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Our Selection of Olive Oils from Cordoba Large Bottles

Cortijo Garay - Coupage - 3 litre tin • Olive oil with an intensity of ripe olives of medium-high kevel. In the nose, the result is complex,with aromas of higuera, herbs, tomato and apple. This virgin from Lucena (Córdoba)is a mixture from the arbequina, hojiblanca and picual varieti es. Price: 18,70 €

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Its tasting notes of high intensity, bitterness, and medium spiciness.

Cortijo Garay - Hojiblanco - 5 litre • Olive oil of medium-high intensity with notes of ripe herbs, like apple and aromatic herbs. This virgin olive oil from Lucena (Córdoba) is a hojiblanca monovariety. Its tasting notes include high intensity, light bitterness and medium spiciness. Use in salads, vergetables, white fishes, veal, fowl, eggs and tortillas. Price: 19,42 €

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Parqueoliva - 2.5 litre tin • Olive oil of high intensity with principally unripe tones, but alos hints of ripe fruits in their optimum moment of maturity. It is this perfect balance that makes for a sweet, bitter and spicy taste all in one. ON tasting, it is velvety, lightly sicy, sweet and bitter, wellbalanced and harmonious. This virgin olive oil is from Carcabuey (Córdoba) and is a mixture of the picaul and hojiblanca varieties.

Price: 15,62 â‚Ź

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Its tasting notes include high intensity, an intense bitterness and a medium spiceness.

Carruca Gran Selección (ALMAOLIVA) - 2 litre • Olive oil of medium with unripe and ripe blends. Known for its softness, it is sweet but has bitter and spice qualities too. Strong apple flavours too. A lightly-spicy, sweet, velvety, bitter flavour. This virgin olive oil from Carcabuey a combination of the hojiblanca, picudo and picual virieties.

Price: 9,02 €

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Its tasting notes include medium intensity, light bitterness andlight spiceness.

Capricho de Baena - 5 litre tin • Olive oil of medium intensity with hints of almond and green apple. It is a very aromatic oil with a very long taste in the mouth of spice and lightbitterness. . This from Cabra (Córdoba) is from the picaul, hojiblanca and arbequina varieties. Its tasting notes include padding medium bitternessand light spiceness. It is recommended for use with salads and soups.

Price: 23,10 €

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La Aldea de Don Gil - 2 litre bottle • Extra virgin olive oil from Carcabuey (Córdoba) produced from the olive oil varieties picudo, hojiblanca and picual. Medium intensity, from a ripe olive with ripe tones that in the nose, present tastes of fig, tomato, almond and olive leave. IN the mouth, it is asweet taste with tomato touches, soft bitterness and a light spiceiness in the throat. Produced exclusively with healthy olives, and selected from the Picuda, Hojiblanca and Picual varieties, collected from century-old olive farms, La Aldea de Don Gil is in extra virgin olive oil of untouchable quality. The olive farms from which comes this oil are exceptionally Extra Virgin Oil from Córdobes., located, principally, in the protective domain of the Deignation of Origin, Priego de Córdoba, in an exceptionally rich and ecological area, like in el Parque Natural de las Sierras Subbéticas Cordobesas, where the orografic and edafolic climate conditions are very unique for olive production, and create an Extra Virgin Olive OIl of maginificent quality.

Price: 8,90 €

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Olive oil from Cordoba  

Our Selection of the best olive oils from Cordoba, Spain

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