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Feature Film Treatment Title: Liberation Frequencies A composer embarks on a spiritual journey connected with his past life and lovers. Genre: Portal (Spiritual) Love Fantasy/Crime Period and Setting: Modern day London, United Kingdom.

Treatment word Count: 3,750 Student number: 161046068

ACT I Its evening on the leafy borough of Ealing, in London. The rhythm of life is slow, students from the University of West London are waiting their buses. Two students are discussing about how they skipped professor’s Alex class on electronic music production. *** Inside the university, in a class full of natural light, Alex, a skinny young guy with brown hair and wide open green eyes, wearing a purple casual shirt and jeans, holding a cup of tea in his hands, enjoys educating the young generation of musicians. He shows his students how to use frequencies to alter the nature of their melodies and he further, explains the impact of frequencies on the human brain. He tells them that every human has a certain vibrational frequency and that musical frequencies could alter our own vibrational state. He points out 432 Hz is mathematically consistent with the patterns of the universe and has been found in ratios of the Earth, moon and the great pyramid of Egypt. ***


Its night, the class finishes and Alex leaves to meet his girlfriend, Eliza, in a bar in Shoreditch where he performs as a Dj for extra money. He runs all the way to the tube station and enters in the tube, seconds before the door closes. *** Alex falls asleep in the tube and he dreams vividly of a man with ginger hair, dressed in a suit, composing a melody alone in a rooftop with view of London Bridge, early in the morning. The melody echoes repeatedly in Alex’s mind. A black crown appears in the sky and the man seems terrified. It starts raining and the man slowly walks into the edge of the rooftop. He closes his eyes and jumps. *** Alex wakes up sweating. He gets down on Liverpool Street. He lights up a cigarette and while walking, he can’t think anything else than the melody from his dream. *** He arrives in Queen of Hoxton, a bar with urban graffiti illustrations on the exterior. He walks in, greets the staff and walks up all the way to the rooftop. He passes through a tent space with fairy lights, wood logs as tables and chairs and small rocks in the floor. He calls Eliza. Alex meets Eliza, a younger girl with brown curly hair, dressed in a white dress, outside and describes to her his bleak dream. He also refers to a new melody he has on his mind and he points out that he will probably improvise on stage. *** Alex prepares his equipment on the designated stage area and the rooftop slowly fills with people. He wears his earphones and he starts playing music in his Akai MPC. At some point he informs the audience that he will experiment with a new melody he just came up this evening. Alex plays the melody from his dream.


*** A girl in the audience, starts being dizzy and disturbed from the sounds. She leaves her friends and the bar. She takes a bus towards Hackney. She remains next to the door of the bus and stares the void with wide open eyes. Her vision becomes sharp and clear, the colours become bright and bold, the sounds of drunk people discussing in the bus and the sound of the bus engine become louder. The door opens in the stop next to Haggerston Park and she gets off. The girl takes off her high heels and walks inside the park. While passing behind a bush, she disappears. *** The same night, Alex and Eliza go for after drinks in a quiet local pub where TV news are playing loud. The news reporter announces that a girl has disappeared in Haggerston Park and that her bag was found by a group of youngsters. Alex by seeing her picture in the news tells Eliza that the girl reminds him somebody he knows or have seen. An old bald guy, John opens a conversation with the couple, revealing his daughter has been missing for the last 40 years. Eliza is ignoring him but, Alex is intrigued and in the same time, starts having seizures. John buys them a pint and reveals to them in a monologue that he has depression for the last years, since his wife passed away too and that the police is not able to solve anything. He asks them how long they have been together and if they are still in love. Eliza replies that love is not always enough. Alex disagrees with her. *** A woman, with short red hair, wearing a black hat, a long black skirt and a floral top, Jessica is observing the couple from distance, pretending she is reading a newspaper. Eliza goes to the bathroom and Alex turns his head towards Jessica. Jessica smiles and Alex starts experiencing intense emotions. He hears whispers while the woman is moving her mouth, pointing out questions about the


