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The Tourist Office of Marennes-Oléron Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 9 am - 12 pm & 2 pm - 5 pm (until 8 pm in high season, depending on the tourist office)

Tél. +33 (0)5 46 85 65 23 / Fax. +33 (0)5 46 85 68 96  www.ile-oleron-marennes.com accueil@marennes-oleron.com TOURIST OFFICES: HIERS/BROUAGE (17320)


LE GUA (17600) - In high season


2, rue de l’Hospital  www.hiers-brouage-tourisme.fr Place du Logis

MARENNES (17320)

Place Chasseloup-Laubat  www.tourisme-marennes.fr BOURCEFRANC-LE-CHAPUS (17560)

65 bis, avenue Jean Jaurès  www.bourcefranc-lechapus-tourisme.fr SAINT-TROJAN-LES-BAINS (17370)

Carrefour du port  www.st-trojan-les-bains.fr


Bd de la Plage  www.legrandvillageplage.com LE CHATEAU D’OLERON (17480)

Place de la République  www.ot-chateau-oleron.fr

Parvis Saint-André  www.dolus-oleron-tourisme.fr Place Gambetta  www.saint-pierre-oleron-tourisme.fr LA COTINIERE (17310) - April to September

Place du Marché


28 rue des Dames  www.saint-georges-oleron-tourisme.com DOMINO (17190) - In high season

Place du Marché

BOYARDVILLE (17190) - April to September

Place du Marché


20 rue des Ardillières  www.la-bree-les-bains-tourisme.fr SAINT-DENIS D’OLERON (17650)

Boulevard d’Antioche  www.saintdenisoleron.fr

Welcome to

the île d’Oléron & the bassin de Marennes


ur guidebook is intended to help you have a really good time in our region. Come and see for yourselves all that the Marennes-Oléron has to offer. Whether it’s going for a stroll in the countryside, visiting museums or just simply having fun, you’ll find this guide helpful throughout your stay – so keep it handy ! The Tourist Office of Marennes-Oléron













Nature preservation

Our heritage

Naturally a gourmet’s paradise

Naturally curious

Map of île d’Oléron

Map of Marennes Basin

Photo credits: A. Berthelot, Ora Production, B. Haugomat, Musée de l’île d’Oléron, île d’Oléron Marennes Tourisme Maps credit: île d’Oléron Marennes Tourisme

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 Saint-Sornin  1 La maison de Broue  05 46 85 80 60 Nature and local history activities.

 Saint-Trojan-les-Bains  2 Le marais des Bris  05 46 76 00 86

Ideal for ornithology and flora, this natural coastal site has been made good for walkers.  3 Visites guidées

"balades nature"

Guided visits "Nature Trails"

 05 46 76 00 86 Individuals and groups.

 Le Château d’Oléron  4 Sentier du Littoral The coastal path

 05 46 47 60 51 A signposted path that takes you from the port at Le Château to the bridge via the coast and freeaccess oyster beds.

 Le Grand-Village-Plage  5 Le port des Salines  05 46 75 82 28

Discover the salt marshes at PetitVillage. Taste the local products. Visit the displays of salt at the ecological museum.

 Dolus d’Oléron  6 Parc myocastors Coypu park

 05 46 75 60 46 The life of the coypu (way of life, reproduction, structure). Near "La Morinière", in Dolus.



 7 Le marais aux oiseaux  05 46 75 37 54

Discover wild and tame fauna. Situated between Dolus and St-Pierre, in «Les Grissotières».

 Saint-Pierre d’Oléron  8 Fort Royer  05 46 47 06 48 - La Perrotine The oyster beds are set in an unspoilt area south of Boyardville. Guided visits of the natural features (flora of the salt basins, creation of the coastline) the history and lifespan of the oyster, the work of the oyster farmer in history and today, a botanical trail to discover the flora of the dunes and the salt basins as well as the oyster beds. Tasting available.

