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/// reaching the underground church

e could hear the soft, passionate “amens” coming from behind us as Pastor John MacArthur spoke during a recent KKLA 25th Anniversary Celebration. It seemed the ladies behind us hung on every word. It wasn’t until we turned around to meet them after the service that we discovered why. Shalehm and her friend Musctala (not their real names) are Iranian Christians, former Muslims who have come to deep faith and trust in Jesus Christ. Their earliest teaching came from the airwaves, where KKLA’s daily programming became their spiritual food for faith, growth and discipleship. They spoke to us with fervency about their love for J. Vernon McGee and others, and how these programs have brought them into dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ and continue to instruct and guide them on their faith journey. But that night we learned that KKLA’s global reach and worldwide ministry (thanks to the internet) of Bible teaching has touched places we never dreamed possible. For from these two women, we learned that suffering Iranian citizens are finding KKLA through underground sources and are coming to know Jesus as Lord and Savior through our programming! Under threats and persecutions, under violence and the inhumanity of a regime we cannot even imagine, KKLA is breaking through the hard rule of Islam and setting men and women free with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! One by one, they are contacting their friends and loved ones here in the U.S. and sharing the good news, sharing their faith, and sharing how God has granted them favor through discovering the precious gift of His Son and His Word through KKLA. When you support our on air ministries like Greg Laurie, John MacArthur, J. Vernon McGee and others, or patronize our sponsors, you make it possible for thousands and perhaps millions to find the Truth that sets them free! As KKLA begins its second quarter century of broadcasting the gospel, we join with believers around the world to obey the Lord’s Great Commission to take the gospel to the uttermost parts of the world…until the whole world knows! God bless you as you serve Him, Terry and Cindy Fahy Vice-President / General Manager KKLA


KKLA Magazine

Issue 7


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In this issue... ISSUE 7

04 | Until the whole world knows by Terry Fahy



06 | God up ahead

by Joni Eareckson Tada

10 | Lessons from the storm by Greg Laurie



14 | KKLA program guide 23 | How to reach your full potential for God by Charles Stanley



28 | Christianity and culture by Frank Pastore

34 | Have you crossed the line? by Steve Mays

KKLA Magazine

Issue 7


Y 06

KKLA Magazine

Issue 7

Joni Eareckson Tada is heard daily


on 99.5 KKLA Radio at 5:15am.


/// the lord goes before us

ou can sense it, almost feel it. It’s as though someone has pushed the fast-forward button on life. Maybe it’s 24-hour cable network news, or everything now on the 3 -- or is it the 4G – network. I was toying with my husband’s iPad last weekend and I discovered you can even play Scrabble on high speed – it has a built-in beeper to let you know when your time’s up (while it plays your favorite iTunes song list). Life is different than it was even five years ago. We seem to be riding the head of a missile, barreling through life at breakneck speed. And our zoom-zoom culture has an impact on our picture of God.

In Psalm 23, we are reminded that the Lord leads us. In Psalm 25, we are told He guides us. In John 10, Jesus assures us the Shepherd goes “on ahead of His sheep.” In the Living Bible, Psalm 139:3 says, “You chart the path ahead of me, and tell me where to stop and rest.” Whenever I share my story on KKLA – and I’ve been doing that since 1985 when KKLA began airing “Joni and Friends” -- I love

God’s Word tells us over and over that the Lord goes before us.

We’re moving so fast that when we bump up against a trial, we try valiantly to remember that God is going to “work all things together for good,” but we have this idea He is not in front of us, but behind us, armed with a dustpan and broom. He is scrambling to catch up with you so He can do a fast clean-up job on your problems before you’re off to the next thing. He’s become a “reactionary” God with a repair kit, standing a few anxious paces behind watching to see “what happens” -- if a disappointment hits, He jumps into action and quickly picks up the broken pieces. Little wonder our confidence in God feels fractured.

Hit the stop button! God’s principle activity in your life is not behind you -- His primary activity is not to throw you a rope after you’ve fallen headlong into a pit. Our imaginations may conjure up that image of God – especially because life seems to be lived so fast these days – but it’s not a biblical picture. God’s Word tells us over and over that the Lord goes before us.

to underscore that God’s rule in our life is present-tense and right-now. I realize that many KKLA listeners are not in a wheelchair like I am, but the principle is the same, no matter how challenging your circumstances. Everything that happens to you (and me in my wheelchair) today was planned before time immemorial, long before even the book of Genesis “For he chose us in him before the creation of the world” (Ephesians 1:4). Did you get that? God has been thinking about you and His design for your days long before He dreamed up time or space, long before there was ever night and day! This powerful truth was such a comfort to me earlier this year when I underwent surgery for breast cancer. At first, I wondered, What if they don’t get all the cancer? What if it returns? How will I manage? God, do you know what you’re doing here?! But a moment later, the peace of God flooded my heart; oh, KKLA Magazine

