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Expressive Typography While working in groups of two, create a 3D model of a letter picked at random The outcome must represent and show the meaning of a word in which the letter begins with. We started with


Brainstorming We went through many words, But first we started with twist

We started twisting shapes and letters


Eventually, we started creating fonts digitally, in the form of twist

Unfortunately, we found that the idea was starting to become limited, and so we changed to a more suitable and more enjoyable word.


The research began into the origins of Totems such as who made them and why.

We found that the poles were generally for status, a symbol for a tribe, clan, family or individuals

And, so - We started Sketching.

Some were good.

And some were bad.

Eventually, a rough sketch was created of the initial design.

We thought of alternative ways to create the totem.

But were unimpressed with the results.

And so we again took the piece into illustrator and remade it.

The final outcome, in our opinion, was both accurate to some Totem structures and it has similar colouring, making it a better contender than our other attempts. The colour style was supposed to be based upon original colours that may have been used by the creators of Totems, a simple pallete of red, blue and black, making this more simple that it appears We also liked this illustration as it attracted a lot of attention from peers as it was quite intriguing due to its colour scheme. Overall, a very enjoyable piece of work to create.

Turning into 3D via Lasercutter.

Final outcome.

The final piece came out better than expected. First, we though we didn’t programme the laser file correctly, then we weren’t sure if the laser cutter could do such minute details. Fortunately we were wrong and the piece came out sharp and precise.

As an alternative to wood, we thought we should try acetate to make it 3D.

Unfortunately, we scrapped this idea.

As it quickly became chaotic, due to the ink smudging everywhere.

We were then asked to create an A6 poster using the final 3D piece and 50 words.


The totem pole. A symbolic way of conversation, carved from large trees by cultures indigenous to the pacific northwest coast of North America. Each face or symbol has a meaning, therefore making it an early form of communication

Unfortunately, we had limited photos to choose from due to lack of equipment at the time so I was not happy with the backdrop but I feel the typography works well and it compliments the Totem well.

Letters in the landscape This new brief had us go to Poole to capture typography within the town. Whether it’s meant to be seen or not, we found letters in obvious and inconspicuous places. These are some of the best we took.

We were then told to make a typography book using the photos we took.

We had to clamp the pages down at an angle so that the glue spread through. Another layer of glue is added and finally the cover.

Final, front cover.

Exhibition. We were required to bring in items that we thought were good examples of design and were close to our own heart. My examples were of DC comic books.

Exhibition. This is the poster for the exhibition, designed by the class. All in all it was a succesful day, there were more visitors than expected and the actual exhibition was professionally layed out and presented.

Lecture - transmedia. Story telling & Remix culture What came before?


Music ( Purest form ) The book Spoken word The image ( Traditional Media forms )

However, no medium really exists in isolation, all texts are inter-textual and draw upon experiences

Interpretation/Adaptation. Remaking one media product into another i.e. book to film

Multimedia Combinations or Mediums working together They’re common place, we encounter them all the time

Transmedia Relies on a culture of convergence, consumers are encouraged to seek out new information and make connections amond dispersed media content For example, film trilogies, animations, computer games and comics. Transmedia text does not simply disperse information, it provides a set of roles and goals which readers can assume as they enact aspects of the story through their everyday life - Jenkins

Lecture - Ooh Ahh Mmm Notions of taste, aesthetic judgement and consumer culture How do we feel about items based on looks, economics etc. We have saturated our world with design that is uneccesary, redundancy is designed into industry

How do we judge deisgn?

Subjectively Objectively Experience Influence

What makes design a classic? Consumers buy into the ‘code’ of items rather than functionality for example Nike Trainers & a Rolex watch.

Lecture - Propaganda What is it? The spreading of ideas/info for purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause or a person. Established by pope Gregory XV

3 types

Black ( Artificial ) White ( Can be evidenced ) Grey ( May have some facts but is from a source that is questionable )

4 Basic varieties 1. Big lie 2. It doesn’t have to be true as long as it’s plausible 3. Tell the truth but withhold other sides point of view 4. Tell the truth, the good, the bad, the losses and the gains

Why does it work? People wish to believe the best about themselves and their government

Workshop - Japenese Bookbinding

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