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Family Run Swiss Bar & Restaurant With Swimming Pool And Beautiful Sea Views Overlooking The Most Beautiful Idyllic Natural Marina In Catalunya

OPEN EVERY DAY FROM 11am With Daily lunch Menus Only 9,90€ PLUS Specials Like the Fantastic "Steak On Hot Stone", Fresh Fish, Paella Every Tuesday Jazz And Other International and Blues with Geoff Gilvey Cuisine (live music) Every Thursday Specialities + Saturday Country and Rock 'n' Roll with Peck and Peck (Live Band) Special Evevnts open for private parties and functions

Come And Dine Inside Or Out On The Terrace Or Just Chill Out By The Pool And Soak Up The Atmosphere. Sant Jordi d'Alfarma is a secluded spot hidden away between L'Ametlla and Calafat. You can find it by turning off the N340 opposite the ceramic museum into the urbanisation Sant Jordi d'Alfarma. Continue under the bridge towards the sea and follow the signs for Club Nautico.

Passeig De Velázques 1, Urb. Sant Jordi d’Alfama, 43860 L’Ametlla de Mar email:

Tel: 977 486 000 Mobile: 650 540 718



welcome to the June issue covering catalunya.


Why was midsummer night dream based at midsummer? -Was it not because Fairies walk abroad on Midsummer's Night? What movies are based on A Midsummer Night's Dream? -The most recent movie version is that directed by Michael Hoffman and starring Kevin Kline, Michelle Pfeiffer, Christian Bale and Callista Flockhart. Earlier movies include one from 1968 with Judi... What does dreams have to do with A Midsummer Night's dream? -There are many references to dreams in A Midsummer Night's Dream. Some examples are when Bottom wakes up after being turned into a donkey, he thinks it was all a dream. Also, the four lovers, once... What has the midsummer got to do with the midsummer nights dream? -it takes place during the midsummer.


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My bad hair day

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news in spain


THE l Bulli goes to

Hollywood. The life of four apprentices at Ferran Adrià’s world famous restaurant El Bulli could be made into a Hollywood film, the top Catalan chef has announced. He made the announcement at the presentation in Barcelona on Tuesday of the book by the US journalist Lisa Abend, ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentices’ – ‘Los aprendices de hechicero’, which goes behind the scenes at El Bulli to unveil his system of apprentices. A team of more than 30 aspiring cooks work there for free to be trained by the maestro chef. Adrià said he is on the point of signing the contract for the film, which is to be inspired by Lisa Abend’s stories of his restaurant. If it goes ahead, it will be filmed in El Bulli itself while the restaurant is open to the public, with actors playing some of the roles, mixed with El Bulli’s own staff. Adrià himself will not be appearing, but will be played by an actor. EFE gives the budget as 40 million dollars


ehovah's Witness wins appeal after Lleida hospital performs blood transfusion against his will. The provincial court in Lleida has overturned a ruling from a lower court which authorised doctors to give a blood transfusion to a patient against his will. The patient is a Jehovah’s Witness and had refused the transfusion on

the grounds of his religion. El País reports that doctors at the Arnau de Vilanova Hospital in Lleida applied for court authorisation to go ahead with the procedure at the end of last year. The prosecution service argued at the hearing at Instruction court No. 1 that life is a core value under the Spanish Constitution and should prevail over individual freedom. The patient appealed the ruling after receiving the transfusion and, now, the provincial court has ruled that individual freedom should take precedence. El País quotes, ‘Although it must be difficult for doctors to remain passive in a situation which could ultimately result in a patient’s death’, the patient’s wishes must be respected.

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news in spain


udge orders wind farm in Lleida to be demolished. A judge has ordered that most of a 33 windmill wind farm be demolished in Lleida, considering that the municipal licence awarded for its construction to be null. The wind farm is in the Sierra del Tallat, and the order to demolish comes following the complaint from the protest group ‘Salvem El Tallat’, They criticised the visual impact of the windmills and their effect on migratory birds, and notes an environmental study from Barcelona University which declares the sierra to be important. The Town Hall in Vallbona de les Monges has now been ordered to return the land to its original state. The farm started to generate 49.5 MW of power from its 80m high windmills at the end of 2007 after an investment of 50 million, and the company concerned says it will appeal to the Catalan High Court.


arents call on Catalan High Court to enforce ruling on bilingual teaching in the region's schools. The three families who the Supreme Court supported in their appeal last December for the Spanish language to be used in teaching in Cataluña’s schools say the Generalitat has failed to comply with the order from Spain’s highest court. The families concerned held a press conference on Tuesday, where they informed journalists that the Generalitat did not meet the deadline, of April 23, of adapting its education system in line with the court’s ruling for a bilingual system. The families have now asked the Cataluña High Court of

Justice to enforce the ruling. Europa Press reports that 500 families from the association ‘Convivencia Cívica Catalana’ will be sending individual letters to the regional government’s councillor for education, Irene Rigau, after the May 22 elections, demanding compliance with the Supreme Court decision. omb scare in Barcelona city centre Several streets in Barcelona were cordoned off by police on Wednesday 18th May after a suspect package was discovered on a local bus, just 500 metres from the Plaza Catalunya. The passengers on the No. 22 bus and nearby bars, restaurants and shops were evacuated after the driver called in the package at around 2pm on Wednesday. El Mundo reports that there were cables seen attached to the possible explosive device. The Tedax bomb disposal squad were immediately called in and determined that it had been a hoax. The Catalan regional police, the Mossos d’Esquadra informed reporters in a press conference called shortly before 4.30 pm that the device was a very realistic simulation of a bomb. Investigations are now underway to trace the person responsible for the hoax.


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In this period of Austerity....... Advertorial

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and legal documentation. You can plan the funeral yourself, with our help and you can make them as simple or as complicated as you wish. The plan is valid in both Spain and UK. One telephone call, day or night and your wishes are put into place immediately. The payments can also be spread over a period of time but once started the cost is locked in at today’s price.

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can it be true??? Kent man wins FBI’s $25m reward


for finding Bin Laden hideout with atlas and pin + Clark Kent admits taking out ‘Super-injunction

Ramsgate pensioner Albert Renfrew was celebrating today after scooping the FBI’s lucky $25 million prize for revealing the whereabouts of most wanted terrorist Osama Bin Laden, who was killed by US special forces last night. The FBI, whose well-known reward program offers millions of dollars in return for information leading to the apprehension of wanted enemies of the USA, said they were “delighted” to hand over the giant cardboard cheque outside Mr Renfrew’s council flat this morning. Realising that the FBI had placed no limit on the number of entries per household, and that there was no penalty for an incorrect guess, Mr Renfrew last April purchased a giant AA motoring map of Pakistan, Afghanistan and surrounding provinces, and peppered it with some eighty thousand drawing pins, each labelled “Bin Laden is here”. The CIA have apparently been working their way through the pins for several months, and only yesterday turned to the small town of Abbottabad, a highland settlement north of Islamabad, where Bin Laden turned out to be indeed hiding. “To be honest, we were starting to lose faith in Mr Renfew’s intelligence,” explained a grinning Major Dirk McQuickly, head of the team that carried out the assassination. “It felt like we’d been all over the bloody place following these pins, and after we spent two months trawling the bottom of a lake, a few of us were ready to give up. But all credit to that Kent genius – he knew where Bin Laden was hiding all right, and led us straight to him. How he knew, I’ll never know.” Mr Renfrew credits his idea to his long experience of newspaper “spot the ball” competitions, where an entry form completely covered in little “x”s was often likely to win the prize. “It won’t change my life at all,” he insisted while being photographed drinking champagne with attractive models for the Thanet Observer. “I’ll still enjoy a quiet pint, and I’ll probably move on to Jamel Ahmed Mohammed Ali AlBadawi – he’s wanted in connection with the October 2000 bombing of the USS Cole in Yemen – there’s five million for him. Luckily my wife gave me a touring map of Yemen for our first wedding anniversary, so I’ll be getting my pins out later.”

Clark Kent has admitted that he went to the High Court and obtained a so-called ‘Super-injunction’ in order to keep his identity secret. The revelation is particularly embarrassing as Mr Kent works as a mild-mannered reporter for the Daily Planet which had been campaigning for an end to the use of the law courts to protect celebrities from prying newspapers. ‘Yes, the rumours about me being Superman are true,’ admitted Kent. ‘I only wish I had some sort of power to stop the story getting out. But the ability to fly and lift up trucks and see through solid steel is no match for Twitter.’ Kent, originally from Smallville, Kansas, admitted that it was becoming difficult for him as a journalist to question Metropolis celebrities while he himself had gone to court to stop people revealing that he was actually a superhero from the Planet Krypton. ‘I’d be interviewing innocent, upstanding celebrities like, say, a Top Gear presenter, TV chef or one of the stars of Downton Abbey, when all the time I was hiding this dark secret that I had used the law courts to keep my own secret out of the newspapers. I thought, if these people don’t do it, then why should I?’ The so-called ‘Superman-injunction’ prevented the media from even reporting that there had been an original court injunction, and is said to have incredible powers similar to those of Clark Kent’s alter ego. It can make celebrities seem like quiet, upstanding citizens, disguising their real identities as sexual superheroes capable of breath-taking acts about which ordinary people can only fantasize. ‘I feel so relieved now that the Superman-injunction is out in the open and I am no longer living a lie,’ admitted Clark Kent in a Daily Planet interview. ‘In fact things would be perfect if only I hadn’t discovered that Lois Lane was shagging Ryan Giggs.’

