympics   followed   by   shows   in   Graffik   Gallery   and   the   Red   Bull   Studios.   Artmani’s   work   explores   the   trends   and   pressures   adopted   by   modern   society,   whilst   satirically   examining   the   mechanics   of   capitalism   and   alleged   democracy.   His   urban   style   is   not   constrained   by   spray-­‐paint   but   is   combined   with   screen-­‐printing   and   a   myriad   of   techniques,  promoting  a  sense  of  Pop  Art  culture  throughout  the  work.      

Bungle Gaga   Spray  Paint  &  Freehand  on  Canvas     50  cm  x  70  cm   £1,000  (framed)  

  Bungle   takes   the   iconic,   famous,   beautiful,   glamorous   and   the   unremarkable   and   creates  an  image  with  meaning  either  hidden  or  unashamed  as  he  looks  to  question   things  we  see  in  our  daily  lives.            

Charlie Anderson   Animal  Source   Acrylic,  Emulsion  and  Spray  Paint  on  Paper   90  cm  x  64  cm   £1,250  (framed)     Since   graduating   in   2009,   Charlie   Anderson   has   pissed   off   art   collectors,   curators,   graffiti  writers,  three  world-­‐renowned  artists,  been  threatened  by  a  leading  London   gallerist,  and  has  been  punched  in  the  face  by  an  artist  from  Edinburgh.  He  has  also   won   the   British   Airways   travel   prize   (2009),   been   short   listed   for   the   Jerwood   Contemporary   Painters   (2010),   been   awarded   the   Meyer   Oppenheim   prize   by   the   Royal   Scottish   Academy   (2010).   Charlie   recently   has   been   commissioned   Ring   Starr   and   by   boxing   legends   Ricky   Hatton   and   Amir   Khan   in   association   with   the   Knot   Violence  Foundation.   Charlie   Anderson’s   work   explores   contemporary   culture   through   the   sampling   of   the   imagery   taken   from   advertising,   political   campaigns   and   the   music   industry,   and   reflects   the   weathered   and   layered   effect   of   outdoor   billboards,   which   he   re-­‐creates   through   the   sole   use   of   paint.   Anderson’s   paintings   are   included   in   several   international  collections.  

David Lee   Abraham  Lincoln   Enamel  paint  on  Canvas   69  cm  x  90  cm   £900    

David Lee   James  Dean   Enamel  paint  on  Canvas   80  cm  x  90  cm     £900                    

David Lee   Marilyn  Monroe   Enamel  paint  on  Canvas   61  cm  x  91  cm   £900  

Born   in   1949   in   Doncaster,   South   Yorkshire   David   Lee   left   home   when   he   was   seventeen.  His  favourite  subjects  are  people  and  he  hopes  that  he  can  portray  that   through  painting.  David  regards  himself  as  an  impressionist,  capturing  a  moment,  a   split  second  in  time.  A  portrait  is  an  expression  that  conveys  a  thought,  a  mood,  as   well   as   a   physical   likeness.   Having   travelled   extensively   for   many   years,   Dave   Lee   noticed  that  if  people  have  one  thing  in  common  it  is  there  vulnerability.  Abraham   Lincoln,  James  Dean,  and  Marilyn  Monroe  all  died  tragically.  Perhaps  in  them  we  see   our  own  mortality.    

David Shillinglaw   Dorian  Gray     Mixed  Paint  on  Canvas   60  cm  x  90  cm   £2,500  

David   Shillinglaw’s   work   moves   between   street   and   studio,   from   small   hand   made   books,  to  paintings  on  canvas,  and  large  scale  wall  murals.       "I  enjoy  the  way  people  use  language  to  define  a  feeling  or  physical  condition.  We   support   what   we   think,   feel,   say,   and   mean,   with   often   ridiculous   idioms   and   metaphors;  placing  frogs  in  throats  and  fires  in  belly’s,  in  order  to  paint  a  picture  of   something   invisible   and   abstract.   I   feed   on   these   very   human   expressions.   I   find   day-­‐ to-­‐day,   conversational   poetry   casts   a   warm   light   on   an   otherwise   very   calculated,   systematic,   clinical   and   scientific   world.   My   work   is   about   people.   Human   nature.   Both  the  civilized  and  monstrous,  the  stupid  and  articulate."      

