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January 26, 2013 Special 24th Charter Anniversary Issue Bulletin no. 25

RY 2012 - 2013



Special 24 Charter Anniversary Issue th


24th Charter Anniversary PROGRAMME Part 1 Dinner / Registration 6:00 to 7:30 pm Part 2 Official Programme 7:30 to 10:00 pm Call To Order

Pres Morris Agoncillo


Rtn Fr. Bong Bongayan

National Anthem

Rtn. Mike Rodriguez

Rotarians’ Pledge

PP/CM Jess Birosel

Intro of Guests

IPP Nitoy Velasco

Welcome Remarks

IPDG Jess Cifra


PDG Jess Laxamana

Video Presentation Recognition of RCLH Pres Morris Agoncillo Charter members DG Penny Policarpio Recognition of RCLH Pres Morris Agoncillo Past Presidents DG Penny Policarpio Induction of new Members

Pres Morris Agoncillo

As we gather here tonight to celebrate the 24th Charter Anniversary of the Rotary Club of Loyola Heights, we pray that we are ever mindful of opportunities to render our service to fellow citizens and to our community. Keeping in mind always the enduring values of life, exerting our efforts in those areas and on those things upon which future generations can build with confidence. Let us continue to strive to make a better world. Amen

Charter Anniversary Quote “It is rather uncommon for a newly chartered Rotary Club to embark at the outset on a socially-oriented project. It is even more uncommon for such a club to goal for a project that appears to be so ambitious because of its magnitude and heroism.” Larry Iguidez, Charter President, Rotary Club of Loyola Heights


Signing of Sisterhood RC San Pablo City Central Agreement RID 3820 Renewal of Sisterhood Ties

RC Bay, Laguna RID 3820


Pres Morris Agoncillo

Introduction of Guest Speaker

AG Beth Constantino

Guest Speaker

DG Penny Policarpio


Pres Morris Agoncillo

Part 3 Entertainment/Fellowship PE Raul Addatu / PP Lyn Nakpil Night Chairpersons

I am a Rotarian I will always uphold the TRUTH. I am a Rotarian I will always strive to be FAIR in all my dealings with my Fellowmen. I am a Rotarian I will always endeavor to build GOODWILL and UNDERSTANDING in my community, among my countrymen and people of all nations. I am a Rotarian I will always seek to promote the greatest good for the greatest number of people in the spirit of ROTARY SERVICE. I am a Rotarian I will always uphold the Rotary International Motto, SERVICE ABOVE SELF.



Presidents’s Corner President Mariano “Morris” Agoncillo RY 2012 – 2013

Congratulations! Rotary Club of Loyola Heights on our 24th Charter anniversary. Twenty four years of passion, dedication and hard work for Rotary. Twenty four years of togetherness bonded by a common goal of service for others. RCLH is a group of highly motivated and inspired individuals promoting peace, understanding and service to fellowmen who we can call Leaders and Heroes and that is the true and real meaning of Loyola Heights. I started my term focusing on the 3 Major Strategies and the six areas of focus. The first of the strategies is strengthen and support your club, we have done this by increasing our membership from 60 at the start of the RY to 81 as of this day. That is a 35% increase against our plan of only 20%. We can give the credit to our membership development committee Chair PN Arch Paul Galang and its members. Our regular club meeting percentage attendance never went down to 80% and the credit shoild go to Club Admin Chair PP Piolo Catabijan and its members who made sure that facilities at the meeting venue are complete and all members feel welcome and comfortable not to mention the fellowship that follows after the meeting. It is also worth mentioning that we have surpassed last year's TRF contribution by more than $6000. We have contributed $20000 this year compared to last years $14000. Thank you to our hardworking and dedicated TRF chair PP Rose Imperial and to Annual giving Chair IPP Nitoy Velasco and all those who became Paul Harris this year thank you very for being true to your word and committment in supporting me. To all other club members who are sustaining members now our club is also an EREY club. Every Rotarian every year. We are also proud to announced that we already PNs for the next 5 RY up 2017/18 thank you PP Joe Baradi our Club Leadership Development Chair. The second of the major strategies is Focus and increase humanitarian service. The past six months our club has undertaken various humanitarian service projects that benefitted marginalized families and thousand of school children not only in our district but also in other regions of our country. We distributed relief goods and gave cash donations to 500 families in Brooksides and Barangay’s Bagong Silang, Marilag and Manga in our district, RC of Bay in Laguna for the fishermen who lost their fishing implements when Laguna de Bay overflow also due to Habagat. We donated and facilitated cash donations from D3310 which amounted to P1.3m to the victims of typhoon Pablo. It was our club whom D3310 entrusted their donation whom we handed to Gov Perok Rodriguez of D3860. Thank you to Service Chair Gigoy Umali. Continued next page


