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FRIENDS OF THE OLDHAM COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY WEDNESDAY JUNE 2, 2010 STRATEGIC PLANNING MEETING The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by President Tony Acree. The purpose of this special meeting is to determine goals and needs which the Friends can address. Present were Susan Eubank, Bethany Morse, Vicki Marsh, manager of the South Oldham Branch, Mary Mielczarek, manager at the Main Library, and eleven Friends. Vicki Marsh stated that the South Oldham Branch is now 30 years old. There is a critical shortage of space and some of the furnishings and equipment are showing signs of age. Her “wish list” includes: -An outdoor staff break area. The current area is inside and very small. Outdoor tables cost between $350 and $900 and would need to be secured. The terrain needs to be considered in placing tables. -Twelve (12) computer chairs for patrons. -A scanner for patrons and staff to email documents. -New table and chairs for patrons in the periodical and reading area. Library Director Susan Eubank briefed the group on current budget and operating cost restrictions. There has been a 38% cut in the state budget for libraries. At our library there will be a 17% cut in both adult and children's programming. Mary Mielczarek presented the following “wish list” for the Main Library: -Playaways. The library has 115 and wants to purchase 50 more at an average cost of $60-65 each. -Great Courses. These lectures by well known professors are on CDs and have a dedicated readership. Cost ranges from $35 to $160 with an average cost of $70. -After November there will by a large-scale culling of the NonFiction section. Mary will need the Friends help in disposing of a huge number of books. The suggestion was made that one big Book Sale, rather than a series of smaller sales attracts more attention. Summer Book Sales should be avoided due to library programming. There was no report from the Mahan Branch. President Acree will talk to the librarian and report back to the Friends. An outside garden area was

mentioned as a “wish list� item for this branch. Mrs. Eubank suggested that we contact The Nature Center about use and maintenance of any areas outside of the Library rooms. Sandy Thacker and Carol Snyder asked if there were work projects to which Friends could contribute their time. Answers: -On Thursdays Master Gardeners work at the Main Library. Friends are welcome to join this group. -Vicki Marsh mentioned help with shelving of books. Training would be required. -Bethany Morse needs volunteers to come early for programs such as concerts and movies to help set up the room and act as greeters. -Susan Eubank stated that she will be training guides for tours highlighting the green features of the Main Library and will need The Friends help organizing a reception in recognition of the LEED Gold Certification Award. MISCELLANEOUS: -Cissy Maloney distributed an Association of Friends questionnaire which gives us ideas from other groups. -Matching grants and employee designation for use of United Way contributions were mentioned as fund raising tools. -Bethany will give us a list of contacts so we can post notices of Friends meetings in the The Oldham Era and the Courier Journal Neighborhoods section. -President Acree suggested that we not remove inactive names from our email digest list. The goal is to keep the Friends name before the public. If someone no longer wishes to receive the digest a notice can be added telling how to unsubscribe. -Fund raising sources such as a cafe, the coffee machines and the soft drink machines were discussed. -Susan Eubank will give advance notice of Library fund raising to ensure that there is no overlap with any Friends fund raising efforts. -Agenda items for the June 9 Friends meeting and suggestions for Standing Committees were discussed.


Library Director Susan Eubank briefed the group on current budget and operating cost restrictions. There has been a 38% cut in the state bud...

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