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Thanks The development of New World Grid content is within everybody's reach. Everyone can contribute according to his/her ability. A drop-zone for is at your disposal on the Sandbox1 region. Thank you to the Freebies donors. Anatra Anatra Patof Blou max1369 burke Deborah Clarity KENAY diabolito Rosie Dimanovic kaline fashion Flash0 Ghost Propeng LK Cendres Magic giovanni molko Flo Peccable pinpin Peccable Catherine Pfeffer Data Rossini rafaell sorbet Shui Violet

New World Grid welcomes more and more people every day ! Assistance is more than ever on the agenda ! If you wish to participate helping new registred to feel at home quickly, you can at any time join the volunteer program. To do this, simply fill out the form at the following address: Thanks to the following for their generosity and for the time spent on the welcome region. Jo BERNARD Eden Cat Kijn Eizua Caroline Fairport Steve Franklin Kire Laasonen Marline Laasonen LeoMaxx Sautereau Claudius Utopy

Mount Grace Priory project MOUNT GRACE PRIORY North Yorkshire England On 4 adjacent regions in New World, we are building Mount Grace and its immediate environment. This is thanks to the generosity of the French Non Profit Organization 'Virtus', which promotes arts and educational projects.

The priory was established in 1398 as part of a wide and thriving European network of Carthusian monasteries famed for their austere style of spritual life, their commitment to the preservation of literature at a time when few people could read, and their hospitality to travellers: an interesting mixture! It was disestablished in 1539 by agents of King Henry VIII of England, as part of his greed, his jealousy, and his quarrel with Rome.

Please note. This venture in educational simulation has no formal links with any of the bodies that care for the RL site, although informal links are being developed. (November 2009).

Work continues on the re-creation of Mount Grace, a Carthusian priory established in the late 14th century as one of a chain of such priories that at one time stretched all over Europe, with the mother priory at Grande Chartreuse north of Grenoble in France (yes, where the Chartreuse liqueur is still made to this day!). Today, there are still 25 priories worldwide, 20 for monks and 5 for nuns, 19 are in Europe, with others in USA and Korea.

Project evolution The first 10 cells are now complete in outline, with a further 8 in construction. This will provide the accommodation used by the senior monks, each of whom had what was essentially a small house and garden, in which he lived alone and with minimal contact with the outside world. Subsequent construction will involve the church, and accommodation mainly in smaller, one-roomed cells for 6 junior monks who acted as servants to the seniors. Next, we will be building the support structures: a water-mill, a massive 3-floor granary, kitchens, administration blocks, and accommodation for travellers and visitors.

How You Can take Part: Gardener Wanted ! One of the things the monks were famous for was the cultivation of a variety of trees, plants and herbs (culinary and medicinal) in the gardens that surround each cell. Creating and placing these plants will do a lot to bring the whole site to life, a task that may be of interest to you. I can supply low-prim sculptie plant shapes, and some textures; you would research & do the garden design and placement of the plants, supplying additional textures if you can. Please let me know if you would like to be a mediaeval gardener in our New World grid!

Real site visit Earlier this month, I visited the RL site to take photos in order to supplement the site plans, obtained from the UK National Monument Record service, that have been used to guide construction. Many details of the RL site remain to be added to the NW reconstruction but the pictures may give you an impression of how well we are progressing. Doors and windows will be resized, given last month’s decision on how best to accommodate vistors’ avatars.

Christi Maeterlinck Virtual « Mount Grace Priory » Site Currator

3D Reproduction

Real site

Knowledge Base In order to help you in various operations on New World Grid, the language setting of your viewer, installation of New World studio, subdivision of your land, a knowledge base has been created. You will find it on our site ! You can easily understand and reproduce these operations by watching the images illustrating the explanations. Thank you to Aime Socrates, Rosie Dimanovic and Claudius Utopy for their contributions. If as they have done, you would like to publish an article, please contact either Calice or Lycie Newman. They are at your disposal for further information.

Parcels Remember that new plots are now available to rent. For 5€ per month (payable 10€ every 2 months with paypal), you can enjoy a 1/16th of a region on a dedicated server (with voice, servicing and 1000 prims). Feel free to explore NWG Serenity to visit this new offer ! And still available, quarter regions (voice, servicing, 2500 prims) for only 10€ per month on NWG Naturia or Tropical Paradise or Tropical Paradise 2 (according availability).

New features

New world map

We plan to soon do an update. For a more effective testing of the candidate version (OpenSim 0.6.8 Post Fixes), a mass test is being organized on the beta grid on Tuesday, April 6 at 9:30 P.M (UTC + 2). We need at least around sixty people to help us to test this beta version.

As some of you might already have seen, a new reservation map of the New World Studio is available. Actually, after browser updates, it was not working properly. Thank you to Sbach Xue who made the new world map. Find an empty spot on the map (R = already reserved) and then double click to popup the form. Then you have just to fill it !

New avatars are now available in the registration form. (Photo) This new account creation system with customizable style sheets (CSS) can be embedded on any third-party site via simple frames. Communities, associations and companies will be able to add an avatar section for a user registration specific to their site. The automatic translator is now integrated as a standard OpenSim module on the whole Welcome continent and will be extended to all the hosted regions after a test period.

Entraide et Partage classes Many lessons are currently proposed at school: clothing, build, sculpty, gesture or picture. We are always looking for English speaking persons to teach the same subjects in English. For anyone interested, contact eitheir Claudius Utopy or Jo BERNARD. To find out if they are connected, see the volunteers board on Welcome, thank you.

We are also looking for people able to do "presentations" about matters different than those directly related to the grid (eg bees). For these presentations, a location will be provided where you will be able to rezz the items you need. Thank you in advance to those interested. (Paragraph written by Claudius Utopy).

Feast Committee By Claudius Utopy New Word Grid is a lively virtual world and proposes regularly entertaining evenings to its residents so that they can meet and make friends. The two previous evenings, "Resident Night" and "Country Party" were a real success and we thank you all. Next Friday April 16th, we will organize a musical evening having for theme "Disco of the 80s". We will meet at 9:30 pm (UTC + 2) on the sim Vox (North of the Mainland) and come and share a pleasant time with us. A DJ will lead the evening and a team will arrange the sim according to the theme in order to have pleasant surroundings suiting the evening theme.

Laasonen Hotel opening A hotel is now at the disposal of the residents on Laasonen. The hotel is first of all intended to serve as a temporary residence for new residents who are discovering New World or who are in the process of implementing their own region project. The established residents who simply wants to change horizon for a few days are also welcome. Laasonen Hotel offers twelve large rooms with individual bathrooms. It is situated in a tropical area and also offers a restaurant and a beach at everyone's disposal. If you wish to stay at the hotel, you can contact by IM Marline or Kire Laasonen who will give you a room for the duration of your stay or if they are absent you can take a vacant room and you can let them know by IM. By Marline & Kire Laasonen

Our partners Dreamstreams, Canada

CrĂŠdit Agricole - Parlons Innovation, France

Le Parc des Arts, France, United Kingdom

Non profit Association Virtus registered the 18th of july 2009 under the number W653001494

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