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Reusign the Stock

Involving the Nature

Packing the Unpackable

Professional Experience


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name: Oleh Kardash born: 20 / 07 / 1992 (Lviv, Ukraine) residence: Valencia, Spain e-mail: phone: +34 637 119 348 skype: alex.kardash


OLEH KARDASH “... These words define me, and I define my designs with this words...”

I was born in Ukraine in 1992, in the western city of Lviv, one year after USSR dissolution. Our family had a little house surrounded by forests, mountains and rivers in a small village near the city, where I was usually spending all my weekends and holidays. Being there, in that little village isolated from the world created a really special link between nature and myself, which I wasn’t able to appreciate until me and my mom had to leave our country in search of better opportunities in the life. Our new destination, Spain. Being 12 years old and travelling for the first time in my life to totally new and opposite country of mine was really “shocking” experience. We could call it a clash of cultures. However, after living 10 years here everything seems usual. This experience made me really easy adaptable to new countries and their cultures. And I was able to check this some years afterwards living in Shanghai for 1 month and living in Belgium for half a year. In the end, I became really multicultural guy. It probably wouldn’t be the same have studied design in Ukraine instead of Spain, especially because in Ukraine design is still being considered as pure technical engineering. Studying design made me become a real perfectionist. Always taking care of the smallest details, even if they are not visible. As design student I was really influenced by great designers as Dieter Rams and Hans J. Wegner. It could explain why I’ve always been attracted by the beauty of simplicity and functionality. However, in my last student years I also started to appreciate the postmodern humour and irony of Alchimia and Memphis. All my past experiences are characterized by different words: Naturality, Multiculturalism and Perfectionism. This words define me, and I define my designs with this words. Right now, I’m in search of new experiences that could allow me to keep on defining myself and consequently my designs. This is me and my work.


CV Finished High School

Denia, Spain



Finished Elementary School Nยบ 44

Started studying Product Design at EASD Valencia

Lviv, Ukraine

Valencia, Spain



Emigrated from Ukraine to Spain

Tennis Coach at Tennis Club Xabia

Denia, Spain

Javea, Spain




High (FCE) Native Tongue Native Tongue Native Tongue Basic




Spanish Russian Ukrainian Dutch

Solid Edge Cinema 4D SketchUp 3D Studio Max AutoCAD



V-Ray KeyShot Photoshop Illustrator InDesign Premier Office Graphic Tablet


Obtained English B2 (FCE) by Official Language School

7 month Erasmus student at Thomas More Mechelen, Furniture & Interior Design Faculty

Finished studies at EASD Valencia and obtained BA Degree in Product Design

Valencia, Spain

Mechelen, Belgium

Valencia, Spain




2 month internship at global design studio Canal Quatre developing theatre scenery design projects

Winner of “Cluster Packaging Design Innovation Contest 2012” for Hinojosa SA Packaging Design

Best Interior Design Project at GIDE Interantional Design Week, in collaboration with Mirthe Martens

Valencia, Spain

Valencia, Spain

Mechelen, Belgium

Participed in Design Harvests Workshop Shanghai (DESIS China) as Lighting Design Group leader

2 month internship at interdisciplinary design studio Nadadora developing furniture design projects

1st Honour Mention at IKEA design contest “Reinventig the bend wood” for the project “Beddeking Chair”

Shanghai, Chongming Island, China

Valencia, Spain

Mechelen, Belgium

Management of protoype production “La Cool Viè Boheme” by Daniel Gantes for “Tapas. Spanish Design for Food” International exhibition

7 Month internship at interdisciplinary design studio Nadadora developing furniture, lighting and product design projects

Valencia, Spain

Valencia, Spain

Design Exhibition at De Kringwinkel Shop of recycling project “Po Nowne”

(Work in Progress) Collaboration with 3 Michelin Stars chef Quique Dacosta developing research project about connections between design and modern cuisine

Mechelen, Belgium

Valencia, Spain Stand Design in collaboration with Gantes for “Encuentros EAD 2014. Historias de una Escalera”

Valencia, Spain


PORTFOLIO . 14 lighting 路 graphic 路 furniture 路 internship

Lighting Design Reusing the Stock

2013 2 weeks Mechelen, Belgium

PO NOWNE Most goods can have more than one life. By repairing or using the imagination to give them another use, you can create wonderful and sustainable objects


ving a new life to objects was the point of this short project made in collaboration with De Kringwinkel, a company with more than 100 hip second hand shops in Flanders, Belgium. During the visit of the company’s store at Antwerp, the brief was revealed: “recollect two or three different type of objects from the companies store and reuse them in creative way (separately or combined) giving them new use”. Talking with the responsible of the store I realised that they have a big amount of old baskets they can’t sell and which occupy a lot of space. Since that, all that baskets became my priority to reuse.



