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Meeting of The Library Board of Trustees 6:30 pm, November 8, 2012 Main Library 308 Yager Avenue LaGrange, KY 40031

AGENDA Opening Call to Order: Attendance: Review Agenda: Invitation for Public Comment: Consent Agenda Approval of Minutes from meeting of October, 2012 Approval of Financial Reports & Payment Voucher for October, 2012 Year to date Budget Figures (FYI) Old Business 1. Review policies. New Business 1. 2011-2012 Audit and Annual Financial Summary for publication 2. Final Policies to Review Director’s Report Report from KDLA: Communications: Adjourn Next meeting: December 13, 2012

The minutes of the November 8, 2012, Meeting of the Library Board of Trustees will be available following the December meeting.

2012 -11 Board Mtg Agenda