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The cover picture is a portion of wallpaper frieze 'Almond Blossom and Swallow', depicting swallows flying amidst branches of pink blossom, on a blue ground; Colour print from wood blocks, on paper. Produced in England in 1878 by Artist/maker Walter Crane and manufactured by Jeffrey & Co. The details came from: a history of wallpapers and illustrated catalogue of the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. The wallpaper sample was given by Mr Emslie John Horniman. This frieze was exhibited at the International Exhibition, Paris, 1878, together with the filling, where it was awarded a gold medal.

History of the artist. Walter Crane (1845–1915) was an English artist and book illustrator. He is considered to be the most prolific and influential children’s book creator of his generation and, along with Randolph Caldecott and Kate Greenaway, one of the strongest contributors to the child's nursery motif that the genre of English children's illustrated literature would exhibit in its developmental stages in the latter 19th century. His work featured some of the more colourful and detailed beginnings of the child-in-the-garden motifs that would characterize many nursery rhymes and children's stories for decades to come. He was part of the Arts and Crafts movement and produced an array of paintings, illustrations, children's books, ceramic tiles and other decorative arts.

Early life and influences Walter Crane was born in Liverpool, England on 15 August 1845, the second son of Thomas Crane, a portrait painter and miniaturist. He was a keen follower of the newer art movements and he came to study and appreciate the detailed senses of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, and was also a diligent student of the renowned artist and critic

John Ruskin. A set of coloured page designs to illustrate Tennyson's "Lady of Shalott" gained the approval of wood-engraver William James Linton to whom Walter Crane was apprenticed for three years (1859– 1862). As a wood-engraver he had abundant opportunity for the minute study of the contemporary artists whose work passed through his hands, of Pre-Raphaelites Dante Gabriel Rossetti and John Everett Millais, as well as Alice in Wonderland illustrator Sir John Tenniel and Frederick Sandys. He was a student who admired the masters of the Italian Renaissance, however he was more influenced by the Elgin marbles in the British Museum. A further and important element in the development of his talent was the study of Japanese colour-prints, the methods of which he imitated in a series of toy books, which started a new fashion.

Political activity From the early 1880s, initially under Morris's influence, Crane was closely associated with the Socialist movement. He did as much as Morris himself to bring art into the daily life of all classes. With this object in view he devoted much attention to designs for textiles and wallpapers, and to house decoration; but he also used his art for the direct advancement of the Socialist cause. For a long time he provided the weekly cartoons for the Socialist organs Justice, The Commonweal and The Clarion. Many of these were collected as Cartoons for the Cause. He devoted much time and energy to the work of the Art Workers Guild, and to the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society, founded by him in 1888. He was also a Vice President of the Healthy and Artistic Dress Union, a movement begun in 1890, whose aim was to promote the loose-fitting clothing, in opposition to "stiffness, tightness and weight". They produced numerous pamphlets setting out their cause, including one entitled 'How to Dress Without a Corset' which Crane illustrated.




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welcome to the march issue covering catalunya. we would like to wish our readers a happy Chinese new year.


Shrove Tuesday 8 March 2011 Why are Pancakes eaten on Shrove Tuesday? Lent is a time of abstinence, of giving things up. So Shrove Tuesday is the last chance to indulge yourself, and to use up the foods that aren't allowed in Lent. Pancakes are eaten on this day because they contain fat, butter and eggs which were forbidden during Lent. Why do Christians call the day 'Shrove Tuesday'? The name Shrove comes from the old word "shrive" which means to confess. On Shrove Tuesday, in the Middle Ages, people used to confess their sins so that they were forgiven before the season of Lent began. Happy Pancake Day...


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"a portion of wallpaper frieze 'Almond Blossom and Swallow', by Walter Crane 1878 see page 2 for more details set upon a bed of almonds.

...A bed of daffodils how comfy, just tickle my tummy to make it perfect!...

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news in spain


p a Benidorm skyscraper on a pushbike. A Polish stunt cyclist says he feels ‘very tired, but very happy’ after conquering the tallest hotel in Europe, Benidorm’s 52-floor skyscraper, the Gran Hotel Bali. It took Krystian Herba 19 minutes and 27 seconds to reach the top of the 186 metre hotel on Thursday, by bouncing his way up the 900 steps on his bike. El Mundo reports that his method is to generally take two steps at a time, but he sometimes bounces up in threes. He then took the lift back down, as ‘the trip up was enough’, he said. He’s previously conquered other tall buildings in Europe and, for his next challenge, will be attempting a 61-storey skyscraper in Frankfurt. He plans to take on the highest hotel in the world, the 72-storey 333 metre Rose of Royyaan in Dubai, next year.


he last Franco-era statue removed from Barcelona. The last large statue dating from the Franco dictatorship has been removed from the intersection of the Paseo de Gràcia and the Avenida Diagonal in Barcelona. The removal of the Victory Statue comes as part of the Historical Memory Law, and was witnessed by some 200 people. Some were in support, with a dozen or so people waving republican flags. There was applause as City Hall workers lifted the figure with a crane onto a lorry, with most of those present commenting it was about time. Some of the older people present had tears in their eyes. Barcelona has been quick to apply the law, and Mayor, Jordi Hereu, said the last statue had taken so long to remove as ‘these things take their time’. He said the City Hall had given priority to other images that had a ‘clearer symbolism’. ‘This is a moment of democratic normality, he said, considering that there is no reason to commemorate the victory which was a grand defeat for culture and the Catalan institutions.

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Tel: +44 (0)1507 600 688 • Fax: +44 (0)1507 600 621

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news in spain


ension, Benefit and Healthcare Team CALLING ALL PENSIONERS!! The International Pension Centre (IPC) recently started a "life certificate" campaign and will soon be sending forms to many of you in Spain. As we´ve mentioned before, the life certificate is a form you must complete, within a certain time period, to demonstrate you continue to have the right to a pension. It is important the letter reaches you as soon as possible. We would therefore like to ask you to ensure the IPC hold your up to date contact details. Although you will have provided them with your Spanish address when you first moved over, if you have since moved house, or your address has changed due to increasing urbanisation in your

Alberg d'Animals de les Terres de l'Ebre

WANTED VOLUNTEERS | help needed to look after

the abandon dogs and cats at Alberg d'Animals de les

Terres de l'Ebre near Camarles. Please call if you can offer any assistance.

TEL: 977 265 018 - 680 160 051 town, inform the Pension Service on 0044 191 218 7777. Remember, you should inform the IPC of any changes in your circumstances, such as changes in address, within 28 days as you could receive correspondence from them at any time throughout the year. If "updating your details with IPC" is a resolution you keep all the way through to 2012, you´ll save yourself trouble regarding your pension in the year ahead!


message from the British Consulate. We know that the withdrawal of the old “Residencia” ID cards has caused inconvenience to many British citizens living in Spain. However, ultimately this is a matter for the Spanish Government in the same way that not going ahead with the UK ID card project is a decision taken by the British Government. As you may know, Spain withdrew the Residents Card for EU citizens in order to comply with the EU Directive 2004/38/EC on the freedom of movement within the European Union which prevents a member state from issuing compulsory ID/residence cards to citizens of another EU country. Nevertheless, we will continue talking to the Spanish authorities in order to find an alternative solution that can help British and other European residents. In the meantime, the only legitimate form of ID for British citizens that is recognised by the Spanish authorities is the British passport, although you may find that a photo driving licence, a photo credit card or a certified copy of your passport is accepted in some shops and stores.

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by David Piqué

Everybody knows that when one person damages another in any way, whether intentionally or by mistake, the person affected begins to think of compensation and that the person who has caused the harm has an obligation to repair the damage. We have all seen American films in which the supposed victims of diverse offences demand and obtain millionaire sums as payment for repair of the damage suffered. This trend, perhaps due to said films, has also arrived in Europe and nowadays the European courts are saturated with cases in which the objective is to claim compensation, some of them, in my modest opinion, are frankly stupid. Perhaps it is not so common, due to ignorance, that a citizen claims when the harm has been caused by a Public Administration department or a body that depends on Public Administration although the Spanish Constitution in article 106.2 establishes that “ private individuals, in the terms established by law, will have the right to be indemnified for all harm that they suffer, whether in their property/possessions and rights, except in the case of force majeure, when the damage is a result of public service operations”. In the first place, it is important to emphasize that the responsibility of the public administration department depends on whether its performance has been normal or abnormal, as long as: 1. Unlawful damage has been done to our possessions and rights, that is to say that we do not have the obligation to put up with, as for example paying taxes, which are charges we have to put up with, compliance does not mean we are entitled to be compensated but the contrary, it could mean being sanctioned; effective means the harm must be real and not potential; quantifiable, in economic terms; and finally individual that can be related to a specific person o group of persons.

2. That the damage has been caused by a local, autonomic or state Administrative Department or any other that depends on such a department. 3. That a relation exists between the activity of the administrative department and the damage caused, given that situations may arise in which the damage is shared and in which case the public administration department is obliged to indemnify according to the percentage of its responsibility. There are an infinity of situations that give us the right to complain and receive compensation from a public administration department, as an example, if because of the bad state of the pavement we fall and injure ourselves, if driving on a road in bad condition the car breaks down, or a very common case in rural areas, if a wild animal runs onto the road and we hit it. So my dear readers, please do not forget that if one suffers damage that could be attributed to a public administration department, one has the possibility to make a claim.

By David Piqué. Any legal questions can be sent to or The Olive Press direct.



can it be true???

