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Prepared by Jennifer Lutz, Community Facilitator with input from the Parks Consultation team: Heather Dixon, Katharine Doyle, Michelle Honeyman, Michelle Jorgensen, Ben McPhee, Monica Leatherdale, Sue Nelson, Doug Wagstaff and Urban Systems

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Public Survey .................................................................................................................................. 6


Grade 6 Survey............................................................................................................................... 7

COMMUNITY CHALK BOARDS.......................................................................................................... 8 PUBLIC MEETINGS – Project Feedback ........................................................................................... 8 Centennial Park and the “Silhouette Project” .......................................................................... 9 Cornerstone Park – Seeking idea’s for Open Space ............................................................ 10 Wayfinding (town signage) .......................................................................................................... 11 Trails and Pathways ...................................................................................................................... 12 Outdoor Ice Rinks .......................................................................................................................... 13 Proposed Olds Athletic Park: ..................................................................................................... 14 Off-Leash Dog Park ....................................................................................................................... 15 8. Key Learnings from the Engagement Process ................................................................................ 16 9. Thank You!............................................................................................................................................ 17 10. Appendices ......................................................................................................................................... 17 a) Responses to survey question 4 ............................................................................................... 17 b) Responses to survey question 9 ............................................................................................... 20


This Affects You: Parks Engagement - 2017

Introduction The Town of Olds is guided by the Open Space and Trails Master Plan and community input is vital. Residents of Olds have access to a variety of outdoor recreation and leisure opportunities within the community. As the town continues to develop parks, trails and open spaces, community feedback helps ensure there is a shared vision for future planning to provide an opportunity to assess current facilities and services. There are also proposed developments, where community input will influence decision making. In the 2013 Open Space and Trails Master Plan Final Report, it was recommended that “the Master Plan should be revisited after five years to review the implementation and phasing recommendations within the content of current capital budgets and changing development opportunities and priorities.” 1 On-going community consultation and reporting will help guide and inform the review process. In March 2017, a three week community consultation process on parks, trails and open space initiatives was initiated. Engagement included an afternoon and evening public meeting, a community and a student survey, as well as two community chalk boards which provided an alternate avenue to gather ideas and share information. Primary methods used to collect feedback: Chalk Boards


Public Meetings

This engagement leveraged an opportunity to collect feedback and provide information on a number of topics the Town was seeking public input. The specific focus pertained to: • • • • • • • • • 1

Centennial Park Cornerstone Park Open Space Wayfinding (town signage) Trails and Pathways Outdoor Ice Rinks Heritage features Cemetery Off-Leash Dog Park The future Athletic Park October 2013 Open Space and Trails Master Plan Town of Olds – Final Report 8.0 Final Recommendations


This Affects You: Parks Engagement - 2017

This report intends to share what we heard from the people of Olds, as well as what was learned from the engagement process.

Community Context Recreation infrastructure not only includes facilities such as the Aquatic Centre, Community Learning Campus Fitness Centre and the Sportsplex, but parks, open spaces, trails and natural areas are also vital components of active living. Outdoor spaces offer some of the best preventive medicine, enabling people in Olds to connect with nature and de-stress as they engage in the physical activity and social interactivity which is so important to health. As the Town of Olds continues to grow, there’s a need to deliberately and thoughtfully engage with the community to ensure current service levels and future planning meet the needs and expectations of ratepayers. Based on the 2016 Statistic Canada population data, the approximate cost to maintain the Town of Olds parks, trails and open spaces is $98.35 per capita.2

Population and Growth In 2016, the enumerated population of the Town of Olds was 9,184, which represents a change of 11.5% from 2011. This compares to the provincial average of 11.6% and is above the national average of 5.0%. There was an additional 240 private dwellings since 2011 which was a 6.5% increase. The Town of Olds provides recreational opportunities to the surrounding rural residents of Mountain View County which also experienced a 5.8% increase in growth. In 2011 the three largest segments of the population by age category are:   

50-54 years old (7.2%) 15-19 years old (6.9%) 45-49 years old (6.8%)

The graph below illustrates population projections for the Town of Olds. The low growth scenario (2% annually) projects a 2027 population of 11,420. This projection was developed using growth 2

Based on population 2016 Census of Population in Olds and 2017 Town of Olds budget


This Affects You: Parks Engagement - 2017

recorded in the federal census between 2006 and 2016. The higher growth scenario accounts for a 2.70% annual population increase, which would project a 2027 population at 15,360 in the Town. This projection was developed using the growth recorded in Olds between the 2006 and 2016 federal census counts and Municipal Development Plan Bylaw 2007-22. 3

Town of Olds Population Growth Projections 20000 15000 10000 5000 0 2006

2011 Actual







Low-growth scenario (2%)







Higher-growth scenario (2.75%)

