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Oleon Nutrition team exchanges overseas




Oleon at Nourrir La Vie


Meet the colleagues around the world


Introducing the B.E.S.T. project: to serve our customers even better


Customs-related matters at Oleon


R&D Seminar

Meet the Finance team


Improved desks at Oleon Emmerich


Oleon at In-Cosmetics Brazil

18 Venette Focuses on Road Traffic Rules


Green Kitchen in Oleon Belgium

M&S Dokano – Plastic attack on the water

Improved Communication at Oleon Emmerich


Winter Driving Quiz


Landscape Program Indonesia


Avril Pink Days


Respect is… allowing everyone to understand conversation


Product Passport


The evolution of Oleon’s palm policy


Litter picking expedition


Oleon is participating in the INCITE project


New access control system in Oleon Oelegem


Family Day Oleon Belgium

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Dear engaged colleagues, Congratulations! Oleon recently broke a safety record: 9 months without accident throughout the entire company! That’s over one million working hours, without a reportable injury. As all good things come to an end, this accident-free period ended last September. Nevertheless this record is exceptional. I want to thank you for your steady engagement towards

Moussa Naciri,

safety, which made this result possible. We now know we can do it, and

CEO Oleon

I’m sure we will all try to beat this record again in the future. Another recent nice achievement was the good participation of Oleon’s teams in the Avril initiative of “Nourrir la Vie”. With a total of 13 different teams each presenting a valuable project, Oleon was well represented. 3 teams were selected to join the Grand Rencontre in Rennes early October of which 1 won a prize. My congratulations to all the teams, winners or not, for their efforts! I found all projects very valuable for the development of Oleon and I count on even more participation next year. A final word on Oleon’s increasing activities in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility. Not a week passes by without news about Oleon employees getting personally engaged for the good of the community. Also on a corporate level we see increasing initiatives, such as the recently published Code of Ethics or Oleon’s participation in development projects in Indonesia to promote sustainable practices in palm oil cultivation. Both subjects and many other interesting ones are covered in this new issue of the Oleon Post. Thank you all for your engagement!

“I want to thank you for your steady engagement towards safety, which made this result possible.”

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OLEON AT NOURRIR LA VIE From October 8th until October 9th, another Rencontre Nourrir La Vie took place in Rennes. This year, Oleon handed in 13 projects within all categories. In the category Safety, Oleon was selected together with Matines. During the cross-encounters organized by Avril, Oleon Venette and Matines exchanged their good practices. There was specific interest to learn more about Matines’ nutritional plant optimized housekeeping, how they organized logistics with deliveries on short notice and how the Quality department dealt with HACCP (Hazard analysis & critical control point)*. Thanks to these cross-encounters, more than 50 good practices were identified between the two sites and both are now looking to implement them wherever possible.

“Let’s keep up the good work and hand in even more projects next year. Congratulations to all participants!” An internationally recognized system for reducing the risk of safety hazards in food.


In the category Women and men of Avril, Oleon Venette was once more selected for their first Housekeeping Day, whose concept was inspired by the Housekeeping Day in Port-Klang. Within the theme of “Better working together”, they specifically wanted to dedicate this Housekeeping Day to cleaning/tidying up, refurbishment and embellishment with the ambition to make a day dedicated to tasks perceived as “unpleasant” more agreeable. In total, all Oleon Venette employees participated in the 14 workshops provided during the day, such as painting, flower planting, picking up cigarette butts, cleaning of service vehicles, etc.

In the final category, preserving the planet, Oleon Oelegem was selected with their water saving project in common chemistry applications. The team implemented Findensers (air coolers) in the laboratory to prevent water from being wasted. The Findensers ensure there is no tubing needed to get water flowing, making it look more clean, and which also prevents from spilling water on the table. In the end, none of the selected projects won in their respective categories, but Oleon Venette did win a special participation prize for their cooperation with Matines.

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What were the other projects handed in by Oleon? • Optimization of the hydrophilization unit by Leonie Peters

• Implementing Customer Intimacy @ Oleon by Liselot De Keyser & Nicolas Thiry

• Implementation and optimization APO at Oelegem by Bert Corthouts, Marc Annaert, Hilde Bauwens & James de Caluwé

• Plastic Smart @ Oleon by Tine Goemaere & Marjan Maes

• Optimization of the hydrogenation of isostearic acid by Ewout Ruysbergh, Sigrid De Hertogh, Johan Lauwers, Koen Declercq & Filip Catelyn • Development of a renewable paint drying booster out of HOSO by Pieter Struelens, Enrico Magnabosco & Karim Marea • MELs, an innovative, green & multifunctional ingredient by Marie Bellenger & Pierre Ravier

• Safety precaution tool by Dirk Vandenbergh & Eric Dubois • Blind spots - a critical reflection on lab safety by Bert De Schrijver, Luca Verhoeven, Bram Vertenten & Pieter Struelens • R&D team Oleon Life Science on golden safety rule number 6 by Pieter Van Der Weeën & Aurélie Fievez

Peter Balcaen, HR Director Oleon

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INTERVIEW From now, Oleon Post will be interviewing a colleague for each issue. This time, we’re talking to: Pieter Heirman

R What does the rest of your morning look like?

We’d like to know more about your day. Could you help us reconstruct a typical working day?

R How does your day usually start?

The alarm goes off at 6 a.m. Then I wake my girlfriend up to say goodbye, hopefully without waking my new daughter and then a quick wash, clean my teeth, dress, make a sandwich and leave for Oleon at 6.30 a.m. After a 30-40 min ride through country roads, or lanes, from Zeveneken/ Wachtebeke I arrive at Oleon.

R As soon as you arrive at work, what is the first thing you do?

R Is there anything in particular you really like doing?

Coffee! After that I look at the work orders from the past night and quickly go through the emails.

