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Since 1978

Made in Italy Quality

in primis qualitas The Company

We have worked in the ice-cream field since 1978. Our story is born thanks to the idea to distribute handicraft ice cream products of high quality on the market in Versilia (Bar, Restaurants, and Hotels). Thanks to the obtained success, the company grows and finds a position as leader in the local market. For this reason we decided to leave the small laboratory in Lido di Camaiore and to find a new one suitable to the new productive ideas and with a more organized structure. The number of the delivery vehicles and the one of products grows. Together with the soft ice cream we add single portions for the table, sorbets in tub and takeaway ice creams that are delivered all over Tuscany. But with the increase of business, we never forget good rules: first of all the entire quality product. Thanks to constant care, no stop search, on time delivery, Olimpia gelati receives higher and higher opinion from costumers. The laboratory of Olimpia Gelati is equipped with the most original facilities so as to satisfy every kind of needs from small to big volumes. The high quality of Olimpia Gelati’s production and the most scrupulous attention to hygiene is proved and guaranteed from CEE certification, a European standard that obliges to the producers, monthly control on products, equipments, rooms and ways of production (HACCP applied). A real passion for our work, desire to create desire to grow with constant eye to the costumer. Yes the costumer because his tastes change, evolves with time and also the products must change without abandoning handicraft and genuineness that are the base of our company.

Bar and ice cream shop line Original Mantecato

Every day Olimpia Gelati prepares a reach assortment of handicraft ice creams so as to satisfy demanding requests: A genuine product made with handicraft technique that guarantees a high quality and makes us obtain a complete food. tWe have 50 different flavours worked with care with silk structure and high softness thanks to an accurate pasteurization, a long maturation and a slow MANTECAZIONE.

THE ADVANTAGES OF OLIMPIA HANDICRAFT ICE CREAMS: • quality row materials • safety of the finished product (bollo Cee) • constant quality • High yield in number of portions per tub • Excellent resistance to temperature changes due to windows defrost • Ideal service temperature between 13° and 14° (we have a hotter ice cream and so more tasty) • Punctual delivery with vehicles in rule with law dispositions to ice cream transport

SOME USEFUL SUGGESTIONS FOR THE PRESENTATION AND MANAGEMENT OF THE SOFT ICE CREAM IN TUB All our tubs have surface decorations. We suggest you to garnish them so as to render them more desirable. During the service, use a palette knife for each taste not to dirty the ice cream. Every evening we suggest you to put the tubs in the fridge to SPATOLARE the ice cream, to clean the tub borders with dry palette knives otherwise water can frost and create small crystals that can ruin the product quality.


Bar and ice cream shop line Our tastes

AVAILABLE IN: 4,200 l plastic tubs (plastic non returnable) 4.750 l (plastic non returnable)

Multivitamin Ace Apricot Pineapple Light Blue White kiss Black kiss Banana Coffee Cassata Siciliana Chocolate Coconut Cookies Egg cream Florentine Cream Brulee Cream Fig Plain ice cream Strawberry Wood Fruits Kindè

Kiwi Raspberry Limoncello Lemon Malaga Mango Marron glacee Green apple Melon Mint and Chocolate Meringue Blackberry Mulberry Hazelnut Nutella Panna cotta Paradise Pastiera Napoletana Peach Pinolata (pine seed) Pistacchio Pink grapefruit Rice Soy Vanille Stracciatella Tiramisu Nougat Sour cherry variegated White yogurt Ace yogurt English soup




Italian ice cream tradition is well known all over the world for its flavour originality and for its big number of products. Olimpia Gelati continues this tradition adding it with our categorical imperative: quality. The word quality has many meanings: genuine ingredients all strictly selected utmost severity in the productive process, detailed delivery effectiveness. For these and many other reasons, people who choose our products, choose well.


Sorbets in a glass flute Sorbets in tub cc 2500 Filled fruit in natural peel Mousse, glass, Tartufi and semifreddi • Baby line glass sorbets • Ice cream pies and semifreddi


RESTAURANT LINE Special Mantecati

Truffle ice cream The truffle, this precious underground fruit can even be used to give life to a fine and exclusive ice cream.

Honey ice cream PANCIOTTO ice cream

From a noble ingredient as honey takes life a new mantecato: a creamy taste at An original mix of tastes give life to an your service to have something alternative ice cream with mascarpone and raisins swallowed into rhum. Ideal as dessert it can be to the classic egg based recipe. customized in many ways. Presented in 1998 at The International Exhibition of Avana (Cuba) official lunch.

•WHITE COFFEE •Calvados cream •cinnamon •Vinsanto cream •Marron Glacé •Chili Chocolate •Parmesan •BAROLOlo Chinato

w e N

Classic sorbet

Sorbet Strawberry The taste and the scent of strawberry don’t request any particular combination.

Sorbet Lemon The prince of Sorbets

Sorbet green apple From the choice of the best green apples granny smith, we obtain a lightly acidulous cool sorbet wonderful with a sprinkle of Calvados.