Parks, Sports Fields and Trails Assessment Parks & Sports fields is a section within the Core Services Department that also includes Engineering, Planning & Development, Public Works, and Utilities. Olds features over 100 acres of parks, playgrounds and green spaces. CURRENT PARKS •Ryan Boutwell Memorial Playground - 5401 53 Street (Handicap Access) •Centennial Park - 50 Avenue and 53 Street •Hartman Green - 56 Avenue and 53 Street •Frank Wong Memorial Park - Shannon Drive •Beech Cres - 63 Avenue and 53 Street •Craig's Corner Memorial Park - 48 Avenue and Highway 27 •Ralph Maybank Memorial Park - 56 Avenue and 50 Street •Richards Crescent - Richards Crescent •Neil Leatherdale Park - 54 Avenue and 43 Street •Herb Samis Park - 46 Street and 50 Avenue •Skateboard Park - 54 Street & Centennial Park (east of Olds Regional Exhibition grounds) •Splash Park - Centennial Park •Off-Leash Dog Park – West on Highway 27 •Destiny Place - 2 Destiny Place CURRENT SPORTSFIELDS •O.R. Hedges Park (baseball) •École Deer Meadow School (playing fields, track) 3

This projection was based on Statistic Canada, 2006, 2011 & 2016 Census of Population in Olds and projected growth rates in the Municipal Development Plan Bylaw 2007-22.


This Affects You: Parks Engagement - 2017

•École Olds Elementary School (playing fields) •Olds College/Community Learning Campus (soccer, tennis, football) •South East Industrial Area (Elks soccer field) •Imperial Way (soccer) CURRENT TRAIL NETWORK The existing Open Space network is comprised of a comprehensive trail network, including sidewalks, paved and mulch trails and seasonal cross country ski trails, as well as other park infrastructure and community gathering spaces.

Engagement Findings In March 2017, a three week community consultation process on parks, trails and open spaces initiatives was initiated. Engagement included a morning and afternoon public meeting, surveys and community chalk boards. The purpose of the consultation was to provide the community an opportunity to learn more about our parks, trails and open spaces, as well a forum for citizens to offer their input and ideas on how outdoor facilities and spaces can be developed in the future. The responses provided at the public meetings, through surveys and chalk boards are summarized in this report. Methods used to promote engagement included key stakeholder invitations, messages on chalk boards, posters, use of the static and electronic message boards, social media, newsletters, newspaper and radio, and information posted and shared by community partners on event calendar pages. People who responded to a survey question on how they heard about the engagement shared the following information:

How did you hear about the public meeting?



Social Media

Word of mouth


Poster/Chalk Boards

This Affects You: Parks Engagement - 2017


Public Survey

137 people responded to a survey that was open to the public from March 1-20, 2017. Data collected in 2012 provided baseline information to help identify trends over 5 year period. Residents of Olds are heavy users of outdoor spaces in the community with 95% of respondents stating they are using parks, open spaces or trails in the Town of Olds. The most commonly used spaces included parks, trails and playgrounds. Areas not accessed as by the majority of respondents but that had high repeat usage (over ten uses per year) included the Splash Park, the Off-Leash Dog Park, Ball Diamonds and Soccer Fields. The three facilities with the least amount of use were the Horse Shoe Pits, Tennis Courts and a Disc Golf course located in Hartman Green. Feedback indicated that people were unaware Tennis courts were available for public use as they are located at the Olds College Campus. Due to the engagement occurring in mid-March, several retirees or “snowbirds� may not have been aware of this engagement. We received feedback that Pickle Ball Courts are a popular activity and they are often incorporated with Tennis Courts. People who used trails and pathways use them for general recreation including an area to run, jog or bike. 80% of respondents recognized that there are capital and operating costs associated with new development and agree that new and/or upgraded outdoor parks, open spaces and trails that should be developed in Olds. The following information was received when asked:


This Affects You: Parks Engagement - 2017

Of the 23 listed options and other categories that were provided, respondents were asked to identify outdoor items that should be developed (new) or enhanced (existing). Top choices were trails and Pathways (48%), Outdoor Ice Rinks (47%), Sliding or Toboggan Hill (38%), Playgrounds (38%) and Wetlands/Natural Parks (33%). Appendix 1 includes unedited responses people provided when asked to identify any improvements and for comments or ideas about our parks, open and trails. To keep a pulse on citizen satisfaction, baseline questions are included in many Town of Olds Surveys.4 When asked how to rate the overall quality of life in the community of Olds today 23% rated it excellent, 47% rated it above average and 28% rated it average, with less than 2% rating quality of life below average or poor. This reflects a 1% improvement in respondents identifying with below average or poor quality of life from the June 2011 Citizen Satisfaction Survey. When asked to think about the value respondents received for programs and services from the Town of Olds, 83% rated value excellent, above average, or average which was a 10% improvement from the June 2011 Citizen Satisfaction Survey. 84 Respondents provided feedback when asked to identify the most important issue facing our community that should receive the greatest attention from the Town of Olds. Themes most often identified included the need for a new athletic park, a project which is budgeted for development in 2017-2018. Attracting business including keeping the Uptowne area vibrant, waste and snow removal, ensuring Olds is pedestrian friendly and the responsible use of tax dollars were other themes.