At 8.30 a.m. we have the daily production meeting where we go through the status of all the installations and also set technical priorities. After that, there’s feedback to the maintenance department and consultation with foremen about current matters within the maintenance teams. Also the contractor work, statutory inspections, shut-down planning are reviewed every day. I also try, as far as this is possible, to go and look at the work in the factory. That way, I also get to know the installations better and can consult the operators. In addition to these tasks, a number of fixed weekly meetings are planned such as AIC3, technical meeting, MOC.

Looking with the team for solutions to unexpected stoppages. When an installation stops operating, consultation starts within maintenance to find a safe and sound solution as quickly as possible. The ideas that emerge and the willingness of the team boost motivation.

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Pieter Heirman Maintenance Manager

R Who do you closely work with?

Our biggest client within the Ertvelde site is the production department. When we look at a number of big elements such as production volume, machine availability and quality, we with our maintenance department are the point of contact regarding machine availability. Since we are also dealing with opening piping, lifting loads, hot work and other manual operations on a daily basis, cooperation with the safety service is the order of the day.

R Do you have any funny working habits?

Not that I am aware of :-)

R What do you usually do after work?

In August I became a dad for the first time, so my priority in my free time is my daughter and her mom. Apart from that we are in the middle of building plans, for which work is

starting next year. It is my hobby and also a great challenge to prepare all this and, apart from the structural work, to do as much as possible myself.

R How would your colleagues describe you?

I hope something along the lines of willing to learn, open and social. I like an open atmosphere in clear and certain language. When something rankles I will take it to the person and hope that the people in our team can do the same.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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A workshop session with the key users and project team to prepare the rollout of our new CRM.

Our organization is preparing to roll out a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, namely SAP C/4 HANA Sales Cloud. This tool will help us improve our customer data and the interaction with our customers from a sales perspective.

At Oleon, we picked SAP as a supplier since it allows an easy integration with our general SAP ERP system. However, the CRM system is a much lighter tool, known for its ease of use, with a lot of functionalities.

“We’ve called the project B.E.S.T. because we believe that the system will help us to connect Better, Easier and Smarter, while acting as one strong sales force Together,” says Sylviane Mathieu, Business Process Owner of B.E.S.T. “By being able to connect better, both internally and with our customers, in an efficient and effective way, we want to enhance our future growth. That’s why our CEO Moussa Naciri is a committed sponsor of the B.E.S.T. project,” she adds.

SAP C/4 HANA Sales Cloud will be rolled out for all customerrelated functions in the Benelux from January 2020 onwards. All the other sites will be live by the summer of 2020.

More specifically, the new CRM system will lead to: • Better collaboration: by having more transparent customer data, we will reduce firefighting and will be able to face our customers as one unified team. • More customer intimacy: turning data into customer knowledge will allow us to develop specialty products with a higher added value for the customer and a higher margin for our own organization. • Efficient & effective working: with all customer information and knowledge in one place, it will easy for us to find reliable and up-to-date information. This will reduce the amount of emails and double work.

Any questions about the B.E.S.T. project? Contact Sylviane Mathieu,

Sylviane Mathieu, Supply Chain Business Process Analyst

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Corporate Supply has enjoyed additional support for Customsrelated projects and inquiries from the various Oleon plants since late 2018. This was necessary due to the large volume of changes to EU regulations and the additional trade agreements that are currently being concluded, such as those with Japan and the UK (owing to the impending Brexit). On that note, we’re delighted to introduce Rudi Du Bois - an external C4T (Customs for Trade) consultant who’s available 1 day per week. I, myself (Brigitte), devote a number of days each week to working on Customs-related matters in Nancy Jacobs’ team. We’ve started tackling the legal obligations that Oleon has as an AEO company (Authorized Economic Operator) by renewing this certification, as well as the other permits necessary for optimizing the international supply of raw materials and sales. We’re also responsible for ensuring the knowledge transfer of these new measures and conducting training courses on import and export formalities. We additionally provide insight into the various permits that Oleon has obtained from Customs and, together with the business, proactively examine which additions

might prove beneficial. And, we endeavor to provide insight into the concept of origin, as well as the benefits of preferential EU origin for Oleon customers. We also work on cost savings. A good example of this was our Customs application for BTIs (binding tariff information). This means that Customs prescribes which international Commodity Code applies to certain products. Customs’ own reclassification and the resulting mandatory HS code suddenly exempted a large number of products in our factory in Malaysia from import duties. We worked with PS&RA on identifying several similar products on the same basis. As a result, we successfully requested reclassification for these products too. This exercise saved a considerable amount of import duties for this year, both in Europe and the United States.

Brigitte Van Kogelenberg, Corporate Customs Coordinator

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On October 1st and 2nd of this year, Oleon R&D held its second R&D seminar near Compiègne in France. More than 65 R&D members from Belgium, France, Germany, Malaysia and the US were brought together to share information and build that all important team spirit. There was plenty of time to share information on the global Oleon R&D vision and strategy, which was established last year, and how the day to day work of the teams fits into this strategy. Furthermore, there were interventions from our CEO Moussa Naciri, the R&D director at Avril level, Paul-Joel Derian and the business directors of Base, Eddy Feijen, and Derivatives, Jeroen Dirckx to complete the picture. All this information together gave a real sense to our jobs and shows our teams how exactly they are and can further contribute to the future of Oleon. Off course, we also gave the floor to the R&D people themselves during our grand poster competition. Through nine elaborate and carefully prepared posters, the different teams showcased the projects they were working on and the challenges they were facing. Each team had also prepared a six minute pitch to convince the jury that they deserved to be crowned the winning team. The jury was rightfully impressed

and agreed that all posters were of top notch quality and 2 of them received the prestigious title of best poster: the EOR team and the FRAG team. Further, as creativity is of crucial importance for the R&D population to come up with new project ideas, we also invited an external speaker. This economist, turned magician, turned motivational speaker introduced us to his vision of ‘crazytivity’ and we were inspired! This type of session surely will contribute to the generation of new ideas. Finally, it goes without saying that sufficient time was reserved for getting to know each other better and spending some memorable moments together. Throughout the course of the two days, some nice dinners and relaxing moments were foreseen, but the most important one to mention was our team building at the amusement parc Astérix. After participating in a treasure hunt in the park (which was privatized for us), we enjoyed some thrilling rides on some of the attractions. We have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and it was the perfect end for our two days spent together. We look back on a successful edition and look forward to the next one in two years.