President’s Corner . . . . . continuation from Page 2. The third strategy is enhance public image and awareness. Our weekly bulletin "The Loyola Star" is our biggest tool for public image and awareness. It distributed in to 60 Rotary districts in 25 countries. The regular radio and TV programs in radio veritas and UNTV of our members Fr Bong Bongayon and Adm Mike Rodriguez greatly contibuted to this strategy and created Rotary awareness. Thank you to my Public Relations Chair PP Lyn Nakpil. The areas of Focus are 1. Maternal and Child care 2. Water and Sanitation 3. Basic Education 4. Conflict prevention/resolution 5. Economic and community devt 6. Disease prevention and treatment The Audio Video Presentation will highlight these areas of focus. But tonight is a night of thanksgiving and celebration. Allow me to make special mention of expressing my deepest gratitude to my spiritual adviser and mentor Fr Jess Fernandez SJ who introduce me to Rotary. He is like a father to me, we have known each other for more than 49 years. He has aldo introduce to different organizations basta he needs money bitbit nya kami ni Liz from our Marriage Encounter group to Ephpheta foundation for the blind. PCSO, Pagcor you name it. I would also like to thank the whole RCLH for supporting, encouraging and inspiring me to serve and fully understand the true meaning of service above self. You can see that motto inside the hearts of all RCLH. Let us continue to support, encourage and inspire each other for the next six months. Sabi tapusin na natin itong inumpisahsn natin. Let us celebrate this joyous and momentous occassion of our club, later tonight our own members Bobby Mondejar and friends will provide us great music of our era. So put on your dancing shoes snd celebrate with us till the wee hours of the morning. Mabuhay ang Rotary Club of Loyola Heights ! Magandang gabi po sa inyong lahat. At maraming salamat sa inyong pakikinig. Pagpalain tayo ng Maykapal.




The Long, Winding & Many Times Bumpy Road to the Top Jesse Tanchanco Loyola Star Editor

Before anything else, please allow me to greet the club that thought me how to “Serve with Love and Honor”, the club of “Leaders and Heroes”, the one and only, the Rotary Club of Loyola Heights (RCLH) on it’s 24th Charter Anniversary! Yes we have so much to be thankful for as we commemorate the countless achievements made possible by the selfless men and women of the RCLH for the past 2 dozen years. Everybody wants to get to the top -- in their lives, careers, companies, earnings, status, fame.... and yes even in Rotary. While almost everyone is rushing to be at the top, how come only few of them make it? Here are some fundamentals, which I believe the RCLH followed religiously and conscientiously through the years on the way to the “Top.” First of all, we had a clear definition and understanding of what the “Top” meant for the club. It was not and never was to become the Most Outstanding Club in the District. It has always been our highest adherence to the Ideals of Rotary – To be of service to others no matter what the cost nor obstacles or barriers that needed to be hurdled. It seems that the unofficial motto of the RCLH is “If there is a Will, there will always be a Way.” Our best rewards have always been the smiles and the appreciation that we received and continue to receive from the people that benefited most from our efforts, generosity and sacrifices. We obviously derive ultimate satisfaction from helping others. In fact, much more than the accolades that are bestowed by the District or Rotary International year-in and yearout. This RCLH attitude is most appropriately contained in a prayer (from St. Ignatius de Loyola), which we regularly invoke for the Greater glory of the Good Lord Almighty…. “To give and not to count the cost, to fight and not to heed the wounds, to toil and not to seek for rest, to labor and not ask for reward….” This is the stuff that the RCLH and its members are made of. The RCLH have always been very passionate about service and fellowship. Passion is the energy that has been driving us through the years. It is the wind in the sail of our Rotary work. We found something that we love to do in common and this paved the way and opened many avenues of opportunity for the club. Anthony Robbins puts it this way, "There is no greatness without a passion to be great, whether it's the aspiration of an athlete or an artist, a scientist, a parent, or a businessperson" or even a Rotarian! We love people and treat them right. Yes, love people. That’s right! Why? Because if we are going to get to the top or remain there, we are going to need other people – Our partners in service. This is perhaps one of the greatest assets or best-kept secrets of the RCLH. We seem to have the knack for partnering with the right people and organizations at the right time. We have many high impact projects that most likely will never see the light of day if not for their help and involvement. Lets keep it up, we’re doing great. We are still on top and lets try to stay there for a while. We have what it takes and more. However, lets not forget how we got there, It was not easy, It was a long and winding road with many bumps, humps and detours along the way. What is important was we never gave up and always worked as a cohesive team and we must continue do so for a long time to come. I would like to end with the following quote : “The greater the loyalty of a group toward the group, the greater is the motivation among the members to achieve the goals of the group, and the greater the probability that the group will achieve its goals.” T.Alan Armstrong