 9 Les jardins de La Boirie The gardens of «La Boirie»  05 16 65 44 36 / 06 64 21 44 63 Nature brought to life in the heart of an old village; extraordinary collection of sage from all over the world (Mexico, South Africa, South America).  10 Salicorne

 06 69 56 42 47 Escorted journeys in the marshes by stand-up paddle. Discover the flora, fauna and heritage of the island.

 Saint-Georges d’Oléron  11 La Ferme aux Ânes The donkey farm

 06 81 60 29 83 - Chéray. Farm visit, rental of saddled donkeys. Educational and pedagogic activities for all ages.




ne of the principal characteristics of the Ile d’Oléron and the Marennes basin is its untamed quality as evidenced by the numerous forests throughout the island and the marshes that are an essential part of this territory where nature reigns. The many, varied beaches are also an unmissable element of MarennesOléron. Beaches that are perfect for relaxation, swimming or sport, the more so as the seawater is of the highest quality. Many municipalities being classified “Blue Flag”, the island has almost half of all the beaches in Charente-Maritime with this prestigious label. The island has a rich natural heritage and is home to two nature centres, “Marais aux Oiseaux” and “Le Port des Salines”, both front rank natural sites and open year round. At the former, you can get to know some of the local flora and fauna. At the latter, it’s the traditional activity of harvesting seasalt that’s the centre of attraction. The gentle climate of Marennes-Oléron contributes to the wealth of flora and is a paradise for birds, especially those that migrate. The flora that is found in the dunes and wetlands, very colourful and aromatic, is the result of the hours of sunshine the island receives every year.

 12 Ferme Equestre Dream Pony

“Dream Pony” equestrian farm

 06 13 76 42 36 Les Sables Vignier

 La Brée les Bains  13 Vignoble des Alletières  06 20 46 31 22 Guided visits “From the vine to the glass”. Visits and entertainment in the heart of the vineyard.

 Saint-Denis d’Oléron  14 Marais Papineau

Information from the tourist office

 15 Sur une île  05 46 75 26 89 / 06 61 75 42 60 Guided visit by kayak of the flora, fauna and heritage of the Ile d’Oléron.

 île d’Oléron La maison de la nature The Nature House

 05 46 47 72 77 We organize a range of excursions : ecological “crabbing”, seaweeds, botanical visits, history and nature, the Bris marshes. Tickets from the Tourist Offices.

 05 46 47 95 53 A birdwatcher’s paradise, accessible on foot or by bike, set in several hectares of marshland.

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Heritage G

et to know the Ile d’Oléron and the Marennes basin through its heritage, which can be maritime, of course, but also military, religious or civilian. The Chassiron lighthouse is a fine example of maritime heritage. The museum has displays that recount the story of navigation around the island. The fortifications – the citadels of Brouage, Le Château d’Oléron, Fort Louvois and Fort Boyard – tell the story of the conflicts and wars that took place around the island and the basin. The wealth and importance of the clergy in Marennes-Oléron created churches during the Middle Ages. Lastly, rather more discreetly, the civil heritage – different types of houses (fishermen’s, villagers’ and mansions) – is real evidence of the traditional activities that have taken place over the centuries.

 Saint-Sornin  16 La tour de Broue The tower of Broue

 05 46 85 80 60 Built on a rocky spur dominating the gulf of Saintonge and the Brouage marshes, the tower is all that remains of an eleventh century fortified village and medieval town.

 Saint-Just-Luzac  17 Le moulin des Loges The Loges tide mill

 05 46 85 98 41 Exhibitions during July and August in this former tide mill on themes such as life in the Seudre marshes, the tide mill ...

 Brouage  18 La citadelle de Brouage



Castle of La Gataudière

 05 46 85 01 07 / 06 13 23 57 63 An 18th century manor house built by François Fresneau, the discoverer of rubber, situated on the D728 between Oléron and Nodes.  20 L’église St-Pierre St-Pierre de Sales church

 05 46 85 04 36 / 05 46 85 03 86

 05 46 85 19 16 real

 Marennes  19 Le château de La Gataudière

de Sales

The citadel


was first known for its salt. It was fortified during the time of Richelieu and later transformed by Vauban who reduced the importance of the fortifications; an exceptional site. Visit the fortifications especially the Halle aux Vivres.


