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By Òscar Sierra

I wake up at half past seven, and then I wash my face Dad, is very early

Splash, splash!

I have breakfast at a quarter to eight, and after this I brush my teeth Brrrrr…


I have a shower, and then I get dressed Mama, the water is cold

The socks‌

I go to school, sometimes at eight o’clock and sometimes at a quarter to nine, sometimes by skate and sometimes by car

English, Catalan, Spanish, Maths‌

After school, on Mondays and Wednesdays I play hokey at six o’clock, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays I play tennis at half past five. On Fridays I play tennis at six o’clock

At home, I do my homework, and then I reed a book for twenty minutes

Once apon a time‌


I have dinner at nine o’clock, and after this I brush my teeth



I watch television, and then I go to sleep Good night

My daily routines òscar sierra