meaning of life. Ale remains still looking at her. Eliza comes back and stands in front of Alex. She tells him she is tired and she wants to leave. Alex wears his coat, says goodbye to John and searches with the edges of his eyes for Jessica but, she is not there anymore. Alex and Eliza leave the pub. *** Alex and Eliza enter their flat. Alex hugs Eliza and expresses his love. He then, opens his laptop to compose in FL Studio. Eliza asks him to sleep because she is exhausted but, Alex explains he has to finish the melody before he forgets it. He also,tells her that in the pub he remembered the last part of the melody. Alex is playing the melody repeatedly loud in the speakers while adjudging its components. Eliza gets extremely disturbed as she is trying to sleep. She yells to him but, Alex remains emotionless, wearing his earphones. Eliza dresses up and announces she is going for a walk, to get fresh air. Alex takes out his earphones as he is surprised she is going out that late in the night. Then he asks her where she is going. Eliza leaves. *** The next day Alex wakes up in the coach, realizing he fell asleep. He goes to the bedroom and he can’t find Eliza. He calls her several times and her phone is turned off. He leaves her messages saying that he is worrying. *** John is driving his car within the traffic. He reaches the post-office where he works. His shift starts and his co-worker starts speaking about the morning news. A local old woman in Hackney found a mobile phone and a white dress next to Haggerston Park. They connected this event with the previous missing girl as the personal items were found in short distance from the first incident. They suspect another person is missing. John is shocked. He tries to concentrate on his job.


People are waiting in a line to be served. John sees the face of his daughter and hears her voice. He then, asks for a day off from his boss, pretending he is ill. *** John enters his house and unpacks from the basement big carton boxes that contain printed files, old newspapers and photographs. He starts cutting them with a scissor and sticking them in the wall. He grabs a colourful marker and underlines sentences. Around forty years ago, twelve students went missing in various locations in London among which was Haggerston Park. Parent interviews reveal the students were expressing particular interest in philosophy and religion. Bodies were never found and the case remained unsolved. *** Alex receives a phone call from the police, informing him that Eliza’s mobile phone have been found earlier this morning. Alex is frustrated and he starts crying. He throws his laptop on the floor. He sits in the floor, in front of the glass windows, with view of London. He presses his arm in his face and tears soak through his shirt. He runs his fingers through his hair and turns his head towards the window. *** ACTII Alex goes to the police station. The police officers ask him questions about the night Eliza disappeared. Alex barely answers them and seems distracted. The police confronts him that they will find evidence sooner or later. Alex walks out the police station and lights up a cigarette. *** Alex walks around Haggerston Park trying to understand what has happened. He sits in a bench and he closes his eyes. The sound of the wind moving the branches 5

of the trees makes him calmer. He sees the back of a girl with red hair in a classroom. The girl turns back and greets him. Alex opens his eyes. *** Alex returns to his flat. He picks up the laptop and uploads the melody he finished composing on YouTube. *** In the meantime, John is sitting on his laptop and trying to relax, he opens YouTube to play music. Alex’s song pops up in his home page and John decides to listen to it. John’s mug of coffee drops in the floor as he is surprised. He remembers the song. His daughter played it, forty years ago, some days before she disappeared. John tries to find who composed the melody and finds out Alex’s profile as a teacher at the University of West London. *** A young guy walks in Moat Lane, north-east from the end of Clandon Gardens in East Finchley. He suddenly, remains still, gazing the void. His surroundings change and he is now, under a mountain, in a place that looks like a dark cave labyrinth. He hears the sounds of enormous creatures, stepping into the ceilings of the cave. He starts running, terrified, hoping to find an exit. *** Its evening and Alex enters the same pub. He orders several drinks. Jessica is observing him from the back table. Alex is drunk, moving his head in cycles and mumbling his girlfriend’s name. Jessica approaches him. She introduces herself as a psychoanalyst. Alex tells Jessica he has a feeling he knows her and Jessica replies he might actually does. Jessica persuades him to come in her office. Alex believes she will help him recollect memories that are of crucial importance to the events that followed.


*** Jessica drives Alex to her office. She encourages him to relax. She opens a small lamp and hands him a glass of whiskey. Jessica comes closer to Alex and looks him deeply in the eyes. She starts kissing him. Alex does not push her away. Jessica hypnotizes him. Alex sees the same young man with ginger hair, teaching philosophy in the School of Economics Science in London. He speaks about Advaita Vedanta and then he introduces them to meditation. The man with the ginger hair is meditating. Alex suddenly, sees himself felling over the same rooftop. *** He wakes up from his fear. Jessica is crossing her fingers in his hair and she kisses his forehead. Alex dreams about the girl that was in the concert and disappeared that night. The girl is climbing in a tree, in a forest with thorn trees several miles high, burning flame and blazing hot. He tries to help her but he can’t come closer to her. The sound of a bell intrudes the environment. *** Alex wakes up in his home. The doorbell rings and Alex runs to open, believing its Eliza. He is disappointed to see John. John explains to him that the university shared his address. Alex is initially pushing John out of his door. John reminds him he is the guy they spoke in the bar, in the night of the concert and that he will help him find his girlfriend. Alex invites John inside and makes coffee. They sit in the table and they share their knowledge. John knows the melody Alex composed and shared online. John believes it’s connected with the missing people. John can’t remember the name of the composer of this melody, forty years ago but, he reassures Alex it existed before. ***