"Desperately Seeking" Sally Bercow "the Alley Cat" Sally Bercow played the little woman at the weekend when she took her family to the Grimaldi Memorial service. After a week of being in the limelight and playing the "femme fatale" in a sexy, provocative photoshoot the wannabe posed with her husband and made him look "like a right Charlie". Speaker John Bercow had a rictuslike grin on his face In the wake of the publicity of the nude photoshoot and the toe-curling details about their sex-life Mr Bercow looked like a very embarrassed man. It has been rumoured that the sexy blond bimbo is now to play the lead role in a new series of "Westminster Call Girls." Sally said she was looking forward to taking on the role played by Billie Piper. She said, "I am able to diversify and use my knowledge of the sex industry. I will get on the Internet and offer to give MPs a kick up the backside and a bit of S & M and flagellation. I will market myself as a "Scantily Clad Woman In a Bedsheet". Sally obviously will have to train up more staff to run her 7 day a week vice empire. She is hoping to go into the House of Lords and be a paid dominatrix and she is also asking Max Moseley for his expertise in developing the corporate side of her Vice Business. At the moment Sally is developing a Website of Westminster Call Girls. She is an entrepreneur and is asking consultant Deborah Meadham's advice on learning about being in business and not scrabbling around in a sheet. On the website there will be glossy pictures of Sally and her girls. Friends like Baroness Warsi and Yvette Cooper will be on her books at her escort agency. Sally is putting together a very solid business plan to utilise her physical attributes. Sally is hoping to provide an Internet Cafe where MPS

networking at Westminster will be able to have the confidence to make a date with one of her "Cougar Cuties". As an entrepreneur Sally has a duty to ply her trade however big a tit she makes of herself. Entertainment in the shadow of Big Ben will give the honourable members a thrills. To start the company Sally will arrange a series of events where she will showcase her talents appearing as a naked clown with a bow-tie and a clown's red nose. Poor Sally will have to manage her business without an office, only her bedroom and is solely in charge of the orgy events. Events management will enhance her skills and the opportunity to develop new skills as a madam. All of the profits will be ploughed back into the business and she will be buying some nipple tassels for her vice girls. Project Manager, and entrepreneur Sally will also be teaching Sex Events Management and will be doing a lot of 'in house parliament events'. Sally has complete belief in the product she is selling and is very aware of her own strengths but is unable to acknowledge her weaknesses. The Speaker is said to be bemused by his sexy wife's plan but is hoping that she will make useful contacts and be able to mingle with people like John Prescott and Boris Johnson. Sally said she was looking forward to making a film called "Sex in the City" She said she did not realise how powerful an aphrodisiac it would be having a bedchamber where she could hear the bells of Big Ben chiming. Odds on husband Bercow getting the boot are now 3:1. He is lucky his entrepreneurial wife has her "Good Time Girl" vice business on the side.

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a more detailed horoscopes can be found on our web site CAPRICORN

Dec. 22 - Jan. 20

-The month


Jun. 23 - Jul. 22 -Your professional

ahead is likely to be a busy and largely successful

life is beginning to really take a turn, dear Cancer,

one for communications and learning. The pace

as is your reputation. While pressures on the

of your life quickens, and there are likely to be

home front continue, you're likely to find much

times when you feel pressured and stressed.

to enjoy in your career. New challenges present

This is especially the case when it comes to the

themselves, and they're stimulating rather than

balancing act that is required of you between your

unsettling ones.

home and personal life and your professional life.

LEO Jul. 23 - Aug. 23 -March is a strong month


Jan. 21 - Feb. 19 -An excellent

for connecting with a partner, dear Leo. Your

month for attracting appreciation and support

conciliatory, warm attitude helps to win you

from others is in store for you in March. It's also

support or favor from others. However, watch

a strong period for new learning programs and

for conflicts over money and resources, as the

travel opportunities. You are highly motivated

consequences of poor spending habits have a

to increase your earnings and to acquire new

way of emerging. Aim to save more.

personal possessions in March, and you could

VIRGO Aug. 24 - Sep. 23 -Close relationships

come up with some original money-making ideas.

with others are lively this month, dear Virgo,

PISCES Feb. 20 - Mar. 20 -The ball is in your

and while you may not feel that you're calling

court this month, dear Pisces. If there's a time

the shots, you have wonderful opportunities

for taking action, initiating new projects, and

before you to improve your interactions and

pushing personal plans ahead, this is it. You are

connections. Be ready and willing to take a new

gutsier, braver, and more energetic in March. The

approach to relating starting on the 3-4th.

4-10th brings increased personal power.



-While it's the end

energy for work and self-care programs in March,

of the solar year for you (until March 20th),

dear Libra. It's an excellent period for scratching

dear Aries, and this generally signals a period

off most items on your to-do list, and for initiating

in which you are in the relative backwoods and

new programs and projects. Your love life is not

possibly dealing with endings in your life, there is

suffering, even with all of the attention you're

nevertheless much to be excited about in March.

pouring into managing your daily routines,

Uranus gets you all riled up and itching to make

especially around the 9-10th.

Mar. 21 - Apr. 20

Sept. 24 - Oct. 23

-You have great

radical changes.


TAURUS Apr. 21 - May 21 -March begins with

take risks this month, with your heart and with

strong energy for social activity, dear Taurus, and

self-expression. For the most part, March is a

as it progresses, you begin to enjoy more time

time for strutting your stuff, getting creative, and

away from demanding or competitive situations.

enjoying yourself. A jumpstart to your creative

You're coming across especially well on the job,

juices occurs on the 3-4, when starting a new

and your reputation is improving considerably in

creative project can be especially fruitful, and the

March. The 3-6th brings the possibility of new or

9-10 brings sweet, loving energy into your life.

SAGITTARIUS Nov. 23-Dec. 21 -You're bringing

improved friendships.

GEMINI May 22 - Jun. 22

Oct. 24 - Nov. 22 -You're willing to

-Others tend to be

much charm to your communications in March,

following your lead in March. You can't seem to

dear Sagittarius. You'll find it especially easy to

escape attention, as others are especially aware

approach others and make new contacts. Ever

of what you have or haven't done. While at times

since your ruler, Jupiter, entered Aries in January,

this can feel a little uncomfortable, your best

you've been a real self-starter and very eager to

strategy right now will be to act with as much

march to the beat of your own drum. Home life is

authority and competence you can muster up.

especially animated in March.


news hounds & more..." Why do dogs eat faeces?+ processionary caterpillar " BY Dr. Ronald Rosenfeld D.V.M.

Out for a walk with your dog in the park. The dog runs, jumps and plays in the bushes. At one point you see them chew something. As a responsible pet owner you come to check what your pet is eating and to make him spit it out in case it may be something harmful.. You find a nasty surprise: your dog is eating excrement. Those who now have or have had dogs probably have faced this strange situation at some time. Dogs eat faeces of humans and other animals. "They are selective in choosing" the vet explained, Javier Gomez ( Clinic Limia Ginza in Madrid). "Some have a preference for human faeces and others prefer faeces of their peers or that of other animals." Why they do it is still a mystery. There is no consensus among the veterinary community, but two theories are repeated. "One suggested that the animal has a nutritional deficiency of an amino acid or other trace element, and looks in the stool, which is after all only digested food," says the doctor. However, there is not sufficient data to support this theory. "If you give a dog a nutritional supplement and they continue eating excrement. My personal experience is that not even one in 10 dogs stops this habit." The other theory is that coprophagy is natural in dogs. "They do it because they like it as for them the smell is not unpleasant," he says. "Some hunting dogs will also rub or roll themselves in the excrement of other animals such as cows or even carcasses of dead animals, for example, to avoid being detected as prey. " Any young dog, regardless of the breed has practiced coprophagy, a practice observed in other animals, including humans. "Every baby will eat faeces, if you leave it with it. It's normal at that stage of life they want to try the consistency and texture of things," says Gomez. Humans do not continue to do so because we do not like the smell and because of social conventions, not being acceptable behaviour. But dogs do not subscribe to this and a bitch with a new litter will eat the pups faeces as a means of protecting detection of the "nest" against predators. It is very difficult to get an adult dog that eats faeces to stop. You have to scold them not to engage in this habit as usual but "That if the habit persists after a year it most likely will continue", he admits. Some Veterinarians have had luck in suppressing this habit with different techniques, however most often the attempts are fruitless and frustrating.

Warning- Processionary Caterpillar

Time to remember the procession caterpillars, Thaumetopoea pityocampa, are coming out again, as the weather warms up and Spring approaches. These caterpillars could be out now or you may not see them until April depending upon where you are. The main thing to

remember is to be on the lookout and to be careful. Keep your pets away and do not try to handle them. The white hairs are covered with or contain a very strong irritating toxic substance. This marching off in lines is a protective strategy giving the impression of a snake to deter would-be predators, birds for example. If any part of the caterpillar train is disturbed a message is sent to everybody on board and an irritant is released from the fine hairs covering the caterpillars bodies towards the intruder. This irritant is not dissimilar to the burn of stinging nettles, though some people have a high allergic reaction and may need medical treatment, a rash around the neck being the most noticeable symptom. In the case of young babies and dogs this irritant can be fatal. The nests themselves being full of this irritant, individuals working or passing underneath trees with nests may notice slight irritation from powder drifting in the air. The procession caterpillar should never be touched without protective clothing and gloves. Dogs that pick them up in their mouth in the best of cases, lose a piece of lip and/ or tongue while more invasive contact could bring about their death. They are found around pine trees where their collective nest is found, appearing as white candyfloss high up in the tree. When they leave their nest they form a long line, which may exceed well over 100 individuals, of black hairy caterpillars with reddish orange stripes moving along the ground head to tail in what is likened to a procession, hence their name. When dealing with the procession caterpillar the best method is to spray the affected trees thus preventing the cocoons, which are really nests from forming. Dr Ronald Rosenfeld. D.V.M.

A. M. P. A. R. E. The society for the protection of animals Ebro region. Based in Mora La Nova. We desperately need to re-home dogs to make room for more! We have over 200 dogs for adoption. Susan 689 468752 English Isabel 977 404720 Spanish/ Catalan Donations always appreciated.

