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Executive Snow Control 59-15 55th Drive Maspeth, NY 11378 718 366-7780 FAX 718 366-7783

Winter weather has the potential to halt your business if you fail to prepare for it. At Executive Snow Control we can help you prepare for snow season with our full service approach to snow and ice management.

Executive Snow Control is New York and New Jersey’s premier professional snow and ice management leader. We are guided by a uniform focus to provide the highest level of service while delivering optimal results for our customers. Through the years, we have developed a reputation of quality and efficiency. We specialize in providing services to retail, commercial, industrial, and property management companies with multiple locations of any size, holding ourselves to the highest standards in service, safety, reliability, and cost effectiveness in our industry.

Our dedication to exceptional service and quality workmanship makes us the right contractor for your site. We are enthusiastic about becoming your snow and ice management provider and would like to get you a proposal as quickly as possible.

How Does Your Current Snow And Ice Management Company Compare To Executive In These Areas?

Experience and Dedication

Executive Snow Control is an exclusive snow and ice service provider. We have been providing the greater New York area with 29 continuous years of service. We have developed Continuing relationships with over 100 satisfied customers serving some 500 locations. Our years of experience allows us to offer site specific service tailored to the needs of your business.

Extensive Market Coverage


Bergen Bronx

hat Man




Suffolk Queens


Brooklyn Staten Island

Executive Snow Control Currently Serves the Following Markets

Five Satellite Dispatch centers allow quick response for timely service


Staten Island

Maspeth, Queens




West Brooklyn

Nassau County



Staten Island

Nassau New Jersey Queens

Customer Communication

Executive Snow Control maintains New York’s only 24/7 customer assistance call center at no extra cost to our customers. Weather updates and status of service is provided via phone, fax or email. Service time upon completion of each site, along with signed work tickets, are provided to verify service.

Self-Preforming Service Executive Snow Control manages, selfpreforms and inspects all of the services it provides. We subscribe to a national weather service reporting program that gives state of the art weather reports sooner that your local weather station. When the first snowflake falls we are already prepared to mobilize our crews and keep your site clean

Dedicated Employees Our 250 experienced and dedicated employees provide professional and timely service to our customers. Our employees are trained in proper snow removal techniques and are held to code of ethics. We have the right equipment and the right people for the job.

Dedicated Equipment Our company-owned fleet of 75+ fully equipped snow plowing trucks is dedicated solely to snow removal. Our equipment is maintained by three onsite mechanics year round to be in perfect condition come snowfall. Our recently renovated truck and equipment workshop stays open 24/7 through an event with mechanics ready to be dispatched on location so that mechanical failures do not prevent us from completing the job. We own and maintain over 30 pieces of heavy equipment that can power through even the toughest of winter events.

Value Pricing Our competitively priced contracts provide an excellent value to our customers. We tailor each contract to meet your individual necessities so you pay for only the services you need. The peace of mind you get from hiring us as your snow and ice managers is provided at no extra cost.

Limited Seasonal A limited seasonal contract covers accumulations within an agreed upon range (ex. 0" to 25") as recorded in the designated area during the specified season. Accumulations are ascertained from a certified weather report that will be supplied to the customer after every storm. Unlimited Seasonal An unlimited seasonal contract covers an unlimited seasonal accumulation at a fixed price in the specified area. Accumulations are ascertained from a certified weather report that will be supplied to the customer after every storm. Per Event A “per event” contract will be billed as outlined by the customer according to snow depth at the service location as verified by a certified weather report provided by an independent meteorologist chosen by the contractor. Salting will be charged on a per application basis: individual application will be applied before, during and after events. Per “Push” or Visit Under a Per “push” contract, charges will be billed on a per visit schedule, including initial service calls and recalls for service as outlined in the contract according to snow depth when service is rendered.

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Executive Snow Control Capabilities Overview  
Executive Snow Control Capabilities Overview  

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