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a more detailed horoscopes can be found on our web site CAPRICORN

Dec. 22 - Jan. 20

Your major


Jun. 23 - Jul. 22 -While you can

focus begins to turn to work and health matters in

continue to find yourself in high demand at

June, and while there can be an especially hectic

the beginning of June, you're likely to have an

pace and changes to contend with, it's likely to

increased need for time to yourself and for extra

be a successful month overall. One reason is a

rest as the month increases. You tend to naturally

wonderful shift in attitude that has you feeling

withdraw from more competitive or demanding

particularly hopeful and confident.

situations. You definitely need a break from a

AQUARIUS Jan. 21 - Feb. 19 -You are coming

hectic pace and from the critical eyes of others.

out of your "shell" this month, & you're ready to


have some fun. Fortunately, cosmic energy is ripe

you do and how well you do it is forthcoming this

for providing you with the right circumstances

month, dear Leo. In fact, you're now entering

under which to really enjoy and express yourself.

a year-long cycle in which this kind of positive

Your romantic life can take centre stage, & while

professional attention comes naturally, readily,

there can be some social drama in your life, for

and heartily!

the most part you're likely to have a good time.



-While June can

life is picking up speed this month, dear Virgo,

begin at a hectic pace, dear Pisces, you're likely

and you might often find yourself smack in the

to find much solace in home and family as the

middle of situations that require you to be on top

month progresses. Efforts to make improvements

of your game. Fortunately, you possess just the

to your home life should be very successful this

right attitude to meet challenges confidently. Be

month, and you're likely to want to entertain

flexible in your expectations of others and treat

from home or do some redecorating.

any changes as chances to grow and improve.

Feb. 20 - Mar. 20

ARIES Mar. 21 - Apr. 20

Jul. 23 - Aug. 23 -Recognition for what

Aug. 24 - Sep. 23 -Your professional

-The month of June

LIBRA Sept. 24 - Oct. 23 -June is a considerably

can be especially hectic for you, but it can also

more outgoing month for you, dear Libra. You've

be extremely rewarding if you can manage to

been focusing on darker and deeper matters

pace yourself. You can be pulled in many different

recently, and perhaps feeling a little out of step.

directions, and you'll need to be both flexible

This is changing rapidly this month as you seek

and quick. Income should be good, although the

new experiences and are exposed to broader

inclination to spend is strong as well.



-While June is a

SCORPIO Oct. 24 - Nov. 22 -This month, you're

month of opportunity, avoid trying to "do it all"

entering a year-long cycle in which the way you

too soon and too quickly. Instead, focus on one

relate to others on a one-to-one level changes

or two opportunities and projects. It should be a

and expands, dear Scorpio. You are likely to derive

strong month for money matters. You are likely to

much pleasure from partnership, and people you

do some shuffling around with finances, and June

meet can be most helpful at enlivening your life.

is good for little windfalls, reducing debt, and the

New budgets or payment plans may be necessary

ability to borrow at favourable rates.




Apr. 21 - May 21

May 22 - Jun. 22

-June can be a

Nov. 23-Dec. 21 -June is a

personally powerful month for most Gemini’s.

strong month for relationships, dear Sagittarius.

Many of you will be reinventing yourself in some

Your willingness to listen to and support a partner

significant manner, with a new look or a new way

is key. Socially, people are seeing you in a positive

of approaching the world. You're a self-starter

light. There is likely to be much going on inside

this month, especially from the 21st forward.

this month, especially around the 15th, when you

Friendships can be especially rewarding and

can arrive at a personal revelation or epiphany.

helpful this month.


news hounds & more..." Be Prepared By Being Aware " BY Dr. Ronald Believe it or not, more than a third of British dogs are overweight, as are many in Spain. This is not from Mr. Ripley!

Rosenfeld D.V.M.

More than a third of British dogs are overweight, according to a veterinary charity, and the proportion could grow to almost half in three years if the owners do not change the habits of their pets. A poor diet and lack of exercise are to blame, said the PDSA, a partnership that meets the needs of pets and veterinarians. In a study of 30,000 dogs in the UK during the past four years it was found that 35 per cent of dogs weighed more than they should. It also found that the owners gave them leftover food, fatty meats, pig's ear, chips and cookies. The PDSA in a similar study four years ago said that 21 per cent of British dogs were overweight, which means that almost half of them could be overweight by 2013 if the trend continues. "Thousands of pets across the UK are having their quality of life cut, and ultimately their life expectancy as a direct result of obesity, "said a spokeswoman for PDSA. The latter study also suggested that about half a million dogs were not taking daily walks. To address the problem, the organization has relaunched its annual thinning pet competition, Pet Fit Club, which offers 10 overweight pets the opportunity to go, free on a maintenance diet for 100 days and monitored by the PDSA vets and keepers. If this were not the case all you need do is ask yourselves, why do the cat and dog food manufacturers have such a large market for low caloric diets? Let’s not also forget the existence of commercially produced reducing diets, for pets!

Teli a bitch dog who cares for horses

scaring them off. This is a four year old and is a Mallorcan Ratter. José Luis, the owner, wants to raise the breed, which is not very wide spread, and with this aim he has bought her a companion, Duke, eight months. Their relationship is intimate and José Luis hopes soon to get what he intends: that his dogs have puppies one day. Teli and Duke are very playful and working in the field, they never hold a grudge against Jose Luis, not even when he scolds them, which makes life easier for their owner. However, the two are very stubborn, which brings the owner many headaches." They came directly from Mallorca and came home on an aeroplane. They appear to have a privileged place in their home and have travelled more than their owner, who has never flown. Congratulations to Teli and Duke. Dr Ronald Rosenfeld. D.V.M.

Teli is a pet with a very important task: repels rodents from the horses stable. The mice would be a big bother to the residents in this stable, if this bitch was not responsible for

Country of Origin Spain Breed Status: The Ca Ratter Mallorquí is rare and while it breeds true to type, remains unrecognized. Distribution: The Ca Ratter Mallorquí is almost unknown outside of the island of Mallorca. Etymology: Ca Ratter Mallorquí translates into English as Majorcan Ratter, referring to the breed's area of origin and original use. Other Names: Mallorca Ratter, Perro Ratonero Mallorquin, Perro Ratero Mallorquin, Valencianet. Personality and Uses: The Ca Ratter Mallorquí has in the past and present been used to hunt rats and rabbits. The breed is very agile, fast, and capable of making great leaps. The Ca Ratter Mallorquí is said to be a little nervous, but an excellent watchdog as it barks at the slightest noise. The breed also makes a good companion with its loving personality.

A. M. P. A. R. E. The society for the protection of animals Ebro region. Based in Mora La Nova. We desperately need to re-home dogs to make room for more! We have over 200 dogs for adoption. Susan 689 468752 English Isabel 977 404720 Spanish/ Catalan Donations always appreciated.

12 email: ☻Tel: 977 059 364

Sadistic Torture in El Perelló.letter from a concerned reader On a piece of forestal land behind us we have had to watch dogs starved and not watered, chickens turn cannibalistic, some drowned trying to get water. Goats that can´t walk because their feet have never been trimmed and being locked in a shed for 24hrs a day getting no exercise, cats left loose to breed, 8 dogs corralled with no water and only fed bread every 3 to 7 days depending on the owners appearance - all carried out by a simple Catalan youth who on the surface seems to be a harmless pool cleaner! We gave water to support him but he used the water to grow cannabis hidden behind the redundant caravans. After trying to help we could no longer stand to see dogs with no hair, walking skeletons and one with a barbed collar pinned down as it had wound itself round a caravan wheel. l made an attempt to force him to look after them, we carried on feeding subsistence rations till the authorities came. It took 5 months for action, and after this most of former camp was removed and the goats and 4 of the dogs were removed by him after a tip off and taken to a new Alberg d'Animals de les Terres de l'Ebre ´Thank-you´ Marró featured in The March issue is now happily settled in her new home. Hello, I'm Marc. I'm about three years old and have been living in the animal shelter for a very long time. I would love to live with a family. I like other dogs and children as well. I'm a quite dog who just enjoys any attention I can get. Do you want to meet me? Call Anna (977265018, 680160051) or Encarna (657181437, Spanish). Come along and have a stroll with me, so I can show you what a nice dog I am. Hope to meet you soon. We also have several litters of kittens to home for free. Bad news we had a French Bulldog and a puppy stolen from the centre, any news of this would be appreciated. Dear readers, In the month of July we will participate in a spaying program and we need to raise € 2.980 for that, including the medication. If you can spare a euro, please help us. We can not do this without your help. You can transfer the money to: Alberg d'Animals, Banc account: 20730072-43-0110164000. Thanks for your help. Encarna Call for more information or a visit: Encarna (Spanish) 657 181 437 or Anna (English, German, Dutch) 977 265 018 or 680 160 051

location. All was well, then came March 2011 we are here again 4 dogs to date 1 caravan donated by a grateful pool customer, all were skeletons de-hydrated until we started again subsistence feeding --we have told all to no avail. The forestal will take action to remove him and the Mossos will come again eventually but the torture, never stops, the dogs we see here are the ones he hid last year, they have been tortured somewhere else till April. For a guided tour please e.mail me via the olive press, l will arrange a visit, we have photos of the owner, I would like these to be passed around to find a horse he has somewhere and the goats. The 4 dogs are now being cared for at the Alberg d´Animals in Camarles and would love a chance of a proper home. "moral and cultural progress of a country is measured from its treatment of animals" (Mahatma Gandhi) URGENT ADOPTION REQUIRED CALL ARCA TODAY. A.R.C.A. (Association for Refuge and Taking care of the Animals) it is a nonprofit association operating since the summer of year 2001. At this moment they have 300 abandoned dogs. They are in Tortosa in the province of Tarragona (Spain). All the material aid comes from the much appreciated donations but with each new arrival more donations are needed. If you want to donate

to Arca if only by 5€ each month, minimum, please send an e-mail with your personal data and account number or call or write. Or just become a volunteer to help with the dogs. email: ARCA : mail: Post office 496, Tortosa, (Tarragona) or contact: Mave (English) 678 975 816, Cinta 625 915 605 Carmen 655 040 359 Call Arca Today to Provide A Home To 1 Of 300 Dogs Needing A Loving Home Or If You Can Volunteer Any Assistance With The Dogs



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Unions silenced by chimpanzee tube driver

TRANSPORT unions have been forced into a tactical rethink after it emerged a four year-old male chimpanzee is working on the Bakerloo line. Bok-Bok, originally from Sierra Leone but currently based in Ealing, earns a nominal fee of ÂŁ20 a year which he throws down the toilet. A London Underground spokesman said: "We had the idea of recruiting chimps after reading that they had 94% human DNA and are capable of empathy and therefore superior to Bob Crow on both counts. "We trained Bok-Bok using raisins. He was up to speed in about 35 minutes.

