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Alex Bosy

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About me

• General info about myself Hello! I’m Alex Bosy, originally from Kirovohrad, a town in central Ukraine. I moved to the capital city of Kyiv in 2009 before entering Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts (publishing speciality). Among others, I attended there such courses as Desktop Publishing (DTP) Systems, Graphic Design, Web Design, and Dynamic Websites Development. • Software I use for graphic design: Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Flash), CorelDraw, QuarkXpress, Adobe Acrobat+Distiller, Adobe Type Manager and else. • My skills: Brand book design (logos, business cards, corporate blanks), graphic design (advertising, banners, postcards, promo booklets etc), brochure design (books, magazines, newspapers), editing images (retouch, photo montage etc), website design and development (HTML, CSS, Wordpress CMS). • What work experience do I have First attempts were made during non-profitable practice in different publishing houses, which are ‘A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA’ , owned by a famous ukrainian poet Ivan Malkovych, and ‘Publishing house of the Parliament’. I began freelancing and looking for commercial clients in March, 2010. Now I’m co-working tightly with «Aurora-content creative group» ( • How to contact me: You can mail to Recent portfolio updates here:

| Works by Alex Bosy

Contents Graphic design я Вас ніжно крилом, Хай ангел торкнетьс яним теплом. зігріє вам сердце Різдв наповнять ваш дім, Хай радість, кохання спокій у нім! та я щаст яться осел

Христос ся рождає!

4 | Logos

5 | Business cards

6 | Artwork «Regatta»

8 | Audio disc cover

Славімо його!

9 |Kids magazine 10 | Christmas postcard illustration

11 | Easter postcard

Brochure design 12 | Corporate brochure

13 | Tourist booklet 14 | e-zine «Fight Club» #10

15 | e-zine «Fight Club» #11

16 | «Live Fire» magazine

17 | Biograhic book «Volodymyr Svidersky»

18 | «Art album» magazine

Web design

Graphic design portfolio |


19 | «Gre4ka» Massmedia site

20 | Styling law firm site

21 | Unifight sport federation site

22 | Insurance 23 | Factoring company company site and firm site and firm blank blank


Client: • Women’s clothing store «Dollia»


| Works by Alex Bosy

Business cards

Graphic design portfolio |


A board game «Regatta» design The game is being spread free of charge and this design was ordered for non-commercial use, therefore some elements of third-party artists’ works are included to this artwork. Game description: Players: 1-6 Age: 10+ Legend: Since a human has taken up the oars for the first time and coped with a small rivulet, many years lasted. But even now many of us admire romantic of white sails, the taste of salty water on lips and the scent of fresh sea breeze. Soon, near one of ukrainian isles on the Black Sea, a sailing regatta will happen. Fortunately, you are an owner of a beautiful Brigantine and your secretary has already submitted an application to the honorable judges. To confirm participation, please be at the appropriate time at Kyiv mayor’s office, where all regatta participants will be announced as well as final rules. Preparing to play Regatta will last for many days. Despite the broad public interest in these contests, the philanthropists and city council refused to fund the direct broadcasting, so we have to confine schematic reflection of the regatta. I ask each participant to choose a ship figure up to your taste, and choose a start location by agreement, or throw the dice - who throws the largest value, selects the ship and the town, and then, the players clockwise make their choices. Is the choice made​​? Well. Welcome, gentlemen. There are 10 days in disposal of your captains for which they must arrive to start with the ship, all necessary equipment, crew and supplies. Please regard seriously this race, don’t violate the rules, the violation will be classified as a disrespect to all interested public and, consequently, the offender will be disqualified and the shame news will spread in Kyiv. Tailwind!


| Works by Alex Bosy

Graphic design portfolio |


A compact disc cover design Client: Law firm ÂŤStylingÂť

This is an audio collection that is ought to be shared out at corporative parties.


| Works by Alex Bosy

Kids magazine illustration

Graphic design portfolio |


Christmas greeting postcard

Хай ангел торкнеться Вас ніжно крилом, зігріє вам сердце Різдвяним теплом. Хай радість, кохання наповнять ваш дім, оселяться щастя та спокій у нім!

Христос ся рождає! Славімо його!


| Works by Alex Bosy

Easter postcard

Graphic design portfolio |


ÂŤBaker TillyÂť corporate brochure design A brochure for the audit company Baker Tilly Ukraine. Subject: an IPO for agribusiness companies. The publication contains several examples of the successful IPO of Ukrainian and foreign companies on various stock exchanges around the world. A4 format, with a circulation of 2000 copies.


| Works by Alex Bosy

A booklet for Chernivtsi tourists

Graphic design portfolio |


«Fight Club» #10 online magazine

Full version of this e-zine can be found here:


| Works by Alex Bosy

«Fight Club» #11 online magazine

Graphic design portfolio |


ÂŤLive fireÂť Ukrainian magazine for culturalism

Biographical book «Volodymyr Svidersky the Iron Spur Chivalry chief»

Graphic design portfolio |


«Art album» magazine


| Works by Alex Bosy

«Grechka» Online mass-media URL:

Graphic design portfolio |


«Styling» Law firm website design URLs:, http://стайлинг


| Works by Alex Bosy

ÂŤUniversal fightÂť Sport federation website design URL: Interactive scheme in the header is realized with FLASH technology

Graphic design portfolio |


Corporate blank & online business card: insurance company Україна, м. Київ, вул. Круглоуніверситетська, 14, тел: (044) 5815292, (044) 5815291, e-mail:,


| Works by Alex Bosy

Corporate blank & online business card: factoring company Україна, 03143, м. Київ, вул. Заболотного, 15, тел: (044) 2892294, факс: (044) 2892301 e-mail:,

Graphic design portfolio |


24 | Works by Alex Bosy


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