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Jiaxing Almetal Cable Wires Co., Ltd. offers audio speaker cable at a competitive price. We are a leading manufacturer in speaker cables, LAN cables, Power Cables, Microphone Cable etc. We offer quality products with guaranteed services. Contact us at

Microphone Cable Selecting top-quality microphone cable is certainly the most important thing to ensure that you are investing your hard earned money with a proper planning and also to get great returns. Many cheap consumer grade wires are considered to be adequate for occasional use. So, if you are fully interested in making highly serious use of your musical equipment of it is certainly a great decision on spending your money in a better quality products. Moreover, if you are searching for cheap and also poorly manufactured wires then there is certainly no point working with professional quality microphones and equipment. It is certainly known to all that inferior quality cables are not able to carry audio signal properly and often deliver bad outputs. Besides, you must also be ready for frequent replacement. Moreover, those of balanced wires can also produce high quality signals. So, if you are using unbalanced cable then you can experience that some of the higher frequency signals may be lots. And you will then also suffer from more interference for electrical appliances in the surrounding environment. This is certainly true and especially when the unbalanced wire is very long. Moreover, a

balanced cable doesn’t tend to be affected by such kind of interference. And it can also transmit a high-quality signal. Apart from that, microphone cables most commonly include either jack plug or XLR. The important type of plug that you need will certainly depend upon what sorts of connectors are available on your equipment. You can also try to get the best product that work with as many different pieces of your equipment. Moreover, microphone wires are also available with USB plugs. These tend to be directly connected into a computer and they are certainly useful if you are seeking to record straight into a computer program. It is advisable to purchase a microphone cable that has been constructed well and also made up of high-quality materials. It will certainly ensure that wire tends to work for a longer period. Moreover, a top-quality cable can also transmit signals for a longer duration. Besides, inferior quality wires are known to be causing degradation of audio signals. It can of course be useful only if the materials from which the cable has been constructed to allow for it to be coiled up quite conveniently especially if you are going to be moving and storing the cable a lot. Before purchasing microphone cables, it is advisable to make sure that how long you require it.

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