"He does tend to masturbate a lot and defecate in the cab but as he's not on strike every five minutes we're more than happy to clean up his expulsions." He added: "We're not celebrating yet but we do think Bok-Bok could be game, set and match." Transport workers have recently been awarded a 10% bonus for considering turning up for a spot of doing their jobs during the Olympics. But testicle-headed union boss Bob Crow had been plotting further strike action over the withdrawal of out of date Vimto from staff room vending machines. He said last night: "Yeah, but can the chimpanzee, you know, help an old lady who has fallen over or something?"



Cherries the miracle fruit Cherries have been associated with pie and other deserts long enough, and “now it’s time to take a look at the other side, the healthy side.” It’s certainly a better alternative than fast food. “There’s more interest in living a healthy lifestyle, and that can mean grabbing cherries by the handful for a quick snack. There’s a definite trend in society where people are wanting to eat healthier, and this fits right in with what folks are looking for. The tangy little orbs of deliciousness have been credited with an array of health advantages, from soothing gout and arthritis to helping with a good night’s sleep. Emerging evidence links cherries to many important health benefits – from helping to ease the pain of arthritis and gout, to reducing risk factors for heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers. Cherries also contain melatonin, which has been found to help regulate the body’s natural sleep patterns, aid with jet lag, prevent memory loss and delay the aging process. A recent study from the University of Michigan reveals new evidence linking cherries to heart health benefits. The study found that a cherry-enriched diet lowered total weight, body fat (especially the important “belly” fat), inflammation and cholesterol & all risk factors associated with heart disease. The key is the fruit’s skin and pigmentation, where antioxidants called anthocyanins are found. The study found that the antioxidant activity of tart black cherries is greater than that of Vitamin E, according to the Moss Report, a cancer treatment and referral service. Not only are cherries delicious, they pack a powerful nutritional punch. This little miracle fruit can:

Help prevent and fight cancer Cherries are a rich source of healthy antioxidants, which help to repair damaged cells in the body. They contain queritrin, a potent anticancer agent. They also contain ellagic acid, which experts believe is one of the most useful compounds for cancer prevention. Another compound found in cherries is perillyl alcohol (POH), effective in reducing the occurrence of all types of cancer; it stops the spread of cancerous cells by depriving them of the crucial proteins they require in order to grow.

Act as an anti-inflammatory. Cherries can help with pain relief; they contain anthocyanin and bioflavonoids, which are compounds that produce a similar effect to that of aspirin or ibuprofen. These compounds can relieve or prevent head and body aches, and even ease the symptoms of arthritis and gout.

Improve the body’s Circadian Rhythms. A natural sleep aid, melatonin is abundant in cherries. This antioxidant helps to regulate your sleeping and waking pattern, and since it is found in small quantities in the human body, the dose in cherries can work wonders.

Fight against premature aging. The compounds isoqueritrin and queritrin work to eliminate the by products of oxidative stress, and thereby slow the aging process. Serve as a healthy snack. Cherries are tasty and nutritious: one cup, approximately 21 cherries, contains no fat, about 90 calories, no sodium, and no cholesterol. They’re also a great source of fiber, potassium (270 mg. per serving, to be exact!) and vitamin C.

16 email: ☻Tel: 977 059 364

Cherry and Lamb Tagine Ingredients: 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 red onion, thinly sliced 1 pound boneless lamb shoulder, cut into 1-1/2-inch pieces 2 garlic cloves, minced 2 sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into 2-inch pieces (about 1 pound) 1 red pepper, cut into 1-inch strips 1 teaspoon ground cumin 1 teaspoon paprika 1 teaspoon ground coriander 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon black pepper 1 can chopped tomatoes (15 ounces) 1 cup water 1 can chickpeas (15 ounces) 3/4 cup dried cherries 2 tablespoons cilantro, roughly chopped

Directions: Heat the olive oil in a Dutch oven or 5-quart heavy pot over moderately high heat. Add the onion and lamb, and brown the lamb. Stir in the garlic, sweet potatoes, red pepper, cumin, paprika, coriander, cinnamon, salt and black pepper. Add the chopped tomatoes and 1 cup of water and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer covered for 15 minutes. Add the chickpeas and cherries and continue simmering until the lamb and sweet potatoes are tender and the sauce has thickened. Sprinkle the tagine with cilantro and serve with couscous

yoga for all- asana

Can Yoga really change your life? Well yes, it's more than likely, since just about everyone who practices yoga has been touched in some way by its trans-formative power. Maybe you simply feel better in your body. Perhaps you've experienced more profound changes in your life, relationships, and world view. But because these changes often take place over time, as part of a subtle and evolving process, it can sometimes be hard to pinpoint exactly what it is about yoga that helps you to live a better life.

do it, you move in a certain way, breathe in a specific way. And when you are mindful and deliberate in your yoga practice, you create the opportunity to become more mindful and deliberate in your life. As a teacher of yoga I find that the people who regularly practice yoga realize that their lives have changed for the better. Relationships, happiness and health all flow naturally when we simply set aside a few minutes each day to mentally and physically "check in".

To truly understand why yoga is so trans-formative, it helps to understand the concept of transformation. The idea that yoga changes you into someone better than the person you were before is something of a misconception. It´s more accurate to say that yoga helps you remove the obstacles that obscure who you really are, that it helps you come into a fuller expression of your true nature. We're not transforming into something we aspire to, we're transforming into the very thing that we are innately: our best Self - happy, healthy and pain free. One way yoga encourages transformation is by helping you to shift patterns you've developed over time, either mental or physical patterns that may be unhealthy. When you put your body into a pose that is new and unknown and you continue to practice it, you literally learn how to take a new shape. Taking this new shape can lead you to learn how to change any self limiting patterns in the mind. If practiced correctly, yoga asana (postures) can break down the psychological, emotional and physical obstacles that inhibit us from thriving. Yoga can also teach us how to make better decisions. Everything about practicing yoga involves intention—you set apart time in your day to

18 email: ☻Tel: 977 059 364

Perhaps most importantly, your yoga practice allows you a glimpse of the joyful and free person you can be. Practicing yoga shows you that you can accomplish things you never thought you could. At first, we think, 'There's no way I´m going to be able to do a Headstand.' And then, in little increments, we start to gain confidence, balance and strength. And then all of a sudden we can do it (local students from age 16 to 60 regularly achieve this goal!) When you're lying in Savasana (relaxation pose, lying flat on our backs) at the end of a yoga practice, after you have worked hard and felt connected to your body, that sense of joy and freedom you experience is an expression of your true nature. Even though it may be fleeting at first, it shows you what is possible..... Sarah Good is a Sivananda trained yoga teacher offering local weekly classes. Contact Sarah for more details on 663 140 297 www.

Escape from the crowds and enjoy a memorable day afloat Butterfly, a classic yacht in the Delta del Ebro. Relax with an ice cold drink, spread out on the huge deck cushions and experience the tranquillity of sailing around the beautiful Alfaques Bay.

Sail In The Beautiful Alfacs Bay Delta del Ebro Natural Park Sant Carles de la Ràpita

Sailing Trips & Charters

You will sail along the 8 beaches of Sant Carles de la Ràpita and across the bay through the largest mussel farms in the Mediterranean searching for a quiet spot to drop anchor for bathing off the beaches of the Ebro Delta Natural Park. You can visit interesting spots such as the Salinas de la Trinidad, the Sant Joan Tower, the “Banya” Point, and the small fishing harbour of Les Cases d’Alcanar where you will find excellent restaurants. You can find plenty of time to enjoy the tranquillity of the bay and above all the gentle billowing of the sails. Watching of migratory birds like flamingos, is a main attraction in the Delta del Ebro National Park and possible on board Butterfly. Captain Lucas will be happy to teach you how to sail or initiate you into trolling for fish.

Half day and full day tours with delicious snacks from the region included, with the possibility of tasting local sea food. Sunset cruises and full moon cruises are especially romantic. Ideal for celebrations. THE PERFECT GIFT

tel: 660 907 189

Prices starting at 40€ per person (25€ kids under 14)


Captain Lucas welcomes any special requests.

