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Choose Professional Ecological Consultants to Conduct Bat Survey You might have been asked to submit some reports on bat survey done by the licensed ecological consultancy. But why you are supposed to conduct bat survey? Well, there are several reasons, there are bat roost in the property you are buying, bats presence is forecasted by the environmental consultancy, the land you're starting a project on have valuable wildlife existence. Also, it may be possible that you are destroying the old building to create a new one for you and there are bats roosts inside and around your property; your's action can intentionally or unintentionally harm this endangered species and in both the way it is an offense as per UK government. In all above cases, you need to conduct bat survey and submit the report to the local government. The goal of government by laying such rules is to protect bats from being killed, injured and disturbed. Also, the government want to stop sale and barter of bats. The survey time depend on the area or size of the property and the environmental consultancy firm you choose. Most of the professional ecological consultancy firms conduct bat survey in specific season of the year. The most preferable time is June and July and in general from April to October depending on the atmosphere. While conducting survey if the existence of bats is found, you need to put a request in the environmental department of UK government (if you're UK resident) and they will decide the resolution which will be in favor of you as well as wildlife. If the government allows you to carry on the development work then you need to submit the license request. This all process may take your valuable time and halt the development process for a while but not abiding these laws can pull you in danger. You have to be ready for each scheme or resolution government may offer. Britain is the feedpoint of bats habitats thus they flight to the specific places. The construction in developed countries are taking place at lighting speed which can stop bats to find their way and it may also damage many roosts. The government has realized the fact that the population of these endangered species are on the verge of end. Thus, UK government has made strict law under the 1981 wildlife and countryside act in England and Wales, under the 1985 Wildlife Order in N. Ireland, the Conservation (Natural Habitats, etc) Regulations 1994 (or 1995 for N. Ireland) and the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 to protect these species being lost from this planet. Not only bats but if bats roosts are found during survey, they are also protected. Also the professional ecological consultancies are having a list of rules and regulations to be followed while conducting bat survey. These rules are released by the environmental department of the government to standardize the survey techniques and reporting methods. The professional ecological or environmental consultancy must have license to survey bats population or existence. They study the object area using specific tools and find the existence of bats, bats roosts in trees, woodland and properties. If they found that the bats are injured, they can develop the artificial environmental for bats which fulfills their requirements of food. The ecological consultants are environmental scientists having detail knowledge of all species, their likelihood, food preference, etc. They can also apply mitigation scheme to save bats and your property investment both. Contacting an ecological consultancy at the right time can give you a great relief.

Choose Professional Ecological Consultants to Conduct Bat Survey  

Why bat survey is necessary to conduct and who has authority to conduct bat surveys?

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