Karima Zitouni, R&D Manager Lubes, Industrials and OFC

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MULTIFUNCTIONAL ADDITIVE: FRAG On this occasion, the FRAG’s team presented an efficient multifunctional additive, called FRAG. Made from coconut oil, this compound has been introduced as the miracle product used by super heroes. For cleaning purposes, “MrFRAG” uses this product as a fuel additive to prevent the deposition of degradation products onto key devices of a running engine (such as the intake valves, the combustion chamber and the fuel injectors).

Taking into account the moving parts of the engine, “IronFRAG” applies FRAG as a film in the friction area of the engine, increasing its performance. This lubricating property is also important for “SuperFRAG” as an additive of water based drilling fluid for oilfield drilling. With that product, deeper oilfield are reached in a faster and cleaner way. The presence of bacteria in this application is also detrimental by degrading viscosifiers of the drilling fluid and by corroding the drilling tools. Therefore, “LadyFRAG” acts as a protector carrying out FRAG for its biocide power.

From left to right: Arthur De Clerck (Analytical team), Florence Bigorne (R&D OLLU team), Philippe Blach (R&D OLLU team), Julien Deligny (R&D OLLU team), Pauline Couleon (R&D OLD team), Christophe Cuvilliers (R&D OLIND team)

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Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

Did you know? • When a mature petroleum field stops producing, 2/3rd of the oil originally in place is still left in the reservoir? • While the demand for oil continues to increase, global production is stabilizing and major oil fields face decreasing production rates? • Oil companies currently prefer to explore new and unconventional oil fields (deepwater, arctic, tight oil …) that pose increased technological challenges and environmental risks, rather than improving the recovery of already developed reservoirs?

Why is only 1/3rd recovered? Due to natural pressure in the field, the first oil is spontaneously elevated to the surface. When the natural pressure in an oil field drops – typically after 10% of oil recovery – water is injected to sustain pressure and push out more oil from the reservoir. However, because oil and water don’t mix and oil doesn’t flow as easily, the oil is not mobilized very efficiently: in total only 1/3rd of the oil in place can be recovered this way.

Skilled in the manufacturing of surfactants for various market applications, Oleon R&D is now developing novel, non-ionic and renewable surfactants for enhanced oil recovery. Compared to the products already on the market, these surfactants are safe for the environment and show a reduced sensitivity to salts and temperature variations in the reservoir.

Are we already producing EOR surfactants? Oleon already sells a range of surfactants in various markets, but application in EOR poses several challenges. Every oil field has a set of different conditions (temperature, salts, oil composition, …) in which the surfactant needs to be active and stable. The long term stability of our current surfactants in hot water needs to be improved. With financial support from the Flemish government (VLAIO) three new chemical families were identified and will be further developed to improve their performance under various conditions. Preliminary results are promising: up to 85% of the oil was recovered in a lab experiment using a development surfactant.

What are we doing about it? Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is the group of methods used to increase oil recovery after water injection. By introducing steam, CO2, microorganisms or chemicals (surfactants and polymers) into the reservoir, the oil becomes more fluid or mixes better with water. From left to right (R&D OLD team): Roxanne Verschueren, Dries Gabriel (OLD), Cyrielle Huart (OLD), Marion Kerbrat (OLD)

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OLEON NUTRITION TEAM EXCHANGES OVERSEAS DING-YEE’S POINT OF VIEW: “It was our pleasure having Sophie over and to work together in Port Klang for 6 weeks. This exchange was not only fruitful but also improved our relationship as both colleagues and friends.

SOPHIE’S POINT OF VIEW I’ve been working in R&D Crop Protection and Nutrition team for 5 years and this summer, I joined Micky’s R&D team in Port Klang for 6 weeks. It was a real opportunity to get to know each other and work in a different environment. I discovered our brand new bakery lab and I was glad to improve my cooking skills with Ding-Yee! This experience was part of an exchange within the R&D department. It started in order to strengthen the link we have with teams overseas by knowledge and good practices sharing within R&D projects. The warm welcome of our Malaysian colleagues made my adaptation very easy. I worked on the project “Support of UniOleon growth” with Ding-Yee and our goal was to develop two new application tests for muffins and donuts recipes. During those 6 weeks, we carried out several tests in order to set up a reproductible recipe, process and application tests for both recipes. Sensorial tests were also conducted in the form of a treat eaten by our colleagues :)

Throughout the whole process, Sophie taught me how to use Design of Experiment (DoE) in bakery to study the effect of each ingredient on the properties of a muffin. I’ve also discovered the best recipe to make muffins. Another great advantage of our exchange, was the fact that we had the opportunity to have project discussions face to face instead of through Skype (with sometimes a poor connection), which made this so much easier. Furthermore, we did some visits together to potential external collaborators with whom we discussed to possibilities to further evolve the powder cake emulsifier project. Other than work, we also shared some more details about our personal lives and got to know each other more in terms of culture and lifestyle. This was really nice as it helped us understand each other better.

From both professional and personal points of view, this experience has been fruitful for me by learning and sharing with each other. It was my first trip in Southern Asia and I would like to thank all of you to have made it possible for me to explore your culture, new landscapes and a new cuisine.

Ding Yee, R&D Engineer Nutrition

Sophie Deprey, R&D Team Leader Nutrition and Crop Protection applications

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MEET THE FINANCE TEAM! The Finance team is a large and widespread team, but due to a number of structural changes in the various teams, you may have lost the thread. Because who is who again? And who does what? To clarify this, the new structure is explained little by little during the next editions of the Oleon Post. In this issue we present the Treasury Team, Credit Control Team and our Responsible Insurances.

