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When you stay with us: • There must be quiet at the site by 23.00 pm. The gate is closed between the

hours 23.00 to 7.00. •D  ogs must be leashed. Walks should always take place in the border area. Let your dog run free in the Dog Forest. • Moped riding is prohibited on the site. • Radio and TV should not be troublesome for fellow campers. The official campsite regulations are displayed in the reception area. If it rains, open up your umbrellas, come into the office and the staff will give you ideas as to what Møn offers on a rainy day. There are many possibilities. The Tourist Bureau in Stege also has suggestions for activities. We have assembled most of the important facts and details about the campsite and the area. For more information about the Møn sights, bus and rail service, currency exchange, bookings for ferries, etc., just ask for help at the front desk. Or read more on our website:

Møns Klint 1,5 km

Hunosø, fishing lake and boat rental Flower field Thinking bench




Entrance, Jydelejet

Fisherman’s Cottage

Horses field



Aborrebjerget outlook post


16 1 14


5 16


7 5



16 17




Forest trai 1 16


4 21

Dog forest






Horses field 8

9 12


Horses field

10 11

Klinteskoven 4a 10




100 m


Waterpost Cabins Area GREEN Area YELLOW Area ORANGE Area RED Area BROWN Area PURPLE Area BLUE

Sign descriptions:  1 Reception/informa­tion  2 Bus stop/entry, the Fisherman’s Cabin, night and guest parking  3 Kiosk  4 Facilities area (toilets, kitchen) 4a Kitchen  5 Waste and recycling  6 Café Lemon Tree  7 Camper van/RV Station  8 Comfort site  9 Tennis 10 Children’s jumping inflatable 1 1 Playground 12 Multi sports area 13 Swimming and paddling pool 14 Lake/pond 15 Table tennis 16 Drain for chemical toilet 17 Cabins for rent 18 Hunosø, fishing lake and boat rental, Hunosøgård and Fiskerhuset (The Fisherman’s Cottage) 19 Hundeskov, the ‘Dog Forrest’ 20 Bike path/walking trail to GeoCenter Møns Klint 21 TV room 22 School camp/forest cabins and assembly house 23 Flower field and ‘Thinking bench’ 24 Dog bath

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Kåret til Årets Plads 2006 af ANWB Campsite of the year 2006 by ANWB


Children’s Campsite of the Year 2011

Klintholm Gods

Klintevej 544 4791 Borre, Møn Tlf. +45 55 81 20 25

Activities and facilities at Camping Møns Klint

Reception Open daily in July from 8.00 to 22.00. For other months, see the notice on the door. Night watchman View notice on the door at the front desk. Mini Market In high season, the store is open daily. Outside the high season, please see the notice. Post Mailbox is at the reception

Guests Are welcome but must pay to visit the camp site and can then freely use the facilities. Guests should sign in at reception. Swimming pool 25 x 10 m with separate children’s pool. Open from late June to the end of August. Multi sports area Footballs are available from reception.

Medical assistance If you need a doctor, you can contact the reception or make a call yourself. See the notice in the window.

Bike Rental Contact reception.

The gate/bar For reasons of tranquility at the site during the night, it closes during high season at 23.00 and reopens at 7.00 am. If you leave early in the morning, do not forget to park the car outside. Remember to inform your guests to park outside the gate within the time limit.

Kayaking Experience the cliffs in all their glory. A trip in a sea kayak is the ultimate way to enjoy the Møns Klint. For both beginners and advanced. Get more info at reception.

The dog forest The dogs’ paradise with both pond and ‘wilderness’, where the dogs can play without a leash. It is a beautiful area, but both humans and their dogs must remember that all traffic is at your own risk.

Table tennis Bat and balls are available from reception.

Dogs on the site Dogs must be leashed both on and off the site. This is the case everywhere, but you are welcome to let your dog loose in our dogs’ forest. It’s not just because of your fellow campers or us - but also because of the wildlife and forest animals.

Tennis There is a tennis court available. Reservations should be made at reception.

Minigolf The site has a mini golf course with 6 holes. It’s free to play. Clubs and balls are available at reception. Table football At the mini-golf course, there are two table football set-ups and they are free to use. Boccia At the mini golf course we have boccia lane. Balls are available from reception. Play Ground Includes two childrens’ jumping inflatables.

Dog Wash At the information building, there is a dog wash when your happy dog needs a bath.

Activities In the high season, there are activities of all kinds, especially for children and their parents. This can include ball games, hiking, bird watching, star gazing tours, fossil workshop, etc. See notice at the front desk.

Showers At the reception you will get a prepaid magnetic card for entrance to the showers.

Lake at the site Children are welcome to fish in the lake, and it’s free.

Children’s room In the large service building there is a children’s room with toilet and bath for the kids. This service is free.

Fishing The nearby lake, Hunosø, is a small lake where you can fish. The price is DKK 50 for a day pass. Rowing boats for rent at DKK 50 per hour. Along Møn’s coastline is unique trout fishing. We have our own fishing guide who knows the good spots. Meet Ken in his fishing hut at the entrance, or find out more at the reception.

Baby room In the large service building, there is a baby room with toilet and bath. This service is free. Laundry Payment for use of washing machine and dryer is via your magnetic card. Drying cabinets In the laundry, there are two drying cabinets that you may freely take advantage of. Info stands Outside the shower houses, there are information stands where you can read the amount remaining on your card and check messages.

Horse field The site has 6 horse pens available if guests wish to bring their own horses. Slow Stop We have created an area for auto campers that is unique with its own camp fire and stunning views. This is freedom and space at its best.

Refuse disposal There are 3 refuse disposal areas; at the information desk, by the pool and on the other side of the road. See map. Internet The site offers several options for Internet connections. You can buy the password at reception.

Northern Europe’s most modern science center

New exhibition: The First Dinosaur! With a season ticket for GeoCenter Møns Klint, you get free access to a world of experiences! Expeditions to the fossil beach, tree climbing guided by an instructor, mountain bike tours, the grand exhibition about Denmark’s geological birth, 3D cinema with two different films, climbing cave, cozy glacier cinema, treasure hunts, workshops and much more.

Klintevej 544 4791 Borre, Møn Tlf. +45 55 81 20 25

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