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Li Liu

exclusively answered from: Dr Crocodile Why is the sun not shining ?: ....well, difficult to say, the sun is on holiday ?? Will you run on 21/07/12?: Yes of course I will support Verena-she wont manage otherwise :-) Why do you do that ?: well, we want to support dental treatment for children in a remote village in Morocco who otherwise have no access to dental treatment


Do you train for that ?: Yes,Verena and me do fitness 3x a week for 60 min and started hillwalking Sundays.

gestures only and is reassuring that by these your are able to speak to

How can I support you ?: Best you phone in for further information as we had to change the location to the Beach Boulvard due to bad weather !

01224 827095

TO US!!! Through the generosity of her daughter we treat this pleasant lady, though she does not speak English and we nor Dr CROC !! speak Chinese we communicate very well. It is actually very nice to be reminded how it is to communicate with all nations and cultures all over the world!!! That’s what our lovely patients are saying about us:

“This is a new dimension of dentistry”, Joanna, Aberdeen “A great experience at Oldmachar Dental Care- Life changing-thanks to Verena & team” Lilian,Aberdeen

Dr Croc Super offer No 4 08.07.12- 30.07.12 Initial examination • X rays included

-our patients- support us steadily, therefore we would like to show deeply our gratitude and


• digital Photos included

All this and even more is possible because you

would like to finish this newsletter with a


• free smile audit • 6 step examination • become a member & get a 15% discount on all following treatmen ts!!

Thank you !

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