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Thanks Thanks to Freebie donations, residents are contributing to the development of content on New World Grid. Thank you to them for their donations:          

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Thanks also to volunteers greeting and helping newcommers on New World : ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

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The whole administrators team and volunteers of New World Grid express you their best wishes for 2010. Let this year bring you all possible happiness and great joy among us.


Tech Hours

Dordygail Riddles and his Winter gift hunt will be present up to late january to offer you a magical show. Skate, sleigh or aerial travel are on the agenda. 25 gifts are hidden in the region. So wait no more, and go quickly to meet the magic on the Sunshine region.

The Tech Hour make their return. Meet Olish every Tuesday from 8:00 PM UTC on Welcome. Indeed, Olish is available to answer all your questions.

Partners and unions You can now unite with your spouse. To do this, go to the Chapel of Love Experimental. Both of you take place on the existing pose balls. When getting on the poses in front of the altar, you will appear with your respective profiles.

Video contest : Internet Céç@ On Tuesday, October 20, we have started making a video intended to participate in a contest organized by a partner of the Virtus Association bank. This video was produced by Olish and the outcome of this contest will be announced in the next Newsletter. The first prize of this contest, which is 1500 €, which could completely or partially fund educative or artistic projects on New World Grid. You can view the video here : (french only for now). We wish to thank all residents who participated actively to the filming.

Participants               

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Musique by Emma, Art Libre license

Mount Grace Priory Project MOUNT GRACE PRIORY North Yorkshire England On 4 adjacent regions in New World, we are building Mount Grace and its immediate environment. This is thanks to the generosity of the French Non Profit Organization 'Virtus', which promotes arts and educational projects. The priory was established in 1398 as part of a wide and thriving European network of Carthusian monasteries famed for their austere style of spritual life, their commitment to the preservation of literature at a time when few people could read, and their hospitality to travellers: an interesting mixture! It was disestablished in 1539 by agents of King Henry VIII of England, as part of his greed, his jealousy, and his quarrel with Rome.

Project evolution Over the coming months you'll learn how the community lived; how it contributed to life within the region; how it provided hotel and nursing services to travellers; and how life was lived then.  Please go to the Visitor Centre at Mount Grace NE region, walk around and explore: there will be much to see, some of it interactive !  Begin to find out more by checking out  If you would like to contribute to the development of this site, please contact Olish Newman or myself.

Christi Maeterlinck "Mount Grace Priory" Site Curator

Please note. This venture in educational simulation has no formal links with any of the bodies that care for the RL site, although informal links are being developed. (November 2009).

Our partners Dreamstreams, Canada

CrĂŠdit Agricole - Parlons Innovation, France

Le Parc des Arts, France, United Kingdom

Non profit organisation Virtus registered the 18th of july 2009 under the number W653001494

New World Grid Newsletter January 2010  

New World Grid Newsletter January 2010