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ZHANG, Panpan University ID: 2012994045 Instructor(s): Melissa cate Christ/ Ivan Valin/ Scott Jennings Melbourne ARCH7102: Landscape Planning and Design II Fall/Spring 2013



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Flux/ Flow/ Cycle: Recording Dynamic Landscapes Individual Work


Circulation-Individual Work

Comparative Analysis Marrakech: Economies and Cultures




Comparative Analysis Montjuic Botanical Garden Case Study


Framework Plan: Strategies for Development Along the Wadi Issyl Transect Group Work Marrakech Elective Site Design:


Group Work

Green Insertion





Field Trip Photos Stream Paris/Barcelona/Marrakech Group Work


Individual Work


Elements/ Sites: Runoff Water/ Canal at King Yip St.(below bypass), Kwun Tong This project represent the water flow in the chosen site for a period of time. I attempt to invent series of diagram to show the change of the site and element itself. I try to create the continues dialogue between the time, outfalls, canal bed and water.

Flux/ Flow/ Cycle: Recording Dynamic Landscapes Individual Work


Comparative Analysis Montjuic Botanical Garden Circulation-Individual Work Case Study This exercise aims to research, document and analyze primary site and ecological factors at multiple scales. Our group collect and represent information to explain the different factors and systems for the case studyHistorical & cultural context/Physical context/Hydrology/Geomorphology/Climate:/Circulation Circulation is my part and I intend to explain the traffic and the way of arrive in the urban scale and the road system and the road view in the site scale.




Comparative Analysis Marrakech: Economies and Cultures Group Work This exercise is an analysis at the system and regional level in Marrakech,Morrocco. Our group collected and represented information to explain the different factors and systems which determine the form, aesthetic and function of the regional, urban and site landscapes. For the economies and cultures part, we focus on the people compared with other research categories such as circulation, hydrology etc. As it a abstract topic, we try to figure out something relevant and useful for the further learning of Marrakech, for example how many people live in here(demographics), what they produce and what they need(import&export), what they live for(industry), etc.


Framework Plan: Strategies for Development Along the Wadi Issyl Transect Group Work Marrakech, the 4th largest city in Morocco and a primary tourist destination in North Africa, is situated in the arid but intensely cultivated Haouz Plain region of the Tensift River watershed. The Wadi Issyl is a seasonal waterway along the eastern edge of the old medina, reaching north to the Tensift drainage and south from a series of braided channels emerging from the Atlas Mountains. The framework design is intended as a starting point and foundation for the remainder of the semester’s work. Ideas and strategies developed in this phase will support the design work of the final phase. Our group aims to revitalize the city by reinstalling the urban-naatural hydrological cycle and to introduce diversed landuses based upon such hydro-cycle, the origional landuse and the characters of adjacent areas. We introduce the idea of “green finger“ to expand green in to Medina and we believe the integrated treatment and planning will eventually lead to an economically and an ecologically revitalized area with more job opportunities, openspaces and preservative lands.


Marrakech Elective Site Design:

Site problems collage

Green Insertion

Poor road condition

Individual Work

High Density Sanitation/Lack public facilities and amenities

Less spaces for children and elders

Improper scale of plaza

Less amusement

I choose Medina as the my main design site and then select a small site as the demostration project for my master design. The design concept “Green Insertion“ from the original framwork-”green Finger” which means to expand green into Medina and connect the exsit gardens and green spaces making them as a integral network. As Medina is in high density, it seems impossible to add more green spaces while rethinking the site the problems occure in the Medina needs to be solved. So the purpose for my design is not oly bring green into site but also design with a more sustainable and energy saving way in order to improve their quality of life and create the site as the dynamic part of the territory and in this way to attract the energy of Medina.


Site Classification

Site Analysis in Reginal Scale

In order to insert green and harveast water in the Medina, I need to find the potential site for developing.


I catagory the green spaces and open space into 3 types.

Vacant lot

Green SpaceRoad Island Inside Riad Garden Open spacePlaza/Market Roadside square Vacant lot

Open Space

For exsiting green spaces, eventhough it seems a lot in the map, most of them are unavailable for residents in daily life. And the open space seems the most potential space to insert green, especially the vacant lot. It offers a chance to design with it and provide a more efficient shared space for comunication, rest, recreation, leicure and water collection.

Roadside space

Besides the road

Inside the Riad

Garden(Most of them are not free)

Green Space


Accoding to the shape of the open spaces, all of them are fractal. It leads the design to the small scale. Therefore, the design method should be subtle and general but useful. So I propose to create a green drainage system making use of most open spaces and vacant lots, each with certain constructing principles. Each constructed way will be strategically sited in relation to its position and scale in the MedinaMain Strategy-To create microtopography for water collection/ to create vertical and linear greening/ to install public facility for site sanitation and water reuse/ to set filters in the nodes for water recycling.

Open space geometry


Typical Sections & Design Strategies for Problem Solving Green Space Open Space Strategy

Microtopography / Shared Facility / Vertical & Linear Greening / Water Reuse



Master Plan


Main Road

Slot Parapet Bench


Main square





Climbing Stone

Detail Plan 20





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Postgraduate Portfolio  

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