Maximum 12 persons, min. 2 persons

corpus christi & L'ou com Balla 23-26 june 2011 1952

Corpus Christi - 26th June 2011 The town of Sitges celebrates Corpus Christi every year with style! Sections of the major streets are closed to traffic for at least 24 hours when intricate templates are drawn on the road. Neighbours from each street gather into the small hours of morning, plucking the petals off Carnation flowers. These petals are then placed on the patterns on the road. The transformation is amazing. It has to be seen to be believed.

like Spain, they continue to survive and indeed flourish. The exhibitions of carnations and bonsai trees, along with the floral facade decorative competition form the secular leg of the events, along with a famous ‘dancing egg’ exhibit at the Palau Market.


San Juan - National Holiday – June date 23rd to 24th With fireworks and cava flowing through the streets of every town in the province, the celebration marks the true start of Summer for the Catalans. In Sitges, it is also the time where every night feels like a Saturday night... the season is well underway and the days and nights start to get even hotter. The view over the mountains towards Barcelona is truly spectacular as you watch the fireworks explode all down the Costa Garraf.

The participants turn the streets in to a show of incredible colours, and they compete for their street to be declared the most beautiful carpet in Sitges. The first record of this beautiful tradition dates from 1887, and today around 360,000 carnations are used in its preparation, in addition to other types of flowers.

Corpus Christi Festival Flower Carpet Competition The Corpus Christi Festival Flower Carpet Competition is a relatively recent annual event that has proved extremely popular with residents and tourists alike. Sitges, in common with much of Spain has many festivals based around the Old Catholic calendar. In the rest of Europe, these medieval observations faded after the Reformation of the 16th century, but in staunch Catholic strongholds

During the same week as Corpus Christi the National Carnation Competition is held in the same week, a non-competitive event begun in 1918, and the event has been held every year since then except during the Civil War and a few post-war years. Today, it takes place in the gardens of the Hort de can Falc. The prestige lies in taking part rather than winning anything. The Exhibit is purely amateur and only honorary awards are given, with no economic compensation. Since 1991, there is a Bonsai Exhibition held jointly with the National Carnation Exhibit.


The “Floral Ornamentation of Facades and Balconies Contest” has been included as part of the carpet contest since 1959, and on more than one occasion, you must look up to admire the beauty of these local decorations made from carnations, geraniums, white lilies, and other varieties of flower. The Corpus Christi celebrations start with the Carnation Opening Speech on Friday at 8:00 pm. On Saturday afternoon, the Gegants(Giants) de la Vila, the Moorish Gegants, and the American Gegants begin their journey from the Plaza del Ayuntamiento through the streets of downtown Sitges. The Blessed Sacrament procession is celebrated on Sunday, which together with the Gegants, will travel through the streets of Sitges, and finish in the afternoon, with the traditional collective carnation tribute presented at the sanctuary dedicated to the Our Lady of Vinyet.

The Dancing Egg Beginning in Barcelona in 1588, the Cathedral began a tradition which is still practiced today, known as "L'ou com balla", roughly translated as "the dancing egg." A hollowedout eggshell, symbolizing the Body of Christ, is placed on a jet in a fountain of the Cathedral cloister, where it appears to dance about in the spray. There is evidence that

in the sixteenth century it was in the fountain of the cloister of the Cathedral. The egg, once empty and with melted wax to act as have a counterweight, was positioned over the jet of water in the fountain, it then starts turning without falling. The fountains themselves are decorated beautifully for the occasion, with fragrant flowers in rich reds and pretty pinks and fresh fruits like cherries. The parade of giants and large-headed carnival figures (known as cabezudos) around the cathedral area in the city centre on the first evening of the festival is definitely worth catching. The practice has now spread to other parts of Catalonia and Spain. In Barcelona you can visit this often in areas of the Gothic Quarter: Barcelona Cathedral, the House of Arcediano and the other streets Ateneu Barcelonès, the Archives of the Crown of Aragon, the Royal Academy of Arts of Barcelona, Frederic Marès Museum or courtyards of the palace or Centelles - History Museum of Barcelona. In Igualada A square dance at the Pius XII. In Sitges it's found to Maricel Museum. In Tarragona in 1933, the canon Dr. Josep Vallès Barceló began decorating the garden and placed a dancing egg on the fountain of the cloister of the Cathedral. The popularity of this grew, especially after the war, with the assistance of the authorities at the opening. At present it's prepared by a team of volunteers and volunteer florists and the cathedral sacristy.

            ; K F 

treat your taste buds. Ingredients for the pizza base:

600g strong white flour and plenty spare for rolling ½ tsp dried yeast 2 tbsp olive oil plus extra for drizzling Method: Put flour, yeast and 1 tsp salt into a large bowl. Stir in 500ml of slightly warm water and the oil. You should end up with a wettish dough that is rough and lumpy. Cover with a tea towel, keep it in a cool room leaving dough to rise, until doubled in size. The longer you leave it to rise, the better. When ready bring the dough to room temperature. Heat the oven to 220C/200C fan/ gas 7. Make sure the oven its hot. Roll the dough into a pizza shape and leave to rise for 10 mins while you prepare your toppings. Top the bases with your chosen ingredients, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and bake for 18 mins for a large pizza or 12 mins for an individual, or until the crust is crisp and the topping is bubbling.

Easy Toppings:

(Please note that you will never find chicken, pineapple, duck, ketchup, baked beans, beef, or a kebab on a traditional Italian Pizza!)


Spread readymade tomato sauce (or passata) over the pizza base, sprinkle chopped Mozzarella and plenty of fresh basil on top. Bake in the oven. In 1889, during a visit in Naples, Queen Margherita of Savoy was served a pizza resembling the colors of the Italian flag, red (tomato), white (mozzarella) and green (basil), which is how Pizza Margherita was named.


Spread ready-made tomato thick sauce (or very thick passata) over the pizza base, add anchovies, capers, oregano and salt. Bake in the oven. According to the rules proposed by the Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana (Genuine Pizza Napoletana Association, the real Neapolitan pizza dough consists of wheat flour (type 0 or 00, or a mixture of both), natural Neapolitan yeast or brewer's yeast, salt and water.

Quattro formaggi (four cheese pizza)

Spread ready-made tomato sauce (or very

        h k      

 pizza and easy toppings  thick passata) over the pizza base, mozzarella, brie and gorgonzola, sometimes ricotta can be added. Bake in the oven.

Unusual Toppings:

Pear and Brie

Spread the Mozzarella over the pizza base cutting it in small cubes, add the brie and sprinkle a generous amount of Parmesan. Cook the pizza for 12 mins. Remove pizza base from the oven and add one finely sliced pear and white pepper. Cook in the oven a further few minutes - The pizza is ready when it becomes golden.

Radicchio and Taleggio cheese

Spread the Mozzarella over the pizza base cutting it in small cubes, add the radicchio and cook for 10 mins. Remove the pizza from the oven, add slices of taleggio. Cook in the oven a further few minutes. Your pizza is ready when the taleggio is completely melted.

Lemon, smoked salmon, and turnip greens

Add rind of one lemon to the dough, and prepare the pizza base as per usual. Top with turnip greens, smoked salmon and sour cream. Sprinkle some dill and a pinch of pepper. Bake the pizza in the oven at 220 degrees for 15 minutes, remove the pizza, cover the filling with baking paper and cook for another 10 minutes. Delicious home-cooked Italian food for takeaway! Visit my web site to see my selection of ready-made takeaway dishes which I freshly prepare with only 24hrs notice. All dishes are available for collection, or delivery around the El Perello area. Call 653 186 446 or email

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        ; K F     

"La revetlla de Sant Joan" is also called "Verbenas de Sant Joan" or "Nit de Sant Joan." In English this is known as the festival of Saint John the Baptist. This is the celebration of Spanish midsummers eve which takes place every year in Spain and Barcelona on the evening of 23rd June. It's a festive, noisy and fiery night! In Spain, it is a huge celebration, without a doubt one of the most traditional and popular days. Since ancient times, just at the arrival of the summer solstice on the evening of June 21st, people have welcomed in the warmer weather with celebrations of fire, the ritual flames consuming all as a sign of rebirth and renewed life. Father's Day in UK 19TH JUNE 2011 Father's Day in UK is celebrated in much the same way as it is celebrated in US. In UK too, Father's Day festival is celebrated on the third Sunday of June and therefore the date of the festival is never fixed. People celebrate the occasion by honoring their father and expressing affection for them by presenting popular gifts like cards, flowers, chocolates and neckties. Little children often give handmade gifts to their dad. PinellArt 11-12 June 2011, a craft fair which takes place in El Pinell de Brai, is in its third year. The aim is to demonstrate the variety of handmade crafts that are in the Lands of the Ebro and Catalunya. It is growing year after year by increasing the number of activites and demonstraions in order to include all the family. Information: Ajuntament del Pinell de Brai, 43594 El Pinell de Brai (Catalunya) Tel. 977 426 344 / 977 426231

FESTA DE LA CIRERA DE MIRAVET - The XVI Cherry Festival in Miravet 12 June 2011 Like the other years, you will be able to have a day of amusement while enjoying a popular paella and cherry cakes. www.miravet.altanet. org FESTA DEL CORPUS DE L’AMETLLA DE MAR AND MANY TOWNS IN SPAIN 26/06/2011. Official recognition of the feast day was given in 1246 in a synod called by Roberto de Torote, Bishop of Liège and a "Papal Bull" document was issued in 1263 in which he decreed that the date of the feast of Corpus Christi would be the Thursday following the eighth day of Whitsuntide. Finally, in 1317, John XXII ordered that the Body of Christ should be part of a solemn, public procession and from this time on, the feast of Corpus Christi became more and more widespread and popular.

