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INDIA Indian culture ! Many traditional Indian dishes consist of multiple spices used as a rub for a protein and plenty of grains and vegetables to go with the meal. Most of India is still makes their meals traditionally done with recipes past down from generation to generation.

foods from India -Mangos -Coconut -Sugar -Chick Peas -Dried Chillies -Spices ! -Paprika ! -White Mustard Seed ! -Clove ! -Allspice ! -Curry Leaves -Rice

! In India there are certain dishes to go with certain festivals or events. For example, dahi vada, which is a dumpling topped with spicy savory yogurt. They always have these at The Festival of Colors. This is a celebration for everyone. This is a time to celebrate your race, heritage, sex, background, anything. Just a celebration for the people. ! The types of ingredients used in India soon traveled to be used in the creation of other cultures.

JAPAN Japanese Culture ! Japan has a very unique culture. They are mostly very traditional, going along with their own family recipes, much like many other countries but, Japan has a very resourceful culture. They don’t waste anything. They use the root, stem, and fruit of most ingredients. ! They also keep their food very fresh and clean. They don’t use preservatives or artificial anything. They use fresh ingredients, from fresh markets that can be found in all parts of Japan.

foods from Japan -Horse radish -Sushi -Sesame -Rice -Roe -Sea weed

ITALY Italian culture ! In Italy things are very cultural and family based. You use the recipe your family created. Thats what you grow up on because thats what your parents grew up on so that’s what your kids will grow up on. Cheese and wine are huge in Italy. They drink wines over 100 years old and enjoy cheeses that have been in the works for years too. ! Italy is a very loud, expressive country with much to offer. Food is just one of the amazing factors they have past along to the world.

foods from Italy -Cheese -Wine -Pasta -Olives -Basil -Oils

AMERICA American culture ! Unlike any other, American culture is made up of other cultures we have made our cuisine out of others but put our own twist on things. For example burgers, came from Germany with, at most, cheese on top. Today you can go to a burger shop and get practically anything you could imagine on top.

food in America -Oranges -Corn -Cheese -Wheat

GLOBALIZATION ! Like previously stated, America is a country made up of so many different cultures so I find it really fascinating that we are the most unhealthy country in the world. ! The contribution to fast food chains and restaurants without fresh produce has increased dramatically since the 2000’s. The amount of frozen food and frozen food consumption has also increased. ! The question I would like to be answered is why? Why is America the country that starts the trend of unhealthy chain food eating? Yes, other countries have places like McDonald’s, I know, but not anything like Americas McDonald’s; where these companies are taking over the food industry and still feeding us artificial flavors and saturated fats. Why do we continue to buy things like this? ! The only solution found is that we don’t have the ancestry that other countries do. Creating a confusion with what we should do with the resources we have. We don’t have other ancestors to do this trial and error type of eating and creating. This creates an American problem because we have no originality. We don’t have anything that’s really “our own”. ! This can be fantastic and terrible at the same time. Because of this we can create with what others have or we can destroy and where we are right now isn’t what I believe we are capable of.

Globalization in food  
Globalization in food  

How our food is evolving