History of the Rotary Club of Loyola Heights The information leading to the organization of the Rotary Club of Loyola Heights (RCLH) was initiated by the Rotary Club of Diliman through the Club Extension Committee in October, 1987. The District Governor then was Jesus “Jess” Laxamana and the District Governor’s Special Representative (DGSR) was PP Edward Taylor of RC Diliman. Residents of Loyola Heights and nearby areas were invited to the numerous organizational meetings held at Mr. Steak Restaurant. On 1 December 1987, the final organizational meeting was held at the residence of Mr. Tony de Joya. Nine directors were elected namely : Tony de Joya, Ado Aganon, Larry Iguidez, William Veto, Pepelu Zabala, Mike Cruz, Hans Severino, John Martin and Baby Meneses. On the advice of DG Jess Laxamana, the directors decided to postpone the election of the club officers to a later date. In 1988, District Governor Tony Pascual sent PDG Bimbo Salazar (then DGSR) of RC Diliman who, together with the other charter members finally completed the roster of officers and directors of the provisional club namely, Larry Iguidez as Charter President, Mike Cruz as Vice President, Baby Meneses as Secretary, Pepelu Zabala as Treasurer and John Martin, George Reyes, James Simons, Eddie Ng and Gerry Aquino as Directors. The application for membership with Rotary International was filed on November 28, 1988. On 4 January 1989, the Rotary Club of Loyola Heights was chartered as a member of Rotary International. The charter presentation and induction ceremonies were held on March 10, 1989 at the Italian Village Restaurant along Quezon Boulevard. The Night Chairman was then DGSR, PDG Bimbo Salazar, charging was done by then IPDG Jess Laxamana. Then DG Tony Pascual inducted the charter members led by CP Larry Iguidez. The guest speaker was Rev. Joaquin G. Bernas, President of the Ateneo de Manila University. Under the leadership of CP Larry Iguidez, the club’s Rotaract Club was formed and the officers inducted on June 30, 1990. The club’s first fund raising activity, a Bingo social netted P33,000.00 for the club. A housing project for the blind, through Ephpheta’s Fr. Jess Fernandez, also a charter member, was completed that year. The club also hosted its first GSE teams from Canada and the U.S.A. Edilberto “Ed” Ng was the second club president for RY 1990-91. Ed Ng was inducted by then DG Jose “Pete” Morales, Jr. on July 18, 1990 at the Celebrity Sports Plaza, Capitol Hills, Quezon City. That year a Career Information Conference was conducted and donations to fire victims and earthquake victims were made. The club also participated in a district project – the Drug Abuse Prevention Seminar. Other projects for that year included a donation of medicine to blind families in Antipolo, financial support for a single blind girls dormitory at Ephpheta Center and tree planting at Xavierville Park. The third club president, RY 1991-92 was Jack “Jack” Q. Yu who was inducted by then DG Armando “Manding” Gonzales followed by Antonio “Tony” Garcia for RY 1992-93. He was inducted by then DG Bimbo Salazar. Alfredo “Fred” Solomon, the fifth club president, RY 1993-94 was inducted into office by then DG Mario “Mar” Nery on August 9, 1993 at the Celebrity Sports Plaza. Among the projects collectively completed in these three periods were : Blessing of 3 housing units for the Blind – 3 Dec.1991, Alay-Lakad Q.C. Hall – 23 Feb. 1992, participation in the National Immunization Day – 21 April 1993 (PolioPlus), sponsoring of 14 trainees to a Computer Education Program, sponsoring a contest, Lumang Goma Bagong Biyaya Project donation of 200 old tires for local parks.



The sixth club president, RY 1994-95 was Ramon “Mon” Peralejo who was inducted on 1 August 1994 by then DG Oscar “Oca” Inocentes at Cravings Restaurant, Katipunan Avenue. The first Mass Wedding was held this year. The club also initiated a water and electrical improvement project for Batino Elementary School, installed Rotary 4-way signs and conducted a Rotary Information Dissemination – (Sharing Rotary Magazines to others).

