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Everything I believe in This venn-diagram shows the inner workings of who I am as a individual and a designer. it also shows what my personality is built on to an extent. I am a very active person I have never been that type of person to sit down and do nothing. I always need to be up and doing things. I have spent about 13 years of my life in the scouts association which has consisted of almost spending two years camping and learning life lesson that will stay with me for a long time. I also enjoy cycling I have done my fair share of milage on a bike and I have been through more bikes than I care to mention. I have always wanted to travel I can not stay in the same place for to long I want to see the world through

my own eyes not through a television or a magazine , I want to get lost in some Country and discover the world for myself. I want to see china, japan, Vietnam. The list could go to the end of my arm and on. Media has a heavy influence on my life I watch a lot of film and listen to a lot of music, I really enjoy getting fully absorbed in a film, I enjoy film because it is a fantastic way of creating theme and action that can’t be seen in real life, I have a lot faith as well I believe in god and do call myself a Christian. I also believe in people and the feats that people will go to stay alive and keep on enjoying life. I also believe in a lot of myth as well I believe that ghosts do exist as well as the lochness monster.

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Personality and manners I believe that having a good Personality and having exceptional manners will get anyone anywhere in life.

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Personality and Manners

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Belief is a powerful I has got me through a lot of bad times in the past also I believe in Ghosts and the Lochness monster people think with the break through in science that there is no more myth in the world but I still do and no can stop me believing in anything. There is a nice little reference from the Batman Film the Dark Night because of I believe in Harvey Dent which show how much I believe in the goodness of man kind.

Lochness Monster Harvey Dent


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The Scouts Association I Have spent a lot of time in the Scout Association I have been through all the Movements starting at the youngest age of 6 in Beavers up to leaving Explorers at the age of 18. I have learnt a of skills and discipline during my time there I have learnt how to cook, Built tents, build fires from scratch and light then only using one match. The Scout Association has opened my eyes to a a lot of new experiences which I have loved, such as Kyacking and the freedom it brings on the open water, Hiking and hill climbing which makes the countryside so interesting I have always loved been outdoors and camping and Scouts only enhanced that. It was scouting which partly made me decide to come to the university of Cumbria because it scenic setting on the boarder of Scotland. I have achieved a lot whilst I have been in the Scouts I have achieved the Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards and the Queen Scout award which is one of the highest awards that be earnt in scouting. I have done a lot of a work to help others as well such as help at the local Park, Temple Newsam with forestry work helping them fell trees, plant trees, give tours and help them rise money so they

can rebuild the farm they have on site. I have also travelled alot with them I have been to Baden Powell Is and, travelled by boat up and down the Norfolk Broads and Been part of the first scout group to walk the full monopoly board in the uk.

“On my honour, I promise that I will do my best, to do my duty to God and to the Queen, to help other people and to keep the Scout Law” This is the promise that every member has to take when they join the association at any age

I’m Proud of the time I have spent the time I’ve Scouts Association and everything I have accomplished in my time there. I have met a lot of amazing people and make some really good friend that I will know for a long time. I have enjoyed all the placed I have been and all the activated I have done with them I have done things that I would of never managed to do without been part of scouts, like kyaking up and down Lake Windermere in the lack district, or completing a five day hike through the Lake district or even making and recreating a Viking boat for rowing competition.

I have spent so much in the Scout organisation I cant just forget about it now I have left. I might go back some day and become I Leader like my father has done. He was my scout leader and I have learnt a lot from him become really close to my dad through scouting.


