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Environmental Consultant - A Driving Force in Solving Daily Environmental Issues 21st century is swamped by the slogans “save energy”, “save environment”, “save money,” and “save human beings.” Well, jokes apart, environment is indeed a concern for today's world, and environmental consultant is the professional that guides businesses, professionals and individuals as how to manage day to day issues that may contribute in damaging the surrounding environment. Hence, if dangerous goods and material that we constantly dump in our surroundings, we need to solve those issues for our own well-being as well as for the well-being of the environment. Environmental consultancy is also part of environmental engineering services because they provide the best services as per their deep and vast knowledge of this science. Environmental consultants therefore needs to have thorough knowledge of the chemical components of the hazardous materials and the kinds of reactions that these materials have with other elements. Without thorough understanding and dedication to their jobs, it is not possible for any environmental consultant to get through the crux of the problem. The second step after being well-versed with the problem, is the ways of solving them. They are also well-equipped to know how to solve them. For example, if there is contamination of soil, water, and other bodies, they are in control of the ways to solve them as well. Among other issues that environmental consultants may have to face are chemical cleanup, endangered species issues, recycling, developmental issues, mining projects, wildlife habitats and many others. As these consultants are highly efficient and trained in providing environmental engineering services, they are hired by those companies who face environmental issues and who are serious about performing corporate social responsibility. Earlier, an environmental consultant was needed to repair damages caused, but now they are needed right from the planning stages. Also, those who are involved in construction industry understand the importance of services of environmental engineers. They may also have to work on some basic issues like whether soil erosion will happen due to removal of vegetation or not and how to resolve it, occurrence of water logging due to construction near wet lands. Environmental consultants may have to look upon matters of risk regarding aquifer, water courses and natural drainage and also problems of subsistence which may be caused due to removal of trees in the area. Now, it is not everybody's cup of team to become an environmental consultant. It requires rigorous training and other qualifications. The training is comprised of both theoretical and practical lessons and has to be successfully completed for gaining a certification to become a professional environmental consultant. The course also includes the study of various ways of environmental issues as well as solution so that consultants can handle the situation if the need arises. In, fact they are also given training to handle hazardous materials and the disasters by creating some fake situations. Having trained rigorously, an environmental consultant will be able to handle the initial situation and also take care of the environmental remediation. Hence, it is very necessary for any consultant to be well-versed with any and almost every type of situation.

Environmental Consultant - A Driving Force in Solving Daily Environmental Issues