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Thanks The development of New World Grid content is within everybody's reach. Everyone can contribute according to his/her ability. A drop-zone for is at your disposal on the Sandbox1 region. Thank you to the Freebies donors. Catherine Pfeffer Cendres Magic Cody Davison Deborah Clarity franck74 lebihan giovanni molko LeoMaxx Sautereau Lyamme Jewell Olivae VynHetNamaz Ryu Flagon Salvy Grantham selena opus Vic Renard

New World Grid welcomes more and more people every day ! Assistance is more than ever on the agenda ! If you wish to participate helping new registred to feel at home quickly, you can at any time join the volunteer program. To do this, simply fill out the form at the following address: Thanks to the following for their generosity and for the time spent on the welcome region. Jo BERNARD Eden Cat Kijn Eizua Caroline Fairport Steve Franklin Kire Laasonen Marline Laasonen LeoMaxx Sautereau Claudius Utopy Shui Violet

New World Grid Update

Recommended Clients/Viewers

Since saturday 24th of april, New World Grid has been updated to OpenSimulator 0.6.8 "Post Fixes". This is actually one of the most stable versions.

In order to connect to New World in the best conditions, we recommend .

We are currently optimizing the configuration to get the best stability and performance possible. It is possible that some features are deactivated for test or update. The world map is being updated by Sbach Xue. We thank all the developpers, contributors and testers of the project.

Thanks to giovanni molko who recommends Hippo 0.6.2 under linux (according to giovanni, Hippo 0.6.3 can make bugs with glibc). Thanks to Bill Bill who reported Imprudence 1.3 beta as functional under Mac OSX. We will keep you updated about the best clients/viewers to connect to New World Grid. Caution ! We strongly disadvice the use of the Second LifeTM viewer v2 which can cause inventory loss !

New residents group

New management system

The OpenSim 0.6.8 version and the FlotSam groups project ( now allow a better handling of groups that can handle a large number of members without issues.

We just installed a new automated management system that facilitate our task to handle the 70 simulators we host.

We have crate a unique group for the residents : New World Grid Residents. Other numbered residents groups may be closed in june. Don't forget to join this new group to stay tuned.

This system allows to pass any configuration change through the servers in a fast and global way, and regularly reports servers activity via Twitter :

Mount Grace Priory project MOUNT GRACE PRIORY North Yorkshire England On 4 adjacent regions in New World, we are building Mount Grace and its immediate environment. This is thanks to the generosity of the French Non Profit Organization 'Virtus', which promotes arts and educational projects.

The priory was established in 1398 as part of a wide and thriving European network of Carthusian monasteries famed for their austere style of spritual life, their commitment to the preservation of literature at a time when few people could read, and their hospitality to travellers: an interesting mixture! It was disestablished in 1539 by agents of King Henry VIII of England, as part of his greed, his jealousy, and his quarrel with Rome.

Please note. This venture in educational simulation has no formal links with any of the bodies that care for the RL site, although informal links are being developed. (November 2009).

Work Continues at Mount Grace Work continues at our 15th century Carthusian priory, with the provision of fresh-water and sanitation arrangements for the monks' cells. Each monk had his own private (outdoor!) toilet, flushed by water that had been diverted from a stream and piped into the back of his garden. (The blue line in the illustration shows the sewer-pipe, raised up in the air so as to be visible.) He also had cold running water on tap, served from a central water-tank in the middle of the main cloister (this is yet to be built). It is planned to provide a 'pop-up' of the fresh water and the sanitation piping, scripted so that the whole system shows when a button is pressed.

Accuracy of Building We are fortunate to have detailed site plans for many of the Mount Grace buildings, bought from the mapping service of English Heritage. This has made accurate building of lengths, breadths, and angles between structures feasible, although some information about heights and elevations of buildings, e.g. the church tower, will probably need to be obtained from site measurements and simple geometry of shadow lengths! You might like to come to the Visitor Centre, where a small selection of free building tools is available for you to copy. Of these, the Protractor has been particularly useful in building walls and checking angles.

Our partners Dreamstreams, Canada

CrĂŠdit Agricole - Parlons Innovation, France

Le Parc des Arts, France, United Kingdom

Non profit Association Virtus registered the 18th of july 2009 under the number W653001494

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