The seventh club president, RY 1995-96 was Danilo “Danny” Constantino who took his oath of office before the District Governor Efren Lim at the Capitol Hills Golf and Country Club. The club projects that year included Vocational - Quilt Making / Jewelry Making, a Dental Outreach project and a Bingo Fund Raising Project. Jose Ramon “Boy” Baua was the eight club president, RY 1996-97 and inducted into office by then DG Manuel “Manoling” Monroy at the Capitol Hills Golf and Country Club. Among the projects under Pres. Boy were the rehabilitation of the Batino Elementary School Water System and a special fund raising concert at Limits Entertainment Hall led by baby Rotarian Bobby Bolaños. The ninth club president was Charter Member Jesus “Jess” Birosel. He was inducted into office by then Governor Gil Divinagracia on August 18, 1997 also at the Capitol Hills Golf and Country Club. Among the projects completed this year were the Annual Mass Wedding, Saturday Teach-in Preschool Project and the Livelihood Training for Women. The Barangay Library Project was also launched during this Rotary year. The tenth president, RY 1998-99 was Jose “Joe” Baradi. He was inducted into office by then DG Nemesio “Nemie” Peralta on July 4, 1998 at the UP Theater, Diliman, Quezon City followed by a separate induction of officers and directors on September 14, 1998 at the Albergus Restaurant in Capitol Hills. The Saturday Teach-in Preschool program in cooperation with the Miriam Child Development and Education Circle, through honorary Rotarian Mely Villanueva was launched this year. This has since become a continuing impact project of the club. The cleaning of the Loyola Heights creek was a major project receiving media coverage. He was appointed District Secretary in RY 2009-10 under DG Dulce Coyukiat and District Chief of staff under DG Jess Cifra, RY 2011-12. On 1 July 1999, the 11th president, Jesus “Jess” Jacobe was inducted into office by then DG Mojamito “Mo” Libunao at the Grand Ballroom of the Manila Hotel along with the other club members who were appointed as District Officers. A separate induction for the incoming officers and directors was held at the Aurora Milestone along Aurora Boulevard. Membership grew by 44% this year and the ground works for the High speed sewing, tailoring and dressmaking project began with the transfer of sewing machines from the district training center and RC Ayala Heights to Miriam College. The seed of what was to become the Multisectoral Taskforce began this year with the formation of the Loyola Heights Community Action Network. There were three Pail Harris Fellows. The club received 15 recognitions and awards from the district this Rotary year. On 10 July 2000, the 12th president of RCLH Roberto “Bobby” Bolaños was inducted by then DG Hermogenes “Hermy” Jarin at the Cabalen Restaurant, Blue Ridge, Quezon City. Two new projects were launched during this Rotary year - The Adopt-a-Library Project and Book Donation program and the high speed sewing machine operation, tailoring and dressmaking project. A sister club agreement was forged with the Rotary Club of Wawoo, South Korea, culminating in a club visit and donation of US$1,000.00 for club projects. It was also during this year that the District


Disaster Committee headed by Dir. Fr. Jess Fernandez donated Php 100,000.00 to victims of the Payatas landslide from contributions given exclusively by the club members. On 16 July 2001, the 13th club president, Jesus “Jesse” Tanchanco, Jr. was inducted into office together with his officers and directors by then DG Danilo “Danny” Reyes at the Celebrity Club, Capitol Hills Drive, Quezon City. The club pursued its continuing impact projects this year garnering major awards and recognition. Pres. Jesse Tanchanco was nominated Outstanding Club President and was one of only two Eagle presidents in the District who received a Special Governor’s Award. RCLH received the Most Outstanding Club in the Region award as well as Most Outstanding Club in International Service and Club Service. Then club secretary Oca Abenoja was the most outstanding secretary in the District. The St. Matthews feeding program was initiated during the same year. One of the most significant projects implemented this year was sponsoring of the RCLH’s first daughter Club, the Rotary Club of Eastwood. PP Jesse became District Secretary of D3780 in RY 2011-12 under DG Jess Cifra. He was awarded most Outstanding District Officer in RY 2008-2009 and Most Outstanding Rotarian the following year, in RY 2010-11. He was awarded as the most Outstanding District Officer for a second time in RY 2011-2012. He has been awarded Rotarian of the Year 7 times by the RCLH. On 15 July 2002, the 14th year president, Enrique “Henry” Coralejo, with his officers and directors were inducted into office by DG Roberto “Bobby” Viray at the EDSA Shangri-la Hotel, Mandaluyong City. The club has been growing steadily and this year it reached the 50 mark. Among the noteworthy projects this year was the Centennial Housing project headed by then IP Jess Cifra – a project to build 100 low cost houses for the poor in celebration of Rotary’s Centennial. Eighteen houses were erected. The club also single handedly undertook its first major district project – the District Assembly. This affair was widely recognized by many Rotarians as the most organized district function in recent memory. This year the club won numerous citations including major awards as the most outstanding club in Club Service, most outstanding club in Vocational Service and was chosen Most Outstanding Club of the district. President Henry was chosen Most Outstanding Club President for this Rotary Year. President Jose “Jess” Cifra was inducted as the 15th club president by second term governor Roberto “Bobby” Viray at the Grand Ballroom of the Celebrity Club in Quezon City. The year was marked by great strides in membership development and project accomplishments. The club’s Rotary Community Corp, Rotaract and Early Act Clubs were formed. Most noteworthy of the projects was the early completion of the Centennial Community Service Project – Brookside Rotary International Village where to date more than 300 homes for the poor was constructed one year ahead of schedule. He initiated the matching Grant project “Pediatric Tubercolosis treatment program. This year the club was declared the Most Outstanding Rotary Club for a second time with President Jess as the Most Outstanding Club President, He was awarded Most Outstanding Rotarian in the District and he went on to become the first District Governor from the RCLH in RY 2011-12. Raymund “Raymund” Catabijan was inducted as the 16th president of the club during the Centennial Year of 2004 – 05 at the Grand Ballroom of the Sulu Hotel in Quezon City. This year 100 more homes for the poor were built in the club’s Centennial project where an Anti-TB treatment program was also completed. The club hosted a Rotary Forum in City Schools as part of the 100th year celebration of Rotary. During this period, the club attained its highest growth to become the biggest club in the district. Several members attended the R.I. Centennial Convention held in Chicago, USA and placed in the time capsule (to be opened in RY 2104- 05) an RCLH club profile and list of accomplishments from it’s charter date. During this Rotary Year, the club was cited as one of the Most Outstanding Rotary Clubs with Pres. Raymund as one the of the Most Outstanding Club Presidents.