DON Crying  Queen   Spray  Paint  on  Canvas   50  cm  x  76  cm   £500    

DON  Faith   Spray  Paint  on  Canvas   60  cm  x  60  cm   £850                

DON  Touch   Spray  Paint  on  Wood  Panel   100  cm  x  63  cm   £850  

DON  was  born  in  London  in  the  70's  and  was  brought  up  in  Borneo  in  his  early   years.    He  attended  college  in  London  and  completed  a  foundation  course  at  art   school.  He  is  the  godfather  of  the  UK  Street  Art  and  ran  with  several  crews.    Now  a   member  of  United  Artists  working  alongside  “Duster  UA”,  one  of  Graffiti’s  pioneers   and  a  highly  respected  Street  Artist  from  The  Bronx.    DON  continues  with  his  Street   Art  but  also  now  transfers  his  images  onto  canvas.    Don’s  work  is  collected  by  Ian   Brown  ‘Stone  Roses’,  Roots  Manuva,  Ruby  Wax  and  the  actor  Jason  Flemyng                          

Gemma Compton   Beyond  the  Rainbow   Acrylic  &  Spray  Paint  on  Canvas   40  cm  x  50  cm   £500  

Gemma  Compton  is  an  artist  and  fashion  designer  based  in  Bristol.  Being  brought  up   in   a   small   town   in   the   sleepy   Cotswold's   sparked   a   lifelong   love   for   nature,   particularly  ornithology  and  the  British  countryside.  Her  work  draws  influence  from   the   flawless,  high   glamour   imagery   used   throughout   the   creative   industry.     Beautiful   women   and   modern   day   icons   are   mixed   with   wildlife,   dead   and   alive,   juxtaposing   our  modern  human  ideals  of  beauty  with  natural  beauty  and  the  cruelty  of  nature.  

Gonny Glass   Friend  of  Dorothy   Fused  &  Screen-­‐Printed  Glass,  Gold  23¾ct,  Metal  &  Wood   90  cm  x  48  cm   POA  (framed)  

Describing   herself   as   an   'Urban   Glass   Artist',   Dutch-­‐born   Gonny   van   Hulst   -­‐   AKA   Gonny   Glass   -­‐   is   taking   traditional   glass   techniques   to   new   artistic   levels.   Having   moved  to  London  a  decade  ago,  Gonny  found  herself  inspired  by  the  random,  absurd   chaos   and   diversity   of   urban   life.   Finding   beauty   in   urban   decay,   she   set   about   translating  this  to  her  multimedia  artworks,  focusing  on  glass,  a  material  that  in  itself   is  very  much  representative  of  urban  life                

Harry Cardross   Nina  Hagen  in  a  Ponytail   Ink  &  Pencil  on  Paper   60  cm  x  80  cm   £900  (framed)       Harry   Cardross   is   an   artist   and   designer,   best   known   for   his   extensive   work   with   glass.  His  architectural  art  glass  commissions  can  be  seen  in  public  buildings  around   the   world,   and   are   in   private   collections   in   Oman   and   the   USA.   Harry   is   now   concentrating   on   drawing   and   illustration,   and   developing   his   series   of   gothic   nightclub  designs.  Harry  studied  design  at  the  Central  School  in  London,  and  works   from  his  London  studio.    

Ian Hodgson   I'll  be  your  Mirror   Graphite  on  Paper   114  cm  x  135  cm   £1,750  (framed)  

Ian Hodgson   Pieces  of  Light   Graphite  on  Paper   114  cm  x  135  cm   £1,750  (framed)                

Ian Hodgson   Feathered  Dusk   Graphite  on  Paper   114  cm  x  135  cm   £1,750  (framed)  

'Graduating   with   a   first   class   honours   degree   in   fine   art   from   Bradford   College   of   Art   in  2000  I  moved  to  Brighton  where  I  continue  to  live,  work  and  exhibit  my  art  on  a   regular   basis.   Examining   how   identity   is   imprinted   with   memories   connected   to   place,   objects   and   relationships   creates   a   framework   for   the   drawings   to   develop.   In   some   works   architecture   is   the   defining   presence,   whereas   in   others   figures   or   objects  inhabit  the  space  but  all  refer  to  the  transformative  process  of  journey.   The   drawing   techniques   that   I   use   expose   other,   seemingly   invisible   layers,   and   here   the   drawing   process   acts   as   a   metaphor   for   the   physical   and   psychological   experience   of   my   journey,   as   fragments   of    what   went   before   are   revealed   on   the   paper.'  