INHERITANCE TAX AND THE FREE MOVEMENT OF CAPITAL-impuesto de sucesiones y libertad de circulacion de capitales by Carlos Prieto Cid


ince the founding of the Single Market, the European Union has protected the so-called “four freedoms”: the free movement of goods, capital, services and people. This means that in principle, trade between member states is therefore free from any restrictions, and EU citizens can enjoy the free movement of workers and right of residence. It also guarantees that any businessperson residing in an EU

member state may also offer and provide their services in other member states, and that the transfer of any amount of funds and securities is not only permitted between member states, but also between member states and countries outside the EU. However, the exercising of the latter, the free movement of capital, can be affected when the regulations on capital tax within the EU (and even within member states) differ so greatly. This also applies to regulations on inheritance tax.

24 email: ☻Tel: 977 059 364

The European Commission has requested Spain amend its

MySpanishome We are looking for properties in any AREA. So if you have a property to sell please contact: 977 446 655 +34 639 041 277 mobile Stephanie +34 679 499 316 mobile Steve Av. Generalitat 70, 43500, Tortosa, Tarragona, email: provisions on inheritance and gift tax, which allow for a higher tax burden on non-residents and foreign assets. As can be seen from the European Commission’s request in February 2011, provisions in the various Comunidades Autonomas (Spanish regions with their own legislative powers) are incompatible with the free movement of workers and capital under the terms of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. The commission’s request was sent in the form of a complementary reasoned opinion. If the commission does not receive a satisfactory response within two months, it could refer Spain to the European Court of Justice. In Spain, inheritance and gift tax is regulated both at national level and by the autonomous communities. In practice, regulations set by the autonomous communities mean that tax is considerably lower than under national regulations. If a gift or inheritance does not come under the jurisdiction of an autonomous community, only

national regulations apply. This is particularly the case if the recipient of the inheritance or gift lives abroad or it involves foreign assets. Taxes on non-residents and foreign assets are accordingly higher. The European Commission views this as a breach of the freedom of movement of workers and capital, which are guaranteed under the terms of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (Articles 45 and 63 respectively). The commission sent Spain a reasoned opinion on 5 May 2010 (IP/10/513). Spanish legislation was amended, but is still not compatible with EU law. The commission has therefore decided to send Spain a complementary reasoned opinion, in which it requests further amendments to be made in order to achieve full compliance with EU law. CARLOS PRIETO CID – LAWYER


In Washington , DC , at a Metro Station, on a cold January morning in 2007, this man with a violin played six Bach pieces for about 45 minutes. During that time, approximately 2,000 people went through the station, most of them on their way to work. After about 3 minutes, a middle-aged man noticed that there was a musician playing. He slowed his pace and stopped for a few seconds, and then he hurried on to meet his schedule. About 4 minutes later: The violinist received his first dollar. A woman threw money in the hat and, without stopping, continued to walk. At 6 minutes: A young man leaned against the wall to listen to him, then looked at his watch and started to walk again. At 10 minutes: A 3-year old boy stopped, but his mother tugged him along hurriedly. The kid stopped to look at the violinist again, but the mother pushed hard and the child continued to walk, turning his head the whole time. This action was repeated by several other children, but every parent - without exception - forced their children to move on quickly. At 45 minutes: The musician played continuously. Only 6 people stopped and listened for a short while. About 20 gave money but continued to walk at their normal pace. The man collected a total of $32. After 1 hour: He finished playing and silence took over. No one noticed and no one applauded. There was no recognition at all.

No one knew this, but the violinist was Joshua Bell, one of the greatest musicians in the world. He played one of the most intricate pieces ever written, with a violin worth $3.5 million dollars. Two days before, Joshua Bell sold-out a theater in Boston where the seats averaged $100 each to sit and listen to him play the same music. This is a true story. Joshua Bell, playing incognito in the D.C. Metro Station, was organized by the Washington Post as part of a social experiment about perception, taste and people's priorities. This experiment raised several questions: *In a common-place environment, at an inappropriate hour, do we perceive beauty? *If so, do we stop to appreciate it? *Do we recognize talent in an unexpected context? One possible conclusion reached from this experiment could be this: If we do not have a moment to stop and listen to one of the best musicians in the world, playing some of the finest music ever written, with one of the most beautiful instruments ever made . . .. How many other things are we missing as we rush through life? Enjoy life NOW .. it has an expiry date.

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Olives & popcorn Welcome to Olives & Popcorn, your monthly guide to great Spanish based films that in my opinion should not be ignored. Any comments are welcome. Also if you want to know more about a particular film and how to get a copy again get in touch via my email below. This month I would like to highlight a new film obtaining good reviews after its screening in Sitges in 2010. Los ojos de Julia (Julia's Eyes) (2010) In the world of cinema I have yet to come across a decent

thriller about blind people that was really able to keep me engaged and connected with the film. Luckily for me, and probably most of you in the near future, that is about to change. I was fortunate enough to catch a screening of Julia’s Eyes (Los ojos de Julia), the new Spanish thriller from writer/director Guillem Morales (The Uncertain Guest) and producer Guillermo Del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth) and I can tell your right now that it is both exciting and frustrating to watch. Julia’s Eyes is very much a detective story with loads of suspenseful and thrilling moments. The story follows a woman named Julia (Belén RuedaThe Orphanage), who’s “suffering from a degenerative eye disease,” as she tries to figure out why her twin sister hanged herself in the basement of her home. While Julia believes her sister was murdered, no one else does and so she decides to take it upon herself to figure out who killed her sister. The problem is that as she continues to move forward in the case she begins to lose her eyesight due to some extremely stressful events and the presence of a threatening “invisible man.” Eventually, after a few unexplained deaths, Julia goes blind and now must try to find the potential killer while living in complete darkness. I think you got the idea that I really enjoyed Morales’ directorial effort and his ability to realistically convey life from the perspective of a blind woman. Guillermo Del Toro has found another young director who I also believe will have a promising future in the horror/ thriller genre. I’m looking forward to seeing his next film and hope it’s as visually exquisite to watch as this one. As always if you want to check out the trailer, you can do so at - trailers/11142635. Jason.M.Berry 04/05/2011 Contact


By Clodagh and Dick Handscombe resident and gardening in Spain for 25 years.

May brought much rain but will it reduce your watering needs over the summer months. Mostly this depends on whether you improved your garden soil and container composts to increase their water holding powers while still remaining free draining to prevent water logging and whether you mulched the surface of the soil to prevent them drying out and stimulating serious capillary evaporation during hot days. There are also other benefits. • Reduce chance of soil compacting which destroys the essential space between soil particles which fill with moisture and oxygen in healthy soils. • Keeps roots cool in hot weather. • Protects roots from frost damage during cold winter spells. • Reduces chance of weeds germinating and growing. • Invisible transportation of rain water. • Tidy and attractive areas. • Organic mulches recycle growth nutrients to the soil. The following are some of the things that we do and which are referred to in our books. 1. Mulch along rows of raspberry canes with a mix or with layers of comfrey leaves and compost from the compost heap. 2. Surround plants and shrubs with small weathered rocks on the rockery and with small rocks over breathable plastic sheeting in shrub/flower beds. Volcanic ash chipping layers on rockeries and to cover the compost in containers. 3. Place stone slabs or large rocks over the roots of climbing plants. 4. Lay stone chippings over breathable plastic membrane between trees . 5. Plant plants close to create a living mulch that allows no drying sunlight to reach the surface of the soil. In one area of the garden we have allowed a carpet of wild strawberries to develop as a mulch and a warning from drying leaves that the soil is drying out in mid summer. 6. Leave leaves to rot under hedges and ground cover plants.

So get mulching during early June before the really hot weather arrives.

A CHANCE OF A SPECIAL GRANADA GARDEN TOUR Granada is an amazing place to visit and for those interested in gardens there are some hidden gems. Naturally the 14th century Alhambra and Generalife Gardens are top of the list but behind the high walls of villas within the old city exist many interesting gardens termed carmens mostly not open to the general public. Dick was therefore delighted to be invited to join Nicholas Borjesson, the official Granada Guide who guided Michele Obama on her visit to Granada last year, in supporting a three day tour ‘Gardens of Granada’ which visits seven gardens plus the Alhambra organised by Go Granada. The 2011 dates are 5-8 July and after the hot summer 6-9 September. Full details can be obtained from www., or by calling Lucy on 0044 7944 882690. Don’t forget Clodagh and Dick’s books are full of ideas and solutions to your problems based on their 25 years of gardening in Spain. For convenience they can be purchased via the internet on Amazon, Bargain books, The Royal Horticultural Society Bookshop etc.. © Clodagh and Dick Handscombe June 2011.