Grade 6 Survey

Working with Grade Six teachers, a customized survey was designed to support current learning activities. Topics were themed and put into a “wordle� to reflect the items that were most commonly referenced to be represented the largest text in the picture. The top three reoccurring themes were playgrounds, parks and paths.


2011 Citizen Satisfaction Syndicated Study, Ipsos Public Affairs


This Affects You: Parks Engagement - 2017

COMMUNITY CHALK BOARDS Community chalk boards (or idea boards) are spaces for citizens to brainstorm graphically. They provide an informal space to help community members generate ideas or suggestions and to respond to the ideas of others. They are also used to generate interest and promote other events or tools related to the engagement. The boards were situated in two areas of town and were monitored daily. When the boards were full, feedback was captured and then erased to provide space for new public feedback. Closer to the public meeting, large posters advertising the event were placed on the board intending to create more discussion of the consultation. Overall content on the boards was very respectful and constructive. An unusual cold weather period likely reduced the participation rate and seasonality should be considered when using this engagement tool.

PUBLIC MEETINGS - Project Feedback An afternoon and evening public meeting was hosted on March 14, 2017, with an estimated 175200 people in attendance. The meetings were structured in an open house format with stations that provided information and collected feedback. Two of the stations were subjects that fell into the inform level on the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) Spectrum of Engagement were Heritage and Cemetery. All other projects provided information and there was additional consultation with stakeholders on gain public opinion which would help to shape aspects of future development.


This Affects You: Parks Engagement - 2017

Centennial Park and the “Silhouette Project” Centennial Park is the site for the "Annual Olds Fashioned Christmas" event. During this yearly event, murals of buildings depicting the early history of the community are erected along the east pathway and lit at night. This proposal would install permanent powder coated metal silhouettes of these structures with an interpretive panel as an attraction to be enjoyed throughout the year. The silhouettes would be custom designed to fit existing murals to make it easier and safer for volunteers setting them up as well as more protection during the set-up and take down. Solar lighting would be added to provide flood lights to highlight the Prairie Village Heritage Silhouettes in the evenings year round. Display information: the current state and a depiction of what the silhouettes would look like:

An interpretive poster was on display and participants were asked to “Use a playing card to Vote “Yes!” or “No” to Silhouettes in Centennial Park.” Resulting Votes: 87 Yes

9 No

In another box, community members were asked to write down and submit “Questions or Comments about the Centennial Park Silhouette Project?” 

     

Silhouettes could be integrated during the year for other events. They would be the “frame” around the picture. Example: A farmers’ market feel. Each vendor uses a building frame to mark their space (tables of vegetables or whatever). Or drape fabric/streamers to create a “stage” for performances, puppet shows, plays…, whatever. Or decorate with lights for a wedding or special event in the summer. Hang flower baskets from them? The silhouettes give a feel of the past through the ghost of the iron bones. If it’s less work for volunteers over the long term so let’s do it!! Drill straight post holes for Farm House and Barn murals please. I like metal frame – Not year round. Art work / sculptures throughout the parks spaces! I’d like to see increased arts, visual, traditional, contemporary art forms and festivals I’d like to see refresh painting of murals and a new Union Jack flag for the Maybank’s Drug mural. Enhance the storyboards to include a photo of the mural, as well as info on the buildings, artists. Need better spotlighting on murals.


This Affects You: Parks Engagement - 2017

 

Additional Christmas lights for the park. If this is our preferred parade, we need to “light up!” Look at better approach to installation of figures (i.e.: the horse and carriage, people)

Other feedback related to Centennial Park included:     

Better accessibility, is it possible to have chairs to support wheelchair use (like at the pool). I like Centennial Park because it is good for Pokémon hunting BBQ pit needs to have a paved trail to the pit and pavement around the pit so people in wheelchairs can participate. We would like to see a new museum in the old “Alec Zec” place. There is plenty of parking and many farmers have a lot to donate to it (old machinery). Several comments regarding creating a Splash Park area more suitable for older children

Cornerstone Park – Seeking idea’s for Open Space Cornerstone Olds is a 40 acre shopping centre located on Hwy 27 and 68th Avenue. A commitment from the developer to co-fund a public art piece or landscaping, structure, etc. as determined by the Town of Olds. The location for this item is at the south west entrance, directly east of the Shell gas station and car wash (indicated by the hexagon on the diagram below).

People were asked to vote on themes gathered from a previous Town of Olds consultation for the Legacy bench project or to share or draw their own thoughts and ideas. Preference, as determined by voting with dots for the 5 themes in order of popularity were:     

Sports Natural Agriculture (tied with Community) Community (tied with Agriculture) History

10 | P a g e

This Affects You: Parks Engagement - 2017

People had the option to provide their ideas on flip chart paper. Another theme not listed but was mentioned several times was technology or innovation. Three concepts were shared:  A seating area with provincial flag panels (“we are proud Canadians, celebrate Canada 150”)  A structure that represented fibre optics (“we are innovators, show an connected community”)  A circle of people (“we do people and community really well”) Comments included:  The area has an industrial, generic and big box feel, more landscaping and trees are needed.  It is a high vehicle traffic area that is not as conducive to a play or seating area but would be a good place for a larger scale public art piece or water fountain.  Make the structure/art piece as vandal proof as possible.  Our future is a growing urban centre, showcase what we want to be, the vision for Olds.

