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02 Hello! I am Olga Parfenova, the young and experienced team leader, project and event manager. Here I’d like to state the detailed information about my working experience. Thank you for regarding this presentation, if you have any questions or feedback, you may contact me: Email: Tel.: +7 (912) 469 83 93 Skype: sydneydido

Education In 2008 I entered the eldest university of the Udmurt Republic “Udmurt State University”.


I’ve chosen the Faculty of Foreign Languages for Specific Purposes because of it’s international environment and opportunity to develop myself in the field of linguistics, the field which was almost unknown for me in the high school.

This was a great challenge for me. The education required me to practice and develop my knowledge every single day. After 2 years of hard work I was awarded the university scholarship and in July 2013 I gained the Bachelor diploma in Linguistics with G.P.A. 4,8 (max is 5,0) which was the highest G.P.A. in my group.



My AIESEC way started with participation in the international exchange project “BRIC” in Nov 2011- Apr 2012 as OC Comm (PR manager). We brought to Izhevsk young specialists from Brazil, India, China, Japan, Germany, Poland and Austria to conduct workshops and lectures for students of our city. The topics of these workshops were “World economics” and “Finance”.

This project was awarded by AIESEC Russia as the best Exchange project 2011.


Being the PR manager in the BRIC project, I made promo of the events during this project in the universities and mass media of the city: -Universities’ radios; -Cooperation with dean’s offices; -Universities’ newspapers; -Presentations for students; -Live broadcasting on the national Udmurt radio; -Corporate events for young specialists which worked in the BRIC project which let them know the Russian and Udmurt cultures and feel more comfortable in our city.


After this experience I’ve become the Vice President of Communication at AIESEC Izhevsk. My duties included: -Contacting with universities’ authorities in order to conduct promo campaigns; -Developing marketing materials (posters, flyers, presentations, videos); -Updating the web-site; -Writing articles and release them; -Working with informational partners; -Trainings for AIESEC members (team-buildings, AIESEC Branding, how to develop corporate culture, how to work in Photoshop and Sony Vegas, etc.) -Organization of weekly English clubs with our partners.




From April 2012 to February 2013 I worked in the LLC “E-Electronics” as the purchasing department manager. My role was to find trusted suppliers of electronics from China and the USA , communicate with them and make win-win deals, sign contracts for delivery and check the products’ quality. I signed contracts with such companies as RIEDON, CREE, Omron and some others. These deals saved good money for my company and won about 20% of profit.

From Feb 2012 to Feb 2013 I was the Vice-President of External Relations at AIESEC Izhevsk. My responsibilities included: -Product packaging (=development of commercial offers); -Market analysis -Cold calls and meetings with partners; -Signing contracts and servicing of partners; -Making sales trainings for AIESEC members.


I was a leader of the IT forum for students “IT2Days�. This was the first external event for AIESEC Izhevsk. My roles were to: -Plan the project realization; -Manage the team; -Look for partners and service them; -Develop the program of the forum; -Create marketing materials; -Work with speakers; -Make the final report.

The project gained 3 financial partners, 4 in-kind partners and 3 info partners. Raised from partners 35000 roubles (~$1000) and about 150 students participated in the event.





In September 2013 I worked as an interpreter and translator (En-Ru; Ru -En) at the First International Buranovo Festival of Folk Culture in Udmurt Republic. My responsibilities were: • Interpretation of all communication between performance groups from Latvia, Estonia and Portugal and Russian organizers and guides; • Help the performance groups to follow their plans of performances, rehearsals, arrivals; • Making sight-seeing tours around the city of Izhevsk.


From July 2013 to November 2013 I was the Partner relationship manager of the forum for young leaders YouLead, AIESEC Izhevsk. My duties included: • Coaching and mentoring of the leader of the project (up to September); • Product Development; • Analysis of the market, making a list of potential partners; • Cold calls and meetings with the potential partners, servicing of partners; • Developing of the forum’s program and the processes which happened with the participants during the event; • Developing of dummies of posters, flyers; • Updating of the web-site; • Scripting for the host; • During the forum – working with representatives of partners and with speakers (meeting, briefing, providing needed stuff for trainings).


The forum for young leaders was the first event with the duration of 2 days. About 400 young people participated in the forum. We gained 18 partners including one of the biggest Russian banks and the Ministry of Youth Affairs of the Udmurt Republic. As the result, we raised about 60000 roubles (~$1700) and very positive feedbacks from participants and partners. We continued our collaboration with partners and many delegates of the forum came to our next event.




From December 2013 to February 2014 I gained the experience related to my specialization. I worked as a translator and interpreter in the IPV Group and LLC “Tango Telecom”.

The IPV Group designs, produces and installs ventilation systems and industrial equipment in factories. I translated the business correspondence, specification requirements and drawings (En-Ru, Ru-En).

LLC “Tango Telecom” is a call-center. My responsibilities were: to consult on the infrastructure of Sochi and interpretate for the Sochi City Hall (EnRu, Ru-En).


From February 2014 to March 2014 I was an event manager of the career expo "Career Night“, AIESEC Izhevsk. My responsibilities were: •Coaching the leader of the project; •Design of marketing materials; •During the event: working with hosts, partners and with speakers (meeting, briefing, providing needed stuff for trainings). •After the event: making the final report for the partners and partners’ servicing.




About 600 people from 18 to 30 came to the “Career night”. We raised 22 partners and 140000 roubles (~$3900). Delegates gained the great experience: they could participate in the zone which they preferred (IT Zone, Start-up Zone, Creative Zone, Corporate Zone), there were workshops to develop some personal competencies and the big game – “Career Scouting” where they participated in mini-games and cases from our partners and facilitators of the event. We brought 2 speakers from Moscow – Egor Danilov (head of project and Nikita Likhachev (head of TJournal project). They made workshops in the IT zone. There was 1 representative of “HeadHunter” (Russian well-known service which collects job vacancies) from Kazan – Natalya Parfenova.


En: Udmurt State University It is hereby awarded Olga Parfenova For the best report on the final research and training conference of students, PhD students and Master's students “Topical issues of Linguistics and Linguodidactics” In the subpanel “Lexicology, language and culture” 17 April 2013

Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages for Specific Purposes Raisa Shishkina




En: This certificate confirms that Olga Parfenova Operator-interpreter of the call-center “Tango Telecom” (En), serviced the hotline “Olympics 2014” during the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi 2014.

General Director of the LLC “Tango Telecom” A. Geiko.



I operate the following computer programs with excellence: Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Microsoft Office, Sony Vegas, Adobe After Effects.

And also I’m very interested in practicing yoga, yogalates, oriental, creating prints for T-shirts and posters, learning foreign languages (French, English, Chinese).

I am looking for internship or job vacancy which will let me to gain the experience in at least one of the following spheres: • Event management; • Project management; • PR; • Sales; • English/French teaching or interpretation.

(The spheres are indicated in order of priority)


Olga Parfenova's portfolio