Treasury The corporate treasury team comprises 5 employees: Saw Jiun Tan & Yi Ting Heng based in Klang (MY), Lee Culp based in Simpsonville (US), and Ann-Sophie Batsleer and Thierry Gilles based in Ertvelde. Our key strength lies in the fact that we are each able to perform one another’s roles. We're an extremely close-knit team.

Our main tasks include: • Daily bank follow up; daily processing of all banking transactions in various packages • Various weekly payments for all companies worldwide • Cash Management: where is our cash and what form is it in? • Loan administration to enable Oleon to continue to invest & grow. • Foreign currency hedging (FOREX): Many transactions occur in non-local currency, necessitating a conversion. • Running reports, month-end closing, etc. In 2019 we realized a number of great things, such as a successful closing (despite tight deadlines) just before the Chinese New Year thanks to teamwork, Ann-Sophie who obtained her Green Belt and Thierry who worked out a KPI for bank automation. All things that we can rightly be proud of.

Saw Jiun Tan n Specialty: Cash Management n Has been working at Oleon since: 2009 n Hobbies: Travel & baking n Favorite food: Asian cuisine n Favorite quote: “Health is Wealth”

Ann-Sophie Batsleer n Specialty: Reporting e: 2011 n Has been working at Oleon sinc n Hobbies: Baking cakes cuisine n Favorite food: Italian-Belgian ll things in life” n Favorite quote: “Enjoy the sma

Yi Ting Heng n Specialty: Innovation e: 2018 n Has been working at Oleon sinc ies n Hobbies: Travel & watching mov n Favorite food: Sushi ng will be fine” n Favorite quote: “Chill, everythi

Oleon Post // December 2019 // Page 15

Thierry Gilles n Specialty: Teamwork - Forex n Has been working at Oleon sinc

e: 2010 n Hobbies: Cycling, reading, skiin g.

n Favorite food: Moroccan cuis ine;

currently on a t delicious Merguez

quest to discover the world's mos n Favorite quote: “Carpe Diem"

Lee Culp n Specialty: Staff Accounting n Has been working at Oleon since: 2019 n Hobbies: Golf, Gym & Dirt Bikes n Favorite food: Sushi n Favorite quote: “You can do it”

Credit Control The corporate credit control team comprises 2 full-time employees and 4 part-time employees who each devote a portion of their day to credit control duties. Murielle Vancrombrugge, our newcomer Ilse Strickx and Christophe Ghillebaert are based in Ertvelde, Brita Weber operates from Emmerich, Shirley Tan works in Klang and Christine Magdanz is active in Simpsonville. Our objective is the responsible management of credit risks and the optimization of our global client portfolio in order to achieve the highest possible revenue. Our main tasks include: • Creditworthiness analysis on each new client. Existing clients are monitored on a regular basis. • Risk detection: We try to rapidly detect potential risks and payment problems, whilst simultaneously factoring in the requirements of other departments such as sales and customer service. • Complete integration of the various sales flow phases: Sales orders are automatically blocked in the event that a client’s invoice is overdue and/or they’ve reached their credit limit. Following an analysis of the cause and potential resolution, we assess whether a sales order can be released. • Reporting

One of our major 2019 achievements is the monthly DSO* and overdue payments per sales office reporting via Power BI. The Power BI tool collates business data and converts this into interactive charts and tables. In the future, we plan on providing multiple credit control reports for Management and Sales via Apps in Power Bi. DSO = ratio that measures how long on average it takes for an invoice to be paid following delivery of the goods. *

Insurance Christophe is responsible for managing the insurance portfolio and monitoring claims within Oleon. He works closely with Avril and our insurance brokers. His main tasks include: • Managing (local) insurance policies and requirements to ensure that all (business) risks are covered • Processing insurance claims • Attending expert meetings • Monitoring compliance regulations pertaining to insurance • Reporting risks

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Murielle Vancrombrugge t n Specialty: Credit Managemen e: 2008 sinc on Ole at king wor n n Has bee ding quality time n Hobbies: Tennis, shopping, spen with family n Favorite food: Fish and shellfish your life ... n Favorite quote: “Don't dream Live your dreams”

Shirley Tan n Specialty: Teamwork n Has been working at Oleon sinc e: 2008 n Hobbies: Reading, Watching Dram as, Travel n Favorite food: Seafood, Japane se cuisine, Western cuisine n Favorite quote: “Believe in You rself”

Christine Magdanz Assistance n Specialty: Accounting & Credit e: 2012 sinc on Ole n Has been working at more gardening! & g enin gard n Hobbies: Gardening, on salm n Favorite food: Grilled ine Japanese cuisine, Western cuis live” let and n Favorite quote: “Live

Christophe Ghillebaert n Specialty: Insurance e: 2008 n Has been working at Oleon sinc er fan socc ir) cha (arm , ning n Hobbies: Run ine cuis n Italia n Favorite food: lems once n Favorite quote: “Only solve prob they arise”

Ilse Strickx credit control n Specialty: All aspects related to e: 2019 n Has been working at Oleon sinc g, swimming, n Hobbies: Fitness, running, hikin travel and photography ian cuisine n Favorite food: Oriental and Belg n Favorite quote: “Carpe Diem/ Seize the day”

Brita Weber n Specialty: All-rounder n Has been working at Oleon sinc e: 2012 n Hobbies: Reading, socializing, travel n Favorite food: German, Asian and Mediterranean cuisine n Favorite quote: “Never live with out laughing”

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With height-adjustable and individually adapted desks, we're firing on all cylinders at Oleon in Emmerich. Standing discussions are no longer a rare event here. No-one sees it as impolite – quite the opposite. With our new heightadjustable desks, which can be operated electrically, we're bringing even more variety into our seated daily lives. And if three or four colleagues want to have a discussion together in front of the screen, a 'round high table' is just perfect. This furniture, customized for our individual needs, comes from Haus Freudenberg, a workshop for people with disabilities in the northern district of Kleve. We purchased the new equipment for over 20 employees as part of our renovation measures. We opted for Haus Freudenberg because we want to support the employment of people with disabilities. Some years ago, we worked together with Haus Freudenberg, which included having a conference table built for Oleon. As well as the social aspect, we were particularly impressed by how flexible the firm was with regard to building individual furniture, and high quality. The priceperformance ratio is also excellent.