Issue 7


the comfort of knowing the Lord is in charge! I know that wherever He leads me, the path He will carve will take me straight to the best destination of all – deeper and nearer into the heart of my Savior. And as I go through chemotherapy, what comfort my friends at Salem Communications have been with all their many prayers and notes of encouragement – in the midst of their own 25th anniversary celebration, they’ve reminded me to celebrate the graciousness of our God who leads the way. My good friends at KKLA and other Salem stations have spread the word to their listeners and I’ve received such an outpouring of love and support. All of it has reminded me of Deuteronomy 31:8, “The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.” It’s the same message we’ve been giving at Joni and Friends for years. Our organization has been serving families affected by disability for over three decades, and no matter what the injury or illness, when these families first receive that bad medical report, their response is always, How will we cope? What if insurance runs out? Will life ever be normal again?! But time and again, I’ve witnessed these same families relax into the sovereignty of God when they take to heart Hebrews 13:5, “because God has said, ‘Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.’” That’s good news in our fast-paced society. So remember, friend, the Lord is never caught off guard or surprised by your trials. Jesus is not at the rear flank, backing us up with a box of Band-Aids. Rather, He leads us, stepping out ahead and blazing a straight path. And you can be sure that if He has gone ahead, He has planned every event so that it fits miraculously into a pattern for good in your life. Best of all, He will give you the power, grace and endurance to meet every challenge. Quadriplegia… cancer… whatever!

U Hear Joni Eareckson Tada on “Joni and Friends”, weekdays at 5:15am on 99.5 KKLA.

; 08

KKLA Magazine

Issue 7

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KKLA Staff - 2010 Frank Pastore hosts afternoon Talk Show


1998 1995


KRLA 870AM joins KKLA Family of Stations providing 24 hours a day conservative talk

KKLA wins prestigious Marconi Award from Nat’l Assoc. of Broadcasters





Frank Pastore Show wins Nat’l Religious Broadcasters “Talk Show of the Year” Award

Christian Music Station The Fish 95.9FM joins KKLA Family of Stations

Warren Duffy hosts afternoon talk show “Duffy & Company”

KKLA moves facilities to Glendale to accomodate growth of staff & ministry

KKLA adds KGER 1390 (Long Beach) to its family of Stations



KKLA 1st LA based station, and 2nd in country, to broadcast live over the Internet.

Salem Radio Network launched, offering 24 /7 hours a day, news coverage.

1995 October 1, 1985 Granted license by FCC to operate on 99.5 FM


KKLA expands to Inland Empire with simulcast of KKLA-AM (1240 AM)

John Stewart hosts KKLA’s first live afternoon talk show

October 15, 1985 KKLA signs on the air. First studios located in North Hollywood.

KKLA Staff - 1985 KKLA Magazine

Issue 7


Greg Laurie is

heard daily on 99.5 KKLA Radio at 5:30am & 12:30pm.

In Matthew 14, Jesus teaches His disciples a significant lesson about weathering life’s storms. Let’s read:

Immediately Jesus made His disciples get into the boat and go before Him to the other side, while He sent the multitudes away. And when He had sent the multitudes away, He went up on the mountain by Himself to pray. Now when evening came, He was alone there. But the boat was now in the middle of the sea, tossed by waves, for the wind was contrary. Now in the fourth watch of the night Jesus went to them, walking on the sea. And when the disciples saw Him walking on the sea, they were troubled saying, “It is a ghost!” And they cried out for fear. But immediately Jesus spoke to them, saying, “Be of good cheer! It is I; do not be afraid.” And Peter answered Him and said, “Lord, if it is You, command me to come to You on the water.” So He said, “Come.” And when Peter had come down out of the boat, he walked on the water to go to Jesus. But when he saw that the wind was boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink he cried out, saying, “Lord, save me!” And immediately Jesus stretched out His hand and caught him, and said to him, “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?” And when they got into the boat, the wind ceased. Then those who were in the boat came and worshiped Him, saying, “Truly You are the Son of God.” (Matthew 14:22–33 NKJV)


KKLA Magazine

Issue 7

[ ARTICLE ] Trust Him I should point out that this is not the first time the disciples encountered a storm on the Sea of Galilee. Another storm is recorded in Mark 4. Jesus was on board the boat with them, out in the middle of the Sea of Galilee. While Jesus slept in the lower part of the hull, a great storm whipped up the sea. The disciples panicked, and they went to awaken the Lord. I really don’t know why the disciples decided to wake up Jesus. They didn’t say, “Lord, come up here and perform a miracle.” I don’t even know if they thought He was capable of performing a miracle of the caliber they needed. I think what they were really saying was, “Lord, will you wake up? Come up here and worry with us!” They said, “Teacher, do You not care that we are perishing?” Waking up, no doubt rubbing sleep from His eyes, Jesus joined them. He looked at the water and said, “Peace, be still!” All the wind was suddenly gone and the lake stopped churning. It was completely quiet. It was as still as glass. Then He said, “Why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith?” They looked at the huge lake and then at Christ, saying to each other, “Who can this be that even the winds and the sea obey Him!” (Mark 4:35–41) There’s an essential lesson to life found here: it is far better to weather the storm, trusting

in God, than to receive the Master’s rebuke. If they had weathered the storm (which they surely would have with Jesus on board), they would not have received His rebuke. He Will See You Through In that storm, Jesus was in the boat with them, visible to the disciples. During the storm in Matthew 14, Jesus was not on board; they could not see Him. They had to take it by faith that He could see them and trust in Him to take care of them during that traumatic time. This time the storm was a more difficult situation and called for more faith on the part of the disciples. They should have remembered that Jesus told them to go to the other side. That brings us to another important lesson to learn. If Jesus tells us to do something, we can be sure that He will see us through. If the disciples were in His will (and they were, because they had done what he had told them to do), they could be confident that “He who has begun a good work in you will complete it” (Philippians 1:6). He was “the author and finisher of [their] faith” (Hebrews 12:2). If Jesus has given you or me a certain thing to accomplish, He’ll give us the strength to do it and He will see us through. We must trust in Him, wait on Him, and recognize that we’ll make it.

