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Oldmachar ASG Curricular Transitions Programme Special Edition Newsletter for Parents This is a special edition of the Oldmachar Academy newsletter for parents, which shows the ways in which we plan our curricular transitions programme throughout the session. We have worked closely with primary colleagues to develop a programme of curricular transitions that gives important experiences to young people from Primary 3 upwards. From P3 – P7 a programme of curricular challenges and experiences has been developed by teachers in primary and secondary. This programme has been based on the principles and practices of Curriculum for Excellence. It involves a number of secondary faculties and allows students to gain experiences that are enriching and help them to prepare for life in secondary. Primary-Secondary Curricular Transitions P3







Health and Wellbeing; Social Studies


Citizenship, Science, Literacy and Numeracy

In the rest of this Special Edition newsletter, there are lots of photographs of students engaged in the activities which we provide as part of the programme. We hope that parents enjoy seeing these. More information can be provided by primary schools, or directly through the academy.

Primary 7 Curriculum Event: November In November 2012 the primary seven curriculum visits took place. These were designed to allow future students opportunities to get ready for life in Oldmachar Academy: its layout; its occupants and to prepare them for life at Oldmachar. During their visits they took part in ‘curriculum based activities. These days featured fun and engrossing activities, for example the Trading game. During the Trading Game, the primary seven pupils take the roles of rich and poor countries such as the USA and Greece. They are required to trade stationary representing real world resources with the goal of making the largest profit possible. The whole event is run by S6 students, who coordinate all of the activities and provide a plenary session in which issues related to Fair Trade are discussed. This is both beneficial for the Primary 7 students, but also an important leadership opportunity for S6. Pictured right are some of our S6 students who organized the event. Katie Hutcheon and Richard Higgins acted as the World Bank during the game.

Message from Mr Brown “We all look forward to our P7 students coming to Oldmachar Academy after the summer holiday. In the meantime, everyone needs to work as hard as possible in Primary 7 to make sure that they have a successful transition.� Mr Brown

Science and Technology Workshops Other activities also took place in the Science, English, Technical and Maths departments. The pictures shown here show the P7 students working with Mr Paterson and Mr Allan to develop things that buoyant, following a workshop delivered by science teachers. Students were given materials and had to work collaboratively to design a floating raft. 6B’s Calum Fowler, explained the benefits. “It allowed them (The primary sevens) to meet new people and develop new skills.” Thanks to all the teachers who contributed to making the two curriculum days so successful. The pictures show the students enjoying learning in Oldmachar Academy.

Primary 3 Science Festival: June Festival of Learning On Tuesday 4th June around 140 Primary 3 pupils came to Oldmachar Academy for an exciting day of Science Bonanza. The P3s where divided into various groups and the groups rotated through different workshops. The day was packed with various interesting science activities.

These included Doctor Ewan with his portable Ultra Sound Machine and the Critter Keeper where the pupils had the opportunity of handling unusual animals such as a tarantula. Other activities included workshops from Satrosphere where the pupils were able to participate in experiments related to electricity and a workshop set up by the S6 Oldmachar Pupils.

The S6 workshop was called Plastic Fantastic. During this workshop the S6 guided the P3 pupils through a hands-on activity to make plastic from milk. Apart from setting up and running this workshop, the S6 pupils where a great help at ushering the younger pupils to and fro between the different workshops held in the games hall as well as in labs within the school.

The feedback from the day was a very positive one. A teacher from one of the primary schools that attend the event has said: “The day has been an excellent learning and fun experience for my pupils. I have enjoyed it as much as they have and I look forward to another similar event next year�.

Article by Mrs Stafrace (Biology)

Primary 4 Art Experience: May Curricular Transitions Programme This year we are staging a number of events for primary students as part of our planned programme of curricular transitions. This programme involves pupils from primary 3 upwards. We are building this to improve the experience of students and build a stronger learning community throughout our Associated Schools Group.

Students from P4 in our primary schools are pictured here working with teachers from our Art Department. Activities were designed by our subject specialist team to ensure that everyone had a positive experience. Mrs Simpson and Mrs Miller are pictured here, along with some of our S3 students, working with P4 students.