12 email: â˜ťTel: 977 059 364

IMPORTANT MESSAGE! This year we are starting a campaign for free adoption for all the dogs who have waited Alberg d'Animals for over a year for a family. This de les Terres de l'Ebre means that the animal shelter will pay for the adoption expenses (microchip, sterilizing, vaccinations). We believe that it is more important to get the animals to a good home, than to let them wait in here for an even longer time. Even if that means we have to pay for the veterinarians fee. Families and persons must be responsible and serious in the adoption process. Please inform everybody you know about this program. We hope to find nice responsible families for the dogs who have been inside the cages for such a long time. Many Thanks, Encarna, Alberg d’Animals LATEST...There are some part time paid positions for people willing to clean and care for the 300 dogs & cats TEL: 977 265 018 680 160 051 "Hello, I Am Encarna From The Animal Refuge Terres Ebre, Please Help Me!!! I have 300 dogs, 60 cats please I need food for dogs and cats…" TEL: 977 265 018 - 680 160 051

"moral and cultural progress of a country is measured from its treatment of animals" (Mahatma Gandhi) URGENT ADOPTION REQUIRED CALL ARCA TODAY. A.R.C.A. (Association for Refuge and Taking care of the Animals) it is a non-profit association operating since the summer of year 2001. At this moment they have 300 abandoned dogs. They are in Tortosa in the province of Tarragona (Spain). All the material aid comes from the much appreciated donations but with each new arrival more donations are needed. If you want to donate to Arca if only by 5€ each month, minimum, please send an e-mail with your personal data and account number or call or write. Or just become a volunteer to help with the dogs. email: protectora. ARCA : Post office 496, Tortosa, (Tarragona) or contact: Cinta 625 915 605 Carmen 655 040 359 Mave (English) 678 975 816


May I introduce to you: Marró. She is a 12

year young hunting dog, who has spent most of her life in the animal shelter. She is a very social dog, which loves to be around other dogs. Because she was treated badly by a new dog and couldn’t get to her food bowl, she now recuperates at a volunteers house. She is gentle and quiet with people and with other dogs. We are looking for a family who would want to give her the opportunity to spend her last years in a family situation. Are you that family? Please contact Anna on 977 265 018 or 680 160 051.

Call Arca Today to Provide A Home To 1 Of 300 Dogs Needing A Loving Home Or If You Can Volunteer Any Assistance With The Dogs



iiii i i the

iii i i side i i

i lighter

Things you don´t see everyday....


14 email: ☻Tel: 977 059 364



Why Italian Mothers Are Best Rocco excitedly tells his mother he's fallen in love and that he is going to get married. He says, "Just for fun, Ma, I'm going to bring over 3 women and you try and guess which one I'm going to marry." The mother agrees. The next day, he brings three beautiful women into the house and sits them down on the couch and they chat for a while. He then says, "Okay, Ma, guess which one I'm going to marry?" She immediately replies, "The one on the right." "That's amazing, Ma. You're right. How did you know?" The Italian mother replied: "I don't like her."

Rrriiiiinnnnggg, rrriiiinnnngg,** **'Hello?'** **'Hi honey. This is Daddy.Is Mummy near the phone?'** **'No, Daddy. She's upstairs in the bedroom with Uncle Gabe.'** **After a brief pause,** **Daddy says,** **'But honey, you haven't got an Uncle Gabe.'** **'Oh yes I do, and he's upstairs in the room with Mummy, Right now..'** Brief Pause. **'Uh, okay then, this is what I want you to do. Put the phone down on the table, run upstairs, and knock on the bedroom door and shout to Mummy- That Daddy's car just pulled into the driveway.'** **'Okay, Daddy, Just a minute.'** **A few minutes later, the little girl comes back to the phone.** **'I did it, Daddy.'** **'And what happened, honey?' ** 'Well, Mummy got all scared, jumped out of bed with no clothes on and ran around screaming.** **Then she tripped over the rug, hit her head on the dresser** **And now she isn't moving at all!'** **'Oh my God!!! What about your Uncle Gabe?'** **'He jumped out of the bed with no clothes on, too.** **He was all scared and he jumped out of the back window. **And into the swimming pool..** **But I guess he didn't know that you took out the water** **Last week to clean it. He hit the bottom of the pool and I think he's dead.'** *****Long Pause***** *****Longer Pause***** *****Even Longer Pause***** **Then Daddy says,** **'Swimming pool? ............** **Is this 486-5731?'* **No, I think you have the wrong number........*


news from our california correspondent (norfolk) 'What are we allowed to laugh at? ’ By your celebrity DJ, you can listen to him live on

Viewers of ‘Top Gear’ were recently treated to a few ‘off the wall comments’ about Mexicans as a result of the revelation that the country has produced a luxury sports car. That alone in itself is an incongruity for who could every wish to own such vehicle in one of the poorest countries in the Americas? I accept that Clarkson and Co is not to everyone’s taste, but it is an entertainment show pure and simple, and an opportunity for three middle age men to make chumps of themselves and each other; and it is one of the most popular TV shows ‘in the world’. I have a colleague who has worked with one of the TG team and he can assert that the characterizations on screen are pretty far removed from how the participants are in everyday life. It is only one hours viewing in a week and those who do not like to watch it have the option of switching it off. I choose not to watch the nightly dose of dysfunctional families involving each other in violence, rape, crime, drunkenness and sexual deviancy, but I accept that many find ‘Eastenders’ both entertaining and, sadly, a blueprint for their own lives. To return to the latest ‘Top Gear’ debacle the comments made about Mexican stereotypes forced the BBC to apologise to the Mexican ambassador for this ‘outrageous behaviour’. Where, I ask will this all end? I don’t suppose for one moment that Manuel, the hapless Spanish waiter in Fawlty Towers, represents the entire Spanish nation. You are best to judge. Do we have to apologise to the French and the Germans for ‘Allo ‘Allo? Trawling through a succession of British sketch and comedy shows over the years just about every nation would require an apology. Additionally every class and region of the UK also comes up as a subject of humorous joshing. In Norfolk we are often portrayed as being mentally deficient and incestuous to the point of having webbed feet; and we can include Mr

Wednesday mornings 10..00-13.00

Clarkson as one who has made such remarks. Do we take offence by all this? Well, I’m happy to say in the main we don’t. Part of the British character is to know how to laugh at our own eccentricities just as much as those of others. Only those groups with some level of insecurity about their status on the world stage would seem to rise to the bait should their national characteristics or religious philosophies become the subject of humour. In the course of the ‘Top Gear’ debate I heard an American pundit say that he struggled to understand why the British made fun of foreigners, and themselves. He attributed this phenomenon to our ‘loss of Empire’ and status in world. Ye’re right! But who finds the majority of American TV comedy funny? Most of it is trotted out in endless episodes frequently recycling old ideas, penned by huge teams of writers, canned laughter bolted on for effect and adhering to a formula such that a representative of every ethnic group has to be included in the cast, preferably in a positive role. Sanitized for your protection! How boring it would be if we were to become slaves to political correctness to the point that there was nothing we could joke about any more. Some humour crosses national boundaries, and some does not. So I’m sorry ‘Mr Mexican Ambassador’ that our boys fail to make you laugh, but perhaps you should spend more of your time worrying why an estimated over 10 million of your fellow countrymen have risked life and limb escaping Mexico to live in the USA where they make up almost 50% of the illegal immigrants. Now that really is a joke! Now excuse me whilst I go and paddle my webbed feet. © Mike Stevens 2011. If you need to contact Mike you can now do so at his blog,

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UK registered cars in Spain EU law states that when you bring a UK registered car to Spain it can stay on UK plates for up to 182 days i.e. six months. During that time it must remain fully road legal in the country of registration. That means that it must display a current valid tax disc from the UK and have a current MOT from the UK. n.b. a voluntary Spanish ITV on a UK registered car is worthless and has no legal validity whatsoever. This is because a certificate of roadworthiness is only valid when it is issued in the country of registration. The reason the six month period is given is to allow the owner the time to re-register their car with Spanish plates so that they can pay the road fund license fee to their local town hall and also to obtain a valid certificate of roadworthiness.

The police in the UK and Spain have the power to impound unlicensed cars.

The solution is, of course, is to re-register your car with Spanish national plates. If your UK tax has expired and you are not yet paying Spanish road tax then your car is not licensed for use on public roads in either country.

Safe driving Chris Dann Tel: 606554048


Barcelona Sitges Vintage Car Rally

Our Articles On What's On From Previous Years Issues Can Be Found On Our Web Site

26,27 & 28 March 2011 53rd edition. Since 1959, the International Vintage Car Rally, that takes place in March, is a veritable automobile museum on wheels, starting at Sant Jaume Square in Barcelona, continuing down the Garraf coasts and arriving at Fragata Beach Sitges, where it is welcomed by Sitgetans and visitors alike. It is truly an event worth watching. 06/03/2011 to 01/05/2011 La PassiĂł d'Ulldecona- The Passion play is a dramatic presentation depicting the Passion of Christ. It includes the trial, suffering, and death of Jesus of Nazareth. Historically, Passion plays grew out of the liturgy of the Catholic Church and developed into elaborate performances covering the entire history of God's providence of human redemption. In the play, the Passion is thought to play the central role. The passion play later evolved into more focused dramatic presentations dealing with the final events in Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. MOTHERING SUNDAY 2011 - April 3rd Children across the country honour their mothers by sending them a card or giving them a bunch of flowers on the fourth Sunday in Lent.

