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Qualco IT Infrastructure Services

IT Infrastructures Challenges

As business processes become more and more reliant on IT infrastructure, IT becomes a strategic asset that directly impacts organisational efficiency. When IT Infrastructure follows business growth, implementation is reactive and the result is a complicated, unmanageable infrastructure with a high cost of ownership. Such a reactive approach leads to inflexibility and an IT investment which cannot respond effectively to changing business needs. Demands such as greater cost efficiency and regulatory compliance mean that strategic planning is vital when developing IT infrastructure and assessing future business investment. At Qualco, we deliver IT infrastructure as a strategic business service. When IT services lead business growth rather than reacting to it, the result is lower cost of ownership and increased return on investment, transforming IT services from a costly fixed asset into a business enabler. IT services have evolved from a tool used by the business, to a foundation stone of the business itself. Rather than IT services being implemented to streamline a business process, new processes and products are designed and built, from the ground up, on a technology platform. Management information is no longer served by that IT platform – it is an intrinsic design element of it. Architectural planning of both applications and physical infrastructure ensures harmony between business needs and the investment in IT infrastructure, whilst rigorous project implementation ensures consistent quality and reliable delivery of this vital business enabler.


Qualco’s approach & methodology

Qualco has developed an IT optimisation approach using industry best practices, certifications, international synergies, and own experiences with it’s enterprise customers. Provides, implements and supports the technologies, processes and procedures to help customers optimise their infrastructure, and turn it to Business Enabler. Systems Assessment

Design & Rollout Plan

Installation & Configuration

Testing & Sign Off

Maintenance & Support Services

Qualco IT Infrastructure Services

Qualco’s approach & methodology

At Qualco, we have developed an original methodology to address IT infrastructure investment. Using this methodology, we can help you to identify the maturity level of your infrastructure and plan long-term improvements. Our review methodology includes: ○ Computer rooms ○ Networks and telecommunications ○ Warehouse systems ○ System services ○ IT policies and processes We then agree an action plan with you, guaranteeing deadlines and costs through a strict project management and monitoring process before implementing those improvements. We further address international regulations regarding security and business continuity, having invested in human resources and technologies that underpin these higher level requirements of an IT infrastructure. In this way, we transform IT from a simple cost centre into a growth accelerator for your business with clear objectives and measurable operational benefits. Your IT infrastructure is a strategic asset and business enabler upon which software can deliver the services and applications that support your business operation and growth. We can help you to optimise your IT infrastructure and transform it into a valuable business enabler through the following comprehensive portfolio of services.


IT Infrastructure Integrated Services Management

We offer a full set of integrated IT services with engineers who are certified across a wide range of technologies. As a vendor-free integrator, we provide bespoke solutions in the following areas: ○ Wintel Platforms ○ Storage Systems (IBM, NETAPP, HP, EMC) ○ Firewall Solutions (CISCO, Checkpoint) ○ Networking Solutions (CISCO, Juniper, Nortel, etc.) ○ Backup Services (Symantec / Veritas, Data Protector, Legato) ○ Microsoft Technologies (Microsoft Partners) ○ Active Directory Services (Set-up, Migration, Upgrade, Rationalization) ○ End-to-End Mail Services (Relay Servers, Core Mail Systems, Archiving) ○ High Availability Solutions (Microsoft Cluster, Linux Cluster) ○ Remote Access Services / VPN ○ Content Filtering Solutions ○ Database Management Services (MS SQL Server, Oracle) ○ Web Services (IIS, Apache) ○ Linux Services With a proven track record of successful IT project implementation in key business areas, our engineers design and implement solutions in any of these technology areas and deliver them: On time, within Budget and to the highest Quality.

Operational Maintenance & Support Services

Our ultimate goal is to ensure the smooth operation and high availability of your critical systems and applications. We offer SLA based maintenance and support services that cover either end-to-end application and infrastructure services or specifically defined elements of your infrastructure, as agreed in the service contract that we design with you. Our experienced engineers offer flexible service level options designed to fit your specific needs: ○ Administration ○ Planned Maintenance ○ Troubleshooting and Error Fixing ○ Real Time Monitoring and Alerting ○ Periodic Auditing and Monitoring ○ IT Systems and Services Enhancements Our commitment to quality IT maintenance and support services is demonstrated by the fact that our SLA based support contracts offer not only response time but also fix time guarantees. We serve critical IT environments with standby engineers and hot line mobile numbers 24x7. Consistent service provision is ensured, along with high availability and resilience.