Sorbet Mandarin Like all other citrus sorbets, also mandarin must be tasted natural without any add of liquors or other because it is a fruit with peel reach of essential oils with a strong aromatic component that is used to underline perfume and taste.


SORBET LIMONCELLO The excellent sorbet limoncello is obtained thanks to the best lemons from Sorrento and the expert hand of the ice cream man.


Sorbet Peach of the vineyard This sorbet is realized with peaches coming from small fields in Tuscany. Served alone it allows you to catch its perfume and the unique taste.

Sorbet Orange and carnation scented pepper

Sorbet pomegranate It is difficult to believe that this taste is made shelling one by one the ripest pomegranates. Its sour taste makes it one of the best sorbets ever realized.

It has been one of the first Olimpia’s matching in the sorbets preparation.

Sorbet Peach of the vineyard

Sorbet Strawberry and Porto The selection of the best strawberries together with the expert skill of the ice cream man gives particular pleasure to the palate. The presence of some seed is warranty of genuineness. Porto or some drop of aromatic vinegar, will underline its scent and the delicate taste.

Sorbet Spicy Melon The Spicy Melon sorbet is born thanks to the sweetest melons and the strong temper of red pepper.

Sorbet Cassis Black currant de Bourgogne The best variety of Cassis for a delicious taste. It comes from a forest near Dijon in France; the presence of some seed is warranty of genuineness.

Sorbet Caipirinha We could translate the Portuguese name into “simpleton” because the name of that wonderful mixture comes from “caipira”: farmer, a man with a simple mind. Lemon juice, sugar, a lot of cachaca and the summer sorbet is ready. Apparently it could seem of simple realization while to prepare this sorbet it must be wizards.

Sorbet Pink Grapefruit This cool, scented, pink energy is perfect with a sprinkle of vodka or together with a wonderful sweet moscato

Sorbet Basil A classical matching in restaurants



Other available tastes: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


Sorbet Sorbet Sorbet Sorbet Sorbet Sorbet Sorbet Sorbet Sorbet Sorbet Sorbet Sorbet Sorbet Sorbet Sorbet Sorbet Sorbet Sorbet Sorbet Sorbet Sorbet Sorbet Sorbet

citrus fruit pineapple / maraschino banana cherry Coconut Cocktail citrus fruit Cocktail Caraibi Cocktail Exotic Fruits Diospero Wood strawberry Raspberry Lavender Lime / Citron vert Lemon / Sage Litchi spicy mango Pa s s i o n F r u i t William Pear Plum Rabarbaro Jamaica Rhum grapes Kalamansi

w e N

Monoportion Line Filled fruit

Coco The best coconut ice cream in its original shell.



Delicate lemon sorbet closed in its natural peel ideal with every dish.

Very scented melon sorbet served in its natural peel.

Pineapple The most classical of the exotic fruits, becomes an elegant slice of sorbet in its natural peel.

Half lemon


Fine refreshing sorbet.

The most classical of the exotic fruits, becomes an elegant slice of sorbet in its natural peel.

Green Apple One of the best sorbets proposed in a green granny smith apple

William Pear Soft and velvety sorbet of William pears served in its natural peel


Monoportion Line Truffles and semifreddi

Chocolate truffle

White Truffle Soft ice cream truffle with coffee ice cream heart hug with meringue chips surface.

Special Truffle

A classic chocolate truffle with cream heart hugs with pure cocoat

Traditional ice cream cake with vanillaice cream and chocolate flakes, covered with fondant chocolate and hazelnut chips surface.


Nougat Soft nougat ice cream cake with hazelnut praline flakes; it must be served upside down to feel all the sensation thanks to a smart hazelnut chips surface

Macaroon Soft ice cream cake decorated with fine Macaroon flakes; to serve upside down on a big plate it is an irresistible temptation

Speciale e gustoso gelato di mascarpone e rhum con abbondante uvetta sultanina ricoperto di cioccolato fondente.

ZUCCOTTINO Soft sponge cake alkermes liquor soaked with zabaglione ice cream cake with chocolate sprinkle.

w e N 12

Pine seed cream Cornet Ice cream cake with roasted Pine seeds

mini chocolate cake

Monoportion Line Mousse, the glasses

Mousse Cacao Mousse Spanish Delicious sour cherry variegated ice cream topped with excellent cherries

Mousse Lemon Sorbet Cool and refreshing lemon sorbet to conclude a marvellous meal

Mousse Wild Fruit Yogurt Soft ice cream yogurt variegated with wild Fruit sauce and decorated with red current and wild-berries of first selection

A very tasty huge and rich best selection Dutch cocoa

MOUSSe STRACCIATELLA Mousse Florentine Cream Tasty macaroon cream strengthens with its classical liquor enriched with macaroon chips.

Soft ice cream with a huge of chocolate flakes

MOUSSE TIRAMISu The classical Tiramisu taste made of sponge, coffee cream, and zabaglione cream, dusted with refined cocoa.

