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We are a gift-giving company that believes in honoring the people that make a difference in our lives. Our products are hand-selected and include many recognizable brands as well as selections from undiscovered small businesses.


Olive Gift Co (formally Olive and Grey) was started by Michell Ratcliffe. Michell spent years in corporate America, climbing the ladder in the foodservice industry. She’ll tell you much of her success was hard work, but she also recognizes different managers who helped encourage her along the way. “They each taught me something unique and I wouldn’t be who I am today without them.

After building her career, Michell took time to think about creating her own opportunity. “I had always focused on appreciation in my life, and I knew how important it was to thank the people that had helped me grow. The challenge was finding unique ways to express my appreciation. Ways that mattered to each of them.”

Michell has since been joined by her sister, Kerina. Kerina is the oldest of the eight siblings and brings a determination that helps her achieve whatever goals she commits to. She is an integral part of growing Olive Gift Co as the manager and has strengthened the connection of this sisterowner duo.

Michell was born in Trinidad and loves supporting local purveyors from back home. This means, our collections will always include items that are truly special and come from sources you can be proud to support.

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Prices in this catalogue are valid from October 2022 to December 31, 2022. All products are subject to availability. Prices do not include shipping or tax. WHY CHOOSE US 03 WISHING WELLNESS HAPPY HOSTING 06 08 EAT, DRINK, & BE MERRY READY TO ORDER 10 12 OUR SERVICES 14 Holiday Specials WHO WE ARE 02 02 olivegiftco.com
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We’re proud to be a woman-owned and operated small business that creates luxury products from other women-owned businesses. We only use the best quality because we want the curated boxes to represent your brand well.


We color-coordinate everything in your tailored gift boxes, from the band to the ribbons to the colors that best suit your organization, so the recipient will love your gifts. Our team’s creativity makes the possibilities endless.


Creative people are rare. Of course, we’ll help you if you have the same problem, but Olive Gift Co doesn’t judge! Curated gift boxes are customized to your needs. We’ll implement your preferred choice.


To design a look that you will adore and be proud to present to others (or yourself), our team uses Pantone colors or the colors you think would best suit the recipient.


Olive Gift Co strives to satisfy all our customers. We work hard to meet consumer needs without sacrificing quality. We brainstormed to build the perfect gift box based on customer needs.


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Nothing beats a fresh pot of coffee, a cozy pair of socks, and a cool autumn morning spent lounging in front of the fire.

Included in our “Welcome To Fall” Gift Box is a scented candle, freshly ground coffee, and a brand-new journal, all of which will help you unwind and prepare for the week ahead.

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Cacao — a superfood that’s often overlooked and associated only with unhealthy chocolate bars. “It’s a food of god, though,” Jukka likes to say. By adding raw cacao to his diet and dropping traditional dairy products, Jukka adopted a new diet and lifestyle.

Purpose over profit

“There has to be greater transparency in where our food comes from, how it’s sourced, and how it’s treated,” Jukka says. That’s why Goodio spells out the entire process: cacao is sourced from South American and African farms. Goodio uses raw cacao — completely natural. In fact, it’s stone ground in Helsinki for three days. By keeping it raw, it retains its nutrients.

olivegiftco.com 05 LWS London Bullet Journal, Le Pens Pair Chocolate Pens, Le Bon Shoppe Cloud Socks, Goodio Coffee Chocolate, Sweet Water Decor Hello Fall Candle, Avry Beauty Mini Shea Hand Cream. CoCo Brown $89.00
Jukka Peltola
Cloud Socks perfect for fall and winter! LE BON SHOPPE
Goodio Founder
06 olivegiftco.com Lapcos CiCa Face Mask, Old Whaling Co. Coastal Christmas, Old Whaling Co. Eucalyptus & Spearmint, Tule Fog Candle Co Tahoe Nights Candle YULETIDE CAROL $39.00 WISHING WELLNESS Lapcos Red Wine Face Mask, Wild Botanicals Christmas Spirit Soap, Old Whaling Co. Sugar Plum Body Butter, Tule Fog Candle Co Bayside Jolly Candle SANTA’S HELPER $39.00


Our carefully assembled boxes are just what you need to relax and rejuvenate on Sundays after a busy week. Have some self-care done; you’ve earned it! Ideal for recognizing and thanking exceptional educators, healthcare providers, customers, and pals

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1 3 2 1 Olive Gift Co Glass Mug Blue, Tease Rose Konjac Facial Sponge, LWS London Mindfulcards, Balm Co. Lip Balm, Tea with Tae Winter Tea, Keats Soap Co. Muse Soap, Tenn Prairie Red and White Match Holder, Old Whaling Co Magnolia Rose CALM FOR THE NIGHT $155.00 2 Willa’s Shortbread Co., Thoughtfulls Mindful Pop Up Cards, Archivist Gallery Yoga Matches, Galleyware Stoneware Starburst Mug, Happy Spritz Good karma Spritz, PF Candle Co Teakwood and Tobacco WARMTH FOR THE HOLIDAYS $125.00 3 Le Bon Shoppe Cloud Socks, Old Whaling Co Magnolia Rose, Dot & Lil Lavander Hibiscus Bath Fizz, Dot & Lil While Flower Perfume, La Lavander Lip Balm, Hudson Made Apothecary Rose Soap, Vinoos Wine Sparkling Gummies, Decor Mini Succulent BLUSHING WINTER $125.00