KKLA Magazine

Issue 7


Storms Help Rid Us of Sin Now, out on the sea, the storm was going to rid the disciples of something they needed to be rid of: pride and ambition. It was going to teach them to be dependent upon Jesus for His timing and to keep their eyes upon Him. They would be different people when they came through the storm.

really appreciate it. I always thank them because I value their prayers. To be honest with you, though, I value the prayers of Jesus above all others. Knowing that He is interceding for us should bring great comfort to our hearts because He is our High Priest and knows what we are going through. He is praying that our faith will not fail.

Yes, Jesus sent them into the storm. Yes, Jesus will send you and me into the storms too. Yes, storms are a vital part of the Christian life. They can bring us face to face with our sin and help us grow in faith.

Storms Help Us to Know Who God Is The disciples weren’t sure they would survive. When Jesus ended the storm, they fell down before the Lord and said, “Truly You are the Son of God” (Matthew 14:33). That was the first time the disciples had made that statement unequivocally.

Jesus Prays for Us During the Storm Matthew 14:23 tells us what Christ was doing during the storm—He was praying. He was praying for His followers while He was there on the mountain. This is a picture of the church today. Here we are on earth, enduring the storm on the tossing sea. Meanwhile, Jesus is in heaven, interceding for us. Nothing gladdens my heart more than to know that Jesus is praying for me. When people say they are praying for me, I


KKLA Magazine

Issue 7

This storm was a turning point in their lives, a big step in their growth in faith. Will you allow the storms in your life to further your growth in faith?

U Hear Pastor Greg Laurie on “A New Beginning”, weekdays at 5:30am & 12:30pm on 99.5 KKLA.


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KKLA Magazine

Issue 7


microphone. After the pilots received instructions, each plane flew off in a different direction. Simple as it seems today, it was a marvel then. Later, while pastoring in eastern Canada, Richards stayed one weekend at a home where a crystal radio set was attached to an iron bed that served as an antenna. As he pulled the covers tight against the winter’s chill, he listened to a voice amidst the static and realized he was hearing someone from hundreds of miles away. He began then to think about how the new technology could be harnessed to communicate the Good News. After seven years of pastoral and evangelistic work in Ontario, Canada, the Richards family moved across the continent to California. Richards experimented with radio advertising in Bakersfield, one of several San Joaquin Valley cities where for three years he held meetings for up to twelve weeks at a time, often six nights a week. Richards moved to Alhambra in early summer 1929. Four months later, he was not only preaching in tents and wooden tabernacles, but was also on radio.

ley in 1995. On January 4, 1942, the Voice of Prophecy went coast-to-coast on 89 stations of the Mutual Broadcasting System, and within 10 months expanded to 225 stations Four weeks after going coast-to-coast, the program offered free Bible study lessons to listeners. An immediate success, the headquarters school graduated its one-millionth student in February 2010. Worldwide, many preachers were inspired by Richards and began Voice of Prophecy (and Voice of Hope) broadcasts, now aired in dozens of languages. The programs are complemented by Bible correspondence courses in some 60 languages offered by more than 130 Bible schools. Graduates from these affiliates around the world total many millions. Today’s

...they responded by giving old jewelry, spectacles, and even gold filled teeth.

Three and a half years after his first devotional message on KNX, Richards asked those attending his evangelistic series in Long Beach whether he should buy time on radio for a preaching program. His congregation didn’t have much money to spare, but they responded by giving old jewelry, spectacles, and even gold-filled teeth. Sale of the items brought $130 -- enough money to purchase 13 half-hour time slots on a local station. In 1937, when Pastor Richards began broadcasting on a network of seven West Coast stations, he changed the name of his “Bible Tabernacle of the Air” program to “Voice of Prophecy.” He explained, “This name summarized my idea of radio preaching, which was to focus the light of ancient Scriptures on current problems.” The growing radio ministry necessitated a larger staff and more working space. The offices were moved to Glendale, where they remained for 41 years before relocating to Newbury Park in 1978 and then to Simi Val-

radio programs touch persons from varied demographics. One recent note said: “I would like to congratulate [you] for outstanding outreach to youth like myself.” An e-mail shared: “I am an old grampa who really enjoys your broadcasts that I can get on the Internet.” Dedicated apps provide access to Voice of Prophecy broadcasts for iPhone and BlackBerry users. Friends can find Voice of Prophecy on Facebook, follow the broadcast at Twitter, and view music videos on YouTube and GodBeat. The ministry’s half-dozen websites include ones designed especially for Bible studies, Bible information, and kids’ topics. Pastor Kinsey says, “Today we have tools for sharing the gospel that Pastor Richards couldn’t even have imagined. We continue in our founder’s footsteps, using the latest in technology to fulfill the Great Commission. “The legacy of H. M. S. Richards is that the message the world needs is to be found in the Bible. The Bible must be central to everything, and Jesus is right at the center of the Bible. Our role is to bring people to the cross and then get out of the way so that Jesus can be clearly seen.” KKLA Magazine

