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FRIENDS OF THE OLDHAM COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARIES January 11, 2012 President Tony Acree opened the meeting at 6:35 p.m. He introduced our guest speaker, Ellie Troutman, owner of Absolutely Fabulous in LaGrange and author of The Tails of Windy Meadows. Ellie spoke to the group about writing and publishing her book and about her non-profit which provides free horseback riding lessons for children and young adults. In attendance at this General Meeting were officers Tony, Faye, Carol and Mary, FOCPL Board Member Annice and eight Friends. (Attendance sheet attached) The December Minutes were corrected under Upcoming Meeting information to read “Speaker: Ellie Troutman, owner, Absolutely Fabulous in downtown LaGrange & author of “The Tails of Windy Meadows.” Upon a motion by Sandy Thacker the Minutes were approved as corrected. Faye gave the Treasurer's Report which showed Bookstore receipts of $73.05, Petty Cash on hand of $73.98 and a Current Balance of $7,881.43. Old Business: Thursday January 12 at 9:30 a.m. there will be a meeting at the Library to fill out the 501(c)(3) paperwork, using the successful example from Muhlenberg County. Tony reported that he is in the process of changing our name on the paperwork submitted to the state to read “Friends of the Oldham County Public Libraries”. If not able to change this we can dissolve and reorganize using the new name for a cost of eight dollars. Suzy Lloyd reported that: − We will obtain any book remainders from a book sale at the Sawyier Library in Frankfort. After their sale on Feb. 11 we will know how many book they have for us. February 18 was set pick up these books in Frankfort. Timing and number of vehicles will be decided later. − The $25 fee to renew our Friends of Kentucky Libraries membership is due in March. − Four books of poetry donated by each of the four Green River Writers who presented our December program have been given to the Library and will be placed in circulation. Sally Lackner moved that we purchase two additional copies of each book from these four authors and donate them to the Mahan and South Oldham Branches. Sandy so moved and the motion passed unanimously.

Suzy will look into the process for getting copies of the Green River Writers books into the three high school libraries in Oldham County.

New Business: Sally reported that LAFTA made 19 pieces of art from the two boxes of unsold Romance novels she provided. These works will be exhibited in Gallery 104 in downtown LaGrange starting on February 2, 2012. There will be an opening reception on Sat. Feb. 11 from 1 – 3:00 p.m at Gallery 104. There will also be a Chocolate Crawl in downtown LaGrange from 1 – 4:00 p.m. Since there will be no advertising Sally asked that everyone spread the word so the reception will be well attended. The member's Art Show will take place in April. Sally raised the question of insurance for the art works while they are on display here. If not insured, the artists will have to sign a release and be sure the items are covered by their homeowner's insurance. There will be free classes in learning to knit at a future date. A question about selling contributed used computer software in the bookstore was raised. It was decided that the legal ramification make it impossible for us to sell this. Sandy Thacker reported that there is a Worker's Day in April in conjunction with National Library Week and asked if the Friends wanted to give a gift to each Library employee. She will look into the legalities of giving gifts and consult with the Library Director. Members asked about the response to the Wishing Trees. Mary offered to call each library and report back to the group next month. The Library will be closed on Monday January 16 for Martin Luther King Day. Respectfully Submitted, Mary Wells Secretary


Old Business: Thursday January 12 at 9:30 a.m. there will be a meeting at the Library to fill out the 501(c)(3) paperwork, using the success...