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Giant Hogweed Causes Several Human Health Risks Giant Hogweed, a non-native plant causessevere damage to both human and nature. The Northeast and New York area has plenty of plants that look quite similar to it. Below is the identification of how it looks like: •

Can grow up to 6 meters in height

Has a hollow stem with white hair and purple splotches

It produces umbrella shaped white flowers and a fruit that‘s oval shaped

It can grow up to 15ft tall

It is extremely dangerous and hence it is advised that one shouldn’t touch or try to causedamage to this plant becauseit has the capacity to cause skin irritation. This plant can also cause permanent blindnessand painful blistering as well. If there’s anyone who thinks that he has been burnt by this plant then one should immediately contact their physician. Moreover if you find this plant on your property then stay away from it. It knows how to protect itself and gives flowers in late June. According to surveys’ made by ecology consultant these plants die in winter months and leave the ground bare. They cause soil erosion as well. Mow the ground during summer this will prevent the seedsfrom maturing. When mowing it make sure that the pieces are disposed properly becauseit is said that these seedscan come up after 7 to 8 years. It is often said by ecology consultant that it is difficult to get rid of giant hogweed becauseit produces more than 20,000seeds. It has also been reported that the individual plants produce more than 100,000 seeds. It has a rapid reproductive nature. Moreover the seedsof individual plants remain for more than 12 years which means that even a single seed can cause a great expansion in population. Below mentioned are a few precautions that one should take while removing Giant Hogweed: •

The person involved in processof removing should wear protective and water-resistant clothing that covers maximum part of body.

Theseclothing include wearing glove, goggles, safety boots and a shield to protect face.

Do not let the liquid touch your skin.

Remove the heads of the flowers. This will prevent the growth of seeds.

The roots of these plants are 8 to 12 centimeters below the soil surface, so make sure you break them accordingly.

Disposethe parts of the plants in garbage bags and then seal it. Leave the bag in the exposure of sun for around 4-5 weeks. This will destroy both the roots and seedscompletely.

Send these bags to landfill.

Use a proper pesticide and then spray it on the roots.

Visit the site time and again and see if any new growth has taken place.

After completing the processof mowing make sure that the clothes and devices used are disposed in proper way.

During the processif one feels that in spite of taking precautions he has been exposed to Giant Hogweed then immediately seek medical attention and clean the effective area thoroughly. Avoid going in sunlight as this increasesburning.

Giant Hogweed Causes Several Human Health Risks  
Giant Hogweed Causes Several Human Health Risks  

everybody loves to have garden at their place but taking care of it is something really very difficult especially if it has giant hogweed.