Issue 7


What do you want out of a college? A place that will prepare you for a solid career but also strengthen your faith? An environment that will stretch you mentally but also grow you spiritually, transforming both your mind and your character? For over 100 years, Biola University has been that kind of place. Located in the heart of sunny Southern California, Biola is one of the nation’s leading Christian universities, known for its commitment to biblical truth, spiritual growth and academic excellence. Plus, it’s an ideal place to be a college student — with internship opportunities, ministry possibilities, beaches, amusement parks, and all the excitement of Los Angeles right in our backyard. Visit to learn how you or someone you know can apply to Biola today.

Southern California | 1.800.OK.BIOLA | | Biblically Centered Education Joni & Friends

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Alistair Begg

Dennis Rainey/Bob Lepine

Jay Sekulow

Charles Stanley

Family Talk James Dobson

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Turning Point David Jeremiah

A New Beginning


KKLA Magazine

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Local Programs

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Jim Daly KKLA Magazine

Issue 7


Co n t i nu e do np a g e2 5


KKLA Magazine

Issue 7

of purpose and promise begins when we understand and accept this. God wants you to discover all the dreams and blessings He has for you, and He is willing to move heaven and earth to help you walk in His will. The Father sets you free from any remaining bondage to sin and despair, and reveals your wonderful identity as His child— full of hope and purpose (Rom. 8:18–21). How does He do so? By teaching you how to have a clean heart, a clear mind, a balanced schedule, a healthy body, right relationships, and the willingness to submit to His commands in faith. Of course, there are many hurdles to overcome—issues we may deal with on a daily basis. Our inadequate perspective, feelings of low self-esteem, tendency to compare ourselves to others, self-imposed limitations, fears of disappointment or failure, and even laziness can hinder us from becoming all God created us to be. These are obstacles that we generally cannot overcome on our own. But the Lord can. And He will give us triumph over each one if we will trust and obey Him. Are you in danger of living the “settledfor” life? Do you continually run into the same conflicts and heartaches? Have you stopped progressing in your finances, relationships, or walk with God? The Father wants to help you surmount the hurdles and experience the extraordinary, victorious life you were created for. He “is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us” (Eph. 3:20). So trust Him to help you reach your full potential. Copyright 2010 In Touch Ministries, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

U Hear Charles Stanley on “In Touch”, weekdays at 9:30am on 99.5 KKLA.


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Bill and Kathleen and the Story Behind American Vision Windows With a two story house full of aluminum windows, Bill and Kathleen, owners of American Vision Windows, were constantly battling drastic temperature difference between upstairs and downstairs. Also, with a new baby in the house, they were tired of always feeling a draft near his crib. Seeking a resolution, they embarked on a window buying adventure, just as you may be about to do. Unfortunately, what should have been a pleasant Bill & Kathleen and exciting Owners, American Vision Windows experience, turned out to be nothing short of a stressful disaster. After three months of contractors showing up late or not at all, and having many calls avoided, they became disgruntled and disappointed customers. The only positive outcome is that Bill and Kathleen were inspired to create what would eventually become the largest window sales and installation company in California, and one of the largest in the nation. Many people are turning to dual or triple paned energy efficient windows to reduce their energy bills. Want an updated look for your home that can help save on your energy bill? You may have a bigger window of opportunity than you think. Replacing your old windows can give you a new look without the pain and expense of a total remodel. Telltale signs of aging windows can include warping, wood rotting or discoloration and difficulty in opening and closing your aluminum 26

KKLA Magazine

Issue 7

frames. If you are considering replacing your windows, exciting new advances are available with custom fitted vinyl windows. Vinyl windows offer a fresh new look with an array of advantages in today’s home. Custom vinyl windows can usually be ready in three to six weeks and most can be installed in one day without incurring stucco damage. When retrofitting the new windows, an insulating foam sealer can be used to fill the gap and secure your windows tightly. In fact, you can literally achieve an airtight installation. This is especially important for families with allergy problems. Drastically reducing the dust and pollutants coming into your environment will enhance the air quality inside your home. American Vision Windows is a faithbased family owned business that began

“Revolutionizing the Home Improvement Industry one customer at a time.” with the sole purpose of revolutionizing the window installation industry. They began, just as you are now, as customers, seeking information about something they had heard little about, “vinyl windows”. If you have old wood, aluminum or even vinyl windows, and enjoy saving money and the feeling of a well insulated, secure, efficient home, then you may be in the market for new vinyl windows and doors from American Vision Windows. For more information please call American Vision Windows at (888) 348-8989 or visit us online at