Moreover, John shares his research on the people that went missing, forty years ago. They have all joined the School of Economics Science in an attempt to find out about the teachings of liberation from your physical self and the expansion of their consciousness. John found out his daughter was attending the classes and prohibited her to go there again. After some days, she disappeared. Alex shares his strange dream with John. They both decide to go to the School of Economics Science searching for answers. John takes with him a knife and encourages Alex to do the same. *** Its midday, John and Alex are hiding behind a yellow car, staring at the entrance of the school. John believes they should go inside but, Alex disagrees. Jessica comes outside with an old man dressed classy with a suit. They are talking about the 31 realms of existence and the birth-rebirth cycle. They also point out the next ‘Trap Street’ will be Barlett Place in Isle of Dogs and a girl, Monica will be there at around seven o’clock. Alex is confused seeing Jessica as he thought he was just dreaming, yesterday night. John and Alex leave and they decide to find this street and be there at seven o’clock. *** John and Alex are struggling to find Barlett Place, walking between Alpha Grove and Casslis Road. The street seems to not exist. At seven o’clock they hear a scream and following it, they find a phone. John thinks everything is pointless unless, they go directly to speak with Jessica who seems to be involved. Alex disagrees and he prefers to wait. Alex and John split up. John does not follow Alex’s advice and is heading towards Jessica’s office. *** Alex, in his flat, takes a nap in the sofa and dreams of the School of Economics Science. He sees from the perspective of the same man with ginger hair. He 8

meets Jessica and involuntary kisses her as if he can’t use his will to take action in this dream. Jessica warns him that the school will be after him if he leaves. She insists he is out of his mind and that he should follow the supreme teacher. She talks about her belief in Brahman, the Ultimate Reality of the universe. The guy moves and hugs her. Alex remembers they are married. The words coming outside of his mouth are not his own. The guy tells Jessica he loves her a lot but, he has to leave the school with or without her. He realised the school brainwashed them and its exploiting them. He believes Brahman is the origin and end of all things, material and spiritual but, he can’t follow blindly the supreme teacher and cause pain and sorrow to all these innocent people. Jessica cries and begs him to think twice before he quits. *** The guy with ginger hair speaks to the supreme teacher and leaves. While walking away three guys surround him and force him to hand a mixtape, as well as, to commit suicide in his house’s roof terrace pointing a gun to him. *** Alex wakes up and starts searching the phone him and John found earlier today. He finds the melody he composed. He calls John but, John doesn’t pick up. *** John enters Jessica’s office. Jessica appears hidden behind the door. She comes out and hits him in the head with a vase. John wakes up tied in a chair. He points out questions about his daughter. Jessica laughing reveals her true age and that she used to know John’s daughter. She speaks about the concept of time and the way she managed to remain young through ascetic practises and botanical elixirs. While she turns her back, John attempts to throw her the knife. Jessica stops the knife with her mind. *** 9

Jessica comes close to John and reveals to him his daughter is dead however, still alive in another plane of the cosmos. His daughter along with the other people missing are part of an experiment. They have all been great students of the school of practical philosophy and spirituality but, decided to leave, not because they lost their faith but, because they were intelligent enough to realise they could follow the path to enlightenment alone. That moment they realise the school is brainwashing them and they develop critical thought on Brahman, it’s the ideal moment to embark on the journey to another plane. The School of Economic Science needs to gather information from the ones returning back from the planes. Most of them didn’t manage to come back to their human body but, the ones who did are being held in the school. *** The guy that disappeared in Barlett place is flying in the clear blue sky, above a green forest with rivers, lakes, ancient temples, folklore like elves and fairies. He approaches the river and flying above, he notices his reflection. He is a light figure with no mass and material appearance. *** ACTIII Alex prepares to go to Jessica’s office. Three men enter his flat and approach him slowly. One of the men punches him and the rest two hold him. They point a gun on his face. They ask him to agree peacefully to come to the School of Economic Science or they will kill him. They also tell him, his girlfriend is already dead. Alex prefers to die than to help them. The man is not bluffing. He pushes the gun into his chest, ready to pull the trigger and injects a drug into Alex’s arm so he loses his senses. **