Fallas de Valencia 3rd week of March although events start on the 27 Feb and continue right through the month of March. Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the most spectacular, complete fiesta on earth. It takes place in March and is intended as a tribute to St. Joseph, patron saint of the carpenters' guild, where – it is said - the tradition arose from. The basis of the fiesta, as is well-known, is the "Fallas" monuments. In a display of art, though also of irony and humour, they are exhibited in the streets during Fallas week, between the 15th and 19th of March. On the last day, at midnight, they are set on fire and burn in immense, spectacularly beautiful pyres. The Fallas are not just that, though. During the fiesta days - and even weeks beforehand - the streets are alive with fireworks displays, music bands, artistic lighting, street performances, parades...

mobile vet to your home

There are similarities between humans and animals. One area being is shyness and nervousness around strangers in unfamiliar places. This includes visits to the veterinary surgery, with all that goes with it such as strange people and animals in the waiting room, as well as having to wait for the things that cause anxiety and unsettle patients the most or, in the case of a visit to the vet, the animals. This is different for the veterinary treatment of large animals such as horses or cows: the vet comes to the patient, sparing both them and their owners the cost and stress of travelling to a clinic. The VETservice in the Tortosa/ Camarles - Vinaròs Ulldecona/ La SÊnia region has also recently begun providing the benefits of on-site treatment. Following the completion of his studies, veterinarian, Eladio Casal Fernandez, who originally comes from Galicia and speaks Castellano, Gallego, Català and English, specialised in

small animals and animal surgery. After working at a number of clinics, he decided to invest in his own practice, and so Eladio bought a van and converted it himself into a mobile consultation and treatment room. Treatment takes place inside the mobile surgery, which is equipped with the most important medical technology, including an ultrasound scanner. Inside the special vehicle, vaccinations, examinations and the treatment of injuries can be undertaken properly and professionally. For more major procedures such as operations, Eladio picks up the animal in his van and then treats it at the clinic of his friend and colleague. The vetmobile comes out to the patient at home, with familiar surroundings for your pet serving as the waiting room. The cost of treatment by the VETservice is comparable with other veterinary practices and includes the call-out of the vehicle.

The changing dates of ash Wednesday, mothering sunday & easter Lent is a forty-day period before Easter. It begins on Ash Wednesday. We skip Sundays when we count the forty days, because Sundays commemorate the Resurrection. Lent begins on 9 March 2011 and ends on 23 April 2011, which is the day before Easter. In most churches, the decorations are purple, the royal colour, to prepare for the King. Ash Wednesday is a moveable fast, falling on a different date each year because it is dependent on the date of Easter. It can occur as early as February 4 (February 5 on leap years) or as late as March 10. The earliest date Ash Wednesday can occur is February 4 (in a common year with Easter on March 22), which happened in 1573, 1668, 1761 and 1818 and will next occur in 2285. The latest date is March 10 (when Easter Day falls on April 25) which occurred in 1546, 1641, 1736, 1886 and 1943 and will next occur in 2038. Ash Wednesday has never occurred on Leap Year Day (29 February), and it will not occur as such until 2096. The only other years of the third millennium that will have Ash Wednesday on 29 February are 2468, 2688, 2840, and 2992. (Ash Wednesday falls on 29 February only if Easter is on 15 April in a leap year.) Ash Wednesday derives its name from the practice of placing ashes on the foreheads of adherents as a sign of repentance. The ashes used are typically gathered after the Palm Crosses from the previous year's Palm Sunday are burned. In the liturgical practice of some churches, the ashes are mixed with the Oil of the Catechumens (one of the sacred oils used to anoint those about to be baptized), though some churches use ordinary oil. This paste is used by the minister who presides at the service to make the sign of the cross, first upon his or her own forehead and then on those of congregates. Lent is a season of soul-searching and repentance. It is a season for reflection and taking stock. Lent originated in the very earliest days of the Church as a preparatory time for Easter, when the faithful rededicated themselves and when converts were instructed in the faith and prepared for baptism. By observing the forty days of Lent, the individual Christian imitates Jesus’ withdrawal into the wilderness for forty days.

Mardi Gras or Carnival Carnival, which comes from a Latin phrase meaning "removal of meat," is the three day period preceding the beginning of Lent, the Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday immediately before Ash Wednesday, which is the first day of the Lenten Season (some traditions count

Carnival as the entire period of time between Epiphany and Ash Wednesday). The three days before Ash Wednesday are also known as Shrovetide ("shrove" is an Old English word meaning "to repent"). The Tuesday just before Ash Wednesday is called Shrove Tuesday, or is more popularly known by the French term Mardi Gras, meaning "Fat Tuesday," contrasting to the fasting during Lent. The entire three day period has now come to be known in many areas as Mardi Gras. Carnival or Mardi Gras is celebrated in many places with parades, costumes, dancing, and music. Many churches now observe Mardi Gras with a church pancake breakfast or other church meal, eating together as a community before the symbolic fasting of Lent begins. (Pancake day 8th March 2011)

Mothering Sunday (which is late this year (2011) 3 April) is a Christian festival celebrated throughout Europe and it falls on the 4th Sunday in Lent. Secularly it became a celebration of motherhood. It is increasingly being called Mother's Day, although in countries other than the UK and Ireland that holiday has other origins. In the UK it is considered synonymous with Mother's Day as celebrated in other countries. In the Roman religion the Hilaria festival was held in honour of the mother goddess Cybele and it took place during mid-March. As the Roman Empire and Europe converted to Christianity, this celebration became part of the liturgical calendar as Laetare Sunday, the fourth Sunday in Lent to honour the Virgin Mary and the "mother church". During the sixteenth century, people returned to their mother church for a service to be held on Laetare Sunday. This was either a large local church, or more often the nearest Cathedral. Anyone who did this was commonly said to have gone "a-mothering", although whether this preceded the term Mothering Sunday is unclear. In later times, Mothering Sunday became a day when domestic servants were given a day off to visit their mothers and other family members. It was often the only time that whole

families could gather together, since in other days they were prevented by conflicting working hours. By the third decade of the twentieth century, the custom of keeping Mothering Sunday had tended to lapse in Europe. It was revived through the influence of American and Canadian soldiers serving abroad during World War II, who celebrated Mother's Day on the second Sunday in May. People from Ireland and the UK started celebrating Mother's Day again, but on the same day Mothering Sunday had been celebrated before it fell into disuse, the fourth Sunday in Lent.

Lent: fish, fish, fish In the Middle Ages the catholic church prescribed what was on the daily menu. Each week counted at least one day, and more often three or even four days (depending on where and when in medieval Europe) during which no meat was to be eaten. For many catholics Friday was still an obligatory 'fish day' until well into the twentieth century. In this way one was weekly reminded of Jesus who died on the cross on what we call Good Friday. Other possible days of fasting were Wednesday (because of Judas' treason) and Saturday (to honour the Virgin Mary). Together with this weekly cycle, there was also an annual cycle of fasting days: the Ember Days (these mark the beginning of the new seasons, in December, March, June and September), Advent (the four weeks before Christmas), and Lent (the six weeks between Carnival and Easter). Added together, this means that to the medieval Christian meat was prohibited foodstuff during a third to more than half of all the days in the year (even if he or she could afford it).

But why fish? This does not mean people were part-time vegetarians: the eating of fish was allowed. A simple (perhaps too simple) explanation is that during the Biblical Flood, meant to punish mankind for its sins, all fish survived! It was clear that fish were free of all sin. An other explanation is that meat, especially red meat, would 'heat' the human body according to the medieval health theory. This means that the body was

more susceptible to lust. Medieval theologians saw a connection between the sins of the body (our 'meat') and the eating of meat. But fish on the other hand had a cooling effect on the human body. Eating fish would lessen any sinful inclinations of the consumer. For people living near the coast, fish days were no great hardship: sea fish was easy to come by. When you lived inland you had to rely on either freshwater fish or conserved fish as stockfish and other salted and/or dried fish. Those who could afford it owned fishponds to be assured of an ample supply of freshwater fish.

The menu during Lent During the six weeks between Carnival and Easter (the forty days of the withdrawal of Jesus into the wilderness, minus the Sundays) there was an extra prohibition. Not only meat, but also milk, butter, cheese and eggs were banned from the table. In February and March, at the end of winter, supplies ran low, and what was left of fruit and vegetables was old, wrinkled and mouldy (except of course for some cabbages like winter leeks and in Italy broccoli). The staple diet consisted of bread, porridge or gruel made of grain (rye, spelt, wheat), peas or beans (pea soup!), salted or dried vegetables, fish (fresh and preserved), onions, leeks, (old) apples, nuts, and for the wealthy dried dates, figs, raisins and currants, and almonds. Almonds were very important, because these were the basis for almond milk, almond butter, and even almond cheese. If you want to partake of Lent the medieval way, you'll have to limit yourself to one meal a day between Ash Wednesday and Maundy Thursday, and abstain from all meat and dairy produce. Allowed foodstuff: fish, vegetables, legumes, grains, wine and beer, sugar and honey, fruit, dried fruits and nuts. The medieval way means that of vegetables and fruit you are only allowed those varieties that are local and in season!

Lent food during the 17th century- "Fake Fish" When you think of it, a period of six weeks in which all you get to eat besides fruit and vegetables is fish, fish and again fish is rather weary some. It seems however that some people hadn't had enough of fish yet: a recipe for apple pie in the form of a fake fish, especially for Lent. The recipe has a variation: you can also prepare mock meat in the guise of calf's ears. The fake fish is a closed apple pie, or resembles apple dumplings, according to which size you make it. The calf's ears are deep fried pastry, formed like the ear of a calf, and filled after frying with the stuffing that is also used in the apple pie or the dumplings.

            ; K F 

treat your taste buds.

Red Pasta Tuna INGREDIENTS 2 anchovy fillets 4 green pitted olives 4 black pitted olives 50 g of canned tuna (drained weight) 200 g of chopped tomatoes 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 2 cloves garlic oregano thyme salt and pepper 160 g of any dry pasta PREPARATION Drain the anchovy fillets, dry with paper towels and chop them. Chop the olives, drain the tuna and break it into smaller pieces. In a large pan, add oil, garlic cloves, anchovy, cook at medium heat until golden. Combine tuna, olives, cook for a minute or two, then add the tomatoes, a handful of oregano, thyme and a pinch of salt. Cook for about ten minutes on low heat, then turn off. Boil pasta in salted water, just before draining, add half a ladle of cooking water into the sauce. Add the drained pasta into the sauce and cook at high heat for a few minutes, stirring frequently. Serve immediately with a generous grinding of fresh pepper.

        h k      


Cannelloni di Magro (cannelloni with spinach and ricotta cheese) INGREDIENTS (for 6) 500 g spinach 400 g Ricotta (you can also use Mato cheese) 40 g grated Parmesan 250 g of cannelloni rolls 250 ml of béchamel sauce PREPARATION Clean the spinach, put them in a large pot and boil over medium heat for 10 minutes. When nearly cooked add a pinch of salt. When cooked put the spinach in a drainer, using a spoon squeeze and remove the remaining water. Chop them finely, place them in a bowl, add the ricotta, parmesan and mix well with a fork. Fill the cannelloni with the mixture using a spoon. Butter a baking dish large enough to hold all the cannelloni in a single layer. Put a spoon of béchamel at the bottom of baking dish and arrange the cannelloni. Cover the cannelloni with the remaining béchamel, sprinkle more grated Parmesan and bake in a preheated oven at 200 ° C for 20 minutes. Cook under the grill for a couple of minutes to brown the surface.