KKLA Magazine

Issue 7



650 MADRE VILLA, 3201SIERRA WILSHIRE BLVD., SUITESUITE 203 110 PASADENA, CA 91107 wHAT IS lA VIe? SANTA MONICA, CA 90403 wHAT IS lA VIe? 626-351-9616 La Vie is a community of Christian mental 310-453-5090 health professionals who provide psychother(Exit the 210 Fwy on Madre and drive north.) Laapy, Viecounseling is a community of Christian mental and education. We have many

health professionals psychotherexperienced therapistswho withprovide a wide range apy, counseling and education. We have many of specialties and fees. All of our therapists recognize thetherapists connectionwith of mind, body and experienced a wide range spirit, and affirm the worth and uniqueness of of specialties and fees. All of our therapists each person comes to of us.mind, We arebody devoted recognize thewho connection and to healing and wholeness in the context of spirit, and affirm the worth and uniqueness of every life circumstance: in the family; couple each person who comes to us. We are devoted relationships; work, single life and friendship. toInhealing wholeness the iscontext fact, theand translation of “LainVie” “Life.” of every life circumstance: in the family; couple relationships; work,acceptance, single lifeunderstanding and friendship. We offer the same compassion we would wantVie” for ourselves Inand fact, the translation of “La is “Life.” and our own families. We warmly welcome clients We offer the same acceptance, understanding of all faiths and backand compassion we would want for ourselves grounds.

u NeeD Help Now?

Do You NeeD Help Now?

have Youtodon’t have to urther. look any further. Outofof 28 our staff of Magazine staff KKLA more than twenty twenty therapists, one has one has

Issue 7

and our own families. We warmly We canwelcome also offer clients of all faithsand and backworkshops grounds. pASADeNA seminars to your church or 650 SIERRA MADRE VILLA, SUITE 110 organization, as We can also offer PASADENA, CA 91107 pASADeNA well as provide workshops and 626-351-9616 650 SIERRA MADRE VILLA, SUITE 110 therapy and to (Exit the PASADENA, 210 Fwy onCAMadre north.)seminars 91107and drive pASADeNA counseling at very your 650 SIERRA MADRE VILLA,church SUITE 110 or 626-351-9616 rates. PASADENA, CA affordable 91107 (Exit the 210 Fwy on Madre and drive north.) organization, as 626-351-9616 (Exit the 210 Fwy on Madre and drive north.) well as provide Do You NeeD Help Now? therapy and counseling at very You don’t have to lavie_brochure.indd 2 look any further. affordable rates. Out of our staff of more than twenty therapists, one has a specialty and fee range that is right for you. lavie_brochure.indd 2



sf d nd ss of oted . of ple ghip. s .”

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:noitamrofni erom roF 6169-153-626 gro.gnilesnuoCeiVaL.www

wHAT CAN I expeCT wHAT CAN I expeCT froM THerApY?


froM THerApY?


Some people think of therapy as a last ditch Many of us have been wounded and confused effort to solve their problems, and conseby the stressful, difficult world in which we Someitpeople think of therapy with fear. Therapy can alsoas a las Many of us been wounded live. We exhibit ourhave distress in many ways.and confused quently approach effort to solve in their problems, be considered an adventure growth, a pro- and con Therapy a safe place withinworld a caring by offers the stressful, difficult in which we cess of renewal in the deepening of ourselves quently approach it with fear. Therapy relationship youour can distress learn to underlive. Wewhere exhibit in many ways. as people in relationships. standTherapy your particular distress and its roots, and be considered an adventure in growth offers a safe place within a caring learn relationship to make changes that bring healing into cess of renewal in the deepening of o where you can learn to underTherapy is not only “solving a problem.” your life. Some of the things that have brought as people in relationships. stand your particular distress and its roots, and others La Vie for help are: Featured therapist onmental the Frank Pastore Show La Vie islearn atocommunity of Christian to make changes that bring healing into Frequently, people who come for therapy learn health professionals provide Therapy is not only “solving problem your life. Somewho of the things that At La Christian Counseling Centers When Jesus psychotherchosehave hisbrought to Vie see themselves differently, accept more aand Many of us have been wounded con Eating Disorders Problems apy,Relationship counseling and education. We have many others to La Viedisciples for help he are:picked men we often realisticby goals, become more flexible in their hear people in pain ask the the stressful, difficult world in which w Marital Conflict Self-Esteem Problems experienced therapistswho with a wide range Frequently, people who come for thera perceptions, change behaviors question, “What’s the dysfunctional point feelings, could “understand live. We exhibit ourof distress in many way Sexual Problems Depression and develop more satisfying relationships. of specialties and fees.with All their of ourhearts” therapists to see themselves differently, (Mark anyway?” The answer is, to help you accept m Anxiety/Stress Chemical Dependency Relationship Problems Eating Disorders Therapy offers a safe placemore within a carin realistic goals, become 13:15). He knew that heal and connect to others. Your feelings flexible i recognize the connection of mind, body and Problems MoodMarital Disorders ProblemsTherapyrelationship Conflict Spiritual Self-Esteem where youall learn to unde alsoperceptions, offers but you thechange skills tocan develop the world would be Life changed by peopleof are a gift from God, as with gifts dysfunctional beh spirit, and affirm the worth and uniqueness Parent-Child Problems Transitions M P 61:34:21 further. 80/5/3 Sexual Problems Depression yourself It is a pathway to growth stand your particular distress and its roo they must be used Wemore helpsatisfying people relations ofperson greatfrom faith and emotional intelligence. andwisely. develop Co-Dependency Recovery Abuse each who comes to us. We are devoted that complements your physical, spiritual and healing Chemical Dependency Anxiety/Stress learn to make changes bring with God gave us the giftWomen’s of faithcontext Grief/Loss & to trustofin develop the skill of understandingthat to healing and wholeness in the mental development. Our Spiritual Problems Mood your life. Some the things that have b their therapists hearts, which is theofcharacteristic Him, andatDisorders the to connect Men’s Issues Difficulties Workgift ofinfeelings every life circumstance: the family; couple atTherapy La Vie arealso offers you the skills to de Life Transitions Parent-Child Problems to for help us to each other. While getting your feel- that Jesus looked forLainVie those he yourself further. It istrusted aare: pathway to gro here toothers relationships; work, single life and friendship. Co-Dependency Recovery from Abuse ings hurt by someone you love can be the If you are hurting or struggling in that complements your physical, spirit you In fact, the translation of “La Vie” isyour “Life.” Women’s & Grief/Loss source of greatest pain, having feela marriage or relationship—we can help. along mental development. Our Disorder Relationship Problems Eating Men’s Issues Reasoning at Workby that same way out of relationship ingsDifficulties truly understood person that yourtherapists at La Vie are Self-Esteem Pro Marital Conflict We offer thethe same acceptance, can be greatest source ofunderstanding healing and problems isn’t enough. Developing path. often here to

