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Clockwise from top left : Crabwood 25 team winners – Roger Parrish, Dave Bonner, (Eddie Cooke), and Keith Adams; Second road race – and winning – September 1960;, Resting; 1961 report; Addiscombe 50 report.

Clockwise from top left : Dulwich Paragon Christmas 25 1960; 1961 report; 1960 National 25 Championship; three race wins.

Christmas Day win.

Clockwise from top left : road race win report; Dave Bonner and Eddie Stagg reports; Norwood Paragon 50 win; two 25 wins.

Clockwise from top left : Club ride; after the Ealing Manor 25 – see previous page; before the 25; DB.

Time trials 1960/61.

Time trials 1960/61.

Dinner photos, the Regent

Dinner photo, The Regent

Dave Bonner Scrapbook  
Dave Bonner Scrapbook  

Dave Bonner Scrap Book