Nilo “Nilo” Rapista served as the 17th president. His Service Team was inducted into office last July 18, 2005 @ the Penthouse of Tektite Tower, Pasig City. During this year, the club made history by making the biggest RCLH contribution todate to The Rotary Foundation, thereby becoming the district’s top donor club for the Rotary Year. The club had unprecedented membership growth. The most notable legacy was the approved Matching Grant for a Deep Well Drilling and Water Purification/Filtration Project @ Brookside. RCLH also undertook its first Int’l. Student Youth Exchange Program during this year. RCLH representatives traveled to Guinsaugon, Southern Leyte to bring cash donations for the mudslide victims. The club embarked on its biggest hosting of a district affair, the District Awards & Governor’s Recognition Night which was acclaimed by many Rotarians in the District as one of the best managed district activity so far. During this Rotary Year, the club bagged the majority of the major district awards, running up as Most Outstanding Club in the District for the fourth time in a row with Pres. Nilo as the Most Outstanding Club President. The club theme then was “Serving to Bring Hope”. Eduardo “Ed” Vitangcul was sworn into office as the 18th club president on July 10, 2006 at the Tektite Tower Penthouse by DG Danilo “Danny” Espinosa. It was during the term of President Ed that the Deep Well Drilling and Water Purification/Filtration Project was successfully implemented benefitting over 200 families at the Brookside Rotary International Village. It was also during the same year that two other Matching Grants for the purchase of 2 state-of-the art surgical microscopes for cataract operations were applied for and received approval from the Rotary Foundation in behalf of the Ephpheta Foundation. During the same year, the RCLH was able to maintain its position as the biggest club in the District with 73 members registered with RI. The RCLH also sponsored the chartering of its second daughter club – The Rotary Club of QC Pearl of the Orient near the end of the Rotary year. For the 5th straight year, the RCLH was awarded as the Most Outstanding Club in the District and President Ed as the Most Outstanding Club President. Florentino “Tony” Lazaro was inducted as the 19th club president on July 9, 2007 at the Loyola Grand Villa clubhouse by DG Danilo “Danny” V. Fausto. The RI theme is “Rotary Shares” and the club theme is “Sharing & Serving with Passion & Honor”. During the Sharing year of President Tony, the Matching Grants for Ephpheta Foundation was successfully implemented with the purchase and delivery of surgical microscopes and related equiptments. Orphanact Philippines (in support of various orphanages in the country) was launched in partnership with the Rotary Club of Kihei-Wailea, Maui Hawaii D5000. Numerous medical missions and scholarship programs were undertaken in partnership with Zonta club. A firetruck was donated to the Loyola Heights community in coordination with the Rotary Club of San Pedro, District 3820. The RCLH sponsored the Chartering of RC Pearl of the Orient. The RCLH received Outstanding District awards in International Service and New Generations, Outstanding Bulletin in the district and a Hall of Fame award for the Ephpheta Foundation. Alan “Alan” Yu was inducted as the RCLH’s 20th club president under District Governor Alex Cureg with the RI Theme, “Make Dreams Real” and club theme, “Serving with Passion and Honor to Make Dream Real.” The Governor’s visit and Club Induction was held on July 14, 2008 at the 1st RVC Building, Anonas, Querzon City. During the term of Pres Alan, 2 x 40 FCL container loads of medical equipments and supplies from the US were donated to 8 public hospitals worth more than $700,000. The first DGN, PP Jess Cifra from the RCLH were likewise elected. At the end of RY 2008-2009, the RCLH was once again awarded as the “The Most Outstanding Rotary Club” in the District. A total of 23 minor and major awards and recognitions were given to the RCLH during the District Awards night. Including the Most Outstanding Club in TRF, Most Outstanding Club in Service Projects and Most Outstanding Club in Club Administration. Both Pres Alan and Secretary Nitoy Velasco was First Runner-Up in the Most Outstanding President and Club Secretary Awards respectively. PP Jesse Tanchanco was awarded ”Most Outstanding District Officer.”