Jewel I  Kissed  a  Lot  of  Frogs     Fine  Art  Print  on  Canvas  with  Gold  Leaf  and  Resin   99  cm  x  99  cm   £1,950        

Jewel  Amy  Amy  Amy   Fine  Art  Print  on  Canvas  with  Gold  Leaf  and  Resin   99  cm  x  99  cm   £1,950  

Jewel   was   born   and   raised   in   Armenia   but   since   then   she   has   lived   in   Moscow,   Cyprus,   LA,   Vegas   and   London.   She   graduated   from   the   Art   Institute   of   LV   in   2008   having   received   a   Bachelor   of   Science   in   Visual   Effects   &   Motion   Graphics.   She   has   left   the   neon   lights   of   Las   Vegas   behind   and   returned   to   London   where   she   successfully   founded   the   West   London   Art   Factory   where   she   works   as   both   artist   and   Creative   Director.   Her   inspirations   come   from   memories   of   the   amazing   cities   she   has   lived   in   and   the   people   she   has   met   along   the   way.   Through   iconic   representations   Jewels’   bold   and   energetic   artwork   encapsulates   the   fluctuating   emotions  of  the  modern  woman.  Her  vibrant  use  of  colour  tempered  by  the  emotive   quotes,   convey   the   contrast   between   the   strength   and   vulnerability   that   is   today’s   woman.    

Peter Dunne   Wall  Paper  Feud   Acrylic  on  canvas   76  cm  x  101  cm   £2,750  

International  acclaimed  artist  Peter  Dunne,  Born  1956  in  Dublin,  came  to  London  in   the  sweltering  summer  of  '67  and  hitched  to  India  in  '77  on  the  day  that  Elvis  died.   Peter  Dunne  returned  to  London  in  '86  and  co-­‐founded  the  psychedelic  folk  thrash   band  The  7  Kevins.  Peter  Dunne  went  on  permanent  tour  till  the  mid  90’s  when  he   returned  to  South  London  where  he  has  been  painting  ever  since.                          

Steve Rosenthal   David     Archival  Giclee  Print  on  Aluminium  Edition  of  Three   84  cm  x  96  cm   £2,500            

Steve Rosenthal   Elton   Archival  Giclee  Print  on  Aluminium  Edition  of  Three   84  cm  x  118  cm   £2,500    

Steve Rosenthal   Rock  Hudson   Archival  Giclee  Print  on  Aluminium  Edition  of  Three   84  cm  x  96  cm   £2,500  

  Steve  Rosenthal  was  born  in  London  in  1965.  He  worked  as  an  actor  for  16yrs  before   returning  to  education  in  2004,  graduating  with  First  Class  Hons  in  2008.   Rosenthal’s   work   has   been   exhibited   in   commercial   galleries,   project   spaces   and   public  museums  across  London,  throughout  the  UK,  and  overseas  in  Zagreb,  Lahore,   Basel,   Berlin,   Siena,   Venice   (54th   biennale),   Paris,   Miami   New   Hampshire   and   New   York.  Often  working  to  commission  he  has  pieces  placed  into  pubic,  corporate,  and   international  private  collections.            

Warren J  Fox   Can't  Get  You  Out  of  My  Head   Ink  /  Pointillism   100  cm  x  78  cm   £3,500  (framed)   Limited  Print  Edition  150  on  Hahnemuhle  Photorag  Paper     50  cm  x  70  cm   £250     Melbourne  born  artist,  Warren  J  Fox  began  drawing  ever  since  he  could  remember.   His   grasp   of   a   new   world   clutched   thumb-­‐size   pencils   and   crayons   of   delight   became   weapons   of   choice.   Warren   Fox’s   Innocence   and   imagination   became   the   art   of   war.   Multiple   scribbles   and   doodles,   the   spoils   of   victory,   artistic   divinity,   and   sense   of   abandonment,  took  him  to  quiet  creative  corners.  Here,  he  threw  his  soul  into  many-­‐ an-­‐artistic  endeavour.  A  hot  dish  of  London  art  culture  has  become  top  of  the  menu.    

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Graffik Gallery - Gaze Exhibition - Sales Catalogue  

Graffik Gallery - Gaze Exhibition - Sales Catalogue

Graffik Gallery - Gaze Exhibition - Sales Catalogue  

Graffik Gallery - Gaze Exhibition - Sales Catalogue

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