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BluL ck Security and convenience. Together at last.

BluLock is an advanced, smartphone controlled, electronic bicycle lock. BluLock’s proprietary technology allows users to unlock their bikes with unprecedented ease and sends alerts when the lock is compromised. Keeping your bike secure and easily accessible. Always.

BluLock utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 LE in conjunction

BluLock’s unique technology captures value because it is easily patentable. It differentiates from the competition and provides one-of-a-kind peace of mind.

By focusing the leaders in their specialized subject matters, BluLock’s organizational

Extensive marketing focuses on social media, technology blogs and cycling enthusiasts to generate hype.

with a state of the art security system to penetrate an untapped market.

structure will foster intense collaboration and innovation.

To guarantee a steady stream of capital while receiving invaluable counsel, the company will attract and rely on venture capitalists and private equity for financing.

Andrew Meepos • Jacob Weiss • Chi Nguyen • Colton Calandrella

BluLock implements cash-based accounting Manufacturing in Taiwan and via a third-party accounting firm, keeping track maintaining an extensive network of of actual money flow and minimizing suppliers minimizes costs while bureaucracy. So we can focus on what we do stabilizing the supply chain. best.

Sandity Genevieve Pecksok • Erin Polries • Haoming Wang • Colin Wells • Michael Yorkin

The Sandity Beach Chair is a revolutionary

Strategy 

Operations and Supply Chain

product designed to ensure security and

Cater to two distinct consumer sectors:

peace of mind among beachgoers. With its

individuals and larger hotels

Management 

Multiple suppliers to reduce supplier power

Manufacturing oversight and frequent factory check-ups ensure higher quality

lock box and anti-theft technology, swimmers can enjoy their beach time,

Distribution Channels 

Online store, direct-to-consumers model 

Hotels buy higher end chairs

utilitarian function, while protecting

valuables on the beach

Focused on areas with more theft and


high density beach areas 

Sales representatives sent to various hotels and resort destinations

Captures a high willingness to pay (WTP) by creating value from stylish designs and

Marketing 

High quality materials manufactured by skilled American labor

allows for more customization 

Economic Value

knowing that their valuables are secure.

Large retail stores buy lower end, standardized chairs


venture capital firms

Accounting 

Sandity will employ a accrual accounting method over cash

Word-of-mouth and visual advertising on

accounting to quickly accommodate buyers and maintain


strong consumer relations 

Our accountants will pay close attention to the everchanging tax laws, specifically with online sales

Funding from angel investors, including

Bank loans will supplement initial capital required

Privately controlled company with little intention of going public

Never leave a spot uncovered. Dual-Revenue Stream

Higher Volume, Higher Value • Network Externality: the more venues that carry our machine, the more value we will add to sunscreen brands by giving them a vehicle to reach their target consumers • Value Capture: the sunscreen machine makes it more effective for brands to reach their target consumers, allowing us to take a greater portion of sales

There are two primary methods by which we collect revenue: 1. Selling sunscreen machines 2. Portion of sunscreen sales

Beneficiaries MysticSun targets people in these venues: • People who engage in outdoor activities • People who value more efficient and convenient sunscreen application

Company Structure

Venues Some potential venues where our target market will use our product include: • Beaches • Pools • Golf resorts • Athletic complexes

Financing • • • •

Venue partnerships Sunscreen brand partnerships Individual investors Venture capitalists

The Product MysticSun will cover a person’s body with sunscreen similar to the way in which a spray tan works. Upon entering the machine, sunscreen application will be customized to the parameters of the user. In addition, customers will have a choice of sunscreen brand and SPF. They will select it before they enter and pay a price in accordance with their selection.

• Sunscreen Machine Sales Team: responsible for partnerships and marketing between venues and main office • Sunscreen Brand Sales Team: responsible for contracts between sunscreen brands and main office • On-Site Engineers: responsible for stocking, maintaining, and repairing sunscreen machines • Distribution Centers: responsible for the regional distribution of sunscreen and management of on-site engineers • Headquarters: responsible for the distribution and coordination sunscreen from the brands to the distribution center

Team #40: Teddy Drucker, Amanda Gallop, Rebecca Rubin, Vaibhav Sharma

Anti-Run Tights Innovative







-  Tights with built-in technology that are resistant to ripping and running -  Solving the annoying problem that plagues women

Target Market

Value Proposition

•  “The Career Woman” -  Ages 20-60 -  Businesswoman •  “The Young and Hip Woman” -  Ages 16-30 -  The trendy woman

•  Solving issue of “running” tights •  Reducing aggravation, stress, & embarrassment •  Creating a durable product •  Reducing shoe-leather costs •  Making lives easier

Company Structure


•  Five Directors •  Traditional Top-Down Hierarchy •  Fun, Creative, & Comfortable Atmosphere

•  Venture Capitalism •  Use of funds: -  Perfect our product -  Advertise product -  Foster relationships with retailers



•  Comprehensive fashion oriented company •  Introducing fashionable and trendy tights -  Shapewear, fabrics, & patterns

Team 48 Ross Fine|Lauren Kliska|Jared Kramer|Jessica Landzberg|James Soldati


Channels •  Wholesale/Department Stores •  Flagship Retail Stores •  eCommerce

Marketing •  Advertising in magazines & department store catalogs •  Word of Mouth •  Sleek & bold packaging with fabric-touch capability •  Loyalty Program


2013 MGT150A Posters  

Olin’s senior faculty team teach the Foundations of Business course to the freshman class. This course utilizes the lens of entrepreneurship...

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