Rodrigo “Rod” Apostol, Jr. was inducted on July 20, 2009 at Nuvo City as the RCLH’s 21st Club President with the RI Theme of “The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands” under the first Lady District Governor of RI District 3780, Dulce Coyukiat. PP Joe Baradi served as the first District Secretary from the RCLH. The club continued with it’s signature projects and sponsored the chartering of 2 new clubs – RC Bagong Silangan and RC VisMIn. The club garnered numerous RI and district awards – Most Outstanding Club (Gold), Most Outstanding President (Gold), Outstanding Club Secretary (PE Nitoy Velasco) and Most Outstanding Rotarian of the year (PP Jesse Tanchanco). In addition, the RCLH received the RI presidential citation, Membership Development award, Zone Literacy award and best cooperative project award. At the end of RY 2009-2010, DGN Jess Cifra was declared as DGE during the RI Convention in Montreal, Canada. Elizabeth “Beth” Constantino. Spouse of the late PP Danny Cosntantino was inducted as the first lady president of the RCLH and 22nd president on July 26, 2010 at the Celebrity Club by DG Ambo Gancayco. The theme for this Rotary year is “Building Communities , Bridging Continents”. During the first semester of Pres Beth, she was able to conduct a first ever “Skype” meeting with RC Glenview Sunrise, USA. She initiated the chartering of a record breaking 3 Rotaract clubs and 1 Interact Club and continued to implement other RCLH signature projects including the medical equipment and supplies donation from the US. PP Beth was nominated as one of the Top 3 finalists in the Most Outstanding Club President Category and the RCLH was finalist in the Most Outstanding Club awards, The RCLH was also the top contributor to the Rotary Foundation. Immediate Past President Ernesto “Nitoy” Velasco was inducted as the RCLH’s 23rd club president on July 1, 2012 during the District Induction. The District Governor was Jess Cifra (who also hails from the RCLH) with the RI Theme : “Reach Within to Embrace Humanity.” It was truly an extraordinary year for the RCLH for it not only has one of it’s own members occupying district 3780’s top position (IPDG Jess Cifra) during the celebration of it’s Silver Anniversary but in addition was tasked to host the highly successful District Convention 2012 and Awards Night at the Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay City. A first in the history of the RCLH and the District. In spite of all the additional responsibilities expected from an incumbent Governor’s club, President Nitoy was able to continue with all the major projects of the RCLH and for the first time conducted numerous out of town medical missions in Cavite, Leyte and Nueva Ecija in partnership with local sister clubs. Total contributions to the TRF was at it’s highest in RCLH history. Membership growth was at more than 20% making the RCLH as the biggest club for RY 2011-12. On top of all these, the RCLH was able to sponsor the first Rotary eClub in D3780 and 3 other new Rotary Clubs in the district. A Matching Grant called the “Project Peanut Butter” was applied for and approved during the same year for implementation the following Rotary year. In international service, the RCLH hosted the Interact Club of ITE East Singapore for one week and returned the favor by visiting the Interact club and the sponsor Rotary Club, Rotary eClub of D3310. More than 20 RCLH members and spouses joined the trip. Finally and to end an illustrious year, a large number of RCLH members attended the RI Bangkok International Convention last May 6 to 9, 2012. Being the Governor’s club, the RCLH decided not to compete in the District awards this Rotary year.