Alex’s vision is blurry. Somebody enters from the door of the flat and shoots the three men. Alex wakes up. The three men and his savour are no longer there. ** Alex breaks into Jessica’s office, smashing the locked door. He finds John dead. The window is open and it leads into a park. Jessica is running away. Alex chases her and manages to catch her. They fell into the ground. Jessica looks deeply into his eyes. Alex holds her arms tight. He bursts in tears and reveals to her that he remembers everything and that he still loves her. Jessica for the first time, becomes sensible and she cries too. Alex pushes his knife into Jessica’s chest and apologizes. He tells her that if she ever loved him too, to reveal if Eliza and the rest of the people are alive. Jessica seems to be not afraid of death, she smiles, comes closer to Alex’s ear and whispers to him. They are kept in the school. She will be waiting to meet him in another life. *** Its night and Alex enters the School of Economic Science through the fire exit door. He walks up to the last floor where he finds the master. The master has being waiting for him. He turns his chair towards Alex. He speaks about Jessica’s betrayal. She killed the three men the master sent. Alex has composed this melody forty years ago showing his devotion for the higher spiritual purposes of the school. The master invites him to join them again and compose more melodies with frequencies that would accelerate the rhythm of access to the other planes of existence. Alex denies to join them. The master offers Eliza in return of his loyalty to the school of practical philosophy. Eliza managed to return back and she in the school at the moment. Alex attempts to kill the master but, the master freezes his mind, making him powerless and unable to move. Alex slowly manages to take out his phone and play the melody. The master suddenly seems frightened, he remains still and eventually fades away.


*** Alex is trying to find Eliza in the building. He hears her voice in the basement. He runs all the stairs down. Alex breaks an old wooden door and finds ten people tied in chairs. Some of these people seem old and exhausted, some of them seem to have lost their mind, moving abruptly and repeating the same sentences. He also sees the girl that disappeared in the night of the concert. Alex unties Eliza from the chair. He tells her how much he loves her with tears. He unties all the people and calls the police to report the school. *** The police breaks into the school and arrests tutors that were still in their offices. They also gather documents, files and computers. *** The next morning the school is closed. The streets are surrounded with police cars. *** Alex wakes up home next to Eliza. Eliza refuses to answers his questions about what she saw in the realm she has been. She confronts him that she can’t actually remember anything. Alex kisses her. He stands up and goes to his laptop. He deletes the song. *** After many days Eliza is taking alone the tube in the night. She closes her eyes and when she opens them back she is in a divine place in the sky with magnificent palaces overlooking a purple see, accompanied by hundreds of celestial Nymphs. ***


Alex, in his flat, is composing a new melody with tears. He finishes a new melody and names it Jessica.


Treatment Appendix Appendix Word account: 1,100 Story summary: Liberation Frequencies uses the ‘’Six Stage Plot Structure’’ as follows:

ACT I The Inner Journey and the Outer Journey Stage I (Living fully within identity- Setup) Alex teaches electronic music composition in a class. He leaves to meet his girlfriend and to perform as a DJ in a bar. While performing a girl in the crowd leaves disturbed outside. Turning point 1(Opportunity) The girl disappears in Haggerston Park. Alex and his girlfriend go for after drinks in a pub where they watch the news that refer to the missing girl. A woman (Jessica) is observing them in distance.


An old man opens a conversation about his lost daughter and Alex starts having seizures. Jessica and Alex share an intimate moment of looking at each other. Stage II (New situation, glimpse of living life in essence) Alex and Eliza return to their flat where Alex continues composing the same melody he played on set. Eliza leaves outside to get fresh air. He falls asleep and in the morning, he realizes Eliza is missing. Turning Point 2(Change of Plans) A young lady hands Eliza’s mobile phone in the police. The police calls Alex informing him about Eliza’s disappearance. John arrives in the post-office to start his shift. One of his co-workers starts talking about the second missing girl. John pretends to be sick and asks for some days off.

ACT II Stage III (Progress, Moving towards essence without leaving identity) Alex goes to the police where they inform him there are no evidence. He then, goes to Haggerston Park where he has a vision involving Jessica. John goes home and creates collage in the wall, linking the events his the missing people forty years ago. Alex finishes composing his melody and uploads it online. John randomly listens to it, he remembers his daughter listening to it and then searches for Alex. Another guy walking in East Finchley disappears and he appears in a dark cave. Alex goes to the pub. Jessica approaches him. She is a psychoanalyst promising to help him find Eliza.