The contemporary furniture has made working in front of a PC much more comfortable for our employees in administration, the workshop and the warehouse, and is kinder on their backs too. Moreover, teams for whom exchange of ideas and communication are key elements are now working more closely together. Despite the block in which the desks have been put together to make a communal workplace, the heights of their desks can be adjusted individually without irritating colleagues. Direct discussions can take place without any problems or complications. Together with Haus Freudenberg, we have also focused on continuing to develop safety aspects, such as pinch protection or side panels. Improved occupational health is another significant aspect of this new equipment for us. We're very proud of our back-friendly workplaces. And this much is certain: our work's getting even better than before.

Peter Smit, Technical Services Manager

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OLEON AT IN-COSMETICS BRAZIL Along with the Brazilian distributor Beraca, Oleon Health & Beauty was present at In-Cosmetics Latin America. At our shared booth, visitors could experience our Jolee 7750 mixed with Beraca’s Rainforest Specialties in the form of a personalized hair butter or a face serum. At our green wall the customers could try our latest innovations such as the light formulations made with our emulsifier package for multiple emulsions and the high and low viscosity silicone alternatives. We were excited to present a first prototype of a transparent stick, which caught the attention of some bigger players such as Pierre Fabre, L’Occitane, Boticario, Granado, etc. Looking forward to our next stop at In-Cosmetics in Barcelona!

Sebastien Busschaert, Business Manager Life Sciences

VENETTE FOCUSES ON ROAD TRAFFIC RULES Every year, the Life Science team works on one of the 15 golden rules of AVRIL security. This year, we focused on rule number 1: "I respect the rules of the road". We were in small groups with different topics such as: "the rules of driving in different countries", "the risks related to driving", etc. Our group, consisting of Hilde Peeters, Nadine Teulon and Sylvain Blond was in charge of the causes for driving-related accidents: alcohol, fatigue, medicines and drugs. In collaboration with the national road safety organization, we produced posters, a questionnaire on this theme and we handed out flyers. The day of our awareness campaign, we set up two simulation courses, one representing a daylight situation and one at nighttime, with 4 pairs of goggles that simulate different situations: under the influence of some alcohol, a lot of alcohol and when feeling tired. After answering the quiz questionnaire, everyone was able to experience the different effects of the goggles in our simulation game and could notice themselves the impact of these parameters. A convivial moment that everyone could appreciate.

Hilde Peeters, R&D Health & Beauty

Nadine Teulon, R&D Food application engineer

Marjan Maes,

Sylvain Blond, CSR Manager RID Lab technician-Life Science team

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GREEN KITCHEN IN OLEON BELGIUM The staff canteens at Oleon Ertvelde and Oleon Oelegem have been run by a new supplier since 1 October: Green Kitchen. There are no cooking facilities in Oelegem, thus prepackaged meals are currently being provided by the same suppliers. Ertvelde does boast a kitchen, complete with all the equipment necessary for preparing high-quality meals. A new chef, Thomas, is now working with the familiar canteen team under the Green Kitchen banner. Together, they use fresh, local ingredients to bring the ‘Magic on a plate’ philosophy truly to life. Oleon Ertvelde employees couldn’t wait to sample and assess the new dishes. It quickly became apparent that ‘magic on a plate’ was in abundance, and their exacting expectations were surpassed! We’ll continue working with Green Kitchen on improving the menu and better tailoring dishes to Oleon staff requirements, both in Ertvelde and in Oelegem.

Kurt Dewachter, The Ertvelde team from left to right: Sandra Burgelman, Ann Mertens, Marina Valdaeva, Thomas Rogge

Director Purchasing Non-Raw Materials & Operations

M&S DOKANO – PLASTIC ATTACK ON THE WATER On Sunday the 8th of October, the M&S Derivatives team organized a CSR project called Dokano. The goal was to clean up the Ghent canals by means of a kayak. So it was not only good for the environment, but also a fun team activity. The team was very successful in collecting the garbage, as they collected more than 10 liters of garbage each! Have a look at the pictures below to see the team in action!

Marlies Decleer, Product Manager Health & Beauty

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IMPROVED COMMUNICATION AT OLEON EMMERICH Optimizing previous processes was not enough. At Oleon in Emmerich, we are now focusing on more communication between Maintenance and Production. The centerpiece is a planning board made out of tin. Quite simple, really. And yet it contains the detail which makes our daily lives easier and inspires people. It's about communication – directly on location with all involved. Because we, the Maintenance and Production staff at Oleon in Emmerich, had long communication pathways in the past. Or even none at all. They mainly involved 'Chinese whispers'. Now we've taken our planning board from the maintenance workshop and put it in the heart of Production: the control room. Every morning at 7 a.m., us workshop managers discuss what has to be done where and when with the shift managers and maintenance workers in front of the planning board. Everyone stays informed, and key decisions can be made together. And if anything is unclear, we take a look at the issue together directly on location. Maintenance workers can start with the most pressing tasks first, in agreement with Production. We are all amazed at how much of an effect this new coordination process has had. The planning board, which we cover with tasks and responsibilities every afternoon, gives transparency to all employees involved from the night shift to the day shift. Which colleague is where, when and what are they doing? Which workers arrive at which system when, and take on which task? These, and many more, have been put up on the new planning board for a few weeks now. Talking about things is made a lot easier with the help of visualization and communication on location. Pathways are shorter and there is a stronger exchange of ideas between people. This makes us more deeply immersed in lean management. We don't 'donate' time to costly processes and notices, but communicate clearly, directly and openly. 50 or so people, around 10-15 people per day shift, are involved in this process as a whole. This has helped us to find an ideal solution for Maintenance and Production working well together. What happened as a result of getting the ball rolling? The difficulty was that we always tried to improve work instructions and policies – but we kept hitting a wall. Nothing really changed for the better. The new idea enabled us to have transparent and direct communication – appreciative, satisfying and efficient.