P4 classes were shown a Prezi presentation that highlighted the need for more care of the environment in terms of the use of materials. They were shown examples of items made from recycled materials and there was some discussion about their experience of recycled materials and their environment.

Demonstrations were shown on the whiteboard, illustrating the steps in making a petal and beads through origami techniques. The collated petals, stems and beads were used to create flowers that could be shown off in a paper vase. The vases and flowers were shown off at the primary schools and in some cases given to local old folks homes. Oldmachar Academy art staff were delighted with the positive and enthusiastic approach of the P4 pupils and the wonderful results they produced.

Primary 5 Transitions Event: February Burns: The Musical To celebrate Burns Night, the Music and Drama departments worked with students from our ASG schools. Students from the Primary 5 groups in each school came to Oldmachar to learn Burns songs and develop short dramatic pieces. These were then woven into a production by Mrs Gill and Ms Walker. All Primary 5 parents were invited to attend a production of the students’ work.

Curricular Transitions The project was developed as part of the Oldmachar Academy ASG’s plan for curricular transitions, which is designed to facilitate contact between secondary staff and primary students, especially in some subjects which students in primary do not often get the chance to experience. The activities designed for Primary 5 students were designed to help them get to know one another and also to let them find out about learning in a secondary environment

The Impact of the Event There has been a very positive reaction to the plan for curricular transitions generally and to this event in curricular. Parents and students involved really appreciated the event, which is very pleasing for all of those involved in planning and delivering it.

Making New Friends We believe that helping people to make friends with new people is part of our mission in the community. Here (right) the young people are singing Auld Lang Syne at the end of the production. Well done to everyone involved!

Primary 6 Curricular Experience: May P6 Curricular Transitions Programme On Monday the 13th May we welcomed Primary 6 pupils to Oldmachar Academy. from Danestone and Glashieburn Primaries. On Tuesday the 14th of May it was the turn of pupils from Forehill, Middleton Park and Greenbrae Primaries. The pupils enjoyed various experiences over the two days.

In Geography pupils spent time working on activities to learn map skills. They worked on various map skills such as identifying symbols and using grid references. Following some practice with this the pupils applied their skills by looking at the Aberdeen map to locate various areas to help them complete “a strange tale�. Miss S MacInnes (Geography Department)

In RME pupils were given the opportunity to express their beliefs and use a variety of evidence to explain why some people may accept or reject different beliefs. Miss K Forrest (RME Department) In PE, pupils experienced gymnastics, fitness and team games. They learned about the importance of working cooperatively and the part exercise plays in having a healthy lifestyle. Ms R Midgley (PE Department) S2 students in Home Economics taught the pupils to make fresh fruit salad how to use equipment safely and prepare food hygienically. Pupils discussed how an easily prepared dish like fresh fruit salad can help meet the recommended daily intake of 5-9 portions of fruit and vegetables and contribute towards a healthy balanced diet. Mrs M Evans PT Faculty Health and Wellbeing

Primary 7 Induction: June Two Day Visit Primary 7 students who are entering Oldmachar Academy’s S1 group in August 2013 spent two days learning in the academy in June. This planned programme allowed them to experience learning in secondary classrooms and to get used to the school’s layout and facilities. This is all to help them orientate themselves for a brisk start in August. The pictures here show the S6 Buddies helping the Primary 7 students on their arrival at Oldmachar Academy. Our senior students take very seriously the business of helping the younger students to fit into the school and took responsibility for all aspects of the process of ensuring that the primary students settled into school well. Some of these buddies are pictured to the left and above.

The students went to classes, much in the same way that they will in August, undertaking classes which prepare them for life in a secondary school. In the following pages we are presenting images from the two days and also provide some of the views of P7 students on the experience they had. We really hope that our new S1 students enjoy Oldmachar Academy and wish them the best of success for their careers in secondary with us. We’ll see you all in August. Abby Williams (1B) Danestone School “The induction days were really good. I have enjoyed it a lot. I have really enjoyed ICT and RME. In ICT the teacher explained what we had to do really well. In RME the work on beliefs was interesting. I was nervous about coming but the two days have given me confidence.”

Primary curricular transitions programme  
Primary curricular transitions programme