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Discipleship Team

Michelle Baron; Stephen Gage; Valorie Hempstead; Dennis Myers; Kim Williams Beth Giuliano, Staff

This past year has been one of joys, blessings, and grateful hearts, and we continue to journey toward Christ and his example for our lives.

This year’s Discipleship program included a Confirmation Class for four of our amazing youth (Darren Rolston, Darene Rolston, Alex Pongracz and Milan Oppewall). We met on a regular basis Sunday mornings to study scripture, learn about church polity, and discuss the church’s voice in the world and their own participation on the journey toward knowing God better. The confirmands offered their time and talent in mission with Bethany Meals and enjoyed an ice cream fellowship party at Sweet Moses in Gordon Square. Each confirmand took on varying leadership roles within worship during and after confirmation, and it has been wonderful to walk with these young people on their journey of faith.

The Discipleship Team worked towards a transition in the Children’s Chapel leadership as we said a big thank you to Tarra Oppewall for her many years of dedicated leadership with the 3-6 year old class. Ms. Oppewall was able to introduce new curriculum and updates to one of our most used spaces and program-thank you again for your faithful leadership.

Mid-year, the team welcomed Ms. Jessica Atwood to the leadership of the Children’s Chapel and, as is tradition here, her faithful offering of leadership was gratefully and enthusiastically received. Ms. Atwood has been bringing her gifts of time and talent to this important program in building a fresh and accessible space for all.

Teaching is often behind-the-scenes work that most of the congregation does not get to witness, but we were treated to Ms. Atwood’s creativity and leadership with a fresh take on the pageant this year, which included many in the telling of the Greatest Story Ever Told. Thank you for your leadership, Jessica—no pressure for next year!

Our library program is just starting up again under the capable volunteer leadership of Jennifer Giuliano. The Discipleship Team is thankful for her willingness to keep our library current and relevant to our growing faith community.

Along with our regular Sunday programming, we had a number of our faith leaders lead programming throughout 2018 that sparked interest by many, including "A Seat at the Table" Bible Study (Beth Giuliano and Rachel Hoskins), "Wholeness and Wellness" Bible Study (Rev. Mark J. Eldred), "A Study of the Gospel of Mark" (Rev. Dr. R. Mark Giuliano), and "Sing We Now of Christmas" (Rev. Dr. Charles D. Yoost).