Qualco IT Infrastructure Services

Risk Management & Mitigation Services

As business operations become more complex and interconnected, the risk of service interruption extends to every aspect of your organisation’s activities. Aligning critical business and IT priorities into a common strategy can ensure business continuity and the ongoing performance of your business. Our business continuity and disaster recovery services encompass a broad range of activities, from planning and design to implementation and management. We have developed a unique methodology, based on international best practices and standards, to address all layers of a business continuity plan and ensure Business As Usual Operations in the event of even the most extreme conditions.

The following elements are part of the Qualco Business Continuity Planning methodology. ○ Business Impact Analysis ○ Risk Assessment ○ Business Continuity Strategy ○ BCP Solutions Design ○ Disaster Recovery Solutions Implementation and Set-up ○ Staff training for Business Continuity Plan procedures ○ Continuous BCP Tests and Rehearsals ○ Design and Implementation of BCP Procedures and Policies ○ Ongoing maintenance of the Business Continuity Plan As an independent solution integrator, we ensure the best technical solution with minimum cost of ownership and maximum return on investment for you and your business.

We have invested in certified business continuity engineers who work closely with you to define the continuity and recovery requirements of your business and offer the most appropriate solution for your business needs.

Problem Definition

Project Goals

Identify Threats

Solution Construction

Design Contingent

Produce Plan

Verification & Usage

Test & Deploy

Maintain DR Plan

Business Impacts


Infrastructure Agility Services

Business growth can lead to complex IT environments with increased cost of ownership and inefficient resource utilisation. Issues such as availability, performance and economy of scale are challenges that any growing business must address, and virtualisation is definitely the first step towards Business Agility. Our virtualisation services improve the cost efficiency of your IT infrastructure by consolidating services and optimising utilisation. Implementing virtualisation solutions for servers, networking and computing: ○ Improves resource utilisation ○ Improves performance ○ Reduces management costs ○ Minimises business disruption risks

Our services include: Server virtualisation Server virtualisation allows a physical server to be partitioned to run multiple secure virtual servers, enabling you to consolidate physical servers and reduce hardware acquisition and management costs. Application virtualisation Application virtualisation can help you to optimise resource utilisation and management of your IT infrastructure while enhancing quality of service for your critical applications. At Qualco, we can help you with all aspects of virtualisation from design and planning to implementation, migration and support of your complex, mission critical VM environments.

Virtualisation adds a middle layer between applications and hardware, ensuring the continuity of all critical systems and applications irrespective of the hardware vendor or the host operating system. We use leading VM technology to streamline IT infrastructure, improve management control, respond faster to emerging business needs, minimise your ownership costs and maximize your return on investment.

Reduces IT costs

User Experience



Display / Multimedia / Peripherals / Offline

Provision / Deploy / Broker / Secure / Platform / Image / Apps. / Personal

Server / Client Mobile

Qualco IT Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Agility Services

Desktop Virtualisation Desktop Virtualisation’s many advantages result from centralised management of data storage and application deployment.

CAPEX Savings

Lower Cost Storage & Hardware Desktop Virtualisation allows you to: ○ Deploy desktop applications faster ○ Deliver business continuity and disaster recovery ○ Migrate and upgrade applications more easily ○ Reduce downtime for upgrades ○ Protect data storage ○ Reduce deployment time for new services and applications ○ Reduce management costs ○ Reduce support costs for remote offices ○ Reduce capital and operating system costs ○ Increase Return On Investment for desktop assets

Concurrent user pricing

Delayed Hardware Refresh

OPEX Savings

Average 50% fewer help desk calls

55% reduced desktop management time

Ability to provision users in minutes

Petch or update from a single image

Increased Productivity

68% reduced end–user downtime

Automated desktop and data backup


IT Security

At Qualco, we help you to discover and understand your own security level, identify potential gaps and prioritise initiatives for improvement. Our security services include threat management, data loss prevention, system maintenance and application stability to support your business initiatives securely and manage risk cost effectively. Our IT security approach includes the following steps: ○ Site Survey Performance ○ IT Security Policies Compilation ○ IT Security Role Creation ○ Hardware and software implementation ○ Due Service Provision ○ Our Value Added Security Services also include: ○ Real Time Security Monitoring ○ Real Time Alerting ○ Security Auditing ○ Penetration Tests ○ Ethical Hacking