Pasta with Cream and Artichokes INGREDIENTS (for 2) 5 artichokes (only use the tender middle of the artichoke, and remove the hair)

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        ; K F     

               

1 clove garlic extra virgin olive oil chopped parsley 125 ml of cream salt pepper 150 grams of any dry pasta Parmesan PREPARATION Clean and chop the artichokes very finely. In a large saucepan, cook the artichokes with the garlic, parsley and extra virgin olive oil. When needed, add a little water so that the artichokes stay moistened and don't burn. Cook for approximately 10 minutes, or until they are soft. Add salt and pepper. Meanwhile, cook the pasta, when its done, add it to the artichokes saucepan, add the cream, stir, and adjust the consistency of the sauce with a bit of cooking water if necessary. Add Parmesan. Serve immediately.

Gnocchi Radicchio and Gongorzola INGREDIENTS (for 2) 25 g gorgonzola 10 g walnuts ½ bunch of red radicchio 250 g gnocchi 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil Parmesan (10 g of bacon optional) PREPARATION Chop the gongorzola and the bacon in pieces, and crush the walnuts in small bits.

    f    h k 

Clean the radicchio, dry it and chop fine. Preheat the oven at 200 degrees. Cook the gnocchi in boiling salted water, when they come to the surface drain them very gently and place them in a buttered baking plate, preferably a terracotta one. Add the gorgonzola, walnuts, radicchio and bacon. Gently stir and combine ingredients, cover everything with a generous amount of grated Parmesan. Place the dish in the oven for 5 minutes. Serve immediately.

LATEST NEWS - TAKEWAY MENU FROM SABRINA Delicious home-cooked Italian food for takeaway! Visit my web site to see my selection of ready-made takeaway dishes which I freshly prepare with only 24hrs notice. All dishes are available for collection, or delivery around the El Perello area. Call 653 186 446 or email

        ; K F

how to sell your home this year real estate agent what’s worth doing, and keep it simple. 1. Kerb appeal. Entrances, drives, facades, outside areas etc are the first thing prospective buyers see, and first impressions are the strongest. These areas must be neat and well presented. A freshly painted facade, front door, smart ceramic plant pot, etc can make a huge difference.


ith so many homes in Spain for sale right now and more coming on the market every day, buyers are totally spoilt for choice. Gone are the days when a buyer would hesitate before making a cheekily low offer, so be sure to maximise your property’s appeal and avoid giving buyers any extra opportunities to negotiate a price reduction. It’s important not too spend too much money on your property though — simple cosmetic improvements are usually the most effective in the current market. Ask your

2. Clean up. It sounds obvious, but dirty windows, dusty furniture, stale smells etc are a total turn-off for potential buyers. Get everything clean and sparkling, air your home before a viewing, and be sure to get rid of pet odours. 3. De-clutter. Clear mantelpieces, windowsills, dressers and tables of unnecessary clutter. This can make rooms look bigger and focuses attention on your house, not your possessions. If you have lots of personal photos, consider removing some: they can be distracting. Also, a spare room can easily get full of junk — try to clear it out before a viewing. 4. Repaint walls and ceilings in light, neutral colours if they aren’t already. If you can’t redecorate throughout, at least repair any paintwork that’s flaking or in poor condition, especially anything that could appear to be damp-related. 5. Kitchen makeovers. The kitchen is the heart of any home and, along with the living room, is the area that buyers will focus on most. If your kitchen is looking tired but doesn’t warrant a full refit, you can update old-fashioned kitchen units by replacing just the cabinet fronts. A new work surface can make a huge improvement, especially if you change the sink too. It’s worth bearing in mind that Spanish buyers favour granite-type worktops over laminate ones, even in a holiday home.

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6. Update light fittings. Give your property a brighter, cared-for feeling by updating light fittings, ideally with ones that use halogen or low energy bulbs. Many solar/ generator-powered country properties are very dimly lit, something I find often puts off buyers: improvements are worth considering. And when you have a viewing, remember to turn all lights on and open blinds etc, before buyers arrive. 7. Home staging. Staging is the art of preparing a home for a sale, and many techniques cost next to nothing to implement. You’ll find plenty of information on the internet. Get a few home magazines for inspiration (include Spanish ones), find a simple, unfussy look to emulate, and pamper, de-clutter, polish and tidy your house.

8. Buyers respond to light. Noone likes gloomy interiors so make the most of natural light sources and supplement with lamps, candles and mirrors and reflective surfaces. 9. Use scents that say “home”... fresh baked bread or cakes, cinnamon, vanilla and fresh coffee subtly create a welcoming atmosphere for buyers. The most important? Fresh air, so be sure to open all windows and air out the house before a viewing. 10. Sell smart. Finally, you, the seller. People buy people (and lifestyles), and few will be impressed if you answer the door in a dirty track suit with food debris down the front! I’m not suggesting you don your choicest Armani togs to show your finca, but it’s a thought worth bearing in mind.

If you have a property to sell or are thinking of selling in the future, don’t hesitate to contact me on 977 082244 or via email at Property of the month. An ideal refurbishment project, this well-located two-storey, 2 bedroom townhouse in the riverside village of Xerta has a living-dining room, separate kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom with shower, plus a big roof terrace with some nice views at the back. About 40 m2 per floor. Water and electricity connected, 49.000 euros. Jeff Greensmith runs and is a Generalitat-registered estate agent and experienced Spanish/Catalan translator and interpreter. He has lived and worked in Catalonia since 1986. While the points contained in this article are true to best of our knowledge, they do not constitute legal advice on the part of Fincas Direct or The Olive Press. Please use this information responsibly and seek professional legal advice if in doubt.

If you've ever suffered from Sciatica you'll know the misery and discomfort it can bring. But fear not, yoga really can cure, or at the very least help, if practiced for just a few minutes each day.

yoga for all- Sciatica

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica can be defined as any pain that radiates down the sciatic nerve, which runs from the spinal cord down into each leg. Sciatica may develop due to spinal disc issues or unknown reasons. Many people with sciatica practice yoga because it includes numerous poses, or asanas, that stretch and strengthen the body and helps with sciatic pain. The following symptoms may be experienced during sciatica: • Pain on one side of the bottom or in one leg that is worse when sitting • Burning or tingling down the leg • Weakness, numbness or difficulty moving the leg or foot • A constant pain on one side of the hip • A sharp pain that may make it difficult to stand up or to walk

How can yoga help?

Yoga can both help prevent sciatica and relieve sciatic pain. Many yoga poses involve stretching muscles, which gently soothes sciatic pain. Yoga also has many core oriented strengthening poses. Recent studies have found that regularly exercised and strengthened abdominal and back muscles may help prevent sciatica. Along with strengthening muscles we need to remember the importance of moving in and out of poses to bring circulation into the affected area. Healing ourselves after a flare up is usually quicker when we actively use strengthening and stretching exercises, rather than taking to our beds. Occasionally, sciatica generates from a tumour or severe infection so people who suffer from symptoms should consult with a doctor before starting a regular yoga program.

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Recommended Poses

Cobra pose is generally seen as one of the best poses for curing sciatica because it creates stronger back muscles while it brings better circulation into the hips. Yoga students with sciatica should consider practicing any poses in the Warrior sequence including Side Angle Pose and Reverse Warrior. Downward Facing Dog is also helpful and can be practiced with your knees bent if this brings greater relief.


Yoga continually stresses the importance of strong postures and core muscles. Poses like Mountain build awareness of the body from a simple standing posture. Staff Pose (sit on the floor with legs straight out in front of you, spine straight) requires a straight posture with deep support from the core muscles. With a regular yoga practice, the situations that can lead to sciatica, like poor lifting habits and slouching while sitting, are less likely to occur because yoga reminds us to hold our bodies with more awareness and strength.

Sarah Good is a Sivananda trained yoga teacher offering local weekly yoga classes. Call 663 140 297 for more details.

Olives & popcorn Welcome to Olives & Popcorn, your monthly guide to great Spanish based films that in my opinion should not be ignored. Any comments are welcome. Also if you want to know more about a particular film and how to get a copy again get in touch via my email below. This month I present a new film only just released staring the very popular and very busy Garl Gacia Bernal (The Motorcycle Diaries) that is gaining many nominations including the Oscars…. También la lluvia 2010 (Even the Rain )

Even the Rain (Spanish: También la lluvia) is a 2010 Spanish drama film directed by Icíar Bollaín about Filmmaker Sebastian (Gael Garcia Bernal) who travels to Bolivia to shoot a film about the Spanish conquest of America. He arrives during the tense time of the Cochabamba water crisis, 2000 Cochabamba protests. The lines between past and present, fiction and film intertwine. Introduction: In February and March of 2000, protests broke out daily in Cochabamba, Bolivia in response to the government’s decision to privatize the water company. The cost of water went up by up by three hundred per cent. Iciar Bollain’s latest feature, Even the Rain, tells the story of a film crew that arrives right at this tense juncture of the city’s history. Plot Outline: Filmmaker Sebastian arrives in Cochabamba accompanied by a cast and crew ready to make a film about Colombus’s first voyage to the New World and the subsequent subjugation of the indigenous population. Sebastian wants to focus on the experience of Bartolome de las Casas and Antonio de Montesinos, who was so distraught over the treatment of the natives that he dedicated the rest of his life to their cause. His producer Costa (Luis Tosar) has chosen Bolivia, the poorest country in South America, because it makes sense economically especially when extras are happy to work hard for just two dollars a day. Powerful drama is played out on many levels in this film within a film and draws many parallels between the exploitation of the past and the continued exploitation of Latin America by richer countries and multinational corporations. Bollaín’s thoughts on the introspection inherent in filmmaking, or in any work of art, are expressed through Sebastian. He has only the best intentions of denouncing the injustices of the past, but little patience for the present dilemma, especially when it starts to impede his shooting schedule. As always if you want to check out the trailer, you can do so at - screenplay/vi3121322521/

Jason.M.Berry 04/02/2011 Contact

© ATTRACTIVE ROCKERIES. By Clodagh and Dick Handscombe Practical gardeners authors and broadcasters living in Spain for 25 years.