Christian Roebroc, Supervisor Mechanical Workshop

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It’s getting close to that time of year where the pavements become covered in snow, and now is the best time to refresh yourself on how to travel in these treacherous conditions. In wintry conditions such as snow and ice, driving becomes more dangerous than ever. It’s essential to be aware of the changes you need to make to your car and driving routine to ensure everyone’s safety, including your own. The 7 following questions will test your knowledge on winter driving do's and don’ts. Do you have what it takes to be a driving expert this winter? Take the quiz to find out! 1.

What is a safe following distance during winter when ther is snow and ice on the road? A. 3-4 seconds B. 8-10 seconds C. 12-15 seconds


What is the optimal coolant to water ratio for your car in the winter months? A. 50:50 B. 75:25 C. 100:0


To have adequate snow traction, what is the required tread on a winter tire? A. 2/32 inches deep B. 6/32 inches deep C. 10/32 inches deep

4. What is the best way to safely defrost your windshield? A. Use a metal ice scraper on your front and rear windshields B. Pour hot water onto your front and rear windshields C. Turn on front and rear defrosters and use a plastic ice scraper on your front and rear windshields D. Turn on your windshield wipers


What are you supposed to do if you start skidding? A. Take foot off the brake pedal B. Accelerate C. Let go of the steering wheel


What is the best placement for winter tires on your car? A. Two in the front only B. Two in the back only C. One in the front, one in the back D. All four should be the same

7. Which of the following is false about driving during winter? A. Brushing off snow from your headlights and taillights before driving will improve your visibility and safety. B. It’s okay to use cruise control when on slippery surfaces. C. Keep your gas tank at least half full to avoid gas line freeze-up.

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5. A

The normal dry pavement following distance of 3-4 seconds should be increased to 8-10 seconds during winter months. This increased margin of safety will provide more time if you have to make a sudden stop.

If you start to skid, the last thing you want to do is slam on the brakes. The correct reaction would be to take your foot off both the brake and gas pedal and carefully turn your wheels in the direction that the back of your car is sliding.

2. A

6. D

The more coolant, the higher the freezing point. With 100% coolant, this means your car won’t work as well in colder temperatures. The perfect ratio of coolant to water is 50:50 because it will have a lower freezing point of -34 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you opt for winter tires, get a full set or stick with all-season tires. Putting winter tires on the front only will make it more likely to spin out in the snow and putting winter tires only on the back will make it difficult to turn in snow.

3. B While a depth of 2/32 inches is the indicator for replacement time for regular tires, that point for winter tires is at 5/32 inches. 6/32 inches is what’s required to have adequate snow traction for winter driving.

7. B It’s true that brushing off snow from your head and taillights, even your mirrors and license plate, can improve your safety and visibility. Never use cruise control on surfaces that are slippery because you never know when you will lose control of your car. Finally, always make sure your car always has at least half a tank of gas for safety reasons.

4. C Using a metal ice scraper has the potential to scratch or damage your windshields. A plastic scraper will get the job done just as well and will be better for your windshields. Pouring hot water on a cold surface, like your windshield, may cause it to crack. Using your front and rear defrosters will help accelerate the process and heat up your car in the meantime. You can use your windshield wipers to get off excess snow and ice, but don’t rely solely on them to clear your windshield.


How’d you do? Do you feel more prepared to take on the roads during these upcoming months? Be sure to brush up on your road knowledge before the cold season hits to avoid car trouble as much as possible. Stay warm and drive carefully this winter season!

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LANDSCAPE PROGRAM INDONESIA Oleon has been supporting Earthworm Foundation’s landscape program since 2019. The program has been set up in 2017 and is located in Indonesia, focusing on 4 priority regions where significant ecological, social and business values co-exist. Long-term engagement with all stakeholders (local NGO’s, local government, local communities, brands, …) across an entire region is key. Over 20 partners across governments, industry and civil society participate in the landscape program, including some of our customers and suppliers.

The project has objectives at 3 different levels:




Working hand-in-hand with local government to embed data-driven sustainability recommendations into district-level spatial plans and development policies.

Working with companies in our landscapes to instil responsible practices. Providing hands-on training, guided operational assessments, and intensive support.

Working directly with ‘at-risk’ local communities on the forest frontier to build their capacity to manage their lands and improve their livelihoods responsibly.




FIELD TRIP TO ACEH TAMIANG SUMATRA, INDONESIA: One of the priority regions, Aceh Tamiang, is located in the Aceh province of Indonesia on the island of Sumatra. Annie Lim, senior buyer Oleon, and Marjan Maes, CSR manager Oleon, engaged with Earthworm Foundation, local NGO’s and government, and buyers and CSR managers of the other participating companies, during a field trip in Aceh Tamiang in the week of September 30. Aceh Tamiang is part of the Leuser ecosystem. It is the last rainforest on Earth, as big as 23.000 km2, where critically endangered elephants, orangutans, rhinos and tigers still exist in the wilderness.

We would very much like to share our experiences with you in the next section.

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Together with our customers, we were witnesses of how the magnificent forest is protected by local NGO’s.

Annie and local women learning from the demplots

Annie (at the right) together with the CSR responsibles of respectively Mars Wrigley and Fuji Oil.

2. Capacity building. Organized seminars and sharing sessions for NGO’s and other stakeholders to create awareness of impacts of deforestation and use of peatlands.