Built in 1047 but rebuilt during the 14th and 15th centuries. The


85 m gothic bell tower provides a wonderful view of the basin. Tower accessible in July and August daily.

 Bourcefranc-le Chapus  21 Fort Louvois Louvois Stronghold

 05 46 85 23 22 Building of the fort, situated in Bourcefranc Le-Chapus, began during the reign of Louis XIV in 1691. It is linked to the mainland by a paved pathway (440 m long) which is submersible at high tide.

 Le Château d’Oléron  22 Circuit du patrimoine Heritage trail

 05 46 47 60 51 An easy two-hour walk exploring the historic centre of the town and Notre Dame church, the citadel, the oyster port and artists’ and craftsmen’s cabins. Departures from the Tourist Office. Free brochure at the Tourist Office.

 23 La citadelle The citadel  05 46 47 60 51 The Château d’Oléron Citadel is a complex and remarkable fortification. Its function was to protect the River Charente’s mouth and Rochefort’s harbour. The Citadel was built in five stages over a period of 120 years from 1630 onwards. Its construction works were initiated by Richelieu in the reign of Louis XIII. It was Vauban who completed this project in the 18th century. Vauban’s touch speaks of daring beauty, balance, power. Nowadays the Citadel houses several exhibition rooms.  24 Le Petit Train

du Château

The Little Train of Le Château

 05 46 47 66 07 The Little Train has been taking visitors to discover characteristic areas of the town since 1992 :


Vauban’s fortified citadel, a few typical streets as well as the port where the story of oyster-farming is told.

 Saint-Pierre d’Oléron  25 La lanterne des morts

An octogonal 12th century gothic column, it is the highest in France at 23,5 m.  26 La maison des aïeules The family home of Pierre Loti, member of the French Academy and indefatigable traveller. His remains are to be found here. The property is not open to the public.  27 Déambulation à la

découverte de l’architecture bourgeoise de l’île d’Oléron

Discover the bourgeois architecture of the Ile d’Oléron on this pleasant stroll.  05 46 47 32 31 or book in the tourist offices.  28 Eglise de Saint-Pierre St Peter’s Church Climb the bell-tower for an

unbeatable view.

 Information from the town hall.  Boyardville  29 Fort Boyard Conceived by Vauban in the 17th century but actually built, initially by Napoleon, between 1801 and 1859. The stronghold is situated on a mixture of rock and sandbank and was designed to protect the mouth of the Charente and the town of Rochefort from the Royal Navy.

 Saint-Georges d’Oléron  30 Les halles

Covered market Opposite the church: beautiful and ancient covered market.  31 L’église The church

 05 46 76 63 75 Beautiful Romanesque church built between the 11th and 17th centuries; listed building since 1931. The Saintongeais

Romanesque west door is noteworthy. The sober yet luminous interior is perfect for meditation.

 Saint-Denis d’Oléron  32 Le phare de Chassiron et écomusée The Chassiron lighthouse and its museum

 05 46 75 18 62 The Chassiron lighthouse located at the northern end of the island, was inaugurated on December 1, 1836. It is the oldest lighthouse in the region and one of the first that can be seen by approaching ships. It was built using Crazannes stone (a quarry situated between Rochefort and Saintes) and Vendée granite was used for its 224 steps that scale its towering 46 metres. Its staircase construction with risers is an unusual feature. Nowadays the lighthouse is entirely automated and under

constant watch from La Rochelle. Security staff are on site 24 hours a day in Saint-Pierre d’Oléron and the lighthouse is open to visitors all year round.

 To see Les églises

Churches There are many historic churches to visit: Saint-Georges, SaintPierre, Saint-Denis d’Oléron, Marennes, Saint Just, Le Gua...