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US Navy SEAL banned from hide´n´seek competitions for ‘unsportsmanlike conduct’ The World Hide-and-Seek Federation has taken the unprecedented step of handing a lifetime ban to US Navy SEAL Lance Johnson following an incident in Pakistan last week which led to the death of the then hide-and-seek world record holder, Osama bin Laden. ‘Lance Johnson has long had a reputation as the bad boy of the sport,’ said the governing body’s president, Jack Carter. ‘From the moment he appeared on the scene – popping out from behind the sofa – it was obvious that we were looking at a prodigiously talented hider and seeker, but his talent was matched only by his lack of respect for the rules of the sport. I’d always warned him that it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.’ Johnson’s 1997 world championship win was shrouded in controversy amid allegations that he waterboarded the first hider he found in order to extract information on the whereabouts of the remaining contestants, and that he made it harder for his opponents to conceal themselves by forcing them to wear bright orange boiler suits. His other infractions include fines for failing to announce ‘Ready or not, here I come!’ at the start of contests, and once tricking hiders to come out by falsely declaring a game to be over because it was dinner time. ‘Johnson’s behaviour became increasingly erratic after he lost the top spot to Osama bin Laden in 2001,’ continued Carter, ‘and ultimately we were left with no choice other than to impose a life ban. We have to send a clear message that shooting fellow contestants in the eye, thereby severely affecting their seeking capabilities, simply isn’t acceptable in top-flight competition.’ Following the tragedy, bin Laden was given the traditional hide-and-seeker’s send-off as his body was tipped overboard into the sea as his fellow contestants respectfully covered their eyes and counted to one hundred. Libya To Move To The UK David Cameron has announced that Libya is to move from it's present location to a purpose built warehouse just outside Newport Pagnel. Cameron met the new Libyan rebel leader Mustapha Laugh during a recent package holiday to Lanzarote. The British PM was saddened to hear of the civil war waging in Libya and pledged to do something positive. "I wanted to act, but had to consult with the experts on foreign policy and William Hague. It was so obvious really. If we could keep Libya away from the middle east where all the trouble is then we could stand a chance of success." It's a small world: This would not be the first such move. Residents of Peterborough recall how Poland was relocated within their city and there have always been rumours about the inhabitants of Marsden, West Yorkshire who resemble certain characters from Deliverance. Empty Words: The Prime Minister went on to say that he had been struck by the bravery of the Libyan rebels and how he would like to offer them all possible help, as long as it didn't involve doing something really useful. "Mustapha Laugh and his brave band of rebels deserve our full support. I promise that this government will provide that support. When resources allow. Subject to numerous conditions being met. With a phasing in of support over a reasonable period. In due course." Mustapha Laugh said that he had invited Cameron and Hague to visit Libya. "They said 'You must be joking'".

Duke of Yuk Can't Find Private Minders to Keep Princesses from Running Amok! The Queen's recent edict cutting off private security for the Princess Uglies, Beatrice and Eugenie, is causing rising angst to their beleaguered father, Duke of Yuk, who in desperation resorted to the help wanted ads seeking private protection for the fashion challenged duo. This ad appeared April 10th in 55 of Britain's most popular tabloids: Wanted: Security minded professional to act as minder for almost identical twins who've lost their mum and can sometimes be a royal pain in the arse. Can be cute and affectionate in public after a few drinks. Candidate must be fit, non smoker, non drinker, discrete and expert in self defense for his own good. Salary and Benefits commensurate with experience. Long hours, hard nights. English speaking only need apply. Reply in confidence to PO Box 162, Buckingham Palace. Desperate Dad Concerned palace insiders say that as to date there have been no inquires. "By now I thought the queue would be around the block,' said Prince Andrew's personal pants presser, " I'd take the job myself if I didn't know better. Throwing red meat to a pool of piranhas more like it...better off sticking with the Buffoon you know than a pair a Boobs you don't!" Random conversations with the average unemployed man on the street didn't bode well for the position being filled any time soon. "Sure, I seen it, " said recently arrived Australian deportee Randy Smithe, "I've been given $25,000 to leave Australia, and promised a week's pay and a house since I got here. I can get in enough trouble on me own without having to get involved with those cows....pretty obvious who they are, innit?" "If I'da bin interested, I'da grabbed me coat and hat and been down the palace in a New York minute, " said chronically unemployed print journalist Harold Worth. Andrew is said to be so desperate to put a lid on his spawn he's even approached his frequent Bunga Bunga Buddy Bill Clinton to arrange a job in Arkansas for the pair at Clinton's Presidential library. Reportedly Andrew commented to a close friend whilst on a yacht cruise, who can't be named due to a super injunction, "At least with Bill, I know someone will be there to keep ONE Eye on 'em when they crawl around on their hands and knees...hey, wish I could be there when he asks them if they've ever seen a one eared elephant!"


George Michael announces Scrimping show slammed by TV comeback arrest watchdog over home electrolysis Pop singer George Michael has announced plans for a brand new string The scrimping and saving show, Waste Not of arrests later this year as part of a 47-incident tour that will see him Want Not on the television channel Living has accompanied to police stations throughout Europe by a symphony been slammed by the television watchdog after their article on home electrolysis. orchestra. ‘I felt this was really what I want to do as an artist,’ he told reporters "The show demonstrated how to construct at the Royal Opera House in central London. ‘I am really not interested an electrolysis device for removing body hair or excited by repeating former successes, but having said that, falling using an old television, a car battery, a pair asleep in a Range Rover while spaced out on skunk and Amitriptyline is of tweezers and two hundred and forty volt mains electricity," said television watchdog something you just can’t give up that easily.’ ‘Symphonica: The Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark Tour’ will begin spokesperson, Jules Platt. "We felt this was a at a smashed-in lamppost in Prague on 22 August, and includes 12 little dangerous." dates at the end of October, the show then returns in the run-up to The television watchdog has a point after there Christmas for some traditional festive drink-driving, with one further was a sudden rush of people to accident and emergency rooms up and down the country. date scheduled for Paris next April, pending bail. The 47-year-old former Wham front man has also revealed that he will "We had a sudden increase in electrical burn be holding a special charity performance in the gents’ toilets at the cases," said A&E nurse, Mark V. Cortina. "It Royal Opera House on 6 November in aid of the late Dame Elizabeth took us a while to realise what was going on. Taylor’s Aids foundation. ‘It’s going to be spectacular,’ he said. ‘Music, Some had quite horrendous burns on their lights, dancing girls and undercover policemen – no expense will be faces, some under their arms, and one man spared. We’re even having the disabled cubicle enlarged so we can fit how shall I put this? - won't be having children in this lifetime." in the orchestra.’ Despite claiming that his 2010 arrest for driving under the influence Apparently, the show suggested using the old would be his last, Michael told reporters how keen he was to begin car battery as a kind of step down transformer touring again. ‘I feel re-energised after my recent troubles, thanks in the to make the two hundred and forty volts a main to a series of quickies on Hampstead Heath with a middle-aged little safer, but the type of people who would van driver from Bracknell. I just can’t wait to get back on the road again attempt a little home electrolysis are not the type of people who should be allowed near – it’s going to be a tour-de-force of cottaging and dangerous driving.’ electricity. Jamie Oliver re-brands bacteria as 'Funky Coli' "Most of the burns cases were THE microbes present in TV chef Jamie Oliver's restaurant caused by poor wiring," said kitchens are cool and laid-back, it was claimed last night. Platt. "The show did not provide Food hygiene operatives visiting Jamie's Gammon Tongue sufficient instruction on how eateries had expressed concerns about the possible health to wire the device together, effects of ingredients getting sprayed with saliva whenever leaving people to deduce it for the chef tries to enunciate difficult vowel sounds. themselves." But a spokesman for the chain claimed that all of Jamie's As well as dealing with dangerous micro-organisms were totally chilled out. electricity, attaching a car battery He said: "Our patented 'Funky Coli' are brilliant little geezers, directly to the mains is a recipe for sourced from Jamie's bodily secretions, who are totally disaster, and there were a number passionate about entering your digestive system. of sulphuric acid burns, and in two "That is assuming they're not off surfing in their microscopic cases coincidentally on the same VW camper vans, enjoying a Sneaker Pimps concert with their street in Keswick, house fires. tiny demographically-diverse germy friends or performing a Ida Cashstrapped, and Una Moneypenny the similarly on-brand hobby activity. show's presenters, writers and producers "We can thus assure customers that any vomiting or liquid diarrhoea defended their contraption. induced by Funky Coli consumption is trendy. "Electrolysis is an expensive treatment," "Also we are offering a range of official Jamie's Nifty Barf Bags, ideal for said Cashstrapped. "Our device is perfectly storing your regurgitated stomach contents in an aspirational manner, safe when constructed to the show's at totally pukka prices." specifications." He added: "Jamie's Gammon Tongue restaurants are all about delicious, "Doing electrolysis at home is a real money locally sourced food, especially the sort purchased from a much beloved saver," said Moneypenny. "And was a popular British institution and massive supermarket. part of our last show. So much so, we will be "There's nothing like a big groovy monopoly to make everything really showing housewives how to extract botulism cool for chilled-out small farmers who just occasionally happen to poison from bacterial cultures to do some accidentally shoot themselves." home botox treatment in our next show."

30 email: ☻Tel: 977 059 364

PC TIPS: broadband anywhere!