Wayfinding (town signage) Urban Systems attended and presented four preliminary concepts for vehicular and pedestrian Wayfinding Signage that were compiled as part of the Town of Olds Wayfinding Program. The public was invited to place a dot on their preferred concept option. The results were significantly in favour of Option #3.

 

Concerns and questions related to cost was common with several residents asking what one material would cost versus another. Format and legibility were a priority especially focusing on scale and spacing to be considered for different signage types (i.e. vehicles driving at posted speeds being able to read and comprehend signage components). One resident sited that people with disabilities should be considered, noting that having symbols and call outs was important.

11 | P a g e

This Affects You: Parks Engagement - 2017

 

Colour and reflectivity was a common remark. Colour was evidently important and was aesthetically more pleasing to most. Reflectivity concerns were noted as being a potential conflict with positioning of the sign related to both headlights and the sun. Simplicity was noted as a priority with one resident stating, “Could the design be further simplified and more clean-lined”. Consistency was a factor that was mentioned several times, both with specific elements amongst each sign type as well as with existing open space infrastructure such as black steel elements in Uptowne and with the Legacy Bench Program.

Trails and Pathways Crosswalks 57th Ave. Crosswalk to Imperial Estates. More crosswalks. 52 St. and 54 Ave. 1 block north of the Olds Elementary school; dangerous for kids to cross as the cars parked on both sides. No crosswalk on east side of 65th Avenue going to Credit Union side. 57th Avenue to Imperial Estates. Cross walks where trails come out at a road. Traffic Traffic goes too fast and cannot cross the road where they pile the snow. Speed control on Winter Drive. 57th Ave South to railway tracks outside of town. Very busy with cyclists, walkers, runners and a lot of traffic coming in from back route to Didsbury or wherever. Any kind of trail off the road would be wonderful. 52 Street and 54 Avenue one block north of the Olds Elementary school; Dangerous for kids to cross as the cars go too fast. Trail and path improvements Signage posted with distances. Extend the trail network west to connect to the dog park. More trails around Silverthorne area. Signage with trail map and connections. Continuous trail network loop through Uptowne (using sidewalks) but marked on. Connect sidewalk to trails and use marking to extend existing trail system in NE area. Distance markers could be added. Olds to Didsbury trail through Mountain View County. Expand to have a complete perimeter of town property pathway even out to the off-leash dog park, elevator road North 2A northern boundary. Expansion of trails in SW corner with development. Drainage and maintenance Paths become waterlogged after rains or melts. Cut the grass in the tree reserve. 12 | P a g e

This Affects You: Parks Engagement - 2017

Small bridges over water runs in the tree reserve. Tree reserve connection around culvert would be nice. Enforcement Keep the skidoos and motocross bikes off the trails (Imperial), because they own nearby acreages does not give them a license to drive wherever they want. Enforce dog leashes on trails. Snow removal Snowbank along 50 Avenue path on the east side - there is sidewalk down to Case and then no sidewalk on west side. ASC clients need to walk on sidewalks and they could crossover to the path. But if they can’t get off the path until the crosswalk at the end – then they are walking back long John Deere (going to Accredited Support to the Community (ASC or Bottle Depot) and there is no sidewalk.

Outdoor Ice Rinks Student Highlights: 75% of the students chose to have a permanent rink developed for use in the summer for basketball, floor hockey and other activities. 15% of students chose to have portable rinks and 10% chose snow bank rinks so that they could use the rinks at any time. Location: Centennial Park was the most popular choice for location, Imperial #3 Green Space was the second choice and Harrison Green was the third choice for locations. Comments included:    

I think that I would like a skating rink because I don't like using the indoor one. Outdoor rinks do not cost for renting, everyone can go when they want. I think we should have a rink because it would be fun and it is very athletic. I would like the Town to put in lights so we can play late at night.

Adult Highlights: 85% of the adults chose to have snow bank rinks because of costs and the green space can be used in the summer, 10% chose portable rinks which could be removed to allow space for sports fields and green space and 5% support a permanent outdoor rink. 85% of adults stated Centennial Park was the best location for an outdoor rink. Comments included:    

Outdoor snow banked rinks at the schools. A portable system could be used at the new athletic park. I like “crokicurl” idea, it would be an activity for everyone. Centennial Plaza: o Corner where the old swimming pool was located.

13 | P a g e

This Affects You: Parks Engagement - 2017


Needs a multi-seasonal plaza with tiered seating for concerts in the summer and skating in the winter; Canada 150 Plaza. A rink at Shannon which is community driven.

When asked who should make and maintain an outdoor staking rink, 97% of adults and students said it should be a Town of Olds service.