 Marennes-Oléron

Guided group visits by the Tourist Office on application.  Reservations at the Tourist Offices or  05 46 85 65 23

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Naturally a gourmet’s

paradise L

ife is good in Marennes-Oléron. Quite apart from the beauty and variety of the scenery, this is a land rich in natural products and flavours… The seafood is exceptional. Our oysters are of course the spearhead of local gastronomy being the only ones with the famed red label. The Marennes-Oléron oyster is the point of reference for all lovers of this unique delicacy. The variety and quality of fish and shellfish are also an important part of our gastronomic heritage. Fishermen from La Cotinière, the major port of CharenteMaritime, bring back no fewer than 90 different species. Mussels, whether inland or farther out to sea, are also sought after. They are perfect for the local recipe "églade", simple to cook and excellent to eat! Ideally, you should taste our seafood with our excellent local wines. As an aperitif, the sweetish taste of pineau is delicious and of course at the end of the meal, you should try a cognac or a cognac-based liqueur. Don’t forget our other local gastronomic produce – sea-salt, harvested on Oléron; "Les Naufrageurs" locally brewed beer; fruit and vegetables from our market gardens. And just to whet your appetite, wander through the numerous markets of MarennesOléron, the best places to fill your shopping baskets. You may have the opportunity of bumping into members of the “Marennes-Oléron Produits Saveurs” association – winemakers, market-gardeners, oystermen or salt-farmers – their goal is to promote and sell the quality produce of Marennes-Oléron.

OYSTERS  Marennes Musée artisanal ostréicole

The oyster museum  05 46 85 01 06 La Cayenne - Chenal de la Cayenne Follow the life of the oyster, from birth to consumption. La cité de l’Huître  05 46 36 78 98 - La Cayenne

 St-Pierre d’Oléron

(Boyardville) Fort Royer  05 46 47 06 48 The oyster beds are set in an unspoilt area south of Boyardville. Guided visits of the natural features (flora of the salt basins, creation of the coastline) the history and lifespan of the oyster, the work of the oyster farmer in history and today, a botanical trail to discover the flora of the dunes and the salt basins as well as the oyster beds. Tasting available.



J. Chagnoleau  05 46 22 88 42 / 05 46 22 94 16 126 rue Samuel Champlain

 Le Château d’Oléron Maxime Pinard  06 11 71 82 24 7 cours Georges Clémenceau

 Dolus d’Oléron

Maxime Pinard  05 46 36 04 25 / 06 11 71 82 24 5 grande Rue

 Saint-Pierre d’Oléron

Baud-Chollet  05 46 47 28 97 - La Missandière At the markets of St-Pierre and La Brée. Berlioz  05 46 85 22 14 Les Ferrières, route de la Fromagerie Cave des vignerons d’Oléron Chai de Bonnemie  05 46 47 00 32 37 avenue de Bonnemie Wine sales to the public. Le Chai de la Grand’côte  05 46 76 47 44 / 06 82 48 08 54 La Menounière


Coulon  05 46 47 02 71 8 rue des Sables Vignier, St-Gilles Favre & Fils  05 46 47 05 43 - La Fromagerie Visit our cellars Mage C.  05 46 47 16 72 - La Coindrie Maxime Pinard - Cave de l’Aubier  06 11 71 82 24 Route de Maisonneuve Tardet - Pradère Vignobles d’Oléron  05 46 47 03 12 - 57 Les Châteliers Vignoble Vincent Oléron Vigne & Vin  05 46 47 03 97 73 route des Châteliers Vins - Plaisir du Littoral  05 46 85 58 70 15 rue de la Balise - St Séverin

 Saint-Georges d’Oléron

Distillerie des Vignerons d’Oléron  05 46 47 00 32 - rue du Cellier Open Thursday mornings in high season: tasting and sales of cognac and pineau, visits by appointment.

Morpain Jean-Claude  05 46 76 69 03 112 rue du Dr Seguin, Chéray Sales on the spot or at St-Georges market.