Lighting Design Reusing the Stock


REUSING THE STOCK *** During the visit to the company’s store, I also recollected some wooden boards which were part of the old mattress base, as well as some used electrical staff which was on the trash bin: speakers, electric cables, bulb socket, etc. The final idea is a floor lamp constructed in a really simple and intuitive way. The main point of this design is that all the wooden baskets are exchangeable between them, thanks to a “standardized” structure (made with wooden boards) supporting them. So in the end, you always can go to a second hand shop, buy new baskets for some cents and have almost a new lamp, and also collaborating in reducing the stock of baskets


Graphic Design Involving the Nature

2013 1 month Mechelen, Belgium

ANALOGY The art, the glory and freedom wither, but nature always remains beautiful


nalogy is a little project that combines graphic design, photography and your own personality in it. The aim here was to find or generate typefaces using shadow games, perspectives, optical illusions, etc. all this in one particular environment in which you feel identified with yourself as could be architecture, urbanism, nature, etc. The main condition was that you only was able to use two main letters from your name and surname (O and K in my case) to generate this typefaces. During one month, several places in Antwerp, Brussels, Brugge and Mechelen were visited to recollect more than 50 photos of different typefaces.



Graphic Design Involving the Nature


INVOLVING THE NATURE *** Using nature as that particular environment, ten photos of the typefaces were selected after meticulous analysis (fives O, and five K). However, for all the photos it was also necessary to develop a photo album that could be related in any way with the chosen concept (nature). That’s why for the final album design materials as recycled paper, ecological cardboard and a natural straw were chosen. Once all the materials were recollected, they were cut, treated and sewn in traditional way, so the concept of naturality could even be reflected in the making process.


Furniture Design Packing the Unpackable

2014 2 month Mechelen, Belgium ··· Valencia, Spain

IKEA BEDDEKING CHAIR One shouldn’t be able to tell where furniture begins and where it ends. You experience furniture from every angle and it must stand up to being seen from all sides


or me, as a student and as a designer who always admired Scandinavian products, companies and designers was really exciting to take part in this design contest organized by IKEA of Sweden. Nils Ole Zib, one of the main designers of IKEA, and his team came to Mechelen to present us a briefing of the contest: “design any kind of demountable furniture that could fit in characteristic IKEA flat-pack using traditional bentwood techniques”. A chair was my election since I always wanted to design a timeless, functional and aesthetic seat. For achieving this goal, I took as example one of the masters of chair design: Hans J. Wegner.



Furniture Design Packing the Unpackable


PACKING THE UNPACKABLE *** My main goal in this design was to generate an aesthetic contrast between Scandinavian traditionalism and globalised modernity. Taking as inspiration and as starting point chairs like Hans J. Wegner “Y-Chair” and Bouroullec’s “Steelwood” Chair, I made use of natural and artificial materials as beech wood and reinforced polypropylene to emphasize the contrast mentioned before. But also it was really important to maintain the functionality and ergonomics of the chair. That’s why I tried to make it as easy to assemble as possible, tried to reduce the number of pieces to a minimum and made use of felt in strategic parts to generate comfortable sensations in the user.


In the end of the contest, this project was nominated as the “1st Honour Mention� by IKEA of Sweden design team.

3D Modelling: Solid Edge Scenario Modelling: Cinema 4D Rendering: KeyShot

Internship Proffesional Experience

2013 / 14 9 month Valencia, Spain

INTERNSHIP. NADADORA Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime


nd that was I did exactly during this professional experience: being taught “to fish�. Taking part in different stages of a design process (research, concept, technical development or product communication) at several projects in furniture, lighting and product design fields, for some of the world most known companies as Sancal, &Tradition, David Design, Offect, Nola or Atelje Lyktan. Here are some examples of the work we did in the studio. All the projects shown here were developed and are property of design studio Nadadora


The End Gratitude

THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME Find me on Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin

olehkardash +34 637 119 348 Valencia, Spain


Portfolio . 14  

Industrial Design Portfolio (Furniture, Lighting, Product and Graphic Design Works) by Oleh Kardash