Future Olds Athletic Park: (√ indicated number of times an items was mentioned) Do this first: Provide a space for a natural area Get a volleyball court with sand Soccer fields√√ Softball diamond I want what we do not have and is affordable Washrooms for that SE corner Get grass I want to see: A washroom is a must. Would like benches, tiers and picnic tables. Badminton √√ An art field A basketball court√√√√ Soccer field√√ Tennis and badminton courts A volleyball court Sports diamonds, field, courts This happening A new athletic park Adult exercise playground, basketball, badminton Growth Point dugouts to parking lot – centralize Lots of usable space/multi use Wheel chair and seating for companions/accessibility for spectators I would change: We need a tennis court(s) in town Less horseshoe pits The ball diamonds by the hospital should have fences The location is yet another reason to avoid Uptowne. I know this is tough but I feel development and expansion close to existing fields is better. Great ideas Dug outs orientated to dug outs

14 | P a g e

This Affects You: Parks Engagement - 2017

I like: The plan Mountain bike track Volleyball Soccer √√ Basketball The ball diamonds The layout and vast array of activities The growth √ √ √ It all Pathways

Additional information: Make a track around the baseball diamonds I think that we should get an outdoor skating rink because if we are skating on the pond we could fall in. Parking intersection (high traffic area) Rotary, Destiny Park playground, dog bag dispenser, mailbox parking restrictions In the winter we could use one of the soccer fields as a skating rink

Off-Leash Dog Park The Olds Off-Leash Dog Park has three phases, items in black have been completed, and items in green are pending or still be proposed. Phase 1 (2015) Have area zoned to allow for an off-lease Dog park Fence in area for dogs to roam Signage and a parking lot

Phase 2 (2017-2022) Dog agility centres

Phase 3 (2022-2027) Pathway development

Fenced training area or area for small dogs Benches for resting and enjoyment Dog watering hole

Trail system to link trail network to the Town Development of walking paths around Olds Creek pond

The purpose for Off-leash Dog Park engagement was to inform and collect feedback. This is a reflection of what was heard: Things that are going well:     

Dog doo clean up bags at the end of the park. Pathways that are mowed and plowed to make the park more interesting. Garbage receptacles throughout the park. A great fence to keep dogs in the park. The social connections made at the park with other dog park owners.

Challenges or things that need to change: 

People who don’t pick up their dog messes.

15 | P a g e

This Affects You: Parks Engagement - 2017

 

Maybe more garbage cans or place the garbage cans in different places? More dog bag dispensers, one on the west and east sides of the park.

Suggestions for Improvements:       

A fenced off area for small dogs only (under 40 lbs) Lighting so the park can be used safely after dark. Especially in the winter Shade structures since trees can’t be planted. A gazebo at the north end of the park for shade and rest. A dog wash to hose off your dog before he gets in your car. Lost and found container. A dog watering hole so the dogs can have a drink.

8. Key Learnings from the Engagement Process The Parks Planning Team hosted a de-briefing meeting on March 22 to review the process and determine next steps. The over-arching consultation goals were achieved and staff felt the engagement was successful. Requesting feedback on multiple projects was an effective use of staff resources and a respectful use of participant’s time. Learnings to consider for the next engagement included: 

  

The first two hours of the afternoon public meeting, which included Grade 6 students studying municipal government was extremely valuable but extra resources would have been helpful to effectively manage information sharing and traffic flow. Have a dedicated staff member to welcome people, serve as a backup to relieve staff from their booths and to over-see the whole event, difficult to do this while managing a station. Staff felt some of the feedback could have been influenced by the time of year an event is hosted, winter month versus summer months. Use of the engagement planning tools within Council Policy 117C is useful and helped to keep staff informed, on-track and accountable. Although invitations were sent to key stakeholders (such as sports clubs) two weeks prior to the event, save the date cards may have been helpful for stakeholder groups who do not meet frequently or have communication limitations within their membership.

16 | P a g e

This Affects You: Parks Engagement - 2017

9. Thank You! The Town of Olds Council and Administration would like to thank those who participated in the consultation process for their valuable feedback which will play a crucial role in the on-going evolution of our parks, trails and open spaces. This community consultation helps to meet the corporate goals of organizational learning, engagement and communication, as well as the Council goals to: •

take a leadership role in sustainability,

explore the systemic inter-relationships to build a healthy and sustainable community,

educate themselves regarding sustainable designs and spaces, and to

protect and increase green spaces including treed areas with the Town of Olds

10. Appendices Please note the following information is raw data. Responses were not edited for spelling or content to ensure a transparent process. Please identify any improvements you think are needed at existing outdoor facilities, trails and open spaces?