 La Brée les Bains

Maxime Pinard - Cave des Alletières  06 11 71 82 24 / 05 46 36 04 25 Route de La Brée


Les Salines de Brouage  06 20 44 03 65 Production and sale of salt. Jocelyne Marchesseau  05 46 85 23 65 Chemin St Roch Direct sales of beef, veal and mutton. Patricia Oudin  06 76 80 27 32 35 rue de Beaugeay Highland and Maraîchine beef; direct sales on application.

 Marennes Le Safran de Marennes M. Stéphane Giraud  06 60 36 66 05 Saffron syrup and jelly.

 Le Château d’Oléron Earl Montauzier  06 09 28 84 96 - Route d’Ors We sell oysters, salt, glasswort (salicornia) and tiger prawns. Les saveurs du marais  05 46 36 10 91 Rue Georges Clémenceau Sale of salt and associated products.

 Le Grand-Village-Plage La Fromagerie des Salines (farm-fresh goats cheese)  05 46 76 07 82 La Salorge  07 89 27 61 54 Port des Salines, Petit Village Production and sale of salt.

 Dolus d’Oléron

Brasserie artisanale Fort Boyard

Fort Boyard Traditional Brewery  06 12 78 32 08 3 rue Le Corbusier, Acti Pôle La Jarrie 4 (behind the garden centre) Sales and guided visits.

La cagouille d’Oléron snail-farm, conserves  06 62 25 63 18 Route de la Rémigeasse Le carré salé  06 73 58 03 68 Cabane n°13 bis, La Baudissière Traditional salt-maker: sea-salt, coarse salt, glasswort, perfumed salt… Les Vergers d’Oléron Sourbier Joël  05 46 75 18 92 Moulin de la Parée. Apples, pears and apple juice. Nicolas et Florence Seguin  05 46 75 43 62 / 06 82 52 68 65 La Poltière Organic vegetables sold by the basket at the farm.

 Saint-Pierre d’Oléron

Gaec du Bois de la Lande Benoit Simon et Jean Marie Mouhé  05 46 47 02 07 Le Bois de la Lande Organic fruit and vegetables producer.

Le Poulailler d’Oléron M. et Mme Brizard Farm-fresh eggs and poultry.  05 46 47 31 80 / 06 20 15 86 11 103 rte de St-Georges d’Oléron (between Gamm’ Vert and the aerodrome)

 Saint-Georges d’Oléron

Fabrique artisanale Bière des naufrageurs (Microbrewery)  05 46 76 67 50 RD 734, between St-Gilles and Chéray La clé des champs Mme Jugieau  06 47 81 73 26 - Chéray Fresh vegetables, melons, strawberries, tomatoes, jams and conserves... Sales at La Brée les Bains market. La Loge du Saulnier  06 77 96 63 70 - Sauzelle Production and sale of salt. Le Cristal du Marais  06 81 68 62 80 - Sauzelle Production and sale of salt.

Les Jardins de La Josière  05 46 76 51 75 Sales on the spot or at Domino market. Les Ruchers d’Oléron  05 46 76 67 50 RD 734, between St-Gilles and Chéray Honey and traditional beers M. Gaillard  05 46 76 56 12 - Bee-keeper

 La Brée les Bains

Le Grain de Sel d’Oléron  05 46 76 86 79 Visit of the saltmarshes with a salt-maker

 Saint-Denis d’Oléron

La Bullerie  06 44 04 93 49 150 rue Jacques Cartier Traditional lemonade production. La Safranière d’Oléron  06 40 74 44 70 13 route de Saint-Denis d’Oléron, La Bétaudière We grow spices, medicinal, pharmaceutical and aromatic plants.

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Le musée de l’île d’Oléron

île d’Oléron museum

 Hiers/Brouage  33 La Halle aux Vivres  05 46 85 80 60

 Marennes  35 La cité de l’Huître  05 46 36 78 98

European centre of military architecture situated in this 17th century building at Brouage. The church has an exhibition on the origins of Canada.  34 Le musée du vélo

The oyster centre: discover all there is to see, know and learn about oysters and their production. Activities and events for all ages as well as tasting.