Turning Point 3(No Return) Jessica drives him to her office. They kiss and Jessica hypnotizes him. Alex sees the young version of himself in his past life inside the School of Economic Science teaching and the girl that disappeared in the concert in a forest. He wakes up in his room as the bell of his door rings. John and Alex share their knowledge on the case of the missing people and decide to go to the school of Economic Science, carrying knives with them. They see Jessica, in distance. They hear the name of the place of the time the next event will take place and they go there. They do not manage to save the person but, they find the mobile phone of the victim and Alex keeps it. Alex discourages John from going to Jessica’s office. They split up and John goes alone in Jessica’s office.

Turning Point 4 (Major Setback) Alex takes a nap in his home and through his dream he understands Jessica used to be his wife and they murdered him because he decided to leave the School of Economic Science. He wakes up, searches the phone and finds his melody inside. Alex calls John but he doesn’t pick up. In the meantime, Jessica captures John and kills him. Three men break into Alex’s flat. They lie that Eliza is dead, try to convince Alex to join the school. Alex denies and they attempt to kill him. Jessica saves him.


ACT III Stage V (Final Push, living one’s truth with everything to lose) Alex breaks into Jessica’s office and chases her in the park. He tells her, he loves her and stabs her. Jessica reveals that some of the victims are alive and are being kept in the school. The guy that disappeared in East Finchley is flying in the sky above the elves and fairies world. Turning Point 5(Climax) Alex sneaks into o the school and finds the master. The master reveals to him the power of the melody and asks him to join him in return for Eliza. Alex manages to play the melody from his phone and defeat the master who disappears. Stage VI (Aftermath, the journey complete/destiny achieved) Alex rescues Eliza and other people. He calls the police that arrest members of the staff and shut down the school. Eliza refuses to talk about what has happened during the last few days. After many days Eliza is travelling with the tube to go home. She closes her eyes and she is transported to another plane of existence. Alex is composing a new melody and names it Jessica.


Genre Statement Liberation Frequencies is a portal fantasy love story with religious/spiritual and mystical themes. There are magical doorways that connect different planes of existence inspired by the Buddhist cosmology and the people can enter them after having listened to Alex’s melody. There are visual references to the Hell realm, the Demon Realm, the Realm of the Four Great Kings, Realm of the Gods who Delight Creating. It follows the trend of spiritual, Dharma cinema that includes references to the process of spiritual awakening and reincarnation and enlightenment. There is a certain degree of reliance to real locations, facts and assumptions such as the trap streets of London which do not exist but were designed by cartographers to find anyone copying their work and the School of Economics Science in London which has been considered by many a cult. Story Characters Alex: age 25-29 years old. An intelligent middle class composer with intuition, teacher in the University of West London and Dj. He has psychic instincts and an innate philosophical and religious impulse. He is highly creative with passion for music composition and a quiet thinker. Above all he dependant on his love for women in previous and present lives. He is courageous and emotional in the same time. Eliza: age 24-25 years old. A stable companion that shows affection for Alex. Even if not initially spiritual, she manages to access one of the early paradise planes because she open-minded, pure, moral and has faith. After she disappears, she changes and she chooses a higher realm than love in the human world. This implies she is not exactly bond to Alex. John: age 48-55 years old. An old fashioned guy with obsessions and critical thinking. He manages to solve part of the case alone and he has faith towards his family. He proves he is blind by hate towards the cult of the school.


He does not quit the quest to find his daughter even, if he deeply knows she might be already dead. His emotional impulses will lead him to his death. Jessica: age 50-60 years old/35 years old in appearance. A highly intelligent woman with psychic powers and interest in psychoanalysis. She is not sensitive towards the people that will be sacrificed in the name of knowledge and spirituality. She believes she has a higher purpose in reality and deeply respects the master of the school. She still loves the reincarnated version of Alex and she believes they will meet again in another life. The school master: 70 years old. A spiritual leader that forgot the real nature of his own teachings. He is egocentric and highly immoral. He promotes the idea that sacrifices of other people are necessary for the greater good but, in reality he is greedy with knowledge.


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The use of this film treatment for any purposes apart from reading is strictly prohibited.Rights of intellectual property apply/copyright. I...


The use of this film treatment for any purposes apart from reading is strictly prohibited.Rights of intellectual property apply/copyright. I...