a) Responses to survey question 4 Soccer fields are needed! Information on what is avaiable, signage Gazebo at north end of the dog park I love and appreciate trees/shrubs, flowers en route I didn't go to the cemetry but appreciate it everytime I drive in on Hwy 2A. Crosswalks on 57th to pathway behind imperial estates More connecting trails, field space for sport Path along Hwy 27 and 64th that ends by the vet clinic is very poor. Impact when you get there you can not legally move 1) Better continuity of sidewalks 2) create a continuous loop walkway around towns outer edge Better enforcement to keep skidoo's/dirt bikes off trails More crosswalks (i.e. along 65th) A bench or two at the cemetary, the tennis courts are a disaster. On trails, maps with distances between points on trail. Also see #9. Idea: Is it possible to have a full-time staffed drop in centre (open 9-5) for all ages of people? Pick up dog poop! Resent the piles left by irresponsible owners. Actually dislike trails used for dog bathrooms. Benches are too hot to sit on in full sun locations Improved sidewalk and connections in older areas of town (OES area particularly as these are well used and needed by children), playground upgrades needed (no sand under playstructures please! Gravel or rubber much better), improved connections also needed to access downtown and cornerstone shopping area. 0

17 | P a g e

This Affects You: Parks Engagement - 2017

Rose bushes at the cemetary More benches, bathrooms at all playgrounds, food truck/ice cream truck at splashpark, supervising at the skate park (been there when teens were using pot and swearing) Improvements, for trails, quads, skidoos people walking dogs, and vehicles should all be kept off ski trails, It is sooo discouraging to go skiing and the groomed trail has been ruined by inconsiderate individuals!!!! Cross country ski areas should be more accessible to the general public, existing trail system needs greater connectivity More activity days! Would love a playground close to the splash park so young kids have somewhere to warmup and play besides running around the skateboard park. none solar or motion activated lighting in parks I believe the cemetary should have a fence, and the existing pathways need to all be connected. Properly connected pathways, some lead to nowhere. Trails are good I think that although many improvements have been made in the last year, there are still a lot of sidewalks and ramps needed to get to parks and trails. On the corner of 55ave and 56st children have to go on the road to get to the alleyway to the park. They also have to walk on the road to go to school. This is dangerous. The park/trail on 57ave near the hospital. There is no ramp off the sideway and no sidewalk beside the park. This makes it difficult for people in wheel chairs, walkers and strollers. It again also dangerous for children to be walking on the street. N/A practically all of the older parks have trees that are in dire need of basic maint. i.e pruning, thinning & disease control. Many Mnt. Ash are infested with Fire Blight in advanced stages. Also many Schubert Choke Cherries have Black Knot. If this situation is not dealt with VERY quickly the infested trees will be lost!! Removal of garbage at splash park during busy season and replensihment of towels and paper at the toilets at centenial park during the summer months completion of started trails giving access to tree rerserve from the northwest. Also the Sierra area trails need maintenace. (weeds controlled, cement blocks moved back into place) We need more garbages along trails as I walk long distances and carry my poopbags for a long way. The solar lights do not provide adequate or safe lighting. Paths need to have better lighting especially in winter because I walk my dogs early and can't use the paths. Entries to pathways need to be more even hard to push strollers onto ramps and hard for small children to get on with a bike or disabled people. At splash park would love to have a playground by the splash park so kids could have that to play on too. It would be nice to have a really nice play ground that was really big and had equipment for different age groups. It could be a destination park with a lot of different climbing, swinging, jumping type equipment. It would be a destination for families. The trial on the south west area of town is beautiful (amongst the trees) but it is so short, it would be nice to extend the walking paths through park areas, not just houses would love to see an outdoor skating rink.. Have met with staff of the Town of Olds regarding this and have not heard a response to date. More seating at off leash dog park Town staff are pretty diligent about maintaining everything. Can't think of anything they haven't already thought of. Open space on Shannon drive & Sierra Place should have a kiddies park, too far to Frank Wong Out door rink by arena so it can be flooded (something similar to Ponoka facility) Better outdoor lights along the walking paths in the park/green space by Horizon School. need more trail development, linking trails together, maps and signage throughout Town more garbage cans available along trails Soccer and ball fields are hard uneven grass areas and need turf management

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This Affects You: Parks Engagement - 2017