The First 6 months of RY 2012 - 2013 PE Mariano “Morris” Agoncillo took over as the RCLH’s 24th club president last July 1, 2012. On July 16, 2012, the RCLH conducted it’s club induction and governors visit with DG Penny Policarpio of RC SFDM and his core team of district officers. The RI theme for the year is “Peace through Service” and Sakuji Tanaka as the new RI President.. The first 6 months of RY 2012-13 saw the implementation of high impact projects as follows : 1. Completion of 12 low cost housing units in San Mateo, Rizal. It will be turned over to the recipients in February 2013. 2. Launching of the Books for Peace donation program in identified conflict areas in the Philippines in partnership with the Armed Forces of the Philippines. 3. Conducted anti-dengue fumigation and de-worming program in Batino SPED School, T. Alonzo Elementary School and JP Laurel High School. 4. Implementation of the Project Peanut Butter MG project aimed at providing supplemental nutritional feeding to more than 2,000 children in Payatas, Quezon City. MG amount is $35,000. 5. Applied for and received approval for another MG “Computers and Books for Peace.” Implementation is expected within the first quarter of 2013. MG amount is $38,650. 6. Implemented a District Simplified Grant funded computer donation project for it’s 3 adopted public schools. 7. The RCLH has achieved it’s highest membership increase in it’s 24 year history with 78 at the end of December 31, 2013 (from 60 at the start of the RY). Three more members are expected to be inducted within the month of January,2013 to bring the total to a record high of 81 or 35% increase. 8. Achieved a club record high of more than $20,000 in total contributions to the Annual Giving Fund of the Rotary Foundation 9. Led D3780 in relief assistance to the Habagat flood victims in Bagong Silangan, QC, Marikina, San Mateo, Rizal and Bay, Laguna. Total Habagat donations is valued at P1.7 Million and donations to the Typhoon Pablo victims in Compostella Valley and Davao Oriental at almost P 500,000. The costs includes value of Aquabox water filtration units received from Australia and cash donations from various clubs in D3310 Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. The RCLH was also instrumental in convincing D3310 to launch another round of fund raising for the typhoon Pablo victims. More than $32,000 has been raised and remitted to D3860 within the month of January 2013. 10. Conducted the highly successful First RCLH Golf Cup at the Wack Wack Gold club which raised enough funds to cover the projects and activities of the RCLH in the second semester of RY 2012 - 2013. 11. Lead Host club for D3780 in the Lech Walesa (Former President of Poland and the Solidarity movement) Peace Forum held at the Ateneo De Manila University. 12. Conducted Christmas parties for the children from the depressed areas of Loyola Heights, Marilag, Mangga, Brookside (Bagong Silangan), Supported the Christmas party for the visually impaired almunus of Ephpheta and distributed Noche Buena packs to the 376 families in the Brookside community. 13. Renovated a school building of the Batino SPED School and the Pediatric charity ward at St. Lukes Hospital In addition, the RCLH continued with its other signature projects – CHEERS Literacy Project, Support for the Ephpheta Foundation for the Blind, Support for the Brookside-Rotary International Village, Hosting of the Interact Club of ITE College East from D3310 Singapore, Support for it’s adopted schools- Batino SPED school, T. Kalaw Elementary School and JP laurel High School, Support for it’s adopted barangays – Loyola Heights, Marilag and Mangga, Support for it’s 3 PSBA Rotaract Clubs, 1 Interact Club and 2 Early Act Club. An RCC was formed towards the latter part of 2012 and another one is being processed.T

ace, theecond Rotary Global Peace Forum,



The RCLH boasts of several active PP’s who transferred from other clubs and have contributed significantly towards the success of the club :

                Bong David                     Lyn Nakpil               Louie Salvacion                 Pol Rabena              RC West Triangle                           RC West Triangle                              RC Sikatuna                              RC Metro Diliman                 RY 1995‐1996                  RY 1997‐1998                                RY 1998‐1999                            RY 2001‐2002 

                                     Rose Imperial                    Mace Maglaya         Ricky Ignacio          RC Greater Filinvest                     RC Eastwood                             RC Uptown Cubao               RY 2004‐2005                     RY 2007‐2008                      RY 2007‐2008  The RCLH has also been able to achieve a rare feat of being able to have elected a PE for RY 2013-14 and 4 President Nominees until RY 2017-18 :

Raul Addatu RY 2013-14

Paul Angel Galang RY2014-2015

Gigoy Umali RY 2016-17

Kon Constantino RY 2015-16

Rey San Gabriel RY 2017-18



ROTARY CLUB OF LOYOLA HEIGHTS Charter Officers & Members RY 1989- 1990 OFFICERS


Larry T. Iguidez Charter President Michaelangelo V. Cruz Charter Vice President Caesar Z. Meneses Charter Club Secretary Jose Luis C. Zabala Charter Treasurer

James C. Simons Director, Club Service Gerardo L. Aquino Director, Vocational Service George A. Reyes Director, Community Service John B. Martin Director, International Service

ROSTER OF MEMBERS Gerardo “Gerry” L. Aquino Jesus “Jess” V. Birosel Jan Nicolas “Jan” Cabrera Osmundo “Dody” O. Carlos Jose “Jose” P. Catindig Arnaldo “Adi” L. Cruz Michaelangelo “Mike” V. Cruz Alejandro “Alex” F. Dizon

John “John” B. Martin Caesar “Baby” Z. Meneses Danilo “Danny” V. Meneses Edilberto “Ed” D. Ng Bernardo “Bert” B. Resoso George “George” A. Reyes James “Jim” C. Simons Alfredo “Dindo”P. Goco

Rev Jesus “Jess” Fernandez, S.J. Domingo “Domeng” S. Sayson Ernesto ‘Ernie” E. Juanillo Nonilon “Noni” P. So Alfredo “Fred” T. Solomon Jack “Jack” Q. Yu Jose Luis “Pepelu” Zabala

Our remaining active charter members . . .