Unfortunately, we also saw palm trees on converted peatland (with a lot of CO2 release as a result), in forest with high biodiversity value and in the mangrove area on the east coast (with erosion and fish mortality as a result). Illegal logging has destroyed 4.500 km2 of the forest. We met and spoke to local people, to understand their views on the forest and the difficulties they are facing in ensuring the NDPE policy. Basically, they cut the forest down to plant palm trees, as the palm harvest is the only source of their income. We engaged with the international NGO Earthworm Foundation, local NGO’s, and local communities (smallholders) to help the latter to grow knowledge in conserving and restoring nature and at the same time provide for their livelihood. We also visited palm oil companies trained and supported by the NGO’s to conserve and to restore nature. Agreement and support from the local government, smallholders and palm oil companies was key during the whole transformation process. Examples of accomplishments: 1. Livelihoods-enhancing agricultural ‘demplots’. • Investment in a plot of land to educate high school students and another plot of land to empower women in planting. • Hiring an experienced farmer from Java to stay at the Leuser ecosystem border to show the local communities how to grow vegetables and fruits organically. This enables the local communities to avoid paying high prices to buy food from other regions. In addition, they could have an excess of farm products to sell, as an alternative source of income for their families. That way these communities are not completely dependent of palm oil prices. • Guidance of local communities in planting vegetables using lands in front or behind their houses.

The entire team: the bupati (first row in the middle – head of the district of Aceh Tamiang) and other government members, the Earthworm Foundation team, local NGO’s, representatives of local communities and plantations, Annie and Marjan, and representatives of our customers and suppliers.

3. Determining high conservation values (HCV) in a palm concession. Next step would be protecting this area and return it to its original state as much as possible.

Different stakeholders discussing the future of the determined HCV zone in a palm concession.

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4. Replanting of a mangrove area. Deforestation of mangrove areas leads to erosion. Palm plantations in mangrove areas leads to fish mortality.

After this intensive week, we can conclude that the APT project has already a clear positive impact on the area: deforestation has continued a steady decline in Aceh Tamiang relative to the past years. Results are strictly followed-up by high resolution satellite images.

Oleon and Earthworm Foundation exchanging with local women from a palm concession.

We continue supporting this project and believe that we can have a real contribution of the rainforest with all beauties and values in Indonesia.

* Cfr. Article on Oleon's Palm Policy page 32

“We engaged with the international NGO Earthworm Foundation, local NGO's and communities to help them grow knowledge in conserving and restoring nature and to provide for their livelihood.�

Marjan Maes, CSR Manager Primary trees and baby orangutan in Leuser national park.

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AVRIL PINK DAYS October is the "pink" month... Do you know why? Every year, October is the period dedicated to raising awareness of breast cancer, symbolized by a pink ribbon. Citizens, associations and health professionals are mobilizing around local initiatives and events to inform about breast cancer screening. The Avril Group invited all employees join in the Pink Day initiative. What did it consist of? During these 2 days, all

employees were invited to wear pink clothing. For every picture taken with a pink garment, a sum of 5â‚Ź per person has been donated to the ARC Foundation for Breast Cancer Research. The Oleon employees supported this wonderful cause with great enthusiasm! Have a look at some of the pictures that were sent in:

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Liselot De Keyser, Communication & Marketing Manager

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As we all know, Oleon is an international and diverse company. With our different plants and sales offices all over the world, communication is key. Some work on a day to day basis with international colleagues, others get to work with them every now and then, but the one thing all this communication has in common, is that there usually is a language difference. While we are each very proud of our language, it is nice to consider altering your language to the people you are communicating with, as it is all the more welcoming for foreign speakers to be able to understand the communication and to be able to actively contribute to it.

• • •

This is why we’d like to give you some practical tips:

While we have great respect for each other’s native languages, let’s all work together on making Oleon a pleasant, multilingual workspace!

When organizing a meeting/training, think about who will be present. Are you inviting amongst others international colleagues? Then don’t forget to send out the invitations in English so everyone can accept and understand. Don’t forget to also adapt the content of your meeting and have your translations ready in time.

Are you able to and willing to have a training in English instead of your native language? Consider following it in another language, as this also creates an opportunity for non-native speakers to follow the training. Added bonus: you might learn some extra vocabulary! Lunchtime is the perfect time to catch up with your colleagues, but try to speak in English while you’re in the company of international colleagues, as this will make them feel much more included in your day-to-day life. Before writing and sending out your email, check if all addressed speak your language. If not, don’t forget to change your language.

Moussa Naciri, CEO Oleon

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Respect is‌ Allowing everyone to understand the conversation

Oleon keeps welcoming international colleagues every day. By taking into account the language difference and adapting your language, everyone will be able to contribute to the communication. This way, all colleagues will feel welcome and at home.




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PRODUCT PASSPORT At Oleon, we work with, develop and sell our products on a daily basis. However, do you know where our products end up and what they are used for? Let these product passports help you.

Radiamuls Poly 2251K


Chemical name: Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate

TMPTO Chemical name: RADIALUBE 7361, 7362, 7364, 7370, 7557, 7561, 7563, 7570


Oelegem Venette Port Klang

Polyglycerol 4965KP Ricinoleic acid 0198K

Trimethylolpropane 4904p/4944 Oleic acid 0254/0166/0532

Major clients

Major clients

Macropol, Barry Callebaut, Sultan Chemicals, Global Engineering

Houghton Radialube 7364 Total Radialube 7374 Shell Radialube 7563 Fuchs Radialube 7364

Functionality Enrobing chocolate improver. Use less chocolate for enrobing = cost reduction

End product

Functionality Base oil for: • Metalworking formulations • Marine industry • Hydraulic fluids • Factory Mutual Hydraulic fluids