Stop spending tax money on beautification and fix the roads and water issues that the town is plagued with right now. The trees and shubery in Hartman Green could be better maintained Picnic areas We need comuter trails and not just in new subdivisions. more trash container The creek/drainage through the green space east of the highlands area was deepened and widened with an excavator. Now it's just an ugly, muddy ditch. Could this not be remediated to be more natural? Perhaps this would be a great joint project with the college. Bathrooms at splash park We need more paved pathways and pathways all need to link. For example, if you are walking on the path in front of Home Hardware towards Mountain View Credit Union, it does not connect to a crosswalk. Also, the path behind No Frills just ends at the store. Longer paths that extend out of town would also encourage a more active community and I would not have to run/walk along the secondary highways dodging texting drivers. need cross country ski trails included - why not use the golf course for cross country skiing? Tennis Courts need new benches - have been vandelized!!! Sidewalks need to be fixed and kept up! Sidewalks need to be completed along highway 27 to the intersection with 2A!! More trails. More w/c accessible curbs. off leash dog areas within the town of olds, so people walking dogs in olds can allow their dogs to get actual excersie More night lighting Not really trailes are very important for everone. We need a large recreational park. we need more benches for resting when walking Out door skating rinks Gazebo needs more white lights all year round. Same with park, white lights would make the park look classy. A dog fountain should be added At the dog park. The word "washroom" needs to be put up on the east side and south side of the washroom building in Cenntenial Park. If you are thinking of upgrading park playgrounds, there are many new interactive playground equipment out there. Exercise for the brain as well. A dog bone bench at the dog park wound be nice. more activities in Centennial Park Lights on trails for walking at night. More garbage cans and dog bag dispensers. Also need better clearing of the snow off the trails. There is constantly a layer of snow from trying to use a blade. I notice that the hospital uses a sweeper and it clears the trails much better. We really need to have all of the Town's Parks to include Port-A-Pottys, please. Maps at locations with trail networks and distances better policing of off leash dogs on walking paths more soccer fields and clubhouse More portapotties, on trails in SW Olds, at ball diamonds, soccer fields none Better accessibility (snow removable) where roadways ( crosswalks) meet trails during the winter. I am a runner and can not run with my stroller during winter months because it gets stuck where plows leave snow piles in front of sidewalks/ trail heads. There needs to be a marked crosswalk at the intersection of 65 ave linking the trails that lie adjacent to 65 ave ( west side of road) and highway 27. I have seen many young kids trying to cross this interesction and with vehicles turning it is very dangerous. Outdoor ice rink, dedicated soccer fields for the kids Outdoor hockey rinks

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This Affects You: Parks Engagement - 2017

Outdoor rink. lighting, more football feilds Ball diamonds for slow pitch league More and/or better ball diamonds for all members of the community to be able to use Large open space to hold outdoor concert Would be nice to have an outside gym, such as http://www.fitnessoutdoors.ca Signage. Irrigate turf in Centennial park. Maybe some benches at intervals along the walking trails more public art ensure connectivity on trials They are all awesome!

b) Responses to survey question 9 Do you have any comments or ideas about our comment parks, open and trails? We need soccer fields - at least 4. 2 of those need to be full sized pitches. West end of town isn't very attractive, big box feel. Some larger public art pieces would help. I would like to see statue of people holding hands (similar to Calgary Board of Education) to demonstrate the towns strengths; community, innovation, diversity and working together. Snow plowing in back alleys truck plow blocks cars in, no removal is done! Would like to see community gardens available to the public. Encourages healthy eating, active lifestyle, savings to families. Safe trail off the road, 57th Ave south to railway tracks. More trees planted west entrance of town to break up industrial look. We have come a long way since the 25 years we've lived here more visible crossing signage, more connecting section of trails Complete the system! I think having these unique community spaces is essential to our town of Olds. I take pride in seeing them grow, Better connections with sidewalks and trails, create town wide loop pathway/trails Develop the sports complex in the NW and connect the trail network to it immediately; they should be installed together Walkways should connect and trails across roads (i.e. 65th or 6th) - staff member could not interpret writing. Every large space should have a natural area for birds and helpful insects otherwise we lose the benefit of these creatures and invasive species thrive. Our parks and trail systems are very well maintained. Continue to develop connecting paths as town develop continues. I know it is difficult in our climate but it would be great if there was water stations along trails and in parks. I've seen some that have water at the bottom for dogs too. Leave the municipal reserve natural. Develop trails in SE corner of town near CLC. N+SW side of town carry the brunt of foot and vehicle traffic.(My taxes very high now). Would like to see a multi use recreation centre built which would incorporate a waterpark, arena, gym, etc. Would be interested to know if Olds Ag Society plans to remain in their location long term. That would be a great site to construct such a facility, expand centennial park and incorporate more outdoor recreation opportunities.Busines i am new moving to Olds and not sure yet

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This Affects You: Parks Engagement - 2017