Rockeries, jardincitos rocoso in Spanish, are attractive features for many gardens including roof top gardens in Spain. Basically a rockery is an area or garden constructed of rocks and earth with plants planted between the rocks as on natural mountainsides. There are several reasons for their popularity. 1. Rockeries can be interesting and colourful throughout the year. 2. There is a wide range of plants that thrive in the micro and nano climate of a rockery including bulbs, dwarf perennials including some ground cover plants, succulents, cacti, herbs and dwarf conifers. Possible plantings for rockeries below 400 metres above sea level and above 400 metres are given in chapter 3.1 of our book ‘Your garden in Spain – From planting to planning and maintenance’. 3. The rocks retain moisture within and below that keep roots moist and cool. 4. There are many situations where rockeries can be used including: • To cover over a pile of builders rubbish. • As a surround to a natural looking pond. • On top of a dry stone wall with plants also grown between rocks in the face of the wall. • To break up a sloping plot. • To retain and stabilize a corroding earth bank. • Around a swimming pool terrace as clean plants can be used that do not drop leaves or wind blown dead flowers. • To stabilize and make attractive the bank of earth around raised up or partially raised up beds. • To retain and improve the rocks and flora of an inherited natural hillside or outcrop of rocks. • Either side of a cut in from the

road before your entrance gate. • As a stand alone island that you can walk around within an area of grass artificial turf, stone chippings or stone slab paving. • As a surround to a terrace. • Mini rockeries can be built in large containers for terraces in gardens and of apartments. • Once established they require little watering. In each situation the success factor will be your vision of the end result, the size colour and age of the rocks you select, the natural placing of the rocks, starting at the lowest point and constructing the rockery upwards, placing roots under or sheltered by rocks, weeding the area before you start, pruning spreading plants to keep them from covering other plants, filling as many gaps between rocks as possible including as mentioned earlier the gaps between rocks on the vertical face of dry stone walls and watering young plants until their roots are established. If you start now you could have an attractive spring feature before Easter which is late this year!

28 email: ☻Tel: 977 059 364

CLODAGH AND DICK’S BOOKS The quartet of books can be purchased from highstreet bookshops and online bookshops such as Santana Books, Angloinfo Spain, and Amazon. © Clodagh and Dick Handscombe www. March 2011.

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M25 'just ends up back where it started' THE M25 is a huge waste of money that goes round in a loop and just ends up back where it started, according to a devastating new report.

Supergran Was Spurned Seventh Member Of Gang The plucky grandmother who intervened in an attempted robbery at a Northampton jewellery shop earlier this week, had, in fact, been the seventh member of the gang, but had fallen out with its leader in the days leading up to the raid.

MPs have discovered that the motorway does not even go anywhere and instead sends motorists in a pointless circle around greater London. According to the House of Commons transport committee, the M25 had already cost taxpayers ÂŁ15bn even before ministers approved a ÂŁ1bn plan to widen bits of it instead of making it go somewhere interesting or useful. The report stated; "The improvement programme presented ministers with a perfect opportunity to take the M25 over to the seaside or up a big hill with a nice view. Or perhaps even to Norwich. "Instead they have simply made it easier for more cars to go nowhere at all." Roy Hobbs, deputy chairman of the Royal Institute of Chartered Engineers, said: "The M25 is the greatest engineering scandal since the west coast mainline was found to be an elaborate hoax involving film sets and bits of old scenery from the Theatre Royal. "If I was going to build a road I would want it to go from one place to a different place. I wouldn't just draw a circle on a map and then say 'do that' to a bunch of builders." He added: "The M1 goes to a huge variety of windy Northern hellholes, while the M4 could take you all the way to Wales if things ever got that bad. "The M6 has two distinct ends that are miles apart and the M5 is absolutely brilliant at getting people from Clevedon to Tewkesbury. "Now that's a proper road."

Elsie Watkins, 83, told police she had, until last Wednesday, intended to take part in the robbery, but was told that her distinctive red coat would draw too much attention from passers-by. She was then unceremoniously booted-out of the scheme. Shunned, she formulated her own counter-plan, which she then executed with the utmost precision, intervening as the gang tried to break the windows of the store in order to get at the loot. Watkins sprinted up the High Street like a woman possessed, before clattering her former friends with her handbag and shouting at the top of her voice: "Stop Stephen! 'Ere, Billy, now you just pack that in! You wouldn't let me take part; now I'm going to spoil it for you, you rapscallions!" Members of Northampton Police today praised her brave efforts, and said that Elsie was currently 'down at the station' helping them with their inquiries. One officer told us: "She was part of the set-up, but was then thrown out at the last minute due to some logistical discrepancy. It's typical of the attitude towards the elderly in this country at the moment. Elsie's story is a shining example of the grit and determination shown by all the old dears in Britain today, and I, for one, take my helmet off to her." Last night, several clothing chains were reporting a massive increase in sales of red coats of the style worn by Elsie, especially amongst the elderly and decrepit.

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Indian cricketers now embroiled in new fixing scam Another two cricketers from the Indian team are now facing a new fixing scam. Rather than match fixing it has been alleged that these two stars have been fixing toasters, kettles and even DVD players on the side. While on tour over here instead of training in the nets the two are said to have been working on a cousins repair stall in Tottenham offering to fix allsorts of items ranging from Cappuccino makers to vacuum cleaners. However, they were spotted by an eagle eyed official who witnessed an old lady complaining about their efforts to repair her teasmaid. With their team mates banned for years they are now said to be shittin poppadoms at the thought of having to fix electrical items for the rest of their lives. Although the average repair man in the UK can earn over £100,000 per annum scamming old folk out of their life savings while pretending to fit a new element to their kettle, their Indian equivalent isn't so lucky. 'Indians generally try and fix these things themselves rather than call out a local scammer,' said one poor Indian repair man. 'Besides, they haven't got two rupees to rub together in most cases.' An official said: 'Its one thing to claim to be able to fix a match but a TV is another thing entirely. These guys have had no training, have no formal qualifications and largely no idea what they are doing.' Just like their British counterparts then! Uefa banks on football fans being thick TICKET prices for the Champion's League final are fresh evidence that the people who run football think the fans might be a bit thick, it emerged last night. Uefa is charging so-called 'neutrals' £176 to see the Wembley finale in what experts have described as one of the finest and most beautifully crafted licences to print money they have ever seen. Wayne Hayes, a season ticket holder from Hatfield said: "Leave it aaaht. A hundred a seventy six nicker? You must think I'm some kind of moron. Do you take Visa Electron?" But Uefa insisted the pricing policy is in line with absolutely everything else to do with football. A spokesman said: "A few years ago we, along with the national football associations of Western Europe, conducted a detailed study of our customer base and were delighted to discover they were all chimpanzees. "We couldn't have been happier if they had given us their pin numbers. "Naturally, at that point, we decided to just charge whatever we felt like. We are now all very, very wealthy indeed. "And it's not just tickets. They will pay anything for anything. This piece of scratchy, highly inflammable Taiwanese nylon is £70. "If you want a smaller one for your child that'll be £80. And if you want one for a baby that'll be a £1000." He added: "When it comes to preying on the feeble-minded it makes Scientology look all fiddly and complicated."

Olympic stadium to become 'world class' car boot sale venue LONDON'S Olympic stadium will be transformed into the nation's finest car boot sale venue after the 2012 games. Determined to leave a lasting cultural legacy for the country, the stadium's governing body has accepted a bid from car boot sale organiser Roy Hobbs, who believes his events could attract buyers from as far afield as Luton. Hobbs, who currently runs several car boot sales and a market stall where you can get mobile phones unlocked, said: "We're talking bouncy castles, a choice of up to four burger vans and of course loads of quality goods, none of them nicked. "There's a woman from Rickmansworth who sells gingerbread men, she makes them herself, she'll probably be there if her shingles aren't playing up. "And two smashing lads in a white Renault van with several hundred pairs of white size-7 Reebok Pump trainers that they got for their birthdays but unfortunately didn't fit." Hobbs said the government has already been in touch about selling the stuff that used to be in the Millennium Dome and has since been kept in a massive tax p aye r-f u n d e d cardboard box. A spokesman for the Olympic Park Legacy committee said: "The Olympics are about pushing yourself to your limits and we hope that visitors will channel that spirit when they are haggling over a Poldark VHS box set or a book about how the pyramids were built by aliens, never giving up even when the seller insists he won't take less than 50p." He added: "Athletics meetings will continue to be held on the site for the dozen or so people who are interested, so we're asking people not to park cars or vans on the track."

MySpanishome We are looking for properties in any AREA. So if you have a property to sell please contact: 977 446 655 +34 639 041 277 mobile Stephanie +34 679 499 316 mobile Steve Av. Generalitat 70, 43500, Tortosa, Tarragona, email:


How to Solve Sudoku Puzzles

Sudoku doesn't require any special math skills or calculations. It is a simple and fun game of logic -- all that's needed is brains and concentration. 1. Fill the grid so that the numbers 1 through 9 appear in each row. 2. Fill the grid so that the numbers 1 through 9 appear in each column. 3. Fill the grid so that the numbers 1 through 9 appear in each 3x3 box. 4. A complete Sudoku puzzle contains the numbers 1 through 9 in every row, column, and 3x3 box. This month, one with difficult classification as hard.