This month I would like to mention the launch of a new satellite for Broadband, The new system is far cheaper and faster than any satellite broadband system before it… It’s ideal for those of you that live in a very rural location and no other service is available, currently its available from several suppliers (One of them from Eurona Nigel Morton). Basically a new satellite was launched last December and goes live on June 1st this year, the new system uses the latest technology and enables you to have a UK IP Address which makes it appear that you are still in the United Kingdom, Which enables you to access things such as BBC Iplayer 4OD etc, Also in terms of cost from June, the prices are much cheaper and you will get a much faster service than before via satellite. • Up to 60 times faster than dial-up • No software installation – once your dish is installed, activate your service in a simple 1-step process • Compatible with standard home networking equipment • No telephone line required • Fast delivery – typically 1-2 days for UK orders, 3-5 days for Mainland Europe

Astrium, based on the Eurostar E3000 platform, with a total weight of 6 tons. It was launched by Proton in December 2010. The satellite is named after the Ka band frequency, which is used on the spacecraft. According to Eutelsat, KA-SAT will be able to provide broadband Internet access to potentially more than one millions homes. The company has invested about 350 million euros in the program, including the satellite manufacturing and launch. The Eutelsat-operated spacecraft will concentrate its services on the estimated tens of millions of European homes in so-called "not-spots". These are places where consumers cannot get a decent terrestrial connection. For help or advice call Paul on 600 224 428 or email: web: Tel 977 270 898 ext 388 Skype Ebropc

I will post more information on the new services available as soon as I have it at Additionally if you so choose with the latest system it is possible to install it yourself! Also here’s a bit of guff about the new satellite itself… KA-SAT is a telecommunications satellite owned by Eutelsat. The satellite will provide broadband Internet access services across Europe and also a small area of the Middle East. The system is located at 9°E, joining Eurobird 9A Ku band satellite. KA-SAT was manufactured by EADS

Fed up with high price internet? Fed up with poor technical support? Take a look at Eurona Telecom packages CONNEXIÓ BÀSICA 1Mb 26,90 €/month CONNEXIÓ PLUS 2Mb 31,90 €/month CONNEXIÓ PREMIUM 3Mb 36,90 €/month -now 1200 minutes free calls to Spanish landlines - UK landline calls 2.5c/minute -Technical support in English - installation 70 € - Keep your existing phone number or have a new number

Contact CONNEXIÓ BÀSICA + TELEPHONE 1Mb + Telephone 32,90 €/month Nigel Morton: CONNEXIÓ PLUS + TELEPHONE 2Mb + Telephone 37,90 €/month 620 353 138 CONNEXIÓ PREMIUM + TELEPHONE 3Mb + Telephone 42,90 €/month Special Offers: First 3 months free - only pay for the installation

• • Already a client? Recommend a friend and get a months

internet free for both of you

Temporary tariff – only pay for the months you are here, min 1 month, from 12 euros a month + iva


How to Solve Sudoku Puzzles

Sudoku doesn't require any special math skills or calculations. It is a simple and fun game of logic -- all that's needed is brains and concentration. 1. Fill the grid so that the numbers 1 through 9 appear in each row. 2. Fill the grid so that the numbers 1 through 9 appear in each column. 3. Fill the grid so that the numbers 1 through 9 appear in each 3x3 box. 4. A complete Sudoku puzzle contains the numbers 1 through 9 in every row, column, and 3x3 box. This month, one with difficult classification as evil.

“Available for live Performances” ACROSS 1. garden 4. brown 8. cat 9. palo (E) 11. to run 13. goal 14. to buy 16. to clean 18. brazo (E) 20. nanny 23. artes (E) 24. girar (E) 25. naranja (E) 26. boys

spanglish?-answers next month 1.






8. 9.


11. 12.









22. 24.


ACROSS: 2. mechero 6. alma 7. Nilo





DOWN 1. hospital 2. furia (E) 3. tall 5. other 6. to enter 7. smell 10. pierna (E) 12. bufanda (E) 15. magazines 17. tomorrow 19. sea 20. child 21. anillo (E) 22. epico (E) 23. anti (E) by Sarah (E=translate to english otherwise to spanish)

8. cola ANSWERS TO THE MAY ISSUE OF SPANGLISH 13. bop 9. pal 16. romero 20. seis 26. rifa DOWN: 3. helado 8. correos 14. act 10. spiv 17. ciudad 23. feo 27. time 1. algo 4. onus 11. verdura 15. put 13. boa 18. pat 24. alta 28. topacio 2. mala 5. alli 12. yes 19. agenda

32 email: ☻Tel: 977 059 364

21. exit 22. seat 24. acto 25. tomo

CAR BOOT | last Sunday of every month 10am-1pm. stalls 5€. Refreshments, Camping St Jordi, Platje Ayellanes, L'Ampolla Tel 679 115 247 •CAR BOOT SALE | 2nd & 4th Sunday of every month. Situated Hipaca Escornalbou, Vilanova D'Escornalbou. Arrive 9am starts 10am. Bar & restaurant- no fresh produce allowed! Contacts: Cosme on 620215772 or Silvia 665159781 •CAR BOOT SALE | first and third Sunday every month C/ Garcia Restaurant Braseria Can Palomo MORA LA NOVA. Tel Jackie 679741254 •CAR BOOT SALE | 2nd Sunday of every month, Kestrel Riding Stables, El Perello. Arrive 9am starts 9.30am-1pm, Refreshments, Pony rides. Tel: 638 191 128. •DELTA CLASSICS-CLASSIC CAR MEETING 1st FRIDAY of every month 6PM Bar "Casals" Avda San Jordi, El Perelló. Call for more details and events: 678 718 446. •MASONIC GROUP | Logia de San Jorge A new English speaking lodge of Freemasons approved by GLE, has been established in this area. if you would like more information please telephone Edward Ward on 977416476 (Tarragona area) or Les Beech on 678357713 (Castellon area). •EL PERELLO FREESIA GROUP (working for cancer charities) The next El Perello Bookstall will be held at the Homogenic bar 10am until 1pm on: Saturday 11th & 25th June. Contact Janet on 977 092 063

CAR BOOT SALES / MERCADILLO Every Sunday EARLY EVENING UNTIL DARK!! 5pm Until Dark. Every Sunday Evening until further notice. Furniture - fridges - cookers - pictures - pots, pans & old tin cans - you name it and we will get it.

Car Park Free, to Look Free and Stalls 3 EUROS! no food or drinks without permission At Mora Caravans C12, km 61 Mora La Nova to Ginestar road

Call Ken or Bev on 977 400 375 or 659 418 317 or 660 584 222

NOTE to Buyers & Sellers We at Mora Caravans have the right to refuse entry.

•Cof E CHURCH SERVICES | The services are on the 1st Sunday and 3rd Wednesday of every month in the Parish Church in L'Ampolla at 12;30. All are welcome, followed by Menu del dia lunch (optional) Enquiries: 977 593 219. The Anglican Congregation of St Christopher's, Costa Azahar -5, Plaza Primero De Mayo,Vinaros-Services 10am. every Sunday. Also other activities i.e. Thursdays, a "Drop. In" morning from 11.a.m.- 1.00 p.m. to meet for a coffee & a chat. Paul Needle can be contacted on 964 761 641 or mobile 662 482 944 or e-mail for pastoral needs. LINE DANCING | we will be meeting in the Escola de Musica (Music School) in El Perelló as usual 3-5 pm Thursday. The fees will be only 1€ per person per week. little bit of exercise for the legs and the jaws! All welcome.I




Meetings are held at 6.30 pm on the second Thursday of each month (except for August) at:- Edificio Bahia Blanca, C/Paisos Catalans, 74, L’Ametlla de Mar. More information? Either tel: 977267418 or e-mail: LOOKING FOR SOMETHING TO DO AND FRIENDS TO DO IT WITH? English speaking Women´s Club seeks like-minded women. Meetings 3rd Wednesday each month in Riba Roja. Come and join us! For information contact: Alice 671 681 515. PHOENIX GROUP - set up for women to offer friendship, support and practical help. Meetings every second Tuesday of each month. Next meeting June 14th at 3pm Casa Cultura, (Library Building) El Perello. All welcome. Contact Marge on Tel: 689 608 611.

“YOGA DAY OUT WITH A DIFFERENCE” If you enjoy yoga and the company of like-minded women, why not join us for a day out with a difference? The yoga is held at the Town Hall in La Galera from 11am to 1pm and is led by Pamela Sharp, Yoga Teacher & Reiki Master, who has lived and practised in Spain for 35 years. Pam is an excellent teacher and always does something different. We have been shown how to cure ailments by “Tapping” and on another occasion we were introduced to the Enneagram personality system. We never know what to expect, but it’s always fun! After yoga we normally go to a local restaurant for lunch, where the food is excellent and very good value for money but in June this year we are doing something different. We are having a picnic lunch in the countryside, going to see some 1,000 year old olive trees and then we will visit a Bio-dynamic farm in Ulldecona. The whole day usually costs about €20 and will definitely be no more than €25.00. It is usually held on the first Friday of the month, so if you are interested please ring Jeanette Lane for further information & to secure a place (at least one week before) on 977 477 042 or 686 292 823. BADMINTON CLUB - "Only 3 weeks left to enjoy this season's badminton sessions at the Sports hall in El Perello. Intermediate players meet on Tuesday from 11.30am until 1pm. Beginners meet on Friday from 11.30am until 1pm. New players of both standards are welcome on the appropriate day. Enquiries to Marian and Mark on 697 353 914 or 671 127 629".


personal classifieds come ist in!