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By Frank Pastore

/// faithful to christs calling

o you have a “political testimony”? Poll after poll reveals that only half of selfidentifying Christians even bother to register to vote, and only half of those ever get around to actually voting. This means, that usually only one in four Christians actually vote. Why do you think this is? Of all people, shouldn’t Christians know how precious and fragile this American experiment in self-government is? Whatever happened to the notion of the “Christian patriot”? Why do so many today think that’s an oxymoron? Perhaps a lot of Christians know not because they’ve been taught not. My own “political testimony” is a prime example…


KKLA Magazine

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A mutual friend had thought it a good idea to get me together with Dr. Larry Arnn, then the president of the Claremont Institute (today he’s the President of Hillsdale College). The idea was to brainstorm about doing some joint speaking events. I, the popular Christian apologist from Talbot School of Theology, would do the Christian thing. Dr. Arnn would do the conservative-political thing. The idea was to do some cross pollination: to get Christians to care about conservative politics, and to get conservatives to care about Christian theology. This was our first gettogether–just the three of us over coffee. I started the conversation after the initial round of polite greetings.

“Larry, I’m an evangelical Christian, and I really think we just need to help people–conservatives especially–understand that this was a Christian nation and we’re losing those roots. The only real way to ever turn America around is to get the Church serious about walking with the Lord again. We’ve simply moved too far away from our Christian roots, that’s the whole problem,” I said. “Frank, I’m a Christian too,” he said. “But, if–as you believe–all the answers are in the New Testament teachings of Jesus, then why do you think it took eighteen centuries for there to be an America? Why would Christians want to create a new government when both the Lord and Romans teach that we are to obey whomever is in power, even tyrants? Furthermore, how would Christians know how to do such a thing? After all, Jesus never raised an army, levied a tax, guided a policy debate in a legislature, or administered a government,” he pzosed with quiet confidence. I was stunned. I honestly had never considered any of these questions.

sion of Christian values in all of history. They don’t understand politics is theology applied–it’s how we live out our faith. Adequate answers to Dr. Arnn’s excellent questions range far beyond my limited scope here. But, for now, here’s a few humble suggestions to think about. It took so long for there to be an America because so many things had to get worked out. In the ancient world, all laws came from the local gods, and the ruler was therefore both king and priest. As Rome expanded, they would attempt to accommodate all of these local religions into their Pantheon. Rome paved the way for the later acceptance of monotheism. A universal empire made it easier for a universal religion.

Jesus never raised any army, levied a tax, guided a policy debate in legislature, or administered a government...

“I’ve got no clue,” I confessed. For the next two hours, Dr. Arnn laid out the broad contours of an answer. I had never heard anything like it. It was the story of political philosophy, the story of Christianity, the story of Western Civilization, and the story of the American founding all rolled into one. He ranged with ease from Plato’s Republic to the Federalist Papers, with stops along the way at Jesus, Augustine, Aquinas, Machiavelli, Jefferson and others–all off the top of his head–often quoting from memory. Why have I never heard any of this? And if I haven’t heard it–and I’m a professor at a Christian college–I guarantee a whole lot of Christians haven’t either. You see, it isn’t that Americans have lost their Christian roots, it’s that Christians have lost their American roots. They don’t know that the American story, and the larger story of Western Civilization, is their story. No wonder they don’t vote. They don’t understand America was and is the greatest expres-

