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Hello and Welcome to My ďŹ rst Ever Portfolio My name is Oliver Aldous. I study at Loughborough University and am currently looking for an exciting and engaging placement from the Summer of 2017 onward. - I particularly excel in creating CAD models and visuals and pride myself in continuously performing as an exceptional team leader. - I have found a variety of success in all aspects of design I have applied myself to. These include medical technology, user experience design, engineering disciplines and industrial design.

Thank you for taking the time to look through my folio and I hope you enjoy the following projects!

My favourite and best work to date:





Medical Technology

User Experience

Engineering & Design Technology

industrial design

Please enjoy...

Personal Skin cancer diagnosis. Identify an opportunity for an IOT product for which the industrial design and app interface are dedicated to a clearly deďŹ ned context context. This opportunity may be based around current needs or projected up to ďŹ ve years into the future future...

Personal Skin cancer diagnosis.

The Melano personal skin cancer diagnosis system is designed to make the process of treating pigment irregularities faster and more reliable. The current process for skin cancer suerers consists of expensive and laborious returns to specialist dermatological consultants resulting in patients becoming avoidably anxious. Melano functions with the press of a single button, scanning the speciďŹ ed area of skin and sending the data directly to an app on your mobile phone. The app then organises, collates and provides helpful updates and information. If a serious irregularity is identiďŹ ed your GP is sent all relevant data to plan treatment early and an appointment is automatically arranged. With no further training required Melano saves time and money in the healthcare industry and could potentially save your life.


Traditional methods of diagnostic techniques are inconsistent with 21.5% of patients incorrectly diagnosed.

Modern alternatives are extremely expensive and industry leading dermatologists believe the technology is in urgent need of improvement..

Inspiration: Charlotte Battisti

During my internship at MCL Search, I met Charlotte who had this to say about her experience with her regular skin cancer screenings:

I still find it hard to believe that this is the only way I can live safely...It's about time the healthcare industry changes how the process works

I have to visit a dermatologist sometimes weekly and a single appointment can cost anywhere above £50

Alternative smart phone apps and peripherals are considered as gimmicks and in all cases no longer available for download or purchase.

MelaFind: Current Alternative Melafind is cumbersome and large, with two handed function and two person operation. The product is wired and heavy and has a clunky and obtrusive aesthetic.

Medical Technology: The future I predict that in 5 years time, healthcare technologies such as Melafind will be improved and commercialised for personal use. Through utilization of IOT technologies patients and doctors will be more connected and medical processes will become more and more automated.

Concept Development & User testing

Scenario of use

A user will only be advised to invest in the system by a professional Dermatologist or General practitioner. Potential users are individuals that are

? A



A) At a medically conďŹ rmed risk of skin cancer. B) At previous risk and and are advised to monitor from time to time. C) Are currently experiencing ongoing treatment. Identify the mole and highlight the location on the app.

connect the device by simply holding the button for 10 seconds

Scanning is as straightforward as pressing and holding for 5 seconds.


A daily, weekly or monthly process is repeated depending on circumstance.



Info Location

A series of inward facing LEDs help guide the lens to the correct location

If a detection occurs an appointment with a professional is automatically booked.

The Melano system Imrpoves treatment and diagnosis success rates through connecting the doctor and the patient.

Meanwhile information is presented in a friendly and intuitive database.

Past scan


Functional feedback and alerts are provided via micro-drive core-less motor.


size/ dep









Relevant data is sent to your professional, allowing them to perform further diagnosis and plan treatment before arriving at an appointment.

The ďŹ nal high ďŹ delity model took approximately 40 hours to complete. The end result was a believable prototype utilizing professional level modelling techniques that successfully simulated the look and feel of a real life product.

Connect, share and enhance your skating experiences. Utilize the capabilities of modern Smart City technologies to design a compelling User experience for a well-deďŹ ned group of users...

Connect, share and enhance your skating experiences. For skaters, nothing compares to an amazing session with great people at an incredible location. Unfortunately, the dynamic and fast paced nature of cities creates numerous unforeseen variables that prevent this. SmartSkate s fundamental feature is an interactive smart map which not only informs the user on real time foot and vehicle traffic, but also offers exciting new spots to discover. SmartSkate will be one of the first apps to use sophisticated graphical algorithm search engine tools to find specific features and spots that may interest the user. Alternatively, the skater can search through and user and technology driven database to find their dream spot.

Research: Overview

Research techniques included 1 to 1 interviews with a variety of skaters, surveys and questionnaires, site visits with questionnaires and extensive studying of relevant articles. We focused on task and experience goals and created a Persona to summarise our insights and ďŹ ndings. I also learnt to skateboard during this project and personally interviewed the chair of the Loughborough skating society and ex semi-professional skater Claire Thompson.

