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Vol. 1


We open volume 1 with Tristan Grijalbo a skateboarder pretty well known in the spanish skate scene. In this issue, another great skateboarder interviews Tristan, Jesus Fernandez. We hope you enjoy. See you next issue, we're already on it !

Vol. 1

´ Grijalbo Tristan


Direcci—n y Fotograf’a: VICTOR CALVO

Entrevistador: JESUS FERNANDEZ

Dise–o y Maquetaci—n: RUBEN SAMOS 2

- Years skateboarding: I don't know, all my life - City to skate: San Diego - Spots: Cln, Macba, Andoain - Last trick you made that you were psyched about: Front blunt fackie on a flat bar - Video games: FIFA - Music: Metallica y Frank Sinatra - Transition: The bowl of la Campsa - Party: "La que te va a dar esta" - Hand rails: To grab when I come down walking - Girls: They always gotte be there - Javier Sarmiento: best skater ever - USA: Cali, sun, skateboarding and beach - San Se: My hometown!


Tristan Grijalbo Scott Sansierra ´

QUESTION: What good Tristan, for the people who don’t know, tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from and where you’re living right now? ANSWER: I’m from San Sebastián, and now I live here, I started skateboarding with my older brother in the neighborhood, when I was a kid, and since then I haven’t stopped. Q. ¿Any other sports apart from skateboarding? A. Lately Iv’ve been playing golf, cause one day at Sarmi’s house in Barcelona, I had a práctice rug and a pot that we’d put to the same height, and playing with him and Chuli some days, I liked it, Sarmi kills, then I went with Jebi, Jimi, and Varo to the pitch and pat y and then I loved it. And now since a year and a bit back I’ve been playing. Im also a fake surfer in summer and a fake snowboarder in the winter...jajjavierno, jajaj

Q. ¿How was your trip to the U.S? You’ve been there a couple times.. A. It was a little bit crazy, the first two weeks we


were looking for a place to stay, and we’re sleeping a little unconfortably at Ben Skrzypek house. Mateo, Alvaro Molina and I slept on two stuck matresses, after like ten days I woke up one day with Alvaro’s hand touching my ass, completely asleep, he said he was dreaming with some chick, that’s what he said...hahah... that was the sign that we had to do something. We laughed a lot about it. From there we went to live to Del Mar, a great house in the best area of San Diego, with Jacuzzi looking out on the ocean, and some huge beds, just imagine. We spent the months with Tyler, Wes, Jimy Cao, and some of the other mafia guys, skateboarding, and surfing in the Jacuzzi... Cali is pretty rad. I was surprised right when I got there, because we met a friend of these guys, and the first thing he told us was, “From Spain? I want to go live there, start up my business, life there is

Photo. Frontside Smith Grind, Cuatro Caminos (Madrid)


Sec. Nollie Flip Backside Tailslide Plaza de Col贸n (MADRID) 6


Photo. Frontside Blunt, Legazpi (MADRID)

awesome” it’s kind of what a lot a skaters thought... I was pretty surprised, once you’re there for a while, you realize that eventhough it’s a paradise there is also some unconfortable things, everything in the cawr, you drive hours to skate really hard spots all busted up. Partys end real early, at like 2, and we awe’re always starting at that time, one day we went down to Tijuana, Chuli, Cristian Calderón, Cuong and I, it’s very dangerous for americans, Cuong who was american, didn’t open his mouth all night, and ended up sleeping on top of a stripper platform, while there was a show going on...hahaha. A lot of stories in the States. Q. ¿In how many countries have you skated? ¿Which was your favorite and why? A. Among several, the one I most liked was China. The culture is very different, and they are very respectful. The spots are new, and there are so many. Food is actually pretty good, and the Chinese girls are hot, really hot.



Q. They told me that you’re filming a part for the video Weird Dimension of Madrid, ¿How’s it going? ...Happy or you still want to film some more. A. Yeah let’s see how it comes out, let’s hope I can film some more stuff, I’m

psyched, they say Mena is gonna have the part and I’ve seen some tricks and was really surprised... It’s cool filming with Mario, the last week I was in Madrid, during Christmas, we went skating with Pichu, and it was pretty cool, I filmed 3 tricks in two days, and Pichu killed it, he made a noseslide nollie heel on a pretty long ledge, first try, he never had done it before. Good session 1. 10

Photo. Switch crockett, Loyola (San SebastiĂĄn)

Q. - Ever since Ive known you, you always surprise me with some new trick, to make those tricks you gotta be motivated! ÂżWhich or which are your motivations? A. I don-t know, the satifaction you get when you land, cause when you think about it, you think it might be super hard, you think youre not going to be able to make it, and when you make it... Harder tricks I dont do on the regular, you gotta spend a while. Normally I like to skate chill and trying things and then do them when a camera is around.l 11

Sec. Fackie Frontside Tailslide Flip Frontside Out, Plaza Iglesia PrĂ­ncipe Pio (Madrid) 12



Photo. Switch Heelflip Varial Puerto de San Sebastiรกn (San Sebastiรกn) 15

Q. ¿How would you define MOSAIC? A. A brand with some past and a lot of future, there are going to be some interesting things this year. Q. ¿Is there anything you find more interesting then making a living skateboarding? A. No! Q. When you are in San Se, ¿do you go to one spot or do you go to the outskirt places on a mission? A. Yeah, people here are more about going to a plaza and being there all the time. Some years ago we would move around more. Now only if were gonna go film or something. Q. ¿Whats your musical preference, or do you like a little bit of everything...? A. I like rock, the Rolling Stones, Metallica, Black Sabbath, also chill stuff, I dont know, a little bit of everything. Q. ¿What do you think about your pop, are you born with it or do you have to work on it? A. Little bit of both, I dont think I have that much POP. Its all technique and power, some tricks pop better than others.


Photo. Nollie Flip Varial Ayuntamiento de San Fernando de Henares (Madrid) 17

Q. Well that’s all for Old Street Club, say goodbye if youd like. A. Thanks Victor y Jesus, big hug to my family and friends, thanks Hugo at DC, and Raul and Jebi for helping me out, all the team at Mosaic and C4ramelo, and LaPlaza.


Sec. Switch Noseslide Fakie Flip Out Puente de Juan Bravo (Madrid)


Vol. 1