The dew worms have really damaged the grounds esp in the green spaces around imperial. It would be great to have that improved. Once ski trails are groomed keep them from being destroyed. stop spending money I would love to see the following: Regional bike / walking paths (Olds to Didsbury would be amazing), a proper outdoor skating rink / plaza in Centennial Park. And more pathways. Walking/biking paths are a need. We have a younger community that likes to be active...so lets make that happen!! really appreciate the snow removal on the pathways. Dog poop bag dispenser is poorly designed you can never get one bag out, several are dispensed at once. More garbage cans in parks area would help with litter. Outdoor skating rinks and toboggan hills help unite the community all year long! we need some nice outdoor rinks in the winter. It would be nice to see an outdoor ice rink in town Trails and parks are well kept It would be nice to have a play structure near the splash park. Also it would be nice to have picnic tables that can't get wet from the splash park. A couple of them don't get used because the kids can spray them with water. More benches and shade would be nice too. No silhouettes. It is a waste of money. add at least 2-3 seating benches and 2 picnic benches at ALL playgrounds (including schools) to help enhance the comfort for short and longer visits. Not everyone can sit on the floor. I really like the trail system, allowing for various fitness "loops" around town. I have used this in my cycling for a few years now. I think that we should fix/develop our current parks and green spaces where most of the population is situated. Some of the older green spaces could use a facelift. It doesn't seem fiscally or environmentally responsible to build an entire new park on the outskirts of town where everyone has to drive for access. We have no public transit so seniors or those with disabilities or limited income with no access to vehicles would be excluded from accessing this space. We have a beautiful town and the core should have some beauty too At the splash park it would be great if a play ground and wading pool could be added. It would be a destination park and many people would use it Really like Centennial Park. Other parks downtown would be nice if there was space. Don't have to be as big as Centennial, just a few benches on grass. Always nice to sit and people watch. Trail/pathway behind Sierra Place are not cleared of snow in winter. Why are certain areas of town groomed and others not? It would be great to have a regulation size track and long jump and shot put areas for use of training and competing athletes whether they be in generic sports or Special Olympics. Every year there are competitions that are participated in and it is difficult to practice on a small in-door track (but at least we have that) and then compete on a full size regulation track. Additional seats and benches required on walking trails I feel our trails have improved significantly over the past couple of years and are maintained well:) I would love to see a natural play park, outdoor rinks (maintained), more sledding hills. As a mother of young children we need more activities that encourage outside activity at no charge. I would like to see more paths and trails developed in the south east part of town. Need a Town focus to draw people here i.e. Tobaggan Hill (Sutton, Ontario) with season pass to pay for maintenance and development. Town Clock tower, Pump Track (Canmore) Railway Theme. ROC Recreation Outdoor Centre Great spaces and hope they continue throughout all new develops and possible be incorporated more into older developments in Olds. If you want young families in Olds you NEED to provide the recreational infrastructure to sustain their needs

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This Affects You: Parks Engagement - 2017

Stop spending tax money on beautification and fix the roads and water issues that the town is plagued with right now. A dead tree in Hartman Green should be replaced and shrubbery could be better maintained. Signage on Frisbee Golf Course could be improved in Hartman Green I would love to have more versatility for walking. I live in the Co-op area and work at the college I feel unsafe cycling in traffic to get to work. There is a need for east /west comuter trail. There are too many trails in town that lead now where. The ones we have used were well kept - good job! It would be nice to have a trail connecting the Southwest portion of town to the East side along the south edge of town. We need outdoor skating rinks to reduce pressure on arena More paved trails are needed. better engineering when planning trail layout - often encounter low spots under water not suitable for walking Sidewalks need to be fixed and kept up! Sidewalks need to be completed along highway 27 to the intersection with 2A!! All existing facilities are great -- just need more! Trails connected to other rec facilities- eg. ball diamonds/arena. Easy access for Seniors. eg. no easy access from Sunrise Village or Encore. Hopefully more often That is one of the things I enjoy about Olds is there are so many parks and pathways. it is great. Need a large area for sports field Keep those parks you have I love all the outdoor access olds have and you guys do an amazing job they are well taken care of When is the last time Olds had a carnival/fair? Legion could sell hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, drinks. Events in parks can create funds for the parks improvements. Create and implement fundraising events. need many more Christmas lights in Centennial Park Better clearing of snow and connection of trails would be great. Please make sure there is the foresight for good parking, as well as public washrooms. It is a great idea to have some sort of water fountain. Has the town considered on having a deal with the CLC Fitness Centre to offer free, or small fee uses of the track in the winter months, please? It is very important to many people in the community, especially Moms and Seniors that wish to continue a healthy lifestyle in the winter without the risk of slipping/falling/frostbite. We have many playgrounds and green spaces that are lovely, better athletic parks, and a solid trail system linking these together is needed clubhouse/concession area with washrooms where soccer fields and ball diamonds will be built Please connect the Imperial Trails to the new development on the northwest side. More linking trails in naturally treed areas The more this town grows (and it will) the more important parks, open spaces and trails will become for the overall beauty and health of the community. A geocaching trail would be a neat idea to get people to try out or know that these amenities exists. I think for the size of community that Olds is they have great parks, open spaces and trails. I believe there are adequate outdoor recreational areas Need an updated and taken care of outdoor rink. It would be great if communities could use their grass areas for community gardens. Of course having rules and maybe a permit to do it. Making sure the kids have a place in all seasons to be active. Skateboard park and outdoor rink I think the gazebo is useless and something small like a picnic area could be more utilized. Ball diamonds are necessary for the whole area, and an athletic park.

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This Affects You: Parks Engagement - 2017

year round outdoor activities!!! something to do outside for every season and options. Would be nice to see some outdoor activity possibilities for adults instead of just children. Outdoor fitness equipment is becoming popular in many small towns and can be used by all age groups. I think we have crammed too many things into Centennial Park. Trail linkages should remain a focus of the community plan. Also, not enough is done to maintain existing parks and amenities, it's too much of wanting shiny and new and not enough taking care of what you have. more public art

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This Affects You: Parks Engagement - 2017

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