CAR BOOT | last Sunday of every month 10am-1pm. stalls 5€. Refreshments, Camping St Jordi, Platje Ayellanes, L'Ampolla Tel 679 115 247 •CAR BOOT SALE | 2nd & 4th Sunday of every month. Situated Hipaca Escornalbou, Vilanova D'Escornalbou. Arrive 9am starts 10am. Bar & restaurant- no fresh produce allowed! Contacts: Cosme on 620215772 or Silvia 665159781 •CAR BOOT SALE | first and third Sunday every month C/ Garcia Restaurant Braseria Can Palomo MORA LA NOVA. Tel Jackie 679741254 •DELTA CLASSICS-CLASSIC CAR MEETING 1st FRIDAY of every month 6PM Bar "Casals" Avda San Jordi, El Perelló. Call for more details and events: 678 718 446. •EL PERELLO FREESIA GROUP (working for cancer charities) The next El Perello Bookstall will be held at the Homogenic bar 10am until 1pm on: Saturday 12th & 26th March. If the weather is bad, the bookstall will be inside the Homogenic bar. Further information please phone Liz on 977 059 783. •MASONIC GROUP | Logia de San Jorge A new English speaking lodge of Freemasons approved by GLE, has been established in this area. if you would like more information please telephone Edward Ward on 977416476 (Tarragona area) or Les Beech on 678357713 (Castellon area). •Cof E CHURCH SERVICES | The services are on the 1st Sunday and 3rd Wednesday of every month in the Parish Church in L'Ampolla at 12;30. All are welcome, followed by Menu del dia lunch (optional) Enquiries: 977 593 219. The Anglican Congregation of St Christopher's, Costa Azahar

spanglish?-answers next month

ACROSS 1. sad 3. wood 7. raza (E) 8. sonica (E) 9. limescale 11. cousin 13. one 14. glasses 15. nose 19. nail 20. oats 21. goose 24. rampas (E) 25. acontecimiento (E) 26. lover 27. jump






6. 7.






















DOWN 1. tobacco 2. tallo (E) 4. god 5. wide 6. pencil 10. ulcer 11. village square 12. bold 13. unique 16. door 17. chest 18. to sing 22. abrir (E) 23. ovalo (E) by Sarah (E=translate to english otherwise to spanish)

ACROSS: ANSWERS TO THE FEBRUARY ISSUE OF SPANGLISH 2. estrellas 8. top 13. ordenadores 19. ski 22. guarderia DOWN: 4. llave 11. press 17. mania 6. Easter 10. elige 16. odd 20. harina 1. viento 5. cartas 14. noches 18. steer 7. caller 11. pea 17. modas 21. medium 3. trece 9. pared 15. tiempo

32 email: ☻Tel: 977 059 364

-5, Plaza Primero De Mayo,Vinaros-Services 10am. every Sunday. Also other activities i.e. Thursdays, a "Drop. In" morning from 11.a.m.- 1.00 p.m. to meet for a coffee & a chat. Paul Needle can be contacted on 964 761 641 or mobile 662 482 944 or e-mail for pastoral needs. THE READING CLUB where an English spoken person reads a short English story- members consist of Spanish, Irish and English. After visiting Ireland in February, in March we will “go” to Scotland with Ian Rankin, well-known writer thanks to his inspector Rebus. We will meet the 21st March, 19:30 Public Library Domingo, Tortosa.


Meetings are held at 6.30 pm on the second Thursday of each month (except for August) at:- Edificio Bahia Blanca, C/Paisos Catalans, 74, L’Ametlla de Mar. More information? Either tel: 977267418 or e-mail: - SEE PAGE 36 FOR MORE INFO LINE DANCING | we will be meeting in the Escola de Musica (Music School) in El Perelló as usual 3-5 pm Thursday. The fees will be only 1€ per person per week. little bit of exercise for the legs and the jaws! All welcome. BADMINTON CLUB - "New Season Badminton starts again on 1st February for Intermediates and 4th February for Beginners. Come along and join in, don't put it off any longer, you know you want to! Sessions run from 11.30am to 1pm. New members are always welcome. Phone Marian for more details on 697 353 914".

personal classifieds contd. page34


ENERGY SYSTEM XPRESIONN 2100 | digital TDT to receive Spanish channels. €30, used twice. Call 977409325 after 4pm 4m x 4m PATIO PARASOL | 10ft high made for hotels in beige very strong €275.00 ring Chris on 977457687 mob 672032419 GENSET | 6kva diesel generator electric start, good working condition 1,000 euros no offers telephone 661 190 046 ELECTRIC CEMENT MIXER | umacon {Spanish} very little use good condition, 90 euros. SKY PLUS+ DIGIBOX | 160gb storage, perfect condition, sale due to upgrade, 80 euros. Call 977 092 035 - 634 903 578 HONDA PETROL/GAS GENERATOR FOR SALE | E4000 GX200(65). Just fully serviced. Easy to start. €350 ono. & MARKSMAN PETROL GENERATOR | ISO9001CE 3KVA. In very good condition. Easy to start. 115v/230v. €350 ono. Tel: 977 477 367 GLASS DINING TABLE WITH 6 CHAIRS | very good condition 95 euros. Tel: 608 813 618

CAR BOOT SALES / MERCADILLO Every Sunday Afternoon -YES AFTERNOON!! 1pm Until Dark. Every Sunday Afternoon until further notice. Furniture - fridges - cookers - pictures - pots, pans & old tin cans - you name it and we will get it.

Frozen & Fresh Food & Cafe on site. Car Park Free, to Look Free and Stalls 2 EUROS! At Mora Caravans C12, km 61 Mora La Nova to Ginestar road

Call Ken or Bev on 977 400 375 or 659 418 317 or 660 584 222

NOTE to Buyers & Sellers We at Mora Caravans have the right to refuse entry. LOOKING FOR SOMETHING TO DO AND FRIENDS TO DO IT WITH? English speaking Women´s Club seeks likeminded women. Meetings 3rd Wednesday each month in Riba Roja. Come and join us! For information contact: Alice 671 681 515 “YOGA DAY OUT WITH A DIFFERENCE” Fed up with the daily routine? Want to meet new people or visit somewhere different? Once a month, why not join a very lively bunch of people for 2 hours of yoga with a difference, followed by a fabulous menu of the day at a local restaurant. Pamela Sharp, Yoga Teacher & Reiki Master, who has lived and practised in Spain for 35 years is an excellent teacher and always does something different. In December we are going to be taught how to cure ailments by “Tapping”. (No previous experience necessary!). The yoga is held at the Town Hall in La Galera from 11am to 1pm and afterwards we go to somewhere different for lunch, where the food is always excellent and good value for money. The whole day usually costs about €20 and will definitely be no more than €25.00. Usually the day out is on the first Friday of the month. For further information please ring Jeanette Lane at least one week before on 977 477 042 or 686 292 823.

PHOENIX GROUP - set up by women for women, a self help group aiming to give friendship, support and practical help. Meetings every second Tuesday of each month. Next meeting March 8th, then April 12th, May 10th and June 14th at 3pm Casa Cultura, (Library Building) El Perello. All welcome. Contact Marge on Tel: 689 608 611.

BALAY FRIDGE/FREEZER | white, 185x60x60cm electric, 3 draw freezer, large fridge. ex.cond. €295 ono. Tel 977 477 367 Rubi TS40 tile cutter | with a few extras 60€. Draper reciprocating saw | 40€. Makita half inch router | hardly used 80€. Electric mitre saw | 20€. Electric wet tile cutter | 20€. Core drills | to 150mm 60€. Tel: 977 059 158 or mob: 616 553 925 DEWALT PLANER | new still boxed 150€ + DREMEL MULTIPURPOSE | 30€. Call 657 285 436 RECLAIMED 4x2 | 10 lengths at 4.5 m 3€ per length, assorted shorter lengths, tel 620 151 956

Agent d'acollida (welcome) service, El Perelló

Taru Burstall is an agent d'acollida for the El Perelló Ajuntament whose role is to help facilitate integration options between the members of the European & English-speaking communities who have moved here & the local community. She is at your service to help with any queries or problems you may have or ideas you are intereted in developing in this regard. At the Sala de Exposició, Casa de Cultura, C/ Colom, 48 (under the library) To contact her please: • leave a message with your name & number at the Casa de Cultura (977 49 08 14) for an appointment to meet, she will phone you back • or contact her via email:


personal classifieds

come ist in!

GENERAL FOR SALE cont. from p.33

WANTED GATE/S 4m wide | Call 660 823 423 or 977 059 420



ONLY 50€, costs over 140 new. Tel 977 059 364

needed. Call 977 409 325 after 4pm


GOOD CLEAN HARDCORE | Free buyer collects. Call 660


823 423 or 977 059 420

reasonable condition and price also WANTED CEMENT


MIXER | appearance not important but must work well Call

MultiPlus 24Volt 3000VA 70Amp. 850€ ono. Tel: 650 080 981

977 059 851

HONDA GENERATOR | 2.5 kva good working condition 250


euros +HOWARD ROTAVATOR | good working condition

round keyboard- and guitar player. Call Nico 977 265 018 or

powered by a 11hp honda petrol engine 750 euros no offers

686 066 707

or PX 658 364 299

ALL ROUND BASS-PLAYER | is looking for band or orchestra.