 05 46 76 04 80 / 06 08 58 90 31

Bike museum Unique in France: an exhibition traces the story of the bicycle from the 19th century velocipede to the racers of today. Displays of rare machines from all over the world enhanced by contemporary décor.


 Le Château d’Oléron  36 Chantier Naval Robert Léglise Shipyard Robert Léglise

 05 46 47 60 51 Oystermen’s boats, sardine boats, dinghies and rowboats are restored before your very eyes by volunteers. A fascinating world that


brings back to life tools, photos, plans, templates and gestures of marine carpenters from the past.

 Le-Grand-Village-Plage  37 Ecomusée du port des Salines  05 46 75 82 28 Discover the salt marshes at PetitVillage. Taste the local products. Visit the displays of salt, oyster farming, marine carpentry at the ecological museum.

 Dolus d’Oléron  38 Le musée du football Football museum

 05 46 75 90 41

16 rue du Grand-Village, Les Allards

 Saint-Pierre d'Oléron  39 Le musée de l’île d’Oléron Île d’Oléron museum

 05 46 75 05 16 Inaugurated in April 2006, the Musée de l’île d’Oleron offers a synthesis of the history and inhabitants of Oléron. Its permanent collection presents traditional activities like wine production, resin harvesting,


curious A

number of important museums are to be found in Marennes-Oléron. In the bassin de Marennes are museums and exhibition sites such as the 17th century Provisions Hall in Brouage, home to the European Centre of Military Architecture and the site of numerous exhibitions. The barracks of Fort Louvois at Bourcefranc-Le Chapus houses a permanent exhibition on the fortifications of Charente-Maritime and temporary displays in summer. The Cité de l’Huître, sited on the channel leading to La Cayenne, explains the operation of the oyster industry – the speciality of the Marennes-Oléron basin – in an interactive, fun way. Follow the adventure of the oyster between the ocean and the maturing beds... before eating one! Having crossed the bridge, the Port des Salines eco-museum at Grand-Village enables the visitor to learn about salt production; there is also an oysterman’s hut. A salt-marsh still in activity can be seen as well. The “Maison Paysanne” houses exhibitions on the traditional habitat and costumes of the islanders. The Ile d’Oléron museum is found in the heart of Saint-Pierre d’Oléron. This museum of art and ethnography trace the life of the islanders from their origins to the present day. There are 600 m² of displays on salt-farming, winemaking, peaches, traditional costumes and the habitats. Films, soundtracks, discovery trails for children and a tactile model of a salt-marsh form part of this very complete interactive museum. Temporary exhibitions are also regularly renewed. In the extreme north of the island, the Museum of Scenography in the rotunda of the lighthouse at Chassiron enables the visitor to better comprehend the everyday life and know-how of the men of the coast, veritable sailors of the land…

oyster farming, collecting salt and other activities. The museum is accessible for all ages.

 Saint-Denis d'Oléron  40 Le musée scénographique

Museum of the Chassiron Lighthouse

 05 46 75 18 62 1st floor of the Chassiron lighthouse Model of the famous fish lock-basins. Discover the dayto-day lives and savoir-faire of the men of the coast: true sailors of the land and farmers of the sea. Open year round.

