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3rd Annual New Year’s Eve Bash at Party Central South. 12/31 @ 6’sish until ????? Party Central South invites you to their Casa to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Instead of planning a New Years Eve, this celebration is designed as a catchall for: people who lack community social status, people whose plans have not materialized and lastly the cool cats who understand the philosophy of Party Central (once it’s in your soul, let’s just say it stains). Unusually Madam Chairwoman has approved and is looking forward to the party (what has come to be a surprise party in the past, has been accepted by her most likely due to you graciousness). We drink (pop/water ☺), we eat (fruits and vegetables ☺) and we look forward to seeing you all even if it is to just stop in for a quick toast (with grape juice ☺).

• RSVP – Don’t bother. • Accommodations – If necessary, the last few parties have went until sunrise the next day so if you are not sleeping, is it really an accommodation? • What to bring – A little bit of everything (pop, the big sandwich and pizza provided). People normally bring additional finger foods and extra beer for the moochers. Ring Madam Chairwoman at 330-460-0055 for further details. • Some Big People juice is provided, but this type is only served in shotglasses. • Feel free to invite others, as is customary in our marriage I run a flophouse and deal with the consequences later. • Children are welcome (like we really have a choice?) Madam Chairwoman is getting the dungeon ready for us to lock them in for the evening. • Games include: Poker(Rosie and Amy, bring real money this time) LCR, Xbox 360 with all new Rock Band Material, Madden Football 2009 and my all-time favorite the “Which child can go longest without speaking” game. • If you have a game that you would like to introduce us to, please bring it along. Note to Mark/Josh/Matt/Brian/Billy I don’t care if you drank the entire thing, I am not playing “spin the bottle” with you, I realize you are only human and have “urges” but that is what the fairer sex is for. • Bring playpens and duct tape for little ones, you can lay them down in one of the bedrooms.

NY2008 Invitation  

New Years Eve 2008 Invitation.

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