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Honors Freshman English Summer Reading Plan The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger provides a study in individual voice and explores the concept of “Coming of Age.” Because this novel contains first person narration with a strong, identifiable voice and deals with coming of age incidents, it will support and enhance your learning experience in the first unit of Honors Freshman English. Please note-This novel has been suggested by Springboard-the precursor curriculum for AP (College Board). This novel deals with some mature subject matter. Assignment: Purchase a PAPER COPY of the novel-no electronic versions as you will need to paper copy in class. As you read you will need to mark what you consider to be important passages. Simply use a highlighter and make a brief note to yourself as to why you highlighted the passage. You will use this information IN CLASS once school begins. What to Highlight? As you read, stay focused on the story. Avoid letting your mind take its own journey somewhere else. One way that good readers stay focused on a book is by responding to key events or situations. Highlight passages that relate to your own experiences. Consider passages which trace the development of the protagonist. Highlight parts that you really agree or disagree with; kids either LOVE or HATE Holden-how do you feel and why?

Word Connections The word Protagonist has the form of the Greek prefix proto-, which means “first” and the Greek root – agon-, which means ”contest” or “struggle.” The prefix proto- is also found in these words: Prototype, Protozoa, and protocol The root –agon- is also found in “agony.”

A Few More Suggestions for Highlighting…       

I really like/dislike this part because… I wonder why… The diction/imagery creates a tone of… This quote shows the narrator/character’s voice by… I predict that… I think the character should… This reminds of the time when I…

Literary Terms A Protagonist is the main character who initiates actions that move the plot along.

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