220v CIRCULAR SAW BENCH | good working condition 100

Call Nico 977 265 018 or 686 066 707

euros +COMPRESSOR | 200 litre tank 220 v good working

I want to know if anybody can give me CLARINET LESSONS

order 250 euros ono phone 658 364 299 WASHINE MACHINE | new new new 150 euros DISH WASHER | only 2 months old 200 euros FRIDGE FREEZER | only 2 months old 225 euros MICROWAVE | bargain basement 20 euros 1000LTR WATER CUBES | 50 euros each 1000LTR WATER DEPOSIT | + steal casing 50€ea. SINGLE BED | mattress head board 90 euros SIDE CABINETS | 25 euro each LARGE CHEST OF DRAWS | 50 euros SOFA RED | perfect condition 250 euros cost 950 euros SOFA BLUE | perfect condition 250 euros cost 950 euros DOUBLE BED | mattress head board 140€ 2 months old 100 GREEN RIZLA PAPERS | bargain price 20 euros PLEASE CALL 603 145 141

in the Ribera d'Ebre or Terra Alta . Please contact me on ellie_ or call 600 214 532. Thank you I want to know if anyone is offering HORSE RIDING LESSONS. If you do, contact me on or call 600 214 532. Thank you WANTED DIESEL GENERATOR | 7-10kva. Call 627 031 200 "WANTED, BOOKS AND SELLABLE ITEMS for carboots to raise money for local dogs´homes. Please call WENDY 637 981 158" I am pleased to say so far 65euros have been raised so thanks to all!!

INKJET PIXMA MP280 All-in-one Colour Photo PRINTER | (Print/Scan/Copy) New. Still in box. Ordered by mistake. Amazon price: £36.80. Will accept €35.00 (no offers). Tel: 977 477 042 or 686 292 823 COMPUTER | 1mb ram windows xp, amd athalon,15"screen 4 usb ports, wifi slot with card, 120euros, NEW BATH | by roca 1700x700 45euros phone 977 050 104 mob 669 539 676

ANIMALS PIGLETS FOR SALE | 35 €. Tel. 650 226 342 BABY PYGMY GOATS | contact Emily on 666 956 917

WANTED VOLUNTEERS | help needed to look after the abandon dogs at ARCA near Tortosa. Please call Mave 678 975 816 if you can offer any assistance. Plus anyone interested in organising some fund raising for the dogs would be must appreciated. PLEASE HELP


TOWBAR | spanish with fixings & certificate to fit Renault Scenic Megen, cost 220€ take 110€ + RECONDITIONED

LOST DOGS | 1st Feb in Asco/Flix area 2 dogs, Holly, an

ALTERNATOR | for Transit, unused 70€, tel 620 151 956.

Alsatian cross 40kg, and

FORD MAVERICK | good runner needs battery, Spanish

Ruby, a brown heinz-57 with

plates 500euros phone 977 050 104 mob 669 539 676

pointed ears/curly tail, 35kg.

OPEL KADETT 1.6 | 87 ITV Oct 2011, 20vi, new brakes, 350€

Please call 977 404 021 or

TEL: 977 404 021 or 630 182 907

630 182 907

2 MOBILE HOMES | static caravan, 2 bed, 2000€. 9.2mx6m


found no questions asked.

WANTED WANTED OUTBOARD MOTOR | long shaft preferred, please call 658 364 299

luxury static caravan. All white goods, tv, all fittings included 18,000€.TEL: 977 260 119 NEW PARTS | FOR ALL LANDROVER MODELS. CALL

34 email: ☻Tel: 977 059 364

ALAN 616 154 269

subject to space ist

FUN IN THE SUN| BE-UP CONVERTIBLE. Sought after limited edition buggy. Spanish registered. very low mileage REDUCED for quick sale ONLY 3400€. MIGHT CONSIDER PART EXCHANGE WELCOME ALL ITEMS CONSIDERED. For more information telephone 977 059 420 OR 660 823 423 PEUGEOT 406 - MARCH 2000.

1 YR MOT – FULLY SERVICED – new exhaust system – new drive belt – 119.000 Mls loads of


Into English or Spanish from English, Spanish, Catalan or French. British national raised in Catalan-speaking area of Spain. BA in Translating and Interpreting. Based near Ginestar. Contact: 667 224 766,, GUITAR LESSONS | Only 15€ for 45 minutes. Call Nico (bass player from The 4 Legends band) on 977 265 018 FIRE WOOD FOR SALE | fresh cut olive wood. TEL FOR PRICES 667 399 237 PAVING








toys - full leather – all electric - heated seats – sun roof - 6 cd inter changer – purchase history + service history excellent running condition – ideal for return trip to UK ONLY €1400.00 CONTACT PAUL ON : 660 668 833

(English/Spanish) FLIX AREA: 676 742 500 FLOOR & WALL TILER | Domestic or commercial. References available. Call Mark 686 069 923 LOGS | for sale competitive price. Tortosa & surrounding areas call. Chris 680 306 365

YAMAHA AEROX 100CC SCOOTER | Supersports edition,


Royal Blue. June 02, 3000kms only, Spanish Plated. Excellent

SKILLS | 30 years experience in UK, based El Perello/

Condition, First to see will buy! Euros700. Tel 608 813 618.

L'Ametlla. Call Dave 658 355 929

TRANSPORT CONTAINER | 6m x 2.4m x 2.5m. Excellent

DRIVER WITH VAN | Making regular trips between Spain

condition, good external paintwork. Makes a superb secure

& England via France. Willing to transport goods to &

store/workshop. We pay to crane onto a truck, you pay to lift it

from Spain. Tel: 977 477 367 or 655 340 596

off! Price 1200€ Phone 629 010 233 CITROEN JUMPY SPANISH | 1998 1.9 Diesel Minibus 7-9

THE WINDOW MAN | PVC Windows and doors made

seater, £1995 or swap English vehicle with MOT.

to measure, fitted or supply only, highest quality EU

Call 653 369 429 / UK 079 19234114

standard. Problems solved, misted glass, draughty

ALL GALVANISED TRAILER | 200mm x 130mm x 80mm

windows, locking problems, all types of repairs

high. 750kg carrying weight. 500€ Heavy duty jockey wheel,

undertaken. Tel. 657 285 436

removal metal top, drop sides, tail gate with door, own lights. Tel: 977 059 158 or Mob: 608 667 519 SCOOTER | Piaggio Mod. Typhoon 49cc 450 Euros L´Ametlla Phone 660 697 135 34 x 12 STATIC MOBILE HOME | in excellent condition, 3 bedrooms, 2 shower rooms with wc, air conditioning, blackout blinds and mosquito nets on all the windows, sleeps 6 people comfortably, but can sleep 8 people. 9250,00 euros, call 676 185 395.


"THE 4 LEGENDS" INTERNATIONAL POP-ROCK BAND | only 450€- per show. Call Nico 977 265 018 or Norman 617 162 264. Web site.

RENTALS, PROPERTY FOR SALE EXCHANGE Freehold Bar In Magaluf Mallorca. Fully licenced and ready to run for house in Cataluñya with some garden or land. Tel : 605 481 814

NEW FIVE STAR RESIDENTIAL PARK. Close to San Jordi and 10 minutes from the coast at Vinaros. Large plots from €170 per month. English, Spanish & German spoken. Full range of amenities.

Call 964 412 645

property for sale or


Country Home For Sale in Los Barrios, Cadiz Spain OFFERS 750,000€. Unbelievable value has good

business card directory

holiday rental business with a seperate cottage and apartment as well as an outstanding family home . Reduced by 400,000euros for quick sale because of family health problems. Country house situated on a private estate in a nature reserve, only 20 minutes from Sotogrande Polo fields and Valderamma and San Roques Golf courses. ENQUIRIES : 956 236 068 or 657 629 118 or email :

Volunteers are Age Concern

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España´s most valuable asset. All of our Volunteers perform roles which are vital to the organisation. We make every effort to ensure that all our Volunteers have the training and support they need and the appreciation that they deserve. We involve Volunteers fully both in delivering our services and in the development of the organisation as a whole. As we have a duty of care to our clients, Volunteers are selected subject to interview, satisfactory references and Criminal Record checks.

Time to Spare? Skills to Share? GET INVOLVED! Volunteering with Age Concern España For more information or to apply, please contact: Age Concern España, British Consulate Madrid Torre Espacio, Paseo de la Castellana, 259 D, 28046 Madrid

Tel: 0034 636 081 239

Email: Website: or

What will volunteering involve?

We offer many services from helping an older person with their weekly shopping to providing tailored information and advice on welfare entitlements.

What skills and attributes are needed?

•An understanding of older people’s needs •A helpful and friendly manner •Reliability •Willingness to learn •Good communication skills •Ability to travel independently in the community •Respect and confidentiality How much time is needed? Most of our vacancies generally require volunteers to be available during normal working hours on weekdays. However, we ask you to be as flexible as possible with your time commitment.

There are some part time paid positions for people willing to clean and care for the 300 dogs & cats TEL: 977 265 018 - 680 160 051

The Mora Collaboration Radio "Still Rockin" on 107.3fm

An Englishman on your Radio. GREAT MUSIC, Golden Oldies and Rock. We have had some great comments about the

The Saturday Show On Radio Cala

It’s Based in L´Ametlla de Mar and it goes out at 3pm on Saturday and is repeated at 11pm on a Sunday. It’s full of good music From the 60’s, 70’s etc; plus special features and exclusive tracks from unsigned artists from all over the globe. Rock pop Soul music at it’s best. You can text requests to the number below or email. There are podcasts of recent shows available just go to email: Norman Jay Still Rockin on the Radio Telephone 617 162 264

Web Don’t Forget Wednesdays on Radio Mora la Nova

Your Voice on the RADIO. UK Time 7 to 8pm EU Time 8 to 9pm Saturday and Sunday on lacalartv Saturday at 2pm uk time 3pm eu time and repeated on Sunday at 10 pm UK time 11 EU time.

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ARCA the dog refuge wish to give sincere thanks to everyone for supporting them. Please keep it up

Calenders and t-shirts are also for sale to raise funds for the dogs- or email:

you relax...

All entries are also listed on our directory online at The Olive Press does not accept responsibility for the contents of the articles supplied by contributors nor for the claims made by advertisers PLEASE MENTION THE OLIVE PRESS WHEN CONTACTING ADVERTISERS Your Olive Business Directory For English Speakers Plus Available 24/7 On Our Web Site. "Regular advertising is essential to let people know you are still in business and are reliable." Call To Add Your Business Here Today On 977 059 364



977 059 364 u n

Aptdo. de Correos, 147 • 4389 43895 8 L’Ampolla • Tarragona

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