“The Plan” new Pop-Rock-Funk band!! Keyboards and vocals:

WANTED - OLD COINS & BANKNOTES | - worldwide -

Julio (Manu Chao), bassguitar and vocals: Nico, drums: Pep

collection for my son. Contact - Stevie 639 041 277

(The 4 Legends). Info and bookings: Please call 977 265 018

WANTED SYNTHETIC SADDLE | approx 17\" in exchange for

or 630 583 102.

a leather saddle black Tel 647 136 336


"WANTED, BOOKS AND SELLABLE ITEMS for carboots to raise money for local dogs´homes. Please call WENDY 637 981 158" I am pleased to say so far 169euros have been raised so thanks to all!! Ken from Mora caravans v e r y k i n d l y waived the 3 euro fee to stand at the car boot, so he deserves a big thanks

ONLY 50€, costs over 140 new. Tel 977 059 364 Anyone interested in Fishing Competitions this Winter, probably a league fished over eight matches. Please contact Andy on 600890453 or e-mail me on fincajazmin@hotmail. Any likley sponsors please contact. VARIOUS | Phillips 26"television good working order 80€, 20" television good working order 50€, 2 pine double beds with mattress 150€ each, pine bunk beds with mattress 200€

pine rocking chair/tile cutter,1/2hp motor water cooled not a

WANTED VOLUNTEERS | help needed to look after the abandon dogs at ARCA near Tortosa. Please call Mave 678 975 816 if you can offer any assistance. Plus anyone interested in organising some fund raising for the dogs would be must appreciated. PLEASE HELP

cheap one 80€. gas cooker with built in gas bottle storage

Looking for creative lead guitarist to duet with acoustic

cupboard,60euros CALL 977 050 104 mob 669 539 676

guitarist/harmonica/vocals. Original songs and covers.

HOUSE CLEARANCE SALE | on the 4th june 2011 at 12.00

Rock/folk. Intention of gigging weekends. Call Matthew

suitable for adults, 2 gas mobile fires with bottles 60€ each, mahogany coffee table 30€, tumble drier 80€, 2 cane chairs, 1 cane 2 seater settee 50€, 6 carver chairs for sale with stripped material 20€ each or 6 for 100€, excellent condition,

noon,phone 977050104/mob 669539676 for details. NINTENDO DS LITE | Brain training games etc. Brand new unwanted gift in case. 50 Euros. Phone 977 092 015 or 634

638 356 821 or


988 993

STEEL HIGH SIDED TRAILER | rated capacity 450 kgs.

PRINTER | Bargain only €35.00. New (still in box) Pixma 280

Features tipping, removable tail gate and fitted cover. Very

All-in-one colour photo printer (Print/Scan/Copy). Tel: 977

good condition €425. Tel 620 552 666 or 616 887 298

477 042 or 686 292 823

CARAVAN | Bailey Ranger, 5-berth, 2002, Large Awning,

BUTSIR GAS FRIDGE / FREEZER | good condition and

Excellent Condition (rarely used), No Smoking or Pets, Ideal

good working order, 300.00 euros. Tel 692 747 417 email

size for Touring or 2nd home. 5495 euros. Tel: 671 127 629. for pictures.

TOYOTA PEOPLE CARRIER | 8-seater, Multi-Use, 2.2 Turbo

GAS FRIDGE | Butsir for sale very good condition 500 euros

Diesel, Automatic, UK reg,Tow-bar, 2 sunroofs, only 76,000

Tel: 617 162 264

miles, economical, regularly serviced, 1995 euros. Tel: 671

BLACK&DECKER tools | jigsaw x 2, sander, circular saw all for

127 629.

40€. AUTO POOL CLEANER | €100. BOSTIK | x 8 including

2001 FORD TRANSIT | lwb semi high top mot tax Dec rhd

gun, €40. CLAMPS | 10 various sizes-offers. Call 977 477 844

English plates only 135000 miles tow bar very reliable 1400


euros ono Call 977 059 851 or UK 07939 583 368

fit range type €30. Call 977 059 364.

SPANISH TOW BAR | to fit Renault Megan scenic with fixings,

NEW BATHROOM SINK | Antique look, vessel/countertop

socket & certificate,cost 230€ accept 100€ tel 617 918 318

style ceramic 50€ never used. Call 977 059 364


6 BERTH MOBILE HOME | 12' x 32' good condition, but

FIVE GOATS FOR SALE | 4 females, 1 castrated male. Good

needs a little attention, electric fridge, microwaze, spare

milkers, 2 twin producers. 320 euros lot. contact Jackie, El

hob, table and chairs. 3,200 euros. Tel 692 747 417 email

Pinell de Brai, 638 738 644

34 email: ☻Tel: 977 059 364

subject to space ist

FUN IN THE SUN| BE-UP CONVERTIBLE. Sought after limited edition buggy. Spanish registered. very low mileage REDUCED for quick sale ONLY 3400€. MIGHT CONSIDER PART EXCHANGE WELCOME ALL ITEMS CONSIDERED. For more information telephone 977 059 420 OR 660 823 423


GUITAR LESSONS | Only 15€ for 45 minutes. Call Nico on 977 265 018 or 686 066 707 TRANSLATIONS and INTERPRETATION SERVICE |


Into English or Spanish from English, Spanish, Catalan or French. British national raised in Catalan-speaking area of Spain. BA in Translating and Interpreting. Based near Ginestar. Contact: 667 224 766,, DJ available for parties/bars. 70's, 80's, 90's, Rock night, Woodstock/hippy night, Native American Tribal night. call Matthew 638 356 821 or

property for sale or rent by owner

(English/Spanish) FLIX AREA: 676 742 500 FLOOR & WALL TILER | Domestic or commercial. References available. Call Mark 686 069 923 DRIVER WITH LARGE VAN | Making regular trips between Spain & England via France. Willing to transport goods to & from Spain. Tel: 977 477 367 or 655 340 596 MISS SHOPPING IN UK STORES | Why not buy in English stores. Have your goods delivered to our UK address and you collect from our local address in Spain. For as little as 10€. terms & conditions apply. 0034 977 477 367 CARPENTER & JOINER WITH GENERAL BUILDING SKILLS | 30 years experience in UK, based El Perello/


Country Home For Sale in Los Barrios, Cadiz Spain 750,000€+OFFERS. Unbelievable value has good holiday rental business with a seperate cottage and apartment as well as an outstanding family home . Reduced by 400,000euros for quick sale because of family health problems. Country house situated on a private estate in a nature reserve, only 20 minutes from Sotogrande Polo fields and Valderamma and San Roques Golf courses. ENQUIRIES : 956 236 068 or 657 629 118 or email :

L'Ametlla. Call Dave 658 355 929 GENERAL BUILDER | Over 25 years experience. Registered legal builder in Catalunya over 5 years. Bricklaying, plastering, tiling, plumbing, electrics, roofing etc. Tel. Jonathan 699 396 053

Horse Riding in Girona Set in the stunning countryside near Girona Offering lessons, treks, livery and holidays. Horses are barefoot and live out 24\7 Please contact Tracy on 634 151 240

Casa Catalan Services for all your maintenance & management needs Competitive rates, References on request, Reliable & professional service, no job to big or to small Call Chris: 680 306 365.

NEW FIVE STAR RESIDENTIAL PARK. Close to San Jordi and 10 minutes from the coast at Vinaros. Large plots from €170 per month. English, Spanish & German spoken. Full range of amenities. Call 964 412 645 BUSINESS FOR SALE School of English Established 10 years. Telephone 628 553 535 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Existing business and shop premises for rent with web site | 1st 3 months rent free allowing you to gain experience and build it up. Call for more details 636 925 582

business card directory Alberg d'Animals de les Terres de l'Ebre

All entries are also listed on our directory online at The Olive Press does not accept responsibility for the contents of the articles supplied by contributors nor for the claims made by advertisers PLEASE MENTION THE OLIVE PRESS WHEN CONTACTING ADVERTISERS

WANTED VOLUNTEERS | help needed to look after

the abandon dogs and cats at Alberg d'Animals de les

Terres de l'Ebre near Camarles. Please call if you can offer any assistance.

TEL: 977 265 018 - 680 160 051

Volunteers are Age Concern España´s most valuable asset. All of our Volunteers perform roles which are vital to the organisation. We make every effort to ensure that all our Volunteers have the training and support they need and the appreciation that they deserve. We involve Volunteers fully both in delivering our services and in the development of the organisation as a whole. As we have a duty of care to our clients, Volunteers are selected subject to interview, satisfactory references and Criminal Record checks.

Time to Spare? Skills to Share? GET INVOLVED! Volunteering with Age Concern España

If someone is advertising and you are in the same business can you afford not to advertise... Call The Olive Press Today On 977 059 364

ARCA the dog refuge wish to give sincere thanks to everyone for supporting them. Please keep it up it

For more information or to apply, please contact: Age Concern España, British Consulate Madrid Torre Espacio, Paseo de la Castellana, 259 D, 28046 Madrid

Tel: 0034 636 081 239

Email: Website: or

What will volunteering involve?

We offer many services from helping an older person with their weekly shopping to providing tailored information and advice on welfare entitlements.

What skills and attributes are needed?

•An understanding of older people’s needs •A helpful and friendly manner •Reliability •Willingness to learn •Good communication skills •Ability to travel independently in the community •Respect and confidentiality How much time is needed? Most of our vacancies generally require volunteers to be available during normal working hours on weekdays. However, we ask you to be as flexible as possible with your time commitment.

is truly appreciated. Calenders and t-shirts are also for sale to raise funds for the dogs- www. or email: protectora.arca@




Williams Construction REGISTERED SPANISH BUILDER - NIE PROVIDED Tel: (+34) 616 135 036 APDO 274, L’Ametlla de Mar

business card directory

Your Olive Business Directory For English Speakers Plus Available 24/7 On Our Web Site. "Regular advertising is essential to let people know you are still in business and are reliable." Call To Add Your Business Here Today On 977 059 364



All entries are also listed on our directory online at The Olive Press does not accept responsibility for the contents of the articles supplied by contributors nor for the claims made by advertisers PLEASE MENTION THE OLIVE PRESS WHEN CONTACTING ADVERTISERS

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