Central Management, Automation & Control of IT Infrastructure

Symantec / Altiris Products We have invested in a strategic partnership with Symantec for the Altiris product Suite. Altiris management solutions provide a modular and future proof approach to managing a diverse and distributed IT infrastructure. Altiris’ open solutions integrate the management of client, handheld, server, network and other IT assets with audit ready security and automated operation. Issues that can be addressed through the Symantec Altiris products include: ○ Asset Management ○ Client Management ○ Deployment Solutions ○ Service Desk ○ Inventory Solution ○ IT Management Suite ○ Server Management Suite Microsoft / System Center Configuration Manager We have significant expertise in designing and implementing solutions using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. SCCM 2007 comprehensively assesses, deploys, and updates servers, client computers, and other supported devices across physical, virtual, distributed, and mobile environments. Optimised for Windows and integrated with Windows 7, SCCM is the best choice for the management and control of your IT systems, ensuring confidence in your assets and infrastructure whether your organisation is large or small. With up to 70% of an infrastructure’s total cost of ownership being incurred in support, managing your IT infrastructure more effectively is one of the most important ways of increasing the cost efficiency of your business. System Center Configuration Manager intelligently automates IT systems management to reduce costs and improve the visibility and control of your IT infrastructure investment.

Qualco IT Infrastructure Services

Central Management, Automation & Control of IT Infrastructure

Integrated People

Service Oriented Management

Increase system Security Posture Increase Quality Automate Manual Processes Reduce costs Standarize IT Infrastructure

Gain Visibility and Control


Added Value Services

Our experience in planning and implementing complex IT projects enables us to manage equally complex environments. Our expertise helps to increase the efficiency of your business, and ensures the continued smooth operation of your infrastructure services and applications. We offer integrated services and solutions in the following areas: IT Consolidation As your business expands, it can become difficult to manage and maintain multiple data centres and the components of a distributed non-uniform IT environment. We can optimise your infrastructure to improve your daily business operations through a more efficient design. Consolidation means much more than reducing the amount of IT hardware or the number of user licences. Our services aim to provide higher availability and increase performance through streamlining IT environments, increasing IT asset utilisation, deploying faster new applications and reducing IT operational costs. Our IT Consolidation Services include: ○ Data Centre Design & Consolidation ○ Application Consolidation ○ Server, Storage and Network Consolidation

High Level Consultancy Services Our project management and consultancy services help you to optimise your IT infrastructure and transform it into a valued, cost efficient business asset. We work with you, help you to realise your projects and obtain the maximum value and growth from your investment in new technology. We offer IT consulting and project management services that combine expertise, processes and technologies, to cost-effectively manage various projects, deliver productivity improvements and lead to long term business value. At Qualco, we have the resources and infrastructure to support project operations with our own experts who will address: ○ Management of projects and programs ○ Project controls (planning, scheduling, forecasting, reporting, etc.)

Qualco IT Infrastructure Services


Qualco is a software and IT professional services provider with over ten years of experience meeting the highly specific needs of large corporations. We create state-of-the-art IT solutions that deliver the tangible efficiency you demand, the business information feedback you need, and the sustained profitability you expect. We are dedicated to designing, implementing and supporting large-scale, mission-critical line-of-business IT projects and specialised Software Products for financial services. Our experienced teams deploy the latest automated processes in the design, documentation, development, testing and configuration management of our product releases, as well as in planning and monitoring every project and service we offer. We implement and maintain ISO 9001 certification that applies to the whole range of our activities, while guaranteeing the continuous quality and reliability of all our products and services. Bottom line: Qualco aims to be your trusted and reliable partner. Leading financial, commercial and industrial corporations as well as public sector organisations in Greece and Europe rely on Qualco’s solutions and services, which are always delivered on time, within budget and to the highest quality.

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