Age: 6-8 Where: Whitkirk


Age: 9-12 Where: Colton Methodists


Age: 10-14 Where: Colton Methodists


Age: 15-18 Where: Holton Leeds Templars










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Red Hot Chilli Peppers Every Time I Die Franz Ferdinand Paramore Kings Of Lion Muse Queens Of The Stone Age AlexIsOnFire Metallica Blink 182

Inglorious Bastards Pulp Fiction Inception Departed Toy Story Trilogy Star Wars Films Harry potter Collection A Town Called Panic Back To The Future Trilogy Indiana Jones Quodology

Foo Fighters Modest Mouse Jack Johnson Laura Marling Enter Shikari Led Zepplin Rage Against The Machine Arcade Fire Brand New RadioHead

Lord Of The Ring Trilogy Matrix Trilogy Fight Club Scooby Doo Films O Brother Where Ar’t Though? Batman Films True Grit Pan’s Labyrinth Marvel (Captain America, Thor, Iron Man) Die Hard Quodology Media

“If you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal and if they can’t stop you, you become something else entirely – a legend”

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This is my favourite quote from the film Batman Begins

I spend a lot of time watching films, I always will have one on the background whilst I’m either working or doing other things. I love the fact that film can create something that isn’t real and take you away from reality either if ir is taking me to another planet like the Star Wars Films or re-writing history like Inglorious Bastards or creating mythical charictors like Fauno from Pan’s labeyth.I also love how easily it is to get absorbed into a film and get emotionally attached to charactrs and how easy it is for a film to make people laugh, cry, hate charatures and make you fall in love with charatures. There are a lot more films I have watched and love than can be shown that the chart to the left films such as Drive, Sherlock holmes, Time Crimes, Tron, Rubber, the Green Mile, spirited away. I could go on.

I listen to a lot of music I was brought up on Bands such as queen and led Zepplin because it was the music my farther listens to. Then I started to develop my music taste and found bands like Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Muse and radio head which I will listen to for a long time. I feel like music and film heavily influences my personality because I look at curtain chartures in films and TV Shows and inspire to be like then.

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Travel I have always wanted to travel the world every since I was a kid I remember wanting to see the great pyramids in Egypt and my love from wanted to travel grew from there as I got old I found out more about the world and just wanted to go to these exciting places I found out about. I read the National Geographic a lot which just keeps me wanting to go to different places. I advise anyone to go travelling even if it just to places like France or Spain which just over the Channel. There is so much in the world to see and do I don’t know people just stay in the UK and not explore the world which is out there.

Canada The main reason I want to go to Canada is to see the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). There are other things I would like to see and do in Canada such as go skiing/snowboarding in Québec and visit the Niagora Hall and Lake Louise in Alberta.

Canada North America

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” – Jawaharial Nehru

South America

Poland The only reason why i want to visit Poland is to see what remain of the world war II concentration camp Auschwitz. To see what horrors happen there I have told to visit there just see how awful people were treated for no reason.

South America Lets face it if I want to go see the Amazon rain forest before it completely disappear thanks to all those tree logging bastards. I also want to visit.

North America There are four major places I want to visit in America these are walking a cross Yellow Stone Park, New Orleans, California and New York. Ground Zero, statue of Liberty


Vietnam Africa

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Japan China

Australia China




This is the destination I would love to visit the most there is so much of china I would want to see I would have to travel across the whole of it. The Great wall is one of the main places I would want to visit including Hong Kong. I want to spent a lot of time in Africa going from North to South seeing as much of it as possible. There are a few major point of interest I want too see like Kruger National park, the great pyramids, Abue Simbel, sphinx. I mainly want take the route Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman took on there motor bike documentary “The Long Way Down”

When people think about Vietnam they think about war. I want to see what it is actually like as a country I want to see the busy and hussle bussle of the major cities Hue and Hanoi. I also want to see the beautiful and majestic Ha long bay. I want to spend quite a bit of time in Australia and sample there layed back life style. The Great barrier Reef is a main point of interest for me as well I want to see it before it is destroyed due to pollution. I all so want to visit Ayers Rock and see what the “out back“ is truly like with anything trying to kill me.


I would love to visit Tokyo and the technology district because I am a massive nerd and japan is well known for it technological advancements. I would also love to visit Hiroshima as well to see what its like and well it’s recover after the incident in world war II


this is my final peoject from second year to create a manifesto about myself.