Ten years ago, husband-and-wife team Geoff Weiser and Suji Meswani left their jobs in the corporate world to chase their dream of working together. With backgrounds in graphic design and product development, they put together a plan to launch their own product line, Skeem Design. Skeem’s candles are made with an exclusive soy/ vegetable base, while ceramic incense holders are crafted by local artisans. And, in order to reduce the company’s carbon footprint, the collection, which uses as little packing material as possible, is manufactured and shipped from the same US location.


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Suji Meswani and Geoff Weiser Skeem Design. Founders Glass Match Cloche

In terms of visual impact, it’s up there with some of our other

thanks to its modern yet comforting design. Given that it contains useful home

you can give it to anyone moving into a new place, regardless of gender. But wait, don’t stick to just housewarmings; it has universal applicability and can be given as a memorable birthday present, host/hostess gift, realtor settlement gift, new employee gift, or thank you gift for various occasions.

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top picks,
1 2 3 4 1 Hudson Candle Co Members Only Candle, Sugarfina Candy Co Bourbon Gummi Bears, Olive Gift Co. Amber Glass Mug, Tenn Prairie Black and White Match Holder, Accent Decor Home Black Mist, Heathmade Aware Spritz SOMETHING FOR HIM $145.00 2 Rifle Paper Co Colette Ring Dish, Skeem Design Mulberry Match Cloche, Illume Candle Dylan Woodfire Electroplated Candle, Pinch Provisions Plum Velvet Scarf Minimergency Kit, Olive Gift Co Candle Wick Trimmer LUXURY MULBERY & PLUM $125.00 3 Skeem Olive Match Cloche, Illume Candle Dylan Balsam and Cedar Electroplated Candle, Pinch Provisions Pine Velvet Scarf Minimergency Kit, India Handicrafters Gilded Texture Bowl, Olive Gift Co Candle Wick Trimmer LUXURY BALSAM & PINE $125.00 4 Make and Stow Black Walnut Mini Cutting Board with Brass Inlay, Enzo’s Table Bakery Enzo’s Traditional Olive Oil, Enzo’s Table Bakery Enzo’s Balsamic Vinegar, Solenzoi Organic Sun-dried Tomato Antipasto, Solenzoi Organic Smoky Grilled Artichoke Tomato Antipasto, Linen Tales Mustard and Linen White Kitchen Towels, BeHome Brass Wine Opener KITCHEN & ENTERTAINING $140.00
Raaka Chocolate Bourbon Cask Aged Chocolate, Studio Portmanteau Black and Gold Moon Matches, Fat Toat Farm Mini Caramel Sauce, Molly and Me Bourbon Pecan, Calyan Wax Co Apple Maple Bourbon, Beshaler Cinnamon Nutmeg Chocolate, Olive Gift Co Caramel Popcorn BOURBON SUNSET $110.00 10 olivegiftco.com EAT, DRINK, & BE MERRY Dick taylor Craft Chocolate Peppermint Smore’s, Benjamin Candle Co Juniper Sage Mini Candle, Tenn Prairie Red and White Match Holder, Visiki Gold Wine Corkscrew, Bittemilk Bourbon Barrel HOLIDAY HAPPY HOUR $145.00 HOLIDAY SPECIALS There’s nothing better than staying in and snuggling up during the holidays. There are no obligations or stresses related to work, so you can kick back and enjoy yourself. As the day winds down, why not relax with a glass of classic bourbon and some of your favorite tunes? This present is great for showing appreciation to employees, holding virtual events, or rewarding your most loyal customers for their continued support throughout the year.
olivegiftco.com 11 1 2 4 3 5 4 Sweet Watr Decor Hello Fall Mug, Yes Cocktail Co Toasted Pecan Syrup, Olive Gift Co Caramel Popcorn, Lola Jane Organics Pair of Bath Fall Fizz, G P Candle Company Blackwood Candle. GP Candle Co Forrest Flannel Matches TOAST TO FALL $120.00 5 B Toffee and Sweets Dark Toffee, Visiki Gold Champagne Wine Stopper, GP Candle Company While Pine Candle, Yes Cocktail Co Ginger Spice, Teaspressa Holiday Kit HOLIDAY EMERALD $135.00 3 Olive Gift Co Salted Virginia Peanuts, Angostura Orange Bitters, Sugarfina Candy Co Bourbon Caramel, Bittermilk, Bourbon Barrel, Thoughtfully Holiday Cheer Pop Up Cards, Kala Style Cedar Candle OUT AND ABOUT $125.00 1 Beshaler Milk Chocolate, Sweet Water Decor Merry Tea Towel, Beverly and 3rd Candle Co Snow and Pine, Quotable Joy to the World Ornament, Rustic Bakery Lemon Shortbread Cookie, Made Market Co Christmas Tree Farm Vintage Apothecary Matches JOY TO YOU $115.00 2 Scabby Robot Burgundy Leather Coaster, W&P Craft Hot Toddy, GP Candle Co Flannel Matches, Miir Copper Camp Mug, Yes Cocktail Co Toasted Pecan Syrup HOLIDAY BURGUNDY $155.00 Hot Chocolate with marshmallows to get cozy with! BESHALER
12 olivegiftco.com READY-TO- ORDER 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 Enzo’s Table Bakery Granola Crunch, BeHome Mini Olive Wood Scoop, Big Spoon Roasters Chocolate Sea Salt Almond Butter, W & P Porter White Bowl CLOVIS BREAKFAST $75.00 2 W&P Craft Hot Toddy, Sweet Water Decor Apple Cider Candle, GP Candle Co Flannel Matches MINI CIDER UP TO FALL $55.00 3 Elements Truffles Black Lava Sea Salt, Gold & Ivy Christmas Soy Candle, The Art of Caramel Vanilla Bean Popcorn CHRISTMAS SNACK PACK $45.00 4 Silver Needle Co Green Tea, Sweet Water Decor Christmas Tree Candle, Palermo Body Tea Tree Mint Soap MINI SILVER PINE $65.00 $59.00 6 $59.00 7 $59.00 8 $59.00 Lavande Bath Salt, Elizabeth W Vetiver Bath Fizz, Illume Candle Co Dylan Woodfire Electroplated Candle WOODFIRE MINI SPA Lavande Bath Salt, Elizabeth W Vetiver Bath Fizz, Illume Candle Co Dylan Winter White Electroplated WINTER WHITE MINI SPA Big Heart Tea Cup of Sunshine Tea, BeHome Olive Wood Honey Stick, Chandler Honey Orange Ginger Honey, Charleston Candle Co Mini Gold Tin Candle CHARLESTON SUNSHINE Lavande Bath Salt, Elizabeth W Mint Rosemary Bath Fizz, Illume Candle Co Dylan Santal Fig Candle MINTY MINI SPA 5 $65.00 Tea with Tae Mini Chai Tea, Anellabees Raw Clover Honey, Le Bon Shoppe Cloud Socks, BeHome Olive Wood Honey Stick, Boston International Bees Pocket Tissue COZY BEE HIVE 9