Insight driven research analysis

Sight visits with and without questionnaires


Interviews for insights then inspiration

Development: Wireframing to high fidelity

86 Total paperbased and illustrator wireframe screens were produced by myself and tested with sample groups before I was happy enough to go forward with high fidelity prototyping. Your Score:1025 Your Score:18980 As the user has selected remember details they once again can enter directly into the app


Sort by





date: current population followers:

Instead of taking the user directly to the general map it now opens the feed screen. This is because the user may not always want to find a spot and is more efficient at keeping them up to date with their skating community

Username Username


Password Remember details



sort by

The user sorts their feed by popularity through drop down menu. They then press the share button to let his friends know he is going and what the details of the spot are . These include, location, population, distance, followers and more (All at the tap of one button).


spot: date: current population






current population






S hare


current population

I think the size of the each content section of the feed will need to change or when content is activated it enlarges as the iphone 5 screen is deceptively small

current population followers:


S hare &g o




Create account

You can then choose to either simply share the spot (and to which social media) or ‘share and go’ which will calculate a route and take you to the map after sharing the info.



LOGIN Create account




Spot: Date: Current population Followers:



As highlighted in the route 1 example I did not like the fact that once a route is planned you would have to completely exit the map to view the spot feed. With spot feed now available to slide up from the bottom you can simultaneously receive guidance to a spot and view content posted to that spot.



Check in?





spot: date: current population


followers distance user date current population followers:

user date current population followers:

The user can then check in as usual and post content with the friends they shared the spot with.

I personally find the spot check in a post page boring, it should excite the user more once they have arrived at a spot.


post picture user:

post video

spot: date:

Tapping the profile button will take you to your profile page. This is where your profile picture can be selected, account settings can be changed ,you can log out and all account history can be viewed. There will also be statistics like distance travelled and spots discovered to compare with other skaters.

current population


Skatescore: 14980

Settings Log out



s p o t p r o fi l e user:





current population

current population



Prototyping with popapp was extremely useful in identifying fundamental flaws 1in app 5 6 navigation , layout and format during user testing.


Scenario 1

Scenario 2

A ďŹ nal proof of concept interactive prototype was produced on Axure showing in detail how the user would navigate through multiple key journeys through the app. The ďŹ nal product could be tested on all modern phone sizes and web browsers.

Distil any water, wherever you are. Reverse engineer a consumer product (a kettle) and apply the acquired information innovatively...

Distil any water, wherever you are. Pure is a portable water distillation system designed to provide small amounts of distilled water to healthcare services in developing countries and pop-up emergency clinics. In recent years pandemics such as the Ebola virus have shown how unprepared developed and developing countries are for an outbreak of such proportion. Quicker, more aordable and convenient access to basic medical amenities such as distilled water could have been a huge benefactor in the battle against Ebola. Pure provides a solution to the current problem in providing healthcare services with the distilled water they need for surgeries, infection prevention and laboratory tests.

Distilled water is used during surgical procedures especially when open skin is exposed to bacteria.

If done properly, boiling kills or deactivates all bacteria, viruses and protozoa.

Inspiration: Ebola virus

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said the impact of the epidemic would have been reduced if the west had invested in healthcare for vulnerable countries

In developing countries preventable infections aect from 5% to 15% of hospitalized patients in regular wards and as many as 50% or more of patients in intensive care units.

1.7 million people are infected by HAIs or Hospital associated infections a year and kill more people than breast and prostate cancer combined.

Current Alternative: C-60/75 Expensive, non-portable and diďŹƒcult to set up. For small pop up healthcare stations or developing country hospitals the product is simply not viable.

I then set the group a secondary design brief to develop a portable water distillation system capable of distilling 1 litre of water ...

Market research

Initial Cad prototype

Distil any water, wherever you are.


After the initial CAD prototype was broken down and analyzed many changes were made to the material choice to optimise function and allow for valid manufacturing techniques.

Audio for all. Create a fully developed and CAD Surface modeled mobile speaker based on standard electronic components provided...

Audio for all. Auldio is a bluetooth speaker brand designed to suit current market trends and appeal to a wide variety of individuals, from young children to adults. It is currently an ongoing project.

Development: Overview I started by combining trending industrial forms with my auldio brand identity by thumbnail sketching. This led to detail deďŹ nition and a ďŹ nished concept render all in under 24 hours.

Minor alterations were then made during surface modelling for suitable manufacture.

Scale & colour ways

The Boy racer

The Robot

The petal

The Hazard

Development: Overview Current Development

I decided toCurrently focus theI design on suitability for current market trends . I used a wide variety of media to inspire am adapting the design to intergrate a conversational as many different ideas as possible and eventually refined the idea to interface and am adding an induction charging platform. Ithe amfinal alsoconcept sketch seen below. I continuously bounced off of colleagues for inspiration and direction during designing a version of the speaker with upgraded internals andall stages of development. relevant aesthetical changes. By the end of the Project I will have a fully developed CAD model inside and out with internal details and housing.

About me

I am the current Design School Peer Mentor Coordinator and organise Support sessions and events for 200 design students. This role has allowed me to improve my leadership and public speaking abilities greatly.

I currently play for the Design School football team and previously competed at academy level for 4 years.

I am a self-taught pianist and write my own pieces.

Thank you for reading!

Contact me Emails Phone 07824 359653