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Olia Miho portfolio

Olia Miho 860 Pembrook Ct. Carol Stream IL 60188 630.890.9332

EMPLOYMENT ACADEMICS University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH master in architecture sept 2009 - june 2012 University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, IL bachelor of science in architectural studies aug 2005 - may 2009 École Nationale Superieure d’Architecture Versailles, FR SAPV-EAV study abroad program sept 2007 - may 2008 Relevant Recognition UIUC Dean’s List UIUC James Scholar Frank B. and Jennie M. Long Traveling Award SAID Graduate Assistant Fellowship UC Graduate Research Award SAID Distinguished Design Research Award Thesis work published in the book Concrete Mushrooms Thesis project exhibited at the 2012 Venice Biennale Thesis Document Link Computer Programs autoCAD, adobe photoshop/indesign/illustrator, revit architecture, sketchup, rhino, gis, grasshopper, powermill

University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio graduate assistant autumn 2010-spring 2012 assisted SAID Director William Williams with his traveling exhibition “The Dresser Trunk Project” Goettsch Partners Chicago, IL architecture intern spring/summer 2011 developed 2D+3D representations of office concept designs for a global management consulting company, contributed to schematic design presentations/design development+construction documents for multiple mixeduse high rises, assisted with the construction document set for an interior buildout project, created physical schematic design models Charles Vincent George Naperville, IL architecture intern summer 2010 participated in the production of design development and construction documents for various banks, dealerships and high-end residential homes around the Naperville area Musho Architecture New York, NY architecture/interior design intern winter 2010 assisted with furniture selection + design, material+light selection, and space planning of a medium scale medical facility for autistic teenagers Michael Aragona Architecture Barrington, IL architecture intern summer 2008 produced design development,construction documents and computer models for the conversion of an existing retail space into a day-care facility








UrbanInďŹ ll


Sec1- WellnessCenter

March Thesis - ConcreteCathedrals



Sec2 - WellnessCenter



TruckerRestArea recognizing the human need to establish a grid


a 20,000sf Rest Area that engages a proposed Land Art Installation entitled “Earth Curvature”---341 logarithmically decreasing spaced poles form a straight line in space intersecting the curvature of the earth at the site.


in an inhospitable environment the laying down of a blanket or carpet establishes place. we have only to look at navajo rugs, hopi sand paintings, or australian petroglyphs, to recognize the human need to establish and represent an underlying geometry.


salt flats, salt lake city, utah


january - march 2011


lucie fontein

in order to avoid either literally or psychologically getting lost in a vast and empty landscape. the persian carpet, for example, places us in a garden, a richly imagined courtyard providing refuge from the existential silence of the desert.

Carpet draws from imagery associated with interstate 80

San Francisco

rooms / restaurant area / showers

New York City

in an inhospitable environment the laying down of a blanket or carpet establishes place.

Shadow at noon on summer soltice

Carpet Above

plan Installation

the harsh environment of the salt flats is exaggerated by the overwhelming brightness of the sun’s reflection off the white salt. the proposed rest stop inhabits the immense shadow created by a hovering “trucker/traveler” carpet. the carpet’s shadow mediates both the climate and the scale of the landscape, and orients the traveler in space and time. at night, resting beneath this carpet, one could imagine climbing aboard it and flying out amongst the stars.

Interstate 80

Section 1

construction process we physically and imaginatively manipulate the desert so we can travel safely through it by imposing the most basic of all rectilinear geometries upon it, from petroglyphs to maps to highway signs. the construction process of the rest stop follows this same principle.

step 1. locate 3’ installation pole and set up tent support system, taking into account the carpet geometries. step 2. stretch fabric over the structure. 90,000 square feet of photovoltaic thin film placed on the upper surface will collect an ample supply of solar energy to support the needs of the rest stop. step 3. situate concrete platforms according to the noon shadow on the summer solstice. these platforms house the distribution system and hook-up for the well-water obtained from the acquifer below. step 4. drop in pre-fabricated rooms with composting toilets. during the off-season -- when the salt flats flood -- the rooms can be removed and stored for safety.

the d on et lp ace he carp ft ďŹ lm hin- ce o PV t r surfa e upp






fab pre-







te p

re conc


b ro

fa pre-


um ng s



El. 50’ - 0”