Mousse with cocoa Delicious plain ice cream with a rich cocoa variegation.

Lemon Flute Glass sorbet Immediately soft ready to be served cool and refreshing

MOUSSE AFFOGATO Coffee Delicious vanilla cream with a rich coffee variegation.

w e N

•Mousse Cookies •Mousse Yogurt Var.Ace Multiv. •MoussE english soup


Hotel line

Hotel bowls

A rich assortment of coloured ice cream tubs ideal for a quick and practical service. Available in the most original combination, you can distinguish them thanks to the coloured and transparent packaging.


Ice cream with wild berries. Lemon cool and thirsty lemon sorbet

Yogurt and Wild berries Delicious ice cream variegated yogurt with wild berries sauce.


Scented coffee ice cream with a tasty whisky and special fondant chocolate pieces.

Florentine Cream

Soft macaroon ice cream enriched with macaroon chips.


Creamy vanilla and chocolate ice cream.

Cream/ Sour Cherry

Delicate ice cream variegated with Sour Cherry sauce.

Lemon/ Strawberry

The coolest summer tastes combined in a refreshing ice cream


Hotel line

Three stars soft ice cream

A range of loose ice cream for a high level market in 8 flavours:

• • • • • • • •

White vanilla Yellow vanilla Cocoa Stracciatella Hazelnut Variegated Sour Cherry Lemon Strawberry

Service and convenience give to sub mentioned selection a success warranty for Olimpia Gelati.


gelato più

Aliment ice cream

For 5 years, first with the trend “TE LO DO IO IL GELATO “then also with “GELATO PIU’ our company has introduced itself without marketing but thanks to word of mouth in the field of takeaway ice cream with great success, thanks to a high quality ice cream, good because made with the most genuine ingredients, creamy and with a strong taste, the classical characteristic of the “good handicraft ice cream “. The partly handwork allows a rich filling. The greatest handling and packing up to delivery, assure the final consumer a warranty to the product. The wide range of flavours and the continue research of new combinations and fillings, are part of our philosophy of active, dynamic philosophy closely linked to the costumer.

w e N

•Cookies •Creme Brulee •Kindè •Limetta •Raspberry sorbet •Wafer •Variegated Ace Multivitamin Yogurt

Indeed the new line “GELATO PIU” is born because generally when the costumer arrives home and puts the ice cream in the freezer, after three hours this ice cream will be very hard. Our recipe allows the costumer to have a soft and creamy palatable ice cream as soon as it is out of the freezer (generally at – 20°).

softer, creamier Handicraft, fresh and nourishing


gelato più

Aliment ice cream

Affogato Cocoa Soft ice cream variegated with fine chocolate

Lemon Sorbet Cool and refreshing lemon sorbet ideal to finish the meal

Cream and Cocoa Creamy vanilla ice cream together with a delicate cocoa taste

LIMONCELLO Excellent lightly alcoholic limoncello sorbet, perfect to be served in a flute like dessert

English soup Zuppa Inglese tasted ice cream variegated with alkermes topping and garnished with fine fondant chocolate pieces.

WHISKY CREAM The strong coffee flavour expands itself in very tasty whisky variegation with special fondant chocolate pieces.

Cream and strawberries Delicious candied wood strawberries garnish a soft cream strawberry variegated creamt



A lot of fiordilatte ice cream, immediately soft and creamy to combine with fresh fruit Macedonia or with a drop of balsamic vinegar.

Very cool pineapple sorbet decorated with candied pineapple pieces. The presence of small fibre is a genuine warranty.


gelato più

Aliment ice cream


STRACCIATELLA Lemon and Strawberry

Zabaglione and coffee ice cream filled with soft sponge cake coffee liquor soaked with coffee cream and dusted with fine cocoa.

Delicate cream ice cream enriched with cocoa scars and covered with fondant chocolate.

The coolest summer tastes combined in a thirsty ice cream

Vanilla cream AFFOGATO Coffee

A lot of good cream with the intense vanilla taste.

Soft vanilla ice cream with coffee variegation.

Florentine Cream Soft macaroon ice cream enriched with macaroon chips.

Black kiss Spanish PANNA COTTA Creamy ice cream at the panna cotta taste with caramel variegation.


Delicious plain cream ice cream variegated with sour cherry and garnished with candied cherries.

Velvety gianduia filled with hazelnut chips.

gelato più

Aliment ice cream

Yogurt Wood fruits Creamy yogurt ice cream filled with sweet wood fruit variegation and garnished with strawberries, blackberries, mulberries and redcurrant.t

Ice cream cake Soft sponge cake liquor soaked with creams, chocolate and hazelnut chips and coloured candied cherries.


ZUCCOTTO Soft sponge cake alkermes liquor soaked with cream-chocolate ice cream with chocolate sprinkle and hazelnut chips surface.

Soft sponge cake coffee liquor soaked with zabaglionecoffee cream with fondant chocolate hearts and sprinkle chocolate dust.







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italian home made ice cream high quality

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