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NATURE /ˈnāCHər/ noun: na·ture : the inherent character or basic constitution of a person or thing · her romantic nature : humankind’s original or natural condition : a simplified mode of life resembling this condition · escape from civilization and get back to nature : the genetically controlled qualities of an organism · nature … modified by nurture — E. G. Conklin : natural scenery · enjoyed the beauties of nature

DESIGNERS Steven Alan Ilana Kohn Heidi Merrick DemyLee Velvet Mother Calder Blake

CREDITS Model: Renae Roberge Styling: Leighann Boquist Assistants: Christiana Papageorgiou + Avery Shaw Clothing: Oliver & Lilly’s Hand painted fabric backdrop courtesy of Heather Ross Photography: Gillian Stevens Nature Definition: Webster’s Dictionary

SAY HELLO website/instagram/blog/tumblr


Oliver & Lilly's Spring LookBook'17  
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