El. 20’ - 0”


roof/ceiling waterproof membrane & waterproof plywood rigid insulation foam slab plate steel beam ceiling plaster flashing & caulking (window)

floor finished floor plywood insulation concrete platform leveling concrete crushed stone stainless steel channel (window)

WellnessCenter merging the practical and poetic through arch detailing


the project asks to articulate an attitude for developing the wellness center at the site, body and site scale. this includes formulating precise design strategies for site design, building design and structure, as well as detailing and construction


in terms of site scale the building addresses both the hard edge of the campus and the soft edge of the trees. spatially it is organized through the implementation of the grain. the grain stretching from north to south deďŹ nes the spa spaces and pivots in the lobby area to organize the hotel wing. the construction ethics are deďŹ ned by a similarity in the construction methodology of the wall to the ceiling/roof. each of the building layers are visible and part of the aesthetics


cranbrook academy of art near detroit, michigan


january - march 2010


karl wallick

site strategies the location I chose for the Wellness Center asks to take in consideration both the formal edge of the campus and the informal edge of the trees. the stretch between the Wellness Center and the Moneo building is a mediator between the grand scale of the campus and its main axes, and the more private scale of the spa the public spaces (dance studios) respond to the Moneo building in terms of geometry and scale while the guest rooms and the rest of the center respond to the informal and broken geometry of the trees. to the north, the meditation garden speaks an informal language though unexpected terrain changes (change in material, ramp/stair, height, width etc. ) to encourage user alertness making it feel more intimate

section 1

first floor plan

section 2


section 3

systems integration mechanical + structural system active systems + mechanical

ventilation + pool aesthetics

cast-in-place spaces in the floor structure of the pools allow for the placement of pool equipment. the radiant cooling and heating piping is embedded into the floor plate of the first floor

way to facilitate the insertion of a fan-coil unit. the air intake and outtake vents need to be raised and vertical to prevent dirt and water from causing damage

sculptural roof + roof efficiency maintenance + floor layout

the conditioned air blows in the the pool floor is articulated in a special attention is placed on the the protruding pools allow for direction of the glass wall of the pool creating a thermal break

aesthetics of the roof since it can be viewed from the dance studio. the stone also strips protect the roof membrane

easy maintenance of their mechanical equipment which can be accessed by lifting the precast concrete side-walk panel located on each side

section 1

axonometric section

stone strips

roof drain

plants stone strips


thermal insulation pre-fab concrete panel

vapour /air barrier lateral support for pools screen

vented space ties

cold roof - in cold weather areas particularly in mountain regions that experience heavy snow-fall - a roof vent is recommended

laminated safety glass beam cavity for mechanical system


fresh air intake fan-coil unit

water pipes for radiant heating/cooling

water pipes

pool equipment

systems integration passive shading + structural system

mechanical + wall system

roof grid system + floor system

acoustical + structural system

the structural beams extend out to provide shading for the north/south walls. for the east/west walls, both the horizontal and vertical shading devices also serve the secondary function as structural members

the major elements distibuting conditioned air run adjacent to the structural load bearing walls and hang by metal ties exactly as the stone strips

a seamless transition is created between the roof and the floor. for the roof, the cavity holds insulating materials and drainage while in the floor system it is used to house the mechanical equipment

the smaller beams serve as secondary structure, but at the same time create an acoustically efficient dance studio space

section 3

axonometric section

metal seam roof


2x10 2x12

2x8 2x1



stone strips

vapor /air barrier

mechanical space cavity

metal ties

metal seam roof

insulation ashing


water pipes for radiant heating/cooling



section 3


mechanical room

section 2

BathHouse water as a multi-faceted element


the assignment focused on developing a medium-scale building within a dense urban context, exploring strategies of site insertion, structure, and materiality


the concept was to take water as a multi-faceted element, capable of physical dualities such as fast and slow, warm and cold, hollowing and building. on the first floor, water surrounds and enters the building through gabs which create a duality between the water that the bather is in, and the water they can see behind the glass. a wall surrounds the building to protect the privacy and intimacy of bathers. reflective materials are used throughout the space to offer a fragmented feeling of light. the building is organized so that the public side works independently of the private side and the walk-ins and the robed need not cross paths. a split level emphasizes the different used of space


located in Paris’ 19th arrondissement. the site is accessible at three sides but at different levels and has a considerable slope