Yet, who should rule? The one, the few, or the many? It took many centuries for democracy to displace monarchy, aristocracy, and the divine right of kings. A king may be God’s man on earth, but what to do about succession? Only equals can trust one another with the responsibilities, duties, and privileges of democracy. Equality is the precondition for democracy. For why would you allow someone not your equal to have a vote as valuable as yours? But who are one’s equals? If no man is born with a saddle on his back, can there be such a thing as a natural slave? If all men have equal standing before God, then why does one own the labor of another? There would be a Civil War over this. Jesus’ radical “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, and to God that which is God’s ” (Mt. 22:21) simply remade the world. It is the source of both the separation of church and state, private property, and the idea of limited government. No man should be both Caesar and High Priest, nor should the state have authority over the soul, the conscience, or the fruits of one’s labor. So much for trying to do Western Civ. in a few paragraphs. KKLA Magazine

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Let me just suggest that each element of this four-part calculus plays a critical role: Old Testament, New Testament, Declaration of Independence, and Constitution. Omit one, and the whole thing breaks down. Fail to understand each precedent, and the consequent hangs in mid air. You’ve got to know where you’ve been to know where you are. Perhaps I can ask you a question. Think of what it is conservatives are trying to conserve, what liberals are attempting to liberate from, and what progressives are striving to progress toward. Think of the utopias of each. Would you want to live in that society? If not, why not? What are you doing today to make sure that doesn’t happen? That’s politics. Someone’s vision of the future is being implemented today in the here and now. Whose will it be? That’s why you vote. American Christians have overcome more evil, promoted more good, and advanced more justice than any people in history. Every American ought to be indebted to the JudeoChristian value system that is the foundation of our American superstructure. Every Christian, regardless of where they’re from, should admire this wondrous thing called America that has been the best political expression of our Lord’s teachings. Jesus may never have raised an army, levied a tax, guided a policy debate in a legislature, or administered a government. But He has raised us up to do these things in His name. May we be faithful to His high calling.

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What is Character? Wikipedia has several definitions, but we like this one best: an evaluation of a particular individual’s moral qualities. Character is the constellation of traits that we demonstrate on a consistent basis. Character is something you show when people aren’t watching. Your character can be influenced by upbringing, culture, world view, religion and many other factors. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language defines character in several ways, using words like moral or ethical strength; attributes, traits or abilities; and competency, dependability and reputation.

“Today, unfortunately, character is often confused with success.” Today, unfortunately, character is often confused with success. Success seems to be the only thing that counts, and success is often measured by money and possessions. How you acquired that “success” doesn’t seem to be important. That is why there is such turmoil in our society and the world. Character has been forgotten or ignored.


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At Berglund & Johnson, character is our most important quality. Character drives us to be honest, ethical, competent and upright in our actions and decisions. We are one of the few personal injury firms where the initial free consultation is with a fully licensed lawyer. We evaluate your case, with no high pressure to retain our firm. During your free evaluation, you will be counseled as to your rights and options. If your case is one that you can handle without an attorney, you will be advised accordingly. From the initial consultation, Berglund & Johnson is committed to strongly representing your interests, while utilizing truth and the highest of ethics. For us, character still counts.

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KKLA Magazine

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KKLA Magazine

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It all begins with one little compromise — before you know it, you are entangled in sin so deep that you feel like you can’t get out. Samson was one of the characters in the Bible who continually lived too close to sin and it destroyed him. Though he took a Nazarite vow to live a separate and holy life before God, he compromised his beliefs and values as he grew older. Driven by his lust, Samson visited places that he was not supposed to visit; ate foods he was not supposed to eat; and mingled with people he was not supposed to mingle with. He spent days and even years allowing himself to be seduced by Philistine women. His vow of separation from the world and dedication to the Lord was long forgotten as he sought one pretty face after another. We have been robbed spiritually and don’t even know it. When we, as God’s children, begin to look upon and mingle with unbelievers, we may start to act like them. Over time, we accept their attitudes, adhere to their values, and adapt to their lifestyles. Why are we so easily tempted and led astray? Why are we not content with the things God has given us? We are tempted because sin appears to be so much more exciting. Yet that perceived excitement is just a wicked deception. In the story of Adam and Eve, the forbidden fruit looked good and smelled good, so they thought that if they just took a little bite, just a little compromise, they would be okay. “Go ahead.” We think to ourselves also, “no one will ever know. Come on; it’s just a piece of fruit. Did God really say not to eat it? Are we sure He said that? We have worked hard. We deserve it.”


KKLA Magazine

Issue 7

Sound familiar? It’s the same old argument from the beginning of time. Just as Eve was deceived in the Garden of Eden, so are we. We spend so much of our time looking and lusting after things, debating with ourselves and God about them that we find ourselves completely drained. We have been robbed spiritually and don’t even know it. How does anyone walk away from the Lord? It happens when we start breaking one vow, one commandment at a time. It’s a process, not a single event. We go where we shouldn’t go. We look at something we shouldn’t see. It’s a dangerous place to be. In our heart, we are defying God. We are saying to God, “Listen, I know what You want from me, but I’m not going to give it to You. I appreciate how You want to bless me, but I’m not going to obey You this time.” Samson was in the wrong country looking at the wrong things. He had no business being there. He was checking out the Philistine women who worshiped foreign gods. He was even looking at the possibility of marrying one of these women. He was now in a place where he shouldn’t be and was considering things he should have been avoiding altogether. Does that sound like us? Shouldn’t we be constantly asking ourselves why we are in certain places and what we are doing? In 1 Kings 19:9, God asks, “What are you doing here, Elijah?” Elijah responded, “I alone am left; and they seek to take my life.” What a selfish thing to say to God! God responded, in essence, to His servant Elijah, “I have seven thousand who have not bowed their knee to other gods. Why are you so discouraged?” Elijah had taken his eyes off the Lord and put them on his own situation. Conversely, we need to stay in con-