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Rocky foreshore Fort Boyard / Île d’Aix / La Rochelle



Saint-Denis 15 d’Oléron




Les Boulassiers

Port du Douhet

Le Breuil

Plag e de Plaisance


e P la g

de l


La Baudette


Hu tt e


Rocky / sandy foreshore



Saint-Georges La Jousselinière d’Oléron 30


haucre e de C Plag ge ères Pla Seuli s de

Sandy foreshore



Notre Dame en l’Isle

Les Huttes ge d


La Gautrelle

14 Pla

na mo au

Forest of Saumonards

e rell a ut aG

La Bétaudière




La Brée les Bains

La Gautrie

de ge Pla

Naturist beach



de la Boirie

La Boirie

Fishing from the shore is prohibited

Sandy foreshore



Les Prés Valet

La Josière

Bois Fleury Chaucre


Les Epinousses

La Coindrie


Saint-Pierre 9 d’Oléron

St-Gilles Les Conches Domino


e Pla ge

Gr an


de Pla g e


La Fromagerie La Giboire La Martière


n Vig es nie



La Dresserie

Les Chateliers Maisonneuve

La Menounière

La Chefmalière

La Biroire

r Plag e de



Bel Air

La Thibaudière

Les Sables Vignier Les Coquettes L’Ileau

on s B es ge de Sabl Pla





La Fauche Prère La Bir o


La Cotinière

Plage de M a th a

Boat trips / sea fishing Rocky foreshore


500 m

1 km

2 km

Key: Motor-home site

Blue Flag beaches 2014

"Eurorelais" area

Nature and environment

Boat Trips




Naturist beach

Iléo Water Park

Tourisme & Handicap: there are many beaches suitable for the disabled; information from the Tourist Offices.

The best way to get around the MarennesOléron region, these ferryboats provide a safe passage from the mainland to the Ile d’Oléron. - Bourcefranc / Le Château, - St-Trojan / La Tremblade, - La Grève / La Cayenne. Enjoy a short, relaxing journey.

Sandy foreshore Fort Boyard

oya r de B ge Pla


map of île d’






Fort Boyard / Île d’Aix / La Rochelle Ferry from Boyardville to La Rochelle


La Perrotine


Fort Royer

La Vieille Perrotine Bellevue


Moëze Oléron nature reserve Fishing from the shore is prohibited

La Baudissière

Muddy foreshore

38 Arceau

Les Allards Bassin de la Phibie

Les Grissotières La Guinalière

La Cailletière


Dolus d’Oléron

ge d




Les Bardières Grand Gibou

uC hâte au

La Gaconnière

Marais Doux

Grand Deau





Le Château d’Oléron


La Renisière Le Deu

La Perroche La Rémigeasse

Fort Louvois


Trillou Vert-Bois P Verlage d t-B e ois



Petit Village

Le Grand- La Giraudière Village-Plage

Naturist beach


d ge Pla

Sandy foreshore

Pet i


Pointe de Manson

e ièr





ud ira aG


P Pla



Muddy foreshore


Les Allassins

ge du Soleil


an Gr de


ge P la


Naturist beach

Les Bris



Forest of St-Trojan u


La Chevalerie

Le Riveau




Ors Le Treuil



Plage de Gatsea


La Brande


Sandy / muddy foreshore

Pointe de Maumusson

www.oleron-island.com / 11

Le Château d’Oléron Muddy foreshore Fer ryb oa ts

Le GrandVillage-Plage Sandy foreshore


Muddy foreshore


ad uc


BourcefrancLe Chapus Saint-Trojan-les-Bains Fer ryb oa ts Pointe de Manson

Sandy foreshore

Marennes Plage

Sandy / muddy foreshore

Pointe de Maumusson

n ya Ro

La Cayenne

ats bo rry Fe

0 500 m 1 km

2 km


10 12

To visit: Motor-home site

Nature and environment

"Eurorelais" area


Boat Trips



Tourisme & Handicap: there are many beaches suitable for the disabled; information from the Tourist Offices.

The best way to get around the MarennesOléron region, these ferryboats provide a safe passage from the mainland to the Ile d’Oléron. - Bourcefranc / Le Château, - St-Trojan / La Tremblade, - La Grève / La Cayenne. Enjoy a short, relaxing journey.

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Hiers-Brouage Nodes

19 r efo ch Ro



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20 Sa int es



17 Mauzac

Luzac Broue



La Mauvinière








Port Paradis

Saint Martin

Le Gua Souhe

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