september - december 2007


peter arbour




private + public

“Water is sometimes sharp and sometimes strong, sometimes acid and sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet and sometimes thick or thin, sometimes it is seen bringing hurt or pestilence, sometime healthgiving, sometimes poisonous. Sometimes it starts a conflagration, sometimes it extinguishes one; is warm and is cold, carries away or sets down, hollows out or builds up, tears or establishes, fills or empties, raises itself or burrows down, speeds or is still; is the cause at times of life or death, or increase or privation, nourishes at times and at others does the contrary; at times has a tang, at times is without savor, sometimes submerging the valleys with great floods. In time and with water, everything changes.” Leonardo






duality reection intimacy control contrast


relaxation exercise


entrance therapy

tea room

changing lobby

polished granite

relaxation exersise / admin


river rocks

garden therapy tea steam



lobby pool

circulation mechanical steam rooms

grey+white concrete













ground level plan

GreenBox design for a sustainable living unit


the green box was a four-day workshop which allowed the French and the American students to collaborate on a project in groups of three. it focused on the design of a “green box”, a self-sufficient and sustainable living unit


located in a tropical climate, the tube-like shape creates a natural vacuum increasing air circulation. due to the great amount of precipitation, the unit is elevated to avoid flooding. the sloped roof aids in collecting the water in a reservoir located in the legs of the structure. pv panels postioned at an appropriate angle on the roof convert sun radiation into energy for the house




4 days


sari al khaye, olivier lemarquand

DESIGN development

hexagonal centralized shape to create a ventilation passage

distortion of this shape to create a funnel which improves the air-shaft

middle separation of the hexagon forms a ventilation passage in the roof

raising the sides of the original shape creates air passages at the bottom and top

northwest and northeast trade winds pass through the island and the average wind speed ranges from 8-12 knots

ďŹ nal oor plan


HotelDesign relaxed + social mediterranean lifestyle


virtually interacting with an actual client, the idea is to rebrand a well-established hotel chain by developing three schemes in three locations in the united states that cater to generation y. the use of the color blue in innovative ways was also a client request. revit architecture is implement from the conception to the schematics as a project development tool


the branding strategy looks at the mediterranean islands and their way of articulating marketable dynamic spaces for a relaxed and social atmosphere


san francisco, ca; fort lauderdale, ; vali, co


2 weeks/project


barry stedman



the exterior of the building crumbles down to the human scale and turns into chairs + tables while the spatious interior lobby allows for both social interactions and privacy. the restaurant and bar are located on each corner of the ground level to attract outside visitors

san francisco, california

N ground floor

typical floor

fort lauderdale, orida the building is oriented at ninety degrees to the adjacent structure to maximize views to the ocean and the harbor. taking in account the potential ooding, the building is elevated from the ground on pilotis extending the park underneath the building. a ramp leads the cars into the second level parking while an elevator transports the pedestrians to the third level lobby

while the irregularities of the facade provide solar shading, this also alllows each of the rooms to be individual the vegetation hanging off the suites’ balconies create a private garden

vali, colorado the sloping south facade mimics the mountainous landscape

while maximizing solar gain. on the north, the modest openings minimize heat loss the protrusions allow for each suite to have unique views to the surroundings. the top oor provides a lounge and bar space with a hot water pool to unwind after a long day of skiing

Hydro_Ply rhino 3d/grasshopper/powermill


develop a grasshopper deďŹ nition for a parameterized system that strategically responds to four architectural conditions: ventilation, day lighting, drainage, surface area/grip.


the sinuous tool paths suggest the movement of water as the bulges transform into jellyďŹ sh swimming in the turbulent plywood.




3 weeks




dillonspranger, amandasmoschel

surface VXUIDFH



the composition began as an investigation of the relationship between localized densities of bulges and sinks defined by primary attractor points. the curving boundary is defined by the push and pull of source geometry. four of the primary points evolved into dominant bulges punctured by apertures which function as ventilation, day lighting, and drainage for the panel system. the hexagonal holes fade away across the large bulges and into the wooden sea. the size of the four dominant bulges is based on their distance from sinks. a series of underlying points also defines smaller bulges which are attracted to the gravitational pull of the dominant bulges as they spread across the panel. the u and v patterns circumvent the dominant bulges but penetrate the smaller bulges.



















ďŹ nal_panel

Olia Miho Portfolio  

academic portfolio, architecture

Olia Miho Portfolio  

academic portfolio, architecture