stant fellowship with God. He will continue to speak to us and lead us in His still, small voice. Constant distractions and discouragement will prevent us from hearing His voice. That is when we, like Samson, begin to follow our own desires down a path of destruction. Samson was living in a very dangerous place. Instead of living by faith, he was living by sight. Samson saw what he wanted and took it. He was living for the sole purpose of fulfilling the pleasures of his flesh. He was trying to satisfy the “here and now.” God gave Samson, as He gives all of us, free will. Samson had the ability to make choices. Samson did not want what his parents had nor did he want to submit to their authority. He did not want what God wanted for him. His mind was set on doing what he wanted to do, and he was deceived by his own selfishness and pride. He knew that he was called by God— that he was special and that he had tremendous strength. He thought that having these special abilities gave him a license to live any way he wanted. Because God didn’t deal with him immediately, Samson assumed it was okay to do what he was doing. He misinterpreted his own free will as God’s permissiveness. Too often, when we are living in rebellion, we still experience God’s blessing upon our lives and

think everything is okay in our relationship with the Lord, when in reality, it is not. Rather, it is God sending us a message that He is alive and well and He wants us to turn around. He’s not endorsing what we are doing but is giving us a chance to repent. We should not mistake God’s grace for His longsuffering. Just because God doesn’t judge or deal with our sin immediately does not mean that He is approves our actions. We will eventually reap what we have sowed. Have you crossed the line? Have you compromised and played with sin? Turn to Christ now. Get back in fellowship, Bible reading, and prayer. As you walk daily with the Lord, you will have God’s strength to resist the power of compromise in your life. This article is an excerpt from Pastor Steve Mays’ new book, Crossing the Line, the Compromised Life. Pastor Steve challenges you to examine your life. Are you willing to surrender your convictions for one moment of sin and selfishness, or will you trust God and live in obedience to His Spirit?

To order your copy of Pastor Steve May’s new book, Crossing the Line or to browse through some of Pastor Steve’s other resources, go to

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KKLA Magazine

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The next time you attend a party or a gathering and you meet someone new. Don’t ask them the normal, “What do you do?” or “How are you?” Ask them the deeper more thought provoking questions, “Who are you?” I started asking myself that question, without really realizing it, many years ago. You go through life… school, homework, dealing with friends, siblings, parents. Then college, work and more work. We tend to define ourselves by what we do. I was a cheerleader and gymnast in high school – that’s who I was. We go through life experiencing successes and failures along the way… how many of us have defined who we are based on our most recent relationship? There is a new program on 99.5 KKLA-FM every Saturday from 4 pm to 5 pm, hosted by yours truly, The Termite Lady. However, we are not talking termites or pests. We are talking relationships, passion, purpose, connections, who we are as individuals through God’s perspective.

Satan tries to get us to believe we are not worthy to receive Gods love! Do you believe God works through us? I do. I believe that God places people in our lives to help us learn life lessons the same way He would teach us. Have you ever thought or said, “I want to ask Jesus about that when I get to heaven?” I have too. There are experiences that I’ve gone through that by sharing them may help you with something you are dealing with. You’ve had experiences that I can learn from. If we allow ourselves to be transparent, vulnerable, share our life stories, and seek God’s wisdom, we can live better lives. My desire is that this program will reach out to people and give them hope. I want to let them know they are not alone. Satan tries to 42

KKLA Magazine

Issue 7

get us to believe we are not worthy to receive Gods love. That is a lie from the Devil. Our lives are filled with lessons if we pay attention. Being honest to ourselves and others, always seeking to understand is healthy. We are a summation of our life experiences. How we respond to what gets thrown our way is a choice either consciously or subconsciously by our belief system. What do you believe? What you believe is who you are! What you believe helps you or hinders you at any given moment. Who you are when no one is looking is who you truly are. One of my passions is dancing, I compete in many competitions; you can view my clips on Youtube by searching “Termite Lady”. The important element in dance is connection. Knowing the tension, the give and take is what makes or destroys the dance. In my opinion life and relationships are like a dance. There is give and take; there is a lead and a follow. At times that role changes depending on the result desired. There is a mission for the dance and that is to keep connection, pay attention, be individual but be together, balance, confidence, constant conversation, eye contact and physical touch. In order to excel you need to put in the time. It’s a process, and the joy is not in the arrival but in the journey. Take this journey with me. Every Saturday from 4-5 pm on “The Sue Fries Show” 99.5 KKLAFM. Listeners are encouraged to call in during the show with insight or questions at (888) 995-KKLA (5552). Here’s my question for you, “Who Are You?”

Susan Fries, known as The Termite Lady, is the President of ECOLA Termite and Pest Management Services. She is also a wife, mom and a woman with a heart to help others. You can also follow Susan Fries at

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