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Healthier YOU


by Alicja Wozniak Sophomore ••• Gravity,Hormones,Age

Aerobic exercise makes you fit-you sleep better- focus better-and loose weight

and gaining weight are all reasons why our shape changes. This is also why our shape changes. This is also why bums start firmness. If you would like a firmer bum, and lets face is, who would not , then follow our easy instructions too a better bum.

Alicja is also graduated in health,fitness & exercise. instructor and is nearly qualified dental nurse. Interests: fashion & interior design

How do I get a bikini bum?

• Take the stairs instead of the lift

• Get a new pair of trainers, not suitable trainers can do more harm than good

• Worm up with squats there is nothing that works the bum as well as squats

• Joint a class - working Out with other people is a great way to stay

motivated and make friends.

• Lunges - you can do lunges while watching your favourite telly programme

• 6 pelvic lift - this is a great exercise for your bum,

• Lower back and your pelvic muscles

• Straight bum squeeze

• Hip - Lift progression this is awesome way to relieve tension in your lower back and work your butt at the Same time

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