PP Jess Birosel

Rtn Domeng Sayson

Fr. Jess Fernandez SJ


RCLH Significant Projects Through the Years . . . Housing for the Homeless The first RCLH project –A 103-unit low cost housing for the visually impaired located at Bagong nayon, Antipolo, Rizal, RY 1989 – 1990

The Brookside-Rotary International Village in Bagong Silangan, Quezon City with more than 300 low-cost houses to date. Started in RY 2003 - 2004

Completion of the first 12 out of 60 housing units committed by the RCLH at the Our Lady of Banneaux, San Mateo, Rizal. Started in RY 2012 -2013




Medical Equipments & Supplies Donation Purchase of Cataract Surgical microscopes for Ephpheta Foundation funded through a Matching Grant, RY 2008 - 2009

Purchase of a Prosthesis oven for the AFP Medical Center funded through a Matching Grant, RY 2010 - 2011

LOYOLA STAR  Medical Supplies & Equipment donations from Medical Supplies Network, Inc of Louisiana and Shiraki Foundation of Hawaii, USA, Started RY 2008 – 2009 and ongoing.




Medical Missions Out of town medical missions to Lubang Island, Mindoro, Hindang, Southern Leyte, Talavera, Nueva Ecija, Cavite, etc. started RY 2011 - 2012


LOYOLA STAR  Free Cataract screening and surgical missions in partnership with Ephpheta Foundation. Over 30,000 patients treated. Started RY 1992- 1993.

Anti Pediatric Tubercolosis treatment program at the Brookside-Rotary International Village funded through a Matching Grant in RY 2004 - 2005




Vehicle Donations Various vehicle donations mostly to Ephpheta Foundation funded through Matching Grants and fire truck for the Loyola Heights community.

Computer Donations Braille Computer Donation to Ephpheta Foundation in partnership with the Rotary Club of Salem, Virginia. RY 2008 – 2009.

LOYOLA STAR  Donation of computer sets to the 3 adopted schools of the RCLH funded through a District Simplified Grant, RY 2012- 2013.




CHEERS Numeracy & Literacy Project Loyola Heights (Since RY 1997 – 1998) in partnership with Miriam College involving 100 preschool children from the depressed communities of Barangay Loyola Heights.

Brookside-Rotary International Village (Since RY 2005 – 2006) with 45 students and in partnership with the Franciscan Missionaries and Couples for Christ.


Support for the Physically Impaired Ephpheta Foundation – Livelihood and Skills Training for the blind (Since RY 1989 – 1990).

Little Jesus of Nazareth home for the physically and mentally impaired orphans




Supplemental Feeding Program Project Peanut Butter – A Matching Grant funded project which aims to provide a high protein food supplement in order to improve the resistance of more than 2,000 children in Payatas, Quezon City in partnership with the Payatas Orione Foundation. MG applied and approved during RY 2011 – 2012. Implementation startedin RY 2012 – 2013.


Books for Peace Book donation program for schools located in “Conflict areas” primarily in Mindanao. Started in RY 2012-2013 in partnership with the Armed Forces of the Philippines. A matching grant to augment the funding of the project has been applied for and approved by the Rotary Foundation. The MG will also include computers for the 55 identified schools




Disaster Relief Assistance Infanta, Quezon Mudslides, RY 2004 - 2005

Typhoon Ondoy, RY 2009 - 2010

LOYOLA STAR  Habagat Floods – Bagong Silangan, San Mateo, Rizal and Bay, Laguna (RY 2012 – 2013)

Typhoon Pablo Relief Assistance – Compostela Valley & Davao Oriental (RY 2012 – 2013)




Spiritual Annual Mass Wedding, Marriage Encounter, Family Encounter & Advent Recollection

International Peace Forum Hosting of the Lech Walesa Forum at the Ateneo De Manila University, RY 2012 - 2013


International Hosting Annual visit of the Interact Club of ITE College East, D3310 (Since RY 2005 – 2006)

Water Project A Matching Grant funded project to provide potable drinking water for the residents of Brookside Rotary International Village, RY 2005-2006 & 2007-2008.




A Consistent Top Contributor to the Rotary Foundation Highest Annual Giving contribution achieved during RY 2012 – 2013 with more than 20 PHF’s


Sports Fellowship










Loyola Star special edition jan 26,2013  
Loyola Star special edition jan 26,2013  

Please find attached a 32-page special issue of our Loyola Star (January 26, 2013) which commemorates our club's 24th Charter Anniversary....