olivegiftco.com 13 GIFTS READY FOR YOU AND YOUR NEEDS 10 11 12 13 14 15 10 Tea wit Tae Mini Chai Tea, Anellabees Raw Clover Honet, Le Bon Shoppe Cloud Socks, BeHome Olive Wood Honey Stick, Boston International Bees Pocket Tissue CLASSIC ONYX $65.00 11 Candlefish Gold Ornament Candle, Pinch Provisions Pine Velvet Scarf Minimrgency Kit, Honey Hutch Lavander Lip Balm, Archivist Gallery Christmas Tree Matches, Olive Gift Co Gold Candle Wick Trimmer GOLDEN ORNAMENT ON XMAS TREE $95.00 12 Danesone Bourbon Four Pack Toothpick, Daneson Red Cedar Candle, True Hue Hand Sanitizer, Sugarfina Candy Co Bourbon Gummi Bears, Hudson Made Co Body Balm, Hydra Bloom Bourbon Honey Cologne, Kala Style Sea Salt Soap CLASSIC DANESON $235.00 $95.00 14 $115.00 15 $145.00 CB2 Ceramic Navy Mug, Black Bow Sweets California Walnuts, Thoughtful Holiday Cheer Pop Up Cards, Skeem Design Gold and Black Travel Candle, Beshaler White Hot Chocolate, Fat Toad Farm Caramel Sauce, Simply Mints Cinnamon Mint HOLIDAY CHEER Tule Candles Lavander Candle, BeHome Olive Wood Cooking Spoon, Molly and Me Sweet Heat Pecans, Morris Kitchen Ginger Syrup, Olive Gift Co Meery Christmas Kitchen Towel, Quotable “Eat Drink and be Merry Coaster
Benjamin Soap Co Lavander Eucalyptus Candle, The Scrub Bar Lavander Kitchen and Hand Soap, BeHome Black Bottle Opener, BeHome Black Marble Spoon Holder, Linen Tales Daily Linen Striped Apron, Neolea Black Sea Salt NEW
CUSTOM PACKAGING COST QUANTITY PRODUCTION Minimum Business Days BRANDED COMBINATION notecard, gift tags, stickers, ribbon $9 25 3-4 BRANDED NOTECARD $2 25 3-4 BRANDED SLEEVE $7 50 5-7 FOIL BRANDED SLEEVE $9 50 1-2 Weeks BRANDED CUSTOM PACKAGING Consultation Required 100 8 Weeks DISCLAIMER: Production days during the holiday peak season may take longer than usual. Per Box 14 olivegiftco.com
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