End product

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Radia 7730

Nouracid RE07 Chemical name: Erucic Acid

Chemical name: Isopropyl myristate


Isopropanol 4903 C14 Fatty acids 0664

Erucic Acid

Major clients

Major clients

Johnson & Johnson, McBride, Godrej, Yasham, BG Oleochemicals

Functionality Emollient: hydration and moisturization of the skin

End product


Port Klang

Quaker PMC Korea Fine Organics India

Functionality • Converted into Erucamide -> additive for plastics • Lubricant • Coverted into Behenic Acid -> Various products cosmetics, food, paper, wood and plastic applications

End product

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THE EVOLUTION OF OLEON’S PALM POLICY If we take a closer look at the tropical raw materials that we process, and in particular palm oil and derivatives, you might have heard that its production is linked to deforestation issues and social challenges. At least, this is what the media tell us. And it is true, but only partially. Palm oil is also the most cost-competitive (highest yields per hectare) and versatile vegetable oil, ànd makes up the largest portion of the global vegetable oil production. Given the increasing world population and rising standard of living, that is essential information! If produced responsibly, palm oil can simultaneously meet our (European) demand ànd support millions of livelihoods worldwide ànd reduce pressure on forests and sensitive ecosystems. Saying no to palm would only increase the ecological and social challenges. As palm oil and derivatives are indeed part of Oleon’s raw materials portfolio, we insist on following a committed policy regarding its purchase.

Oleon’s CSR department is part of the Avril sustainable palm working group that laid the foundation of the sustainable palm policy in 2016. Ever since, we are closely involved in the evolution of this policy. Since 2019, this policy has given more direction to local projects with smallholders aimed at sustainable palm production in the countries of origin. Avril/Oleon’s strives to source its palm oil and derivatives from suppliers who can prove that its cultivation does not contribute to the destruction of forests and peatlands, and respects the rights of workers and local communities (smallholders).

Marjan Maes, CSR Manager

LITTER PICKING EXPEDITION A better planet starts with you. With that green ideal in mind, several colleagues from the Ertvelde plant visited nearby woodlands on a litter picking expedition one drizzly autumn morning. Dieter Noyez, Stefan Van De Velde, Bart Tijsebaert, Aurélie Stefens and Liselot De Keyser donned raincoats and sturdy shoes and, armed with a trash picker, set off on their mission. Despite the fact that the local woodlands are well-tended, there was plenty of garbage to be found. There was a particularly large quantity of litter away from the major footpaths, where the team cleaned up plastic, candy wrappers and drinks cans lurking beneath the leaves. After a few hours our colleagues had amassed a small mountain of garbage. Time for a selfie :) The expedition did not only limit itself to Ertvelde, but Catherine Sieben also thoroughly cleaned up around her neighborhood in Wallonia.

Liselot De Keyser, Communication & Marketing Manager

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OLEON IS PARTICIPATING IN THE INCITE PROJECT end of last year, this product was also moved from lab scale to pilot scale at our pilot installation in Oelegem. Although not all questions were answered at the end of the LipaMetics project, the potential was especially clear. Oleon, together with VITO and five other European partners from Germany, Italy and France, has launched and awarded a major European project. This is how the INCITE project was born. The project is sponsored by the European Commission for more than 13 million euros, of which Oleon receives almost 6 million euros. About four years ago, Oleon joined a Flemish research project, the LipaMetics project, together with VITO (Flemish Institute for Technological Research) and two industrial partners from the feed and cosmetics industry. The aim was to jointly develop new technology to make esters in an innovative way: via enzymatic catalysis. Enzymes are proteins that catalyze numerous reactions in our living environment and in our bodies. They allow us to make a number of esters that we already make but at lower temperatures and pressure (ie more energy-efficient), with the formation of fewer by-products (ie with improved odor and color) and with a more natural character compared to our current chemical catalysis system. However, translating what is known about enzymes to an industrial setting requires some extra effort. In LipaMetics, therefore, various esters were studied on a laboratory scale, with the most promising candidate being isopropyl palmitate from both a technological and economic point of view. At the

The intention is this time to answer all open questions on a pilot scale in four years and to set up a demonstration plant (i.e. an industrial reactor) on the Oelegem site. The global R&D department will be responsible for all testing, coordination and running the demonstration plant. There will be close cooperation with Bio-P, our Italian engineering partner from the INCITE consortium, and of course the key persons and departments within Oleon Oelegem for building and putting the plant into use. The project is ambitious and will certainly bring challenges, but it is the perfect opportunity for Oleon to be part of the products of the future and put itself on the map as a market leader.

Pieter Van Der WeeĂŤn, R&D Manager Life Sciences

NEW ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM IN OLEON OELEGEM We changed our access system in October. There were numerous maintenance issues with the previous Honeywell system; the readers were unreliable and the supplied software wasn’t sufficiently user-friendly. Ertvelde had already switched to a new GET access system in 2018. Oelegem has now been aligned, ensuring that both plants operate the same system.

The new system makes use of


These are more secure and difficult to copy. Each employee and contractor has consequently received a new photo badge. In order to prevent the loss of such badges, paper ticket codes will be generated for drivers, visitors and short-term contractors. This unique code is exclusively valid for the period of attendance and provides the same functionality as a badge.

Jelle Binnemans, Project Engineer

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FAMILY DAY OLEON BELGIUM On October 12th, a family day was organized for Oleon Belgium. The event took place in a large tent on the personnel parking in Ertvelde. It was day filled with activities, such as plant tours by train, a delicious BBQ for every attendant, 3 dessert stalls with pancakes, waffles and ice cream, a magician, a caricaturist, and

a wide variety of animation for the kids. Each Oleon employee received a backpack with Oleon goodies. During the day, we saw lots of happy faces, which was the sign it had been a good day!

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An-Sofie Vandenberghe, Communication & Marketing Assistant



*Respect your colleagues, your co-workers, your customers and your suppliers.


*Continue to improve in searching for econom ic, social and societal ex cellence.

boldness* *Dare to be enterprising, open to innovative methods and able to anticipate.

Together, let’s